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Email received at this web site

From June to December 2006


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Only email with a full name and a place of residence (e.g. Brierley, Australia, Leeds etc) will be acknowledged. 

Edited email will be answered on the web site and in some cases may receive a personal reply


Updated 6th December  2006  

Hi Gaz

Here's some pictures of me at a show I DJ and compare. It was sad to see the school being demolished. keep up the good work with the web site. We will have to meet and catch up with old times.

David (Crock) Higgs Doncaster


Thanks for the photographs Crock, I have placed them on the Your Contribution page. I am glad to hear you are doing ok, and yes we will have to catch up with old times one day.

Hey how you doing Gaz ???

last time I checked the web site it wasn't active and I thought it'd gone "south". Glad to see you're up and running. Thought I'd let you know I was in Yorkshire for a very very short trip - caught up with Hilda and I managed a visit with Brian and Elaine and then all to quickly had to come home. I was trying to get a hold of you while we were over but Hilda had no  number for you and I dropped by the church and it didn't look like you  were there anymore. Ellie and I are doing well - it was a wee bit busy the last while - my  mom got sick and ended up in hospital in the interior of B.C. (where my parents used to live) and it took quite a while to get them moved down to the coast where I can look after them. So we ended up with the house in Logan Lake to  tend to as well as keep things here on the coast. Still driving bus.... sold the computer company just before 911 (whew that was close)

Life goes on... what's up with you?

your mate, Billy Mielke and family Canada


Hiya Billy Boy. I thought I had lost touch with you. A private email is on its way to you shortly when I have more time.

Updated 29th November  2006  

Hi Gary

I was on your web site and found the name Crossley Swillington. My brother in law lives in Swillington Lane so I told him about this and gave him the email address to pass on to someone who knows the Crossley family. I hope this will help. Your web site gets better and better.

All the best

Betty Richardson (nee Evans) Brierley


Thanks for that Betty and also your kind comments on the web site.

Hi Gary,
Thanks for the photos. I was hoping to be on one of them  from St Paul's, but I'm sure I didn't transfer there until 1959. I'd like to offer some info on
School photo's 95 and 97. On Schools photo 95, I 'm listed as 2nd left back row. Sorry, but it's not me. I was 1st reserve for the team (no subs in those days) I think it's Geoff Pickering. If you check School 101, you'll see the resemblance. On school photo 97, I think the boy 3rd from left back row is John Lomas and the girl 7th from left (on same row) is Denise Williams. Also, is the girl 5th from left (bottom row) Geraldine Scott instead of Jeanette? Yes, I did see my dad on the "Social" photo. Also, (in case you didn't know), Frank Raikes on same photo was my uncle. They used to live next door to us on Hillside and I believe his wife Elsie Raikes still lives on the estate, in a bungalow. It was my brother Derek who did the relief job at the club, he's now living in Great Houghton. Jimmy Cavanagh is of the same family on Hilltop and, boy oh boy did his dad Ronnie love to dance!
I do remember your Alan and Ken, but I'm drawing blanks with the other members of your family. Names that do come to mind from the estate are, Ralph's, Bray's, Elvidge, Guy's, Makin's, Smith's, Ball, Partridge, Place, Wright's, Edgley's, Ennis etc.
Thanks again Gary,
I'll keep in touch with a
"Where R U now" letter and hopefully a photo or two.
Ken Waters Ontario Canada


Thanks Ken, I will look forward to putting you and your family on the Where R U Now page. Thank you for the new information and I have updated the photographs but I am not sure If it is Geraldine or Jeanette Scott as I didn't know her. I do seem to remember your family being related to the Raikes and yes Elsie is still in a bungalow on Hillside Crescent in fact she lives next door to Mrs Ralph's who you mention. Sadly Mr (Pete) Ralphs as recently passed away. Their daughter Pat Ralphs who married Malc Jackson also lives in the bungalows. I have also received an email from John Draper (see below) who has read your previous email and remembers you from your schooldays and the youth club. You would have been right about transferring to St Paul's in 1959 as that is when the new residents started moving into the Hillside estate.

Dear Gary

My name is Terry Loring but I know that there is another of the same name in your area because we are cousins.  I met Terry when I was about 10 years old (55 years ago), in Grimethorpe, and I always wondered what became of him. If it is possible I would appreciate contact with him so we can correspond and roll back the years, so if you could let him have my e-mail address I would be most grateful

Terry Loring Chipping Sodbury South Gloucestershire.


I have spoken to Terry today but he doesn't have a computer. However he as asked me to send you his telephone number which is on its way by email

Dear Gary
I wonder if any of your villagers can cast any light on a  medallion that I found in my wife's possession after her death. Her late mother was a 'Feeney' married to a Charles Callinan, both lived in Grimethorpe. The medallion is hallmarked in silver. On the front is the figure of a miner with the words 'Brierley Rescue Station'. On the reverse is the words 'Grimethorpe No 3 rescue team - Aug. 1918 - and the name C. Feeney.
Maybe some of your older miners can tell me of its history I do not know if there are any members of the Feeney family still alive, if so I would love to give them the medallion, otherwise, since it means little to my family, you could suggest some organisation who might appreciate it.
From Trevor Loring Leyland Lancashire


Thanks for that Trevor it is a really nice gesture. With your permission I will also get the Barnsley Chronicle involved, have you any objections to this. Please let me know if you have. If no members of the family claim it would you be willing to donate it to the Brierley and its people in photographs archives of which this web site is a part of.

