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From January to December 2009


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Only email with a full name and a place of residence (e.g. Brierley, Australia, Leeds etc) will be acknowledged. 

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Updated 28 November  2009

Hello Gary

Your new look web site looks good.


Richard Watson Brierley


Thank you very much Richard

Hello Gary,

 I hope that you are well. You probably donít remember me but about 8 years ago I spoke to you about the Marsdenís of Burntwood Hall. My great grandmother was a Marsden and was related to the Marsdenís of Burntwood Hall.

  You were good enough to send me details of the Marsden's from a book called ďA History of Brierley by a William Bretton. I believe this book was published in the 1920ís. Would you happen to know where I could get a copy of this book as I recently lost all my data on the Marsden's.


Many thanks for your time Ben Fletcher


I remember your emails well Ben, in fact it was only last week I was looking at the info I sent you and I believe you later put me onto a web site for further info. The book was actually published in 1999 by the Brierley Grimethorpe and Shafton partnership. I will check with the Acorn centre tomorrow to see if they have any left for you.

Hello Gary,

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year .Thanks for all your hard work.

I am heading of down south on holiday on Monday 30/11 so will miss your doo at the Horse Shoes. Put me down for a £10 donation to the cubs FC charity night and I will pay you on my return;

I will be looking for your help in the new year as I have acquired a 1915 postcard of brierley school. The card was sent to a lady in Tunbridge Wells called Eva Mannering from someone in Brierley called Alf ? . Will be in touch with more details in the new year.


Best regards Dave Nicoll

Always of Brierley but now living in Pogmoor Barnsley

And the same to you Dave, can't wait to look at the post card. Hope you have an enjoyable holiday and l look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you for the donation to my charity night. Take care

Hello Gary

Do you have a photo of the Brierley Methodist Church building from the period when it was a working mans club 1914 to 1934 please. Also do you have any photos of the older Methodist Church buildings.

Wesleyan and Primitive that were in the village.

Regards Richard Watson Brierley

I have found 3 photographs which I will send you tonight when I have more time. I may have one of the old Wesleyan chapel when it was a grocery storage place but it is only a distant photograph and I will have to search for it has it hasn't been placed in the archives yet. It was in a background shot taken outside Mrs Edson house who as you know lived at the back of Brierley club


Thank you Gary

There is no real hurry. Just following up a possibility that the stained glass windows in Brierley Methodist Church were taken from the old Wesleyan chapel, which would make the glass almost 200 years old


Here are the photographs but as you can see the windows in the old Primitive chapel are not stained glass although obviously there were probably more windows that the ones in the shot. Hope these help


Thank you for the photos Gary.

I have found a poor one of the Old Wesleyan church, but the windows have been filled in and the walls rendered to make the building into a ware house. The story is that the stained glass windows were removed and fitted into the new Methodist church that is in use now. The stained glass looks more 1920s than 1820s the period of the Old Wesleyan church. The windows could have been fitted new about 1920 and moved over to our new church. May be some documents can be found to make things clearer.

Thank you again for the photos. You may know that the Primitive Methodist church building was used for a while by the Toc H organization. Local men joined to work at handcrafting trades as in your two photographs

Thanks for that Richard I already have that information archived but do you know what the machine is in the photograph

I think the machine is a small hand loom probably for making rugs

Thanks Richard

Hello Gary.
I hope you are keeping well? Its nice to see the web site just keeps getting better. I thought I would let you know my father Alan passed away in August. I would like to pass on a special thank you to the people of Brierley for all their help and support especially in his 'open all hours ' era.
Many thanks Gary - Keep up the good work.
Dave Greenwell Cudworth


Sorry to hear about your dad. I remember the 'Open all hours' days as you say really well with both your mum , dad and aunty Bessie serving us as kids. Please pass on my thoughts and prayers to the rest of your family. I will update your letter on the email page and I am sure it will bring back a lot of memories for the people of Brierley. Do you have a photo of your mum or dad in the shop that I could put on the site with your email. Take care Dave.
Hello Gary,
Thanks for your kind words. I think we have an old small photo of my Mum, Dad, Derek and Dale stood in front of the shop. I will try and find it (can't guarantee the condition but I know you are a whiz kid with photos) and I will ask our Rob to drop it off. I will send you an e-mail when I find it.
All the best Dave

Thanks Dave

Hello Gary

My name is Maureen Wilkinson and I live on Barnsley Road in Brierley.  Iím working as a volunteer on a research project at the Cooper Gallery in Barnsley  that is being managed by Dena Bagi, as the Project Officer. Part of this is to research Roland Addy who was an art collector and donated some of his collection to the Cooper.  Would it be possible to see some of the photographs that arenít currently online and be put in touch with someone who knows more about his background?


Hope you can help


Maureen Wilkinson Brierley


Have you read my article on the history of Brierley Hall where Roland played a large part? You can find this article on my web site under History Archives. Also if you forward me the photograph numbers you wish to see I can search for them in the archives. I also suggest you contact Richard Watson a very keen local historian and a fountain of knowledge on the history of Brierley. Once again you can contact Richard through my web site under Ask Richard.  If I recall correctly I also have photographs of Roland's father and brother


Thanks for the response.  Iíve double-checked the photos and these are the ones that we are interested in.

People   214 (1950s)  - 215 (c1947) - 115( 1920s) - 116 - 117Weddings - 10 (June 1938)


Hope you can locate them





( I plan to check Richardís Brierley history online (I have the original booklet) and then perhaps e-mail him.)

If you would like to contact me Maureen I have located the photographs

Hi Gary

I have just found your website today and I was reading about the Watsons of the Farriers arms and the article by Trevor Limbert and he said no descendants of the Watsons were ever Innkeepers. I have been researching William and Charlotte Watsons daughter Mary born 1818...she married a publican Joshua Wilkinson of the musical tavern Shambles Street Barnsley. When he died she became the Inn keeper until her death in 1893 in which case her son Joshua Watson Wilkinson took over until 1922. Mary's other son Joseph Henry Wilkinson went on to become the publican of the Sovereign Inn in Shambles St Barnsley 1898-1905 and then Landlord of the Cock Inn from 1905-1917.

Susan Ross New Zealand


Thank you for the new information Susan, I have updated the web page

Hello Gary,

Here's a bit more Brierley history; its a wagon label for coal going from Brierley Colliery to Ulverston in Cumbria.

Randall and Porter are a firm of leather tanners. I was pleased to get it as the coal could have been got by my grandfather, James Kerr  who was working at Brierley at this time.

Great to see the site busy again; my thanks for all your endless hard work.

Best regards,

Dave Nicoll, always of Brierley but now living in Pogmoor, Barnsley


Thank you David, I have added the token on the Your Contribution page

Hi Gary,
Great to hear that you are the Taxi driver that delivered my parents safely to the airport on Tuesday. Thanks so much it's great to spend time with them.  I need to catch up with things on the site in fact I've been really busy . I had a walk around the village with my dad when I came back recently. I was sad to see that some of the old buildings had gone . Sad about the school!  But then some parts just haven't changed . Thank goodness.
I'll be in touch.

Regards Les Douthwaite (nee Wright) Channel Islands, Jersey


It was a real pleasure Lesley.

Hi Gary,
My grandmother was born in 1922 in Stairfoot, Phyllis Blackshaw, she is the last of 7 Blackshaws from her parents. Her father was Edwin Blackshaw and appears in many of the census records, he was born in Brierley in 1879 to Edwin and Elisabeth Blackshaw (maiden name Charlesworth).
Edwin's father Edwin was born in Brierley in 1841 to Thomas and Jane Blackshaw (maiden name Walker), Thomas was born in Little Houghton 1805. My grandmother lives in Bentley, Doncaster as does my mum so we

are not far from Brierley. I will be visiting Brierley on Sunday to have a look, I think there is a church there I would like to visit, if anybody is available for a chat I would greatly appreciate it as I have just started delving into my ancestry tree.

I have a friend in Royston, a friend in Wombwell, a friend in Broomhill (formerly in Goldthorpe) and relatives in Darfield and Barnsley itself.

Many thanks
Phil Mason Balby Doncaster

Was Burt Blackshaw related to you who was the landlord at the Three Horse Shoes in the 60/70s


No idea as yet, I am still researching a lot of branches of the Blackshaw tree but it is quite possible, there were many children who had many children.

