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Introducing the work of Brierley and its people in photographs (Baipip)

Brierley is a small village near Barnsley in South Yorkshire England

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Residents past and present write their memories of

living or working in Brierley. Why not write yours?

Richard Cornell Richard recalls his memories of growing up on Folly Hall Farm in the 1960s
Gary Hotchins

Gary (webmaster) recalls his days as a pupil at St Paul's school under Mr Jack Balmforth and Edwin Hambleton

David Nicoll David recalls his time spent on Elms farm with the Ashley family in the 1950s    
Jim Hoyland Jim Hoyland was born in Brierley in 1928 and lived at Number 23 Barnsley Road until 1963 when after a stint in the merchant navy he  emigrated to Australia where he lives today.
Gordon Steele Read Gordon's amusing, yet very touching story of returning to his village of birth after 36 years away.
Brian Bower   Brian Bower  was born at the “Laburnums” Barnsley Road Brierley on the 14th April 1943. He now lives in Doncaster. Brian writes his fond memories of living in Brierley as a child.
Hazel Devonport (nee Cox)  Hazel Devonport was born on the 28 July 1943 at 64 Brierley Road Grimethorpe (now 116 Brierley Road) to Lawrence and Rhoda (nee Moore) Cox. At the tender age of six, Hazel was admitted to the Isolation hospital on Brierley Common with her sister Margaret. Here are her memories of her time spent there.
John Steele Part 1

Now living in retirement in South Hiendley John wrote about his childhood in Brierley for me in early 2000 for the year 2000 exhibition souvenir programme.

John Steele Part 2 John continues with part  2 of his story
John Steele Part 3 John continues with part  3 of his story
Joyce Steele (nee Spencer)  

Joyce Steele (nee Spencer) was born on the 28th March 1933 in White City Grimethorpe. She came to live at Regina Crescent Brierley in 1961when she married John Steele (who also writes his memories of living in Brierley). Joyce worked as a nurse at the Isolation hospital on Brierley common, for 19 years, and before she sadly died on the 7th June 2003, she wrote her memories of her time spent there. The following story is in Joyce’s own words and they are reproduced with the kind permission of her widower John:

Annie Turner (nee Ward) 

Annie is now living in South Hiendley (June 2008). Here she writes just a few of her fond memories of living in Brierley as a young girl.