Hello Gary
Just been on the site and seen the email from Ken Waters (see email below). Ken was at Brierley School at the same time as me, and I see that I'm on one of the photos that Ken has asked you to put on the site. I also remember Ken from the Youth Club that we both attended at Grimethorpe (now Willowgarth) school. Ken would be at the club at the same time as people such as Dave Miller, John Lomas, Mick Pointon, and  Tommy Geelan, so he'll remember their names as well. Keep up the good work with the site
John Draper Wombwell

Thanks for that John. I have just heard back from Ken. His reply email is at the top

Updated 22nd November  2006  

Hi Gary, 

I came across the web site this week and I'm hooked. Congrats to all involved.

I used to live on Hillside Crescent in the late 50`s early 60`s. I attended St Paul's and Brierley Grimethorpe Secondary Modern schools, leaving in 1964.

You can imagine how the names and faces got my memory into overdrive once I started searching the photos and letters.

I now live in Ontario, Canada, and have done for the last 32 years.

I still return to South Yorkshire once every year or so staying at my Mother-in-law's (Lily Cavanagh on Hilltop)

I will gladly reminisce more in future Emails if interested. Would it be possible to post some photos on the site for my family to view here in Canada?  Schools 15,43,95 and 97 are of particular interest.

At present I'm going through some old photo albums and will gladly pass on any memories that I think will be of interest to you.

Keep up the good work!! It really IS appreciated. Thanking you in advance,

Ken Waters and Family Ontario Canada


Hi Ken, I have placed the photographs you requested on line. it was a really pleasant surprise to receive your email. You probably don't remember me but I was brought up at 5 Hillside from 1959 (slum clearance from Joseph street). The reason I recognised your name was that I can recall every family that lived on the Hillside estate right up until about 1970. There is only Gordon and Joan Brown (2 Hillside Crescent near the main road) left there now from the original first families. I believe your brother was the relief steward at the club last year some time (was his name Dereck)?. Have you seen the Three Horse Shoes photographs (under social) with your father on them? My mother Edith worked at the Three Horse Shoes for a while in the 1960s. You may remember my older brothers and sisters better than me, Janet, Alan, Ernest, Brenda, Kenneth and Peter Sheard. I was the youngest and was a half brother to them all. I remember a James Cavanagh from Hilltop who would be about 46/7 now, and also his father who liked to dance, is this the same family? Regarding your memories, I always appreciate any additions to the Baipip archives and it would give me great pleasure if you could write me your memories of your time spent in Brierley (with photographs if possible) or better still an article for the Where R U now page Can you remember Garry Wilson who is on there? If there is anything else I can help you with please don't hesitate to write and I look forward to hearing from you soon with hopefully a possible addition to the web site. Enjoy the photographs.

Hi Gary

A few snippets from the war years. We used to go up on the flattes and watch them bombing Sheffield. There also was a searchlight battery in direction of Monkton. A very large bonfire was built on the flattes out of railway sleepers and fired on VE night. Very impressive.

All for now

Jim Hoyland Canberra  Australia 


Thanks for that Jim, I am still waiting to hear if you are interested in writing your memories of living in Brierley or better still an article for the Where R U now page.


For those of you that are not sure, the Flattes were where the Grange Road estate is now overlooking Barnsley.

Hi Gary

I have been on the web site again tonight and there are great things to see. I wondered if you could put the photograph Buildings 78 on line for me to look at as I believe my grandfather Friend (Losh) Thorpe may be on it. I am still hoping to hear from Jean Audin (People search 1).

Batty Richardson (nee Evans) Brierley


The photograph is on line Betty. Don't worry about hearing from Jean as it as only been a couple of months and these things take time.

Updated 12th November  2006  

Hello Gary

Hope you are in good health and enjoying fair weather, also that the site is doing well. I have attached a photograph of my garden. I would be pleased if you will put this onto the site as a Christmas Card, with best wishes, to all Brierley residents, old and new. All the Best. 

Bye for now Brian Bower Doncaster


Thanks for the photograph Brian and your wishes for Christmas. The photograph as been placed under Your Contribution

Hi Gary

Just been browsing the website again. You are right about the guy on Sport 11 photograph being Terry Loring he lived a few doors away from me when I was a kid. On the Social 17 photo the lad is William (Bill) Burdett not his brother Dave

Cheers mate

Gary Wilson Brierley

Hi Gary

Just to let you know I am a regular visitor to your sight and I really enjoy reading what's going on in the village. Have you any aerial photographs of Brierley Church or the park area. I haven't heard any news from Jean Audin yet but I am still hoping.

Keep up the good work. 