Hello Gary

Looking at photograph Methodist Church 97 on the image isn't Carol Parker. If I remember rightly it's Jane Sissons...though my memory isn't what it used to be...could be someone else.... lol


Lesley Cormack (nee Baker) New Zealand

Thank you Lesley, the photograph has been updated

Hi Gary

How are you doing? I have not not seen you in a while. Great web site.

I believe the following names are the people on Schools 24 photo.:-

No 4 Ė Glen Smith

No 21 Ė Lee Smith (although someone is saying it is Gary or Gerard Firth} I believe No 30 is Gary Firth and No 33 is Gerard Firth

No 24 Ė Linda Higgs


Regards John Keele Bolton on Dearne


Hi John

Doing fine, everybody is well thanks. Thanks for the email and the update on the photograph, I have updated it. See you are still working hard by your email address.
Hows your Kath and Gary doing, not heard from them for a while?

Both doing fine. I know they keep looking on the web site. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you soon

Hi Gary,

I tried to contact you last year but my computer setup was giving me problems.  Anyway, I am Terry Griffiths and I used to live in Regina Crescent.  I am an ex pupil of HGS and I left Yorkshire to join the RAF in 1960.  I returned briefly (1965) to marry Ursula Hughes from Shafton and since then we have worked together in aerospace and power generation in various parts of the world.  We retired a couple of years ago and now live in France.  We both share some good memories of the area and hope to make a trip to Hemsworth in the autumn.

I am a regular visitor to your excellent website and we send our best regards to anyone who remembers us.


Keep up the good work,

Terry and Ursula Griffiths (nee Hughes) France

Hi Terence and Ursula
Thank you very much for your email. I am always interested to hear from ex pats and also who is visiting my web site. I will place your email on the web site next time I update and perhaps a few old lost friends might surface once they have read it.It is when I receive emails like yours that makes the time and effort I put into it worthwhile. I wondered if you fancy writing me a Where R U Now with photographs for my web site or even your memories of living in Brierley, I am sure visitors' would find either interesting. Take care for now and please keep in touch with the site
Bon soir Gary,
Further to your suggestion I have knocked up a short piece for the Where RU Now page and attached it as a word file.  I really do enjoy my short visits to your site and hope it continues for many years to come.
Terry Griffiths


I have searched the school records and found the following Hanson's registered


Name Admitted Date ob Father Date left
Eric 15 -10 - 06 none John  - farmer none
Wilfred 30 - 4 - 23 22 - 4 - 15 none 23 - 11 - 23
William 30 - 4 - 23 12 - 10 - 12 none none
Kenyon 8 - 1  - 17 ? - 10 - 07 none 3 - 5 - 18
Donald 8 - 1  - 17 ? - 6 - 10 none 1918
William 19 - 8 - 12 14 - 6 - 03 Charles - blacksmith 1 - 8 - 13
George 3 - 4 - 11 2 -1 -04 George - blacksmith none
Kenyon 1 - 4 - 15 ? - 10 - 07 none none
Alexander 1 - 4 - 14 24 - 9 - 05 none none
John 1 - 4 - 14 21 - 10 - 06 none none
Marjory 1 - 4 - 02 2 - 6 - 04 Robinson - gardener none

Regarding the Kenyon's, I have passed on your details to Richard Watson a very keen and excellent local historian who will answer your question on the Ask Richard page on this web site

Many thanks for your efforts on our behalf in trying to track down our ancestors !
The information you sent has raised some intriguing questions, which I shall now pursue further !



Hello to Gary,

My spouse and I were thrilled to find Brierley Village in England. We were unaware that it even existed. We are from Palm Harbor, Florida. We are the only Brierley's here. No one is ever able to pronounce our name correctly. It becomes quite ridiculous to hear the various pronunciations. Things like Breyly, berkly, and even once Broccoli.

We hope to come visit Brierley England. Is there a Coat of Arms for Brierley?

I just want to thank you for putting together this wonderful website and to say hello.


Glen & Suzi Brierley, Palm Harbor, Florida USA


Updated 8 September 2009

Hi Gay 

Much impressed with your Brierley Village Web site, I was only able to view the 'photo on line section'  in the time  available to me..  Will return to the site at some future time.

Keep up the good work.

Malcolm Davies Shafton

Thank you Malcolm

Hello Gary

Just looking at this photo Methodist Church number 95, these are some more names that may help you. Sheila Haigh - 47,Ann Vodden - 25, Sherry Peacock - 24, Roy Sykes - 15, David Baxendale - 13, Kathleen Bird - 17, Jean Horsfall - 21 and Gary Firth - 27


John Draper Wombwell


Thanks for the information John, the photograph has been updated.

Good morning,

I've been looking over your excellent website for the past few days. My wife is the granddaughter of Horace Beaumont and great granddaughter of William Beaumont as pictured in the Band of Hope photograph.

   William passed away before she was born but her grandfather Horace lived on until the mid 80s.  He was a fine singer even then, playing a strong part in the choir at Kingsdown Methodist Church in Ealing where his daughter, granddaughters and great grandsons have all worshipped.  I am the current Captain of the Boys' Brigade at Kingsdown and my sons (Horace's great grandsons) are stalwart members.

  We drove past the church on Saturday on our way back from a visit to the north and it was lovely to see the building where Horace spent many happy years worshipping and serving.

  Do you have a better quality scan of the photo that you could send to us?  Pictures of the Beaumont family are somewhat scarce and this would be a splendid addition to our family album.

Kindest regardsTony Plews London

Thank you for your email and your kind words about the web site. Do you have the photograph number as I have nearly 2,000 in the archives and it would take me a while to search. I can then look for you and check on the quality.

As near as I can work it out, it seems to be called Image52

Sorry Tony I can't find it. Is it on the web site if so please send me a link. The photographs are usually named e.g. Schools 1 or Others 45 etc. Also the image you sent me doesn't look familiar and is saved in Gif where I save all my images in jpg.  Are you sure the image is from my web site.


I'm beginning to suspect not.

The Brierley Methodist website page has a HOME button: when clicked it takes you to this site: http://www.brierley59.freeserve.co.uk/index.htm at the bottom of the page it gives instructions to CONTACT US and it offers an e-mail address for RICHARD. I e-mailed Richard yesterday but he replied saying that you were the person I should contact. I think I'm wasting your time for which I apologise. Do you know who I should contact regarding Brierley Methodist Church?

Thanks again for your patience.


I thought so, you were not on my web site.  The web site you were on was Richard Watson's a local historian who writes for me on my web site. You may find photographs of your wife's ancestors on this web site. There is a search page that you can use.  I do know that the photograph you refer too Richards web site  was taken from the book "God is with us" that was written by Edwin Hambleton and Elizabeth Deighton who is now in a home. I spoke to Edwin last year and he said he would try and find the original photographs from the book but he has not got back to me. I will email again to remind him.
The photograph in question was scanned from the book so a better quality from that would be impossible. Sorry I couldn't help you further.
Hi There,
Have you any information regarding an Emma Woodward, born 11th June 1906 at Brierley with possible connections to the ice-cream makers. (Was my Grandmother).
Jill Green

Hi Emma, first of all I need to know what area you are from. Secondly I have searched the old Brierley school records for an Emma Woodward and there is no records for any Woodward's at the time she would have started school. Are you sure she wasn't born elsewhere and came to live in Brierley later. I do know that the Woodward family (Eddie) who manufactured ice cream under Its Danny's didn't arrive in the village until later years. Eddie married Nellie who was in fact adopted by the Oates family who were manufacturing ice cream on Fidling farm well before the Woodward's. Woodward's only started manufacturing ice cream on the farm when Eddie married Nellie and Eddie was the only Woodward (apart from his sons and daughters) who actually manufactured ice cream in Brierley. Do you have any more names. I do know that the name Lloyd has come up a few times while gathering information on the Woodward's. Is Emma your dad or mums mother. What is the name of your grandfather who Emma married. The more details you give me the more I can search for you in the archives. Look forward to hearing you.


Thanks for your prompt reply.

I live in the Penistone area but grew up with my family in Worsbrough Common.

Emma Woodward was my grandmother on my mothers side and married Lewis Kitchen in1927, but don't know where.

Emma had a sister called Elsie who I remember (she died only within last 5 years) and lived in Kendray who married Herbert Crossland and they had two sons Trevor and Kenneth and a further sister the name I can't remember who possibly lived in Kent.

