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David Nicoll  & Gordon Steele

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People search success stories index page

David & Gordon meeting up in the Three Horse Shoes after 45 years

December 2008

Hello Gary,

Thank you for passing my details onto Gordon Steele.   I had a phone call from him today and we are to meet up in the new year after what must be 45 years so well done the Brierley Village web site for allowing us to get in touch.

David Nicoll Pogmoor


April 2009

Hello Gary,

Here's a photo of yours truly and Gordon Steele meeting up for a drink in the Three Horse Shoes. We have not seen each other for over 45 years; a fact which disappeared in five minutes. Nearly three hours later we parted having covered all that had happened to us in those intervening years.

Thank to all the staff at the Horse Shoes for food and drinks and looking after us very well. Thanks also to the young gentleman, whose name I did not get, who took the photo but chiefly thank you Gary for running the site which makes these things possible.

Feel free to airbrush Gordon and me back to our former glory.


Best regards

Dave Nicoll Pogmoor


April 2009

Hi Gary,

Just to let you know, the above reunion took place yesterday in the Three Horseshoes.
As David said in his email to me this morning, the years just rolled back! All forty odd of them.
It just shows what an excellent idea the web site was on your behalf, two old school friends meeting up after such a long time. A brilliant afternoon spent "chewing the fat", reminiscing, good beer & food. We are going to keep in touch with one another.

Question.  Does anyone else out there remember a relief head teacher at St Paulís by the name of Mr. Moran? This was at a time when Mr Balmforth was in hospital. This would be in 1955. He was a dark haired chap who wore glasses, always smartly dressed, as was the order of head teacher. Perhaps you have in your records some knowledge of him ----- or am I the only one!!!! Even David couldn't recall him. Once again, thanks very much for part in bringing David & I back together.

I hope that others will take the opportunity to contact other long lost friends.



Best regards Gordon Steele Walton.


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People search success stories index page