Been to Barnsley register office for birth and marriage certificates but was told if from Brierley they would be under Pontefract.

Found an Emma Woodward on ancestry website last week born in 1906 in N Brierley and underneath showed 'M' which I assume stood for Mother and said 'Deakin'.

My husband grew up in Cudworth from 1942 to 1964 and knew straight away of Danny Oat's Ice cream -he'd eaten plenty!! and his brother worked at Brierley Hall for Hemsworth RDC and they used to nip next door for ice cream.


Many thanks.

Hi gary
My name is Linda Hampton.  My aunts Hilary and Doreen Dixon are on these photos. Is it possible to get copies?  I also have a photo of Brierley mine rescue team circa 1934 if you are interested. My grandfather, William Dixon, is among the rescue team.

Copies of photographs are priced at £3 for up to A5 and £6 for up to A4. This is non profit making as all monies goes towards the further collecting, restoring and archiving photographs and information into the Baipip archives. I would suggest A4approx to be able to view the class photographs clearly. The photographs are in good order. Do you live local?

Hello Gary

Love the website - I've been doing a bit of informal research and found it very interesting and informative.

Some questions:

In what year was the last Good Friday fair held on the common?  I have a memory from the late 70s - 1980 latest - of going to a fair on the common in the summer (on a stubble field) right next to the cross roads, but that clearly wasn't the good Friday fair - unless the stubble was the previous year's.


Also, was the Good Friday fair traditionally held in the nine-acre field that used to be called Oak Royd?

Any idea where I could find out more information about Ringstone Hill?



Steve Ely


I remember the fairs very well myself but I am not sure of any dates. I have sent your enquires to Richard Watson a local historian who writes for me on the web site. You will probably hear from Richard shortly. Do you live in Brierley.


Hi Gary

I live in Upton now.

Attached is a photo of Old Adam, the last of the well bred oaks from Oak Royd, the Good Friday feast field, where Nevison stashed his loot.  If it was indeed 27 feet in girth it must've been about 800 years old.

I got it from Rotherham Archives after finding the image on the SCRAN site.  They had it down as the 'Elliot Oak' (after corn law Rhymer Ebenezer Elliot, who retired to Hargate House at Houghton in the mid-C18) at the 'Wind Gap

Steve Ely Upton

Thanks for that Steve, Have you any objections to me putting the photograph in my archives and possibly at a later date on the web site with credits to you. Did Richard Watson get back to you regarding your questions asked?

Yes - whack it up on the site by all means - Richard did get back but couldn't be precise about the date of the last Good Friday feast

Thanks Steve

Hi Gary

There are several photos on the Brierley site I would like to obtain if at all possible. How do I go about getting them and how much are they. They are listed in the Baipip photograph archives page.

Jack Poole Penistone


If you tell me the photograph numbers you are interested in I will check the quality of them for you and email you back. Prints are £6 for A4 and £3 for A5. Or you may order to fit a frame but the price would be the same e.g. a 5x4 would be charged at A5 size. Any purchase of prints is ploughed back into Baipip archiving and is non profit making. Do you live local or would they need to be posted


The photos numbers 171 to 175 inclusive come under people category, and 34 comes under others. I live in Penistone and would hope you could post them to me.



The photographs are in good order for their age except for People 171 which is clear but has bad camera shake on it. I think it only fair that I email Tracy Bonner who supplied the photographs for permission to re print them but I am sure she won't mind if it makes a few extra bob for the archives of which she is very keen  to support.


Hi Gary

My interest in the photos is because they relate in part to Monckton 3-4. Joe lodge was a horse keeper there. I wonder, was he any relation to Sam lodge who was head horse keeper and Farrier at the Monckton pits? Were any of them  related to Henry lodge coal owner who had a pit at Ryhill.  I am interested in obtaining a photo of Lodges wooden headgear that was situated down Cow Lane Havercroft if there should happen to be one in the family. By the way, Henry Lodge is buried at Ryhill cemetery. there was a Miss Lodge who taught me at Havercroft infants school during the early forties she may have been married to Sam lodge.  Henry Lodge was born at Penistone where I now live, small world.  Whether they are all connected who knows. perhaps Tracy Bonner may know. I went to Brierley training centre early 1951 and I remember the names of the instructors who are on the photo



Hi Gary

I have no problems whatsoever in you selling copies of the photos . As I have them all & they will be passed to you anyway. I have everything here still but am notoriously unorganised. I have something of my own to add to the website anyway- I have started my own animal rescue! I didn't intend to but needs must, I am also a Doglost Co-ordinator & advise on how to find missing dogs etc.

With regards to Jack I will email him

Hope everything still ticking over. You must have amassed a few more photos by now. Are you having another day at the chapel or have you out-grown it now?


Tracy Bonner Hemsworth

Thanks Tracy. you are right, the  Methodist church hall isn't large enough now for all the photographs in my collection but I may arrange an exhibition next year for all the new ones that haven't been on show as yet.

Hi Gary
I hope you are keeping well. On the photo METH 95, number 46 is David Keith [jnr]
another piece in the jigsaw
keep up the good work
David Keith [snr] Australia

Thanks David, the photograph has been updated.

Hi Gary

I was just browsing through your website pictures. I wondered if you can purchase copies of the photos? I noticed there's one of me and my friends on a school trip and I have no photos of this time.

yours Jayne Brooks (nee Lukey).

Do you know the photograph number and also where do you live?

Thanks for replying. The photo number is schools 88 and I live at  ** ********* ***** Brierley

I will drop u a copy of tonight. If you get chance to look at it could you name the two pupils in red and also do you have any school photos I could copy and save to the archives.

Many thanks for the photo, unfortunately I haven't any school photos which is why I am thrilled to get this one. I think the Jacqueline Chapman I know the boy but my brains gone for the moment if i remember i will e-mail you. thanks Jayne

Dear Gary

I am writing to ask if your members can help me in tracing my husbands family tree. The side I am having problems with is the Connor's. I know that some of them came from Wigan in Lancs, but then moved to Brierley and Grimethorpe. I have done really well with the Geelan side and don't mind sharing info I have to interested parties. I look forward to hearing from anyone who can help.

Many thanks

Rob and Debbie Geelan.


Where are you from


Now there's a question. I was born in Bolton, lived in Germany for five years and then went back to Bolton. I then moved to London for ten years and at they moment I live in Wigan. My husbands mother and father live in Brierley. His granddad lived in Grimethorpe. I hope that hasn't sent you off to look for the valium.


I may know your husbands parents, what are their names and where do they live? Off the top of my head I do know I have a photograph (attached) of Peter Geeland who was in the rescue team at Brierley Colliery. Is he related to your hubby? Also there is a Glen Geeland who lives in White City who married Jacksy Howells daughter, aged about 50, is he related?


Thanks for the photograph and the information. I will have a word with my father in law tomorrow. The name is Geelan not Geeland but there may be something there. I am more interested at the moment with the Connor's, it's this side of the family that I am hitting a brick wall with. I know that some of them have roots in Wigan and Ashton in Makerfield. I will look into the photo you sent me as he looks very much like my husband's uncle Thomas Geelan. I will let you know, thank you very much for your help.


Your welcome Debbie

Hi Gary,

I tried to contact you last year but my computer setup was giving me problems.  Anyway, I am Terry Griffiths and I used to live in Regina Crescent.  I am an ex pupil of HGS and I left Yorkshire to join the RAF in 1960.  I returned briefly (1965) to marry Ursula Hughes from Shafton and since then we have worked together in aerospace and power generation in various parts of the world.  We retired a couple of years ago and now live in France.  We both share some good memories of the area and hope to make a trip to Hemsworth in the autumn.

I am a regular visitor to your excellent website and we send our best regards to anyone who remembers us.


Keep up the good work,

Terry and Ursula Griffiths France

Thank you very much for your email. I am always interested to hear from ex pats and also who is visiting my web site. I will place your email on the web site next time I update and perhaps a few old lost friends might surface once they have read it. It is when I receive emails like yours that makes the time and effort I put into it worthwhile. I wondered if you fancy writing me a Where R U Now with photographs for my web site or even your memories of living in Brierley, I am sure visitors to the site would find either interesting. Take care for now and please keep in touch with the site.

Updated 5 June 2009

Hello Gary

 I have been looking at the Brierley web site and note that there was a message to you dated August 12 2002 from Chris, Gerald and Suzanne Beaumont (London). Chris referred to the Copley's and the post office and that her father was 79 years of age. I live in Sydney, Australia and my late father in law, Ernest Copley grew up at the post office in Brierley. I am doing my family history and think that the Beaumont's are from the same family.

Is it possible that you or anyone else has a contact for them?

 My daughter and I visited Brierley in 2002 to see where the Copley's lived and worked and took lots of photos.


Maureen Copley Huntleys Cove Sydney Australia


Thank you for your email regarding Chris, Gerald and Suzanne Beaumont. I remember them coming to see me and  I do remember them being very friendly but unfortunately as the email was from the old web site I don't have any contact details for them. However I will put out an appeal on the home page when I update the web site and hopefully they will get in touch. I will leave it on for a couple of weeks and if there is no response I will put it on the peoples search page for if they read the web site at a later date. If you have any questions to ask regarding the Copley's please feel free to visit the Ask Richard page on the web site. Please keep in touch with the web site.

If they get in touch am I ok to pass on your email address.


Hi Gary

It would be good if you could put out an appeal on the home page and hopefully find some Copley's. Feel free to pass on my email address and I will certainly keep in touch with the web site.

Thank you for your reply.



Hello Gary,

Sorry you couldn't make it to the miners lamp replacement ceremony yesterday but everything went very well. It was lovely to see the way Father Peter has given St Pauls a big lift and now has a great bunch of helpers and supporters.

I met up with some old friends as well; David Newton, Mrs Swift and Betty Evans, so a double bonus.

I'm not sure about photos but I did see one of Father Peters colleagues with a camera.


Best Regards

Dave Nicoll Pogmoor


I am glad everything went well David. Once again I apologise that I couldn't make it. I agree with you that Father Peter has done an excellent job since arriving at St Paul's.

Hi Gary, 

I hope all is well with you.

Just letting you know our second Willowgarth 1968 re-union is taking place at Grimethorpe club on the 4th July from 7pm.  If you are able to come along and take a photo and prepare something for the Chronicle that would be great.

We will have some food and drink available and would be pleased to welcome you.

Could you let us know if you can manage it?

Many thanks,

John Nixon/Annice Cooper

Everything is fine John but I am really busy and haven't had much time to update the web site. Unfortunately Saturday at 7pm is a busy time work wise for me so I won't be able to make your reunion. The story just came in time as I am producing an A3 brochure on the work Baipip does in Brierley which includes the web site and I have covered your last reunion on the front page but I will be able to put the date of your next one in there before it goes to print. I will also put you a piece in the chron and on the web site when I update. If I can help in any other way please let me know. Take care.

Hi Gary,

 Thanks very much for including us in the brochure and for arranging something for the Chronicle/website ahead of the event.  I would like to get a copy of the brochure - could you let me know if this is possible and how, as Barbara could probably arrange something for me (and Annice).

Just on the photo/story for the 4th July, would you be able to let your contacts at the Chronicle know to see if a photographer could attend?  I am always happy to draft the story itself if necessary.


All the best, John Nixon (& Annice)


There is a copy of the brochure going to every house in Brierley but I will hold a couple back for you and Annice. Re the photographer for the chron, it is very unlikely they would come out on a Saturday night but I will try booking one for you. If not, and if you could get as many people together for 6.30 then I could do a photograph but they would have to be on the ball as I will have to be away for 6.50pm. Sorry John but that is the best I can offer you.


Hi Gary,

Thanks for the reply and for holding back copies of the brochure for us.  To make it easier would it be possible to send three copies to Barbara ?

I think it might be best for us to take a photo ourselves as I don't see any way of getting people together at 6.30.  We should be able to get a better version this time by having it as early as possible and making sure we have a proper arrangement for getting everyone into the picture.  We can also write an article as before and see how it goes from there.


Ok John

Hi Gary

Regarding Photo - Schools 2 circa 1960(?) St Paul's School, Mrs Webster's class

 Just been perusing the site (yet again!) and think the girl on the middle row, second from the left, of this picture may be Molly Harrison who lived on Pit Row near us at the time.

Regards Christine Cheetham (nee Evans) Royston

Thanks Christine, nice to hear from you. I hope you are keeping well. The photograph has been updated.

Hello Gary

I was just browsing the internet after typing in my maiden name and your site came up with details of a photograph with me (Sharon Colbourne)  on it. Methodist church 24.
Unfortunately this one is not on line. Can you possibly put it online for me to view!!!!

Kindest regards Sharon Foster (nee Colbourne ) Selby North Yorkshire


Hi Sharon

How are you keeping, its the Gary that used to live opposite you at Manor View. I Hope you are keeping fine. I was saddened to hear about your dad, such a fine man. I see your Linda now and then when I pick up in the taxi at Shafton club, also your Keith. I gave your Steve a lift the other afternoon from Cudworth to Shafton, he looks well. There is probably only you, your Neil and your mum who I haven't seen for a while.

   Regarding the photograph, It has been placed on the web site for you to view.  If you can add any more names to the photograph I would really appreciate it. I think your cousin Debbie is next to you, far right of the photograph, you can just see your head pooping up above the others. Lovely to hear from you Sharon, take care and please keep in touch with the web site now that you have found it.


Hello Gary

 Thank you so very much, the photo is great. I will forward to it Karen Lackie and Tina Tarff to see if they can pick some others out. Its a lovely website, well done with it.

 Many thanks for your kind words for Dad, I'm biased but, he was a lovely man and is very sadly missed.

You will always see our lads going to and from a drinking hole!!!! Ha...Ha...Ha...

I try to get through to see mam and Linda at least every 2 weeks and am picking mam up this afternoon, she's coming to me for the weekend.

Take Care and I will keep up to date on your site.


Sharon Foster


Are Karen and Tina on the photograph?

No but they are old Shaftoners so may recognise some of the others.......

Hi Gary,

 I have just re visited  the Brierley website and did a search on the name Wilson. I see that a lady called Pauline Wilson is researching her husbands tree. My name is Phil Wilson and my g.g. Grandparents lived at Folly Hall. Please forward my email details to Pauline if she wants to contact me. I only live in Horbury.

Phil Wilson Horbury Wakefield West Yorkshire


Hi Phil

Unfortunately after research Pauline found that she is not related to the Wilsons at Folly Hall, however she has left in my possession certain marriage/birth certificates regarding them which I would be pleased to hand over to you.


Hi Gary,

 Thanks very much for your contact ref the marriage and birth certificates from Pauline Wilson. I gather from her email to you that she researched the background of Mary Lucille Watson. She would be my great grandmother , married to John Wilson. I would be very interested to see that information if she still has it. Maybe you could send her my details so that if she has the inclination, she could contact me.

Thanks again Gary

Phil Wilson

Hi Gary,
 I have had troubles with my computer and have lost all my addresses, would you please send me your complete address and also Linda's address
Yours  Edmund Redmile Australia

The addresses are on there way to you Edmund. The other story you sent me s been put on the Your Contribution Page

Hello Gary,

Here's a photo of yours truly and Gordon Steele meeting up for a drink in the Three Horse Shoes. We have not seen each other for over 45 years; a fact which disappeared in five minutes. Nearly three hours later we parted having covered all that had happened to us in those intervening years.

Thank to all the staff at the Horse Shoes for food and drinks and looking after us very well. Thanks also to the young gentleman, whose name I did not get, who took the photo but chiefly thank you Gary for running the site which makes these things possible.

Feel free to airbrush Gordon and me back to our former glory.


Best regards

Dave Nicoll Pogmoor


Hi Gary,

Just to let you know, the above reunion took place yesterday in the Three Horseshoes.
As David said in his email to me this morning, the years just rolled back! All forty odd of them.
It just shows what an excellent idea the web site was on your behalf, two old school friends meeting up after such a long time. A brilliant afternoon spent "chewing the fat", reminiscing, good beer & food. We are going to keep in touch with one another.

Question.  Does anyone else out there remember a relief head teacher at St Paulís by the name of Mr. Moran? This was at a time when Mr Balmforth was in hospital. This would be in 1955. He was a dark haired chap who wore glasses, always smartly dressed, as was the order of head teacher. Perhaps you have in your records some knowledge of him ----- or am I the only one!!!! Even David couldn't recall him. Once again, thanks very much for part in bringing David & I back together.

I hope that others will take the opportunity to contact other long lost friends.



Best regards Gordon Steele Walton.

Thank you both for your emails. I was only to pleased to put you both back in touch after all these years.  have sent your story to the chron and also it is on the News page and on the Peoples search success stories page.

Hi Gary

I have a ten year old lad wanting to play for a team next season. He as just finished with one team and is wanting to move on if you are looking for players next season he would love to play for you look forward to hearing from you


I have passed on your details to the under 11s manager of Brierley Cubs FC Tony.

Updated 1 April 2009

Hello Gary,

 The date for placing the miners lamp in the church is to be the 31 May at 9.30am.I have spoken to Dave Newton who rang in following your appeal and emailed Gordon Steele who also said he would try to make it.

Will keep you posted of any changes

Best regards Dave Nicoll Pogmoor


Thanks for letting me know Dave, I have mentioned the date in this weeks local news stories and also informed the Barnsley Chronicle

Hello Gary

The boy in the photograph Methodist Church 33 is one of the Hall twins. I think his name was David but I'm not sure. I was interested to see the email from Michael Keith (see below 18 March update). I remember his family well as they lived opposite the Chapel, at the end of my street (Co-op Cottages). On the Methodist Church 50 photograph that Michael mentions, I am stood directly behind his sister Carol.

I think its fantastic the way your site is enabling people to share their memories of Brierley in this way  - keep up the good work

John Draper


Thanks once again for your information John. I too was pleased to hear from the Keith family as I had a piece about them on the People's search page since the web site was first launched back in 2000.

HI Gary
Great piece in the chronicle regarding Laura's box, lets hope you get some response!
Jayne Collins Brierley

Thanks Jayne. I was a little disappointed as I felt the piece needed putting in all the editions and not just the Cudworth/ Royston seeing as she came from Barnsley. Also I sent in a list of name that were mentioned in her diary but they didn't publish them either. I thought if they had printed the names it might have jogged someone's memory. I haven't had any response yet so I am putting some of the photographs and names on the web site tonight when I update.

Updated 18 March  2009

Dear Gary

I last contacted your site in April 2001 with information regarding Photograph schools 28. I have recently heard from Terry Haynes my brother in law that you might have emailed me to try and work out if Clive Dye or Raymond Dye is in the photograph. Unfortunately Iím not sure, but I think it might be Clive. Congratulations on this site which just keeps getting better and also on your new site for St Paulís school web site.

Cheers Christine Johnson (Beard) Perth Western Australia

Thanks Christine, it was very nice to hear from you and thank you for your kind words on both web sites.

Hello Gary my name is Michael Keith.

In Photograph number Methodist Church 6, I am in the front row on the right hand side next to Julie Armitage. I am also in Photograph number Methodist Church 30 on the second from the left on the front row. My sister Carol Ann is in Photograph number Methodist Church 50 at the front row on the far right. My brother David Keith is in Photograph Schools 61 on the second row second on the left.

  My sister and I are now living on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia.  My brother David lives on the North Coast of New South Wales as are our Mother and Father, Vera and David Keith Snr.


My sister and I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting your site this evening and this brought back many memories of our life in Yorkshire. 


Michael Keith South Coast of New South Wales


Thank you for you email Michael. It really is nice to know that all your family are well. It must be about 45 years ago since you all left for Australia so I was really pleased when I received the emails from you and your dad and to hear that you still remembered Brierley fondly. Also thank you for your information on the photographs, I have updated the web site with them and also the people search page with your information. Please keep in touch with the site and if there is anyone you wish me to look up please don't hesitate to ask.

Hi Gary

My son Michael has forwarded your email re Brian Seniorís party photograph. He cannot get it on his computer and I have tried on mine and I cannot get it also. I get as far as opening the file but it will not give me a photo image. This is strange as my son who was born over here [he is a cabin crew director on long haul for British airways] often sends photos from Barcelona where he lives with no problems.

Anyway keep up the terrific site. Feel free to edit any mail also to give my email address to anyone who wants to get in touch

If you see Julie Armitage tell her we are sorry to hear about her fatherís [Alf] ill health

Thanks again

David Keith senior Ballina Australia


Sorry about the photograph David, I will try and put it onto the web site t the next update. I have passed on your message to Julie.

Hello to all on the site,

Having looked at the site I am impressed by the facts that are available. My mother, Hazel Lucas, has made comments on the site previously.

I sort of left brierley in the mid 80's, got married and moved to Cudworth, lived there since. I was a youngster at Brierley and enjoyed the village, I was explaining to friends the other day how the old petrol station worked, the line and bell that rang when a car ran over it, I still recall the Shell tops on the pumps. Oh to be young again. The orchard at the side of it got raided on numerous occasions.

I worked as a Bricklayer for 10 years and then joined the Police. I now work as a Traffic Cop covering Barnsley and Sheffield. It pays a wage! Lost contact with loads of friends over the years, would be nice to hear from a few. 44 now and stopped counting.

Many thanks Jim Lucas Cudworth


Thanks for your email. Did you go to Brierley St Pauls school as I have a web site to its memory where you can leave your contact details. I know your mum Hazel very well. I worked with her and gave her my help when she was chairman of Hillside Tara. I still take her and Betty here and there in the taxi but they always moan about there fare lol.

I have photographs of the old petrol station when it was in use and when they were filling it up after there was no further use for it.. Can you also remember going there on foot and having to ring the bell on the fence at the side of the house. I spoke to Mrs Swinbank last year and told her that I had a confession to make and it was that when I was a young lad I used to press the bell and run off, she replied by saying I too have a confession to make, the bell never worked. 1-0 to Mrs Swinbank lol.

Updated 11 March  2009

Hi Gary,

 I have looked at photograph schools 28 and the person you ask about is me. How are you? I'm fine. Avril died in July 2007 and I came over for her funeral. I miss her a lot. I'm coming over on 30 July this year until 19 August as I still have a sister there plus other relatives and friends. I will be staying with friends in Upper Cumberworth. Say hi to Sheila Kelsall if you see her.


Gail Cooper (nee Picken) Ontario Canada

Hi Gail, I am so sorry to hear about Avril. Although I never met her, I felt like I knew her really well with our correspondence and obvious mutual love for Brierley. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Thank you for your reply to my email regarding the above photograph confirming that you are on there.

Hi Gary

Please find attached my "Memories" of living at Folly Hall. Please feel free to delete/alter whatever you need, if you want anything else, let me know.

Richard Cornell Hemsworth


Thanks for your memories Richard. I really enjoyed reading them as I am sure will the visitors to the web site.

Great job Gary,

The site's getting better every time I look at it.

Updates on photos for you:


    Schools 11   Back row left is Linda King and I am stood next to Mrs Balmforth

    Schools 61   Back row far right is my sister Sandra Holden

    Schools 138 Middle row 4th left is Christine King


I'm returning to the UK on the 4th May and will be in Cudworth visiting my sister Rita, is anything being planned in the village around this time as far as exhibitions showing times past?

I am now in touch with Sylvia Cavanagh thanks to this site via her sister Lorna in Canada. How small the world is getting.


Regards, Veronica Goodwin (nee (Maralynn) Holden) Dubai and France


Thank you for the information on the photographs Maralynn. Do you know who the May Queen was on Schools 11. I am so pleased that the web site as yet again managed to put people in touch as with yourself and Sylvia Cavanagh


Sorry Gary, can't remember who the May Queen was, all that I remember is that my mother made mine and Linda's dresses.

  You didn't mention if you had anything planned regarding an exhibition around May?

 I will write a piece for the "where are you now" page but it may take some time. I have also joined 'Facebook' as it helps me to keep in contact with my children. We have problems with MSN here and Skype, although great if you are and expat, is blocked in Dubai. If you want to see my photos just use the same email address via facebook. All my children are on there as well


I don't have an exhibition planned for this year as I am busy revamping the web site and the photographs in the archives. Maybe next year? I am not on Facebook so unfortunately I can't view the photographs. I look forward to your Where R U Now feature.

Dear Gary,

 We are no relation to the Wilson's of Folly Hall Farm.

 When I started researching I knew my husbands Grandfather was called Thomas Wilson and his great grandfather was a farmer. Instead of checking all the facts I dived straight in and assumed because they originated from Shafton/ Royston they belonged to us. I was wrong.

 Our Wilson's, are farmers from Royston, but they stayed there. I have the right ones this time and I have treble checked.

 I have the marriage certificate of Richard Wilson and Charlotte Cooper,(1855) who did belong to Folly Hall, also the birth certificate of their grandson Thomas (1885),  who's twin, George, died shortly after birth. I am wondering if I could pass them on to you in case anyone contacts your Website about them. If you have enough of your own rubbish, I understand.

I am sorry for the mix up or if I have mislead anyone, I didn't mean to, Cheers,

Pauline Wilson Hemsworth


Hi Pauline

The first lesson I learned when doing my genealogy was always work from the present backwards and always double check any information and do not move forward until it is confirmed. It looks like you learned the hard way Pauline but no harm done eh! Having said that I bet you were disappointed more than anything. I am glad you let me know because I can now take the appeal for Philip Wilson off the Home Page. I would love the copies of the certificates for the archives, they will come in useful somewhere along the line I am sure. I hope you still keep in touch with the web site.


Thanks for your E mail. Hopefully, lessons have been learned. How do I get the certificates to you, can I drop them off anywhere, or should I post them. Let me know and I'll get it done. Yes, I still look at your brilliant website, I am hooked now, so keep up the good work,

Cheers, Pauline

Hello Gary,

Regarding school photo 28

The ones I am fairly sure of are:

John Horley is spelt wrong and is John Hawley

Tony Spearman is Tony Spaxman

Sylvia Low is Sylvia Law

Jean Horseforth is Jean Horsefall

Pat Johnson is Pat Jackson

Pat Harding is Pat Audin

Jean Armitage is correct and not Jean Armstrong as your archive/photo


The ones I am not so sure of and hopefully Gordon Steele or Christine Beard can help are:

Clive Dye or Raymond Dye.


Gail Picken or Carol Hince ; I am not sure as originally I agreed it was Carol as she was next to Tony, her brother.


Hope this helps.


Was the bit on Brierley coal OK for you ?


Best Regards Dave Nicoll Pogmoor

Thanks for the new information David, I have also heard from Gail Picken (see email above) who confirms that it is her on the photograph and not Carol Ince. The piece on Transporting Brierley Coal is brilliant and now on line.

Dear Gary,

I've really enjoyed looking at the website. I recognise many of the names on the photographs - especially Baxendale, Draper, Rowley, Spaxmanís etc - we are probably in some of the photographs but don't recognise ourselves!!
My family moved to Brierley in 1963 and we were very involved in the life of the Methodist Church. I live in Walton on Thames, Surrey with my husband, Jerry and we have two grown up children - Oliver and Amy. I am Head teacher of a Surrey Infant and Nursery school. My sister Susan who is 4 years older than me lives in Vermont, USA with her husband Dean who she married at the Methodist Church approximately 34 years ago. Susan and Dean have had a very exciting life. They met in Zambia and have since lived and worked (as teachers) in Brazil, California, Boston, Vietnam and are now enjoying retirement but still very active in their local community.

I will look for some pictures and send any I find to you.

Maggie Roberton (nee Margaret Killingback) Walton on Thames, Surrey

Thank you for your email Maggie. I am pleased to say that your sister Susan has been in touch with the site and has sent photographs of her wedding at the Methodist Church. I look forward to seeing any that you send me from your families time in Brierley.

Hello Gary

Here is the piece on the coal invoice. You have a scan of the invoice I think so can you add it as appropriate.

The map of the railway route is on Wikipedia under Dearne valley railway; so can you add a link or a copy of the map (its the second one along).

Feel free to correct my bit as you see fit.


Also on St Paul's Church 13, the two Dixon girls (not related) are to Reverend Webster's left as you look at the photo. The first one with the dark hair is Jilliar not Jillian; unusual name.


Best regards Dave Nicoll Pogmoor

Thanks David, everything has been updated.

Hi Gary

My name is David Keith who lived at 14 Church Street and then 80 Barnsley Road from 1958 to 1964. My wife Vera was post lady under Mrs Fry. Belle Dyson also worked there. My daughter Carol and sons David and Michael attended St Paulís school. Carol now lives in the far south coast of New South Wales and is regional manager for a home help. David lives here in Ballina on the far north coast and is practice manager in a large accounting practice. Michael lives in Illawara and is a chef. Carol gained a b.SC at Sydney University. David gained a degree b.bus and dip i.t at Southern Cross University

I will get in touch later GREAT GREAT website

David Keith Ballina Australia


Thanks for your email David

(Sorry David I have just read your email again before I sent this and realised  you are the father. I thought it was your son David who sent the email so could you please pass the bottom part of this email onto him. Re Belle Dyson, she is still alive and kicking and looking well although she lost her husband Alec last year. She lives a few doors from me. David, could I ask you if your family would consider writing a piece for my Where R You Now page with photographs of you all when you lived in Brierley and as you all are now? I am sure visitors to the site would love to hear from you all. If there is anyone you would like me to look up for you please feel free. Please keep in touch.


For David junior

I have been trying to trace you and your sister Carol since I came across the photographs of you both in the playground of St Paul's school with the pupils and with the staff before you left for Oz. The following is an extract from the People search page


Do you know what happened to David and Carol Ann Keith? They were both pupils at Brierley School in the early sixties. Mrs Thorpe who was a teacher at that time informs me that they emigrated to Australia. But where are they now?


    Do you remember much about Brierley as I know you were young when you left. I don't know if you remember me but If you look on the memories page on www.brierleyvillage.com or the contacts page at www.stpaulsschoolbrierley.com you will see a photograph of me when I was at the school. To be honest David, I think we are about the same age or you may be a year older than me  (I am 52 this year) but I can't remember you or Carol. I do remember collecting for leaving presents but I am not sure if this was for yourselves or the Hanson family. I do remember the going away present was in a presentation box with, I think, a navy blue lining and the gift was silver, probably spoons or a silver egg cup comes to my mind.


Hi Gary

Having read through my last mail I assumed your geography was as we took for granted here. By 'far north coast I meant New South Wales coast. We live 90km from the Queensland border in Ballina. The far south coast is about 120km from Victorian border. Narooma is where carol lives and Illawara is approx, 800kms south of where Michael lives so It is very very rare we all get together. The last time was 2 years ago for my 80 birthday. It was very good of you to reply so quickly. I will keep in touch. Keep up the work on this great web site. I never thought Brierley would be so famous. I got to know about the site from my niece who is visiting from Humberstone.

Thanks again David Keith senior


Is there any chance you could pass it on by email?

Hi Gary

   David Keith Senior here again. I have passed on your email to David and Carol and am awaiting reply. my wife Vera reminded me that she nursed at the 'Fever' hospital about1945, maybe someone remembers her she was Vera French and people she knew were nurses Green, Hannon, Spencer, Baines also Ivy Butcher, Dorothy Butterworth and Joyce Harvey. Sisters were Lloyd, Webster, Jowett and matron Gardener. Gary if you see Nigel Crossland say hello, he worked at West End Coop in Hemsworth and knew my sister Gladys quite well. Is Tommy winter still around?

All for now

Regards David


I have a number of photographs on line and in the archives with a lot of the people you mentioned on them. Nurse Spencer who you mentioned wrote her memories of her time at the hospital before she sadly passed away. Her husband John Steele also writes his memories of Brierley. Nigel hasn't been too well and I am going round to see him this week. Sadly Tommy has passed away.

Dear Gary

My sister Margaret Roberton (nee killingback) forwarded your email to me. The photo you sent to her identified our parents - Marjorie and Jack Killingback (that is the correct spelling) at David Earle's farewell tea party hosted by the Methodist church.

  My husband Dean and I were married in the Methodist Church by David Earle on Dec 22 1973 and I have attached some photos as you said you'd like to have some. Hope they are of interest to you.
Susan Greenberg (nee Killingback) Vermont, USA


Thank you so much for the photographs, I will add them to the archives as soon as time allows. I remember your face from the photographs although I was younger than you are. I am only 52 this year. I have searched the archives for more photographs of your family but none have come to light. You may be on more, and I am sure you will be, but not named so obviously I won't know. Thank you once again and please keep in touch with the web site.

Updated 13 February 2009

Hi Gary,
I have dug out a couple of photo's from Folly Hall, would it be possible to either, drop them off, or post them. Please forward your address.
Richard Cornell Hemsworth

Thanks Richard. My address is 24 Grange Road Brierley S72 9HU. If anyone else has any photographs to add to the archives and don't have a scanner please forward them to this address. I will copy them and return asap. I will update the photographs onto your memories page when we create it next week.

Hi Gary

I found your website by a fluke.  Excellent job.  Have not finished looking at it all yet.

I was married at Brierley Hall in 1960 so found the articles on the hall very interesting.

Left England in 1970 for Canada. Both my hubby Derrick & I are both from South Kirkby. His sister lived at Brierley for a number of years & my cousin Margaret Beaumont grew up in Brierley. Again, excellent work. Congratulations.

Hilary South Kemptville Ontario Canada. 


Thank you for your kind words Hilary. I am sure you will get lots more pleasure from the web site. Do you wish me to add your name to my web site update mailing list?


Thank you Gary, I would appreciate that

Best wishes, Hilary

Hello Gary

Just been on the site and looked at the excellent photos. I thought the Mayor came over as a really nice person and his visit (like yours) was much appreciated. My Mother really enjoyed yesterday and the photos will be a great memory of the day.

She was a bit tired and slept until 11 this morning.

Thanks again and I appreciate all your help

John Draper Wombwell

It was a pleasure and a privilege John

Hello Gary

Thank you for taking an interest in Eva Drapers 100th Birthday. It turned out to be something of a reunion with so many old friends to meet.


Richard Watson

Hi Richard as I said to John It was a pleasure and a privilege

HI Gary,

Did you know they plan to knock the Coppins down and build a new care home that extends back to the stream at the bottom. Building application has been submitted, apparently it was built just after WW2 and they are saying that because we have the church and Brierley hall, we have enough old buildings to retain Brierley's character so it's ok to knock this one down.

Plans can be seen on the councils planning applications website - Bollingbroke House.

Don't know if itís a good thing or not yet but closing date for objections is Saturday.

Lee Wray Brierley

Thanks for that Lee. To be honest with you I am a bit undecided about this one. I took a look at the building last week and to be honest with you it doesn't seem to hold any charm, not for me anyway. Also the building is hidden off the road and I suppose the new one would be the same. After visiting Coppins on a number of occasions and seeing the outdated way the residents are living, I am thinking more to the fact that a new up to date building would be good for them and it could also create more jobs, hopefully for Brierley people. I don't know mate, I am still undecided what would be best. Having said that,  looking at the way they treat Brierley and its residents I don't think they would give two hoots what we think anyway.

Hi Gary,

 It was good to see you again on Wednesday when we attended the 100th birthday of Mrs Draper. It was also great to see so many faces from the past, mainly from my time spent at Brierley Methodist church.

  I am attaching some photographs for your St Pauls School website. You will remember that my mum was a dinner lady there for many years and one of the photos shows her receiving gifts on her retirement. I am afraid the dates of her years there evade me, but I know she served you during your years at school, so you may be able to recall them.

  The photograph of mumís presentation has the following names: Pauline Arnold, next not known, Mrs Garbutt, Mrs Sykes, Mrs Hardwick, Mrs Wreakes and Mrs Whitehead.

 I can give you some names for one of the photographs shown on the Brierley website Ė Social no 20. First on the left is Mrs Anderson, second is Mrs Haigh. Also the lady presenting the award looks like Mrs Glew!


Keep up the good work and let us know when you will be holding another Ďopen dayí.

Kind regards! Denise Stones (nee Spaxman) Pogmoor

Hi Denise, thank you for the photographs. I already have the one of your mums retirement in the archives, She retired in 1977. Regarding the other photograph, I will use it on the St Paul's school web site.

Hello Again Gary

I've been looking at the photos and maybe I can help you with Others 163:  I think I recognize my father's hair!! [John Perry] as the man in the back row - slightly hidden by a lady

Kathy Scott [nee Perry] Newark Notts

Thanks Kathy, it was nice to meet you at Mrs Drapers party. The photographs have been updated.

Updated 30 January  2009

Hello Gary

It was lovely to find your site and see your photograph of the Brierley football team 1949 on your Sports page.

Harold Rosser is my dad (a keen footballer in his time) who moved from Yorkshire at a young age to live in Deal, Kent with my mum.  Sadly he passed in 2004 (as did mum in 2008)..... they would have dearly loved to have seen that photo. I've also emailed the pics to my brother and sister, they will be so pleased to see them.

Thank you for posting it.


Best wishes Jill Rosser Deal, Kent

That was a really nice email Jill, thank you. When I receive emails like yours it makes all the hard work I put into the web site really worthwhile.

Hi Gary,

A great web-site on Brierley, congrats on that.

The reason I am mailing is to let you know, I lived at Folly Hall Farm from about 63 until 77, and had a great time down there, I could tell some good tales about Folly Hall. When we looked into the history of it, it was thought that the building was originally for the men that dug the railway cutting, and became a farmhouse later. We bought the farmhouse and about 5 acres of land from Henry Kenyon, local Hemsworth farmer who bought the lot just to get the land, consequently selling off what he did not need.  When we bought it there was no water at all in the house, no toilets etc, my dad put water in, later putting a bathroom in. Happy days.


Richard Cornell Hemsworth


Do you have any photograph that might be interesting for the archives? Also did you attend St Paul's school?

With us living in Hemsworth, before Folly Hall, I remained at Hemsworth schools but I did go to Willowgarth, because at the time, Hemsworth senior was changing to High, and a lot of pupils were sent to other schools and I ended up at Willowgarth for the last few years of schooling, I will see if I can dig some photos out, and when I do I will make sure you get a copy


Thanks Richard

Hi Gary

Here is further information for you on the following photographs.


Photo Ė St Pauls Church 10 (Confirmation at Felkirk Church) 1965


2nd Row boys left to right Ė Lee Smith, William (Bill) Holden and John Keele

Back row girls right to left Ė 3rd from right Maralynn Holden (me) white hair gives me away


Photo Ė Social 20 Royal British Legion circa 1950ís but I think probably early 60ís

7th Lady from the right (behind the one in the suit) is my mother Jane Holden (Mrs Snowden is behind standing on her left)


Photo Ė  Information required number 37 St Paulís May Queen  and the year must be 1961

4th from the left standing is my sister Sandra Holden and I think the May Queen is Linda King


I really enjoyed the photos, itís a shame there are none of the many Galaís and Miners Welfare outings that we had every year.


Keep up the good work

Veronica Goodwin (nee Holden) Dubai and France


Thanks for the details of the photographs. I have updated them.

Regarding gala photographs etc, I have loads in the archives (my collection is around 2,000 photographs strong) it is just that I don't have time to put them all or there details on the web site. You will have to fly over next time I have an exhibition when all my work is on show usually in the Methodist church


Hi Gary,

Many thanks on the website photos/articleIt looks really good and I am sure people will be pleased to see it.

Thanks also for the Chronicle article.  It wasn't quite what we anticipated but I guess the angle of contacting our teachers made a catchy headline and would stimulate interest.


All the best, John Nixon York

It was a pleasure to do John. Well over 100 visits have been made to your article already

That's great news - thanks for letting me know.  I've told Annice too. It does look really good, and nice to know it is generating a lot of interest.

Updated 21 January 2009

Dear Gary,

First of all I would like to thank you for a brilliant website, my childhood was spent mostly around Shafton and Grimethorpe. I remember going to Brierley for a sort of youth club which was held in a room above The Three Horse Shoes Inn, that would be in the early1960's.

 I am researching my Husbands Family History and find his ancestors moved to Brierley from Shafton around 1860ish (The Wilson's) On the 1871 census they are living at Folly Hall Farm. In 1891, the son has moved to Folly Hall Cottages leaving his Father at the farm. I am wondering if there was a Folly Hall, where the landlord of the Farm and cottages would have lived. Do you know of one. I would appreciate any pointers on how to go about getting that sort of information, ie where to look. Hope you can help.

Regards Pauline Wilson Hemsworth


Thank you for your email and your kind comments on the web site.  I will pass on your email to Richard Watson who answers questions on my web site through the Ask Richard page. Richard will also sent you a personal reply.

Re the Three Horse Shoes youth club, I remember my older brothers and sisters going to it but I was a little too young. I think my brother Ernest Sheard painted some kind of dragon on the wall. Was it run by Colin Painter?


Gary, Thanks for your prompt reply, I am sorry I didn't give you any info'. I  moved from Shafton about 1965 when Monkton Pit closed down, my father being a miner. He was transferred to Kellingley. I have lived in Hemsworth for the last 30 years so I haven't moved far. I look forward to hearing from Richard, I have looked at his website, he certainly knows his stuff. Thanks again, Pauline  


Hi Pauline, It wasn't while I was updating the web site that I realised I have  photographs of the Wilson family of Folly Hall in the archives.


Hi Gary, I was so pleased to get your E mail, even tho' I can't view the photo's. Have you any suggestions? I have been in touch with Richard several times and he, like you, has been very helpful. He had an enquiry from a Phil Wilson a long time ago who shares a g.g.grandfather with us. I am wondering if he has contacted you, if he has and you still have his details I would appreciate you passing mine on. Or if you can think of anything I could do, let me know. I am always on your site and I am sure I have seen his name somewhere but I can't find it now. I realise you are very busy and I really appreciate you taking the time to E mail me. Thank you, All the best, Pauline


I only live in Brierley if you wish to view the photographs. I don't have any details for Phil Wilson but I can put out an appeal on the web site if you wish.


Gary, Thanks for that , I have been on your site all morning, Who wants to do housework anyway! Without your site I would never have known the photographs existed, never mind how to find them. It has been more use to me than Ancestry.co.uk and I have to pay to view that. I would like to make a small donation, I have seen how to, on the site, but, is it secure? It's not something I normally do, on the internet (being a cynical old bugger)

It would be great if you could put an appeal out for Phil Wilson, you would know how to word it. I am not sure about putting my address on the website tho'  What do you think.? Another thing I wanted to ask is, who did you get the photos from or where. The reason I am keen to know is because on one of them it is titled, Grandfather and Grandmother Wilson, who I believe was called Mary T, don't know what the T stands for. John and Mary are my husbands g.grandparents. On the Wilson family photo are ( I think) John, Mary, Richard, Thomas, ( my grandfather in- law ) Annie, and Amelia who I think was called Minnie. At first glance they look like 4 boys. Whoever had the photo must be a descendant of one of the kids pictured. So I would be very keen to know  where it came from. Sorry to bother you, Once again, Thank you, Look forward to hearing from you, Pauline.


Thanks Pauline,

I am so glad I was able to help. I did send you details of the names on the photographs, did you receive them? Also thank you for your offer of a small donation which is really appreciated. The method of payment to Austen (my web host) is secure, however if you prefer you could send him a cheque, is on the web site or you can click the link me-too. net  for his address . Please make it clear to him that it is a donation for the Brierley village web site and then he will knock it of the bill when he invoices me for his web hosting fees at the end of the year. Once again thank you Pauline.

Regarding an appeal for Phil Wilson, I always ask them to get in touch with me first and then I would contact you before giving out your details.

Re the photographs, I have had them in the archives for a few years but no details where I got them from, sorry!

Hello Gary

This is a scan of an old coal invoice involving Brierley colliery and dated 1920.

It was loaned to me my a railway buff friend of mine who knows of my interest in all things Brierley. I have not compressed it as the detail is faint so hope it gets through ok.


Best regards Dave Nicoll Pogmoor

Thanks Dave, the copy can be seen under Your Contribution.

Hi Gary

I was just browsing the website and was thrilled to see how popular it still is after all these years. It's eight years since I moved to the Dearne and it was several years before then that I covered your work in the Barnsley Chronicle. Carry on the good work, you're obviously very much appreciated.  All the best, Gillian Picker Barnsley Chronicle


Thanks for those kind words Gillian they really do mean a lot to me. It is through people like yourself showing your support and encouraging me in the beginning that the web site has prospered. Have you had a look at my new web site In Memory of St Paul's School Brierley


Just had a look at the site and it's great.  I wish someone would do something like that for my old primary school - it's better than Friends Reunited!


Hello Gary,

A very Happy New Year to you and yours.

I had a chat with Sylvia (Cavanagh) and she told me that she had been trying to contact Marylynn (Holden) a while ago with no luck (through facebook I think). So she was really pleased to hear that Marylynn had written to your Memories of St Paul's web site and mentioned her. Can you pass on her email address for her to try again. If you could forward the info to me, I will send it on to Sylvia.

Thanks for your time and effort in keeping people "connected" Your work is really appreciated.

Best wishes to you and your family,

Ken & Lorna Waters Canada

Your welcome Ken & Lorna. I am so glad I was able to put Marylynn and Sylvia back in touch after all these years.

Hi Gary,

I hope all is well with you these days and thanks very much for the updates you send on the website.

Annice Marshall (from South Kirkby) and I have an offering for you regarding a recent re-union of Willowgarth pupils from 1968We organised the event (at Burntwood Club, Brierley) - all the details are in the attached article.

Would you be good enough to consider it for inclusion on the Brierley website a  I think it should be of good general interest around the area.

If you need the original picture files we have inserted into the text just let me know.  One is a bit blurred but please include if possible as it shows two of my best mates from the rugby/football teams (either side of me).


Please let us know if you need more info.


Best regards, John Nixon York

The story of your reunion is now published on the local news page Alan. I have also forwarded it  for possible insertion on the  Willowgarth High School web site.

Hi' Gary,

I am a regular visitor to the website. The site is full of useful information and it can be quite addictive and would like to congratulate you on achieving a very good site for local residents and not so local who I'm sure like to keep in touch with the area.


Allan Hampson Grimethorpe


Thank you Alan and also thank you for contributing to the Your Contribution page with your photographs. Please feel free to send in more.

Updated 5 January 2009

Hi Gary,
I have been looking at the old school photos on the Website and came across
Schools 122 Circa 1989
Brierley Primary (VC) School year 2 Which was my year. I cant help notice that you haven't got all the names updated and I think that I could help.

Back row left to right: Ann Whitelam (teacher), Robert Curphy, Alan Green, Alexander Berry , Rebecca Greenwood, Rachel Sanderson, Paul Watson, Edward Hambleton and John Hirst.
Middle Row l to r: Andrew Lawton, Vicky Kearford, Christopher McGin, Lee Churchill, Darrel Gavin, Mark Pearson, Dean Clarke and Stefan Parkin.
Bottom Row l to r: Christopher Travis, Kelly Lee, Laura Fletcher, David Cooper, Andrew Hambleton, Mark Woolands, Wayne Parry and Toni Ackland.
I hope that this information helps and I like what you have done with the website.

Regards Dean Clarke Brierley


Thank you for the information Dean. The photograph has been updated.

Hi Gary

My name is William (Bill) Holden. I found your site on the web and found it very interesting. I lived in Brierley from 1953 -1970 in Regina Crescent. With regards to the photo sports 11 of a football team from 1967, I think the date maybe at least 3years later. I am the one on the front row left-hand side, down as M Holden. If my memory serves me right I can remember playing in a match when David Moore broke his leg when a goalkeeper dove at his feet. Having now found this site I shall continue browsing.

Thanks again for a nostalgic look back.


Bill Holden Hemsworth

I got the photograph from the late Ken Elvidge. Did you attend St Pauls school? If so I also have a web site dedicated to its memory. The address is on the home page of the Brierley Village web site. Maybe you would like to leave your contact details on there? I will update the web site with your new information.

Hello Gary,

Here is the story of Sadie Prevals visit to Brierley. Her brother Felix was here a couple of years ago and did a similar piece. She is stood outside no 24 Hodroyd Cottages on the photo.

Best wishes for the new year

Dave Nicoll Pogmoor

PS I had a phone call from Gordon Steele today and we are to meet up in the new year after what must be 45 years so well done the new web site for allowing us to get in touch.

Thanks David, the story and photograph of Sadie are now on the web site. I hope when you meet up with Gordon you will have a story and photograph for us. I am so pleased that I have made this possible for you.

Hi gary,

there's a chap who lives in Brierley that  drives around the village on a tractor with what looks like a shed on the back of its trailer. can you tell me where abouts in Brierley he lives.

regards John Hardman Ackworth


I think the chap in question could be Colin Painter who lives on Regina Crescent John


Many thanks Gary. as you build your own web site, there's some really good freeware software for building sites. I use kompozer http://kompozer.net/ for my site www.hids4cars.co.uk I also use a reasonably priced server company http://www.eukhost.com/. I hope these links are of use.
regards John

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