All the best Betty Richardson Evans Brierley


I have put you a couple of photographs of the park area on line Betty. I am sorry but I don't have any aerial views of the church. Thank you for your kind comments on the web site and I am pleased you enjoy reading the local news page. I am sure Jean will be in touch with us shortly

Hello Gary

My name is Shelly and I live in Evington nr York. I am building a website about the history of the village and I would like to confirm that Clement E Hoyland lived here in 1928. He bought a property called Brinkworth Hall, and donated the organ to the church. I have a copy of land search for 31st July 1928 for Clement. If you would like a copy please email me and I will send you it. Would it be possible to use some of your info on the Hoylands on my site?, if not I will place a link to your site

Shelly Evington York


Updated 24th October  2006  

Hi Gary

On photograph schools 2 top row second left is my brother Robert Evans.  Bottom row third left is David Burdett. Also on schools photograph 138 back row to right of Alan Thorpe is Peter Goodhall.  Front row second left is my brother Robert Evans. Also I am fairly sure that second left in the middle row is Molly Harrison.


Christine Cheetham (nee Evans) Royston

Updated 19th October  2006  

Hi Gary

I've just been up to the cemetery taking flowers for my brother Darren and had a look around for Jack Smethursts grave while I was there. He is buried with his wife Sarah who died on Sept 6th 1960 aged 58 His name is John Thomas Smethurst and he died on May 5th 1967 aged 63. Their grave is opposite the one of their daughter Joyce and son-in-law Cliff Tomlinson. I can vaguely remember Jack from when I used to visit my Grandma up on Hodroyd Cottages in the early 60s.I knew his grandson Nicky very well when he worked at Grimethorpe Colliery. He was an underground fitter at Grimethorpe. Sadly I heard he had suffered a really serious illness and don't know his whereabouts now. 

Hope this helps a bit.

Keep up the good work mate the website is a credit to you and all your hard work

Regards Gary Wilson Brierley


Thanks for the information Gary. I have passed on the details to Diane and her reply is below.


Thanks Gary - that's brilliant. At least now I know the approx birth date for Jack

Thanks again

Diane Chambers Lancashire

Hi Gary

School photo No.19 on your web site.  Milefield Middle School 3rd. Form c. 1971. The girl second left, the one between Janet Hulme and Julie Armitage is Christine Bywater.

Geoff Govier, Shafton

Thanks for that Geoff, the photograph has been updated. Thanks also for your interest shown in the web site. I believe you are an avid collector of old Shafton photographs. Perhaps you might think about kicking a web site up for Shafton.

Hello Gary

I received a phone call from my son, living in Cudworth, who said I had apparently played football.

I checked your site and sure enough I am named as one of the team. Sorry to disappoint you but that aint me. Possibly one of the other Loring's who lived in the village, (unless I have a namesake in the village)

    Regrettably, my only connections with the village was doing my training at brierley pit when it was a training site, before starting work down at Grimethorpe, (about 1954) and of course having enjoyed dancing with a couple of gorgeous girls from your village at the 'Bop'  always under the eagle eyes of Harold Naughton.

Certainly , the happiest memories of my life revolved around the area, dancing until 11pm in Grimy, then walking to Cudworth for the dance that started at midnight, happy days.

I left the area in 1956 to join the RAF but returned regularly, well, who wouldn't ,the only RAF bloke in the village.

    Oddly enough, a couple of years later I met a girl at a dance in Scarborough and when she said she was from a small village called Grimethorpe, that was it, Fate gave me a beautiful wife.

I suppose in some ways I am connected to your village since I believe some Loring's still reside there ( should you publish any of this, please feel free to give my e-mail address to anyone who asks)

Trevor Loring Leyland Lancashire


Thank you for your email. I think you are referring to photograph number Sports 11. The T Loring is I think Terry Loring but I never put the full names if I am not too sure of it. Thank you for your kind comments regarding your memories of our village and neighbouring Grimethorpe.

Updated 10th October  2006  

Hi Gary, 

Please thank the lady who emailed about Jack Smethurst.

He may not be connected to my family but my dad had a feeling that he was as he had a conversation with some one called A Garbett who was in the Grimethorpe band and he said that Jack  was buried in Brierley Cemetery.

My Smethursts came from Bury Lancs but some of them moved about a lot. I don't know when he Jack died just that he was 80. It would have been about 5 years ago that my dad spoke to this man. If anyone can help me further I would be most grateful especially if I could find out Jacks year of birth

Diane Chambers Lancashire


The lady (Christine Cheetham) who wrote last time as pointed out that when she heard Jack in the attic he was actually giving music lessons. His daughter Joyce married a Clifford Tomlinson and they had a son called Nicholas but apparently Joyce died when Nicholas was young and Clifford not long afterwards. I will check the cemetery again when we get a fine day.



Thanks a lot for replying

I'll await to see if you find anything out at the cemetery but there again he might not have had a headstone but thanks anyway for trying for me

Diane Chambers Lancashire

Hi Gary,

I believe the lad on the back row third from the left on the mining photograph is none other than Ray (Tashy) Pointon. Sorry to hear that you have been unwell, get well soon the girls at Butties and Blooms are missing you

Your big bruv Al      

Thanks Bruv, I too am missing them (or more the lovely food they cook)  

Updated 3rd October  2006  

Hi Gary, Have you received any information on Jean Audin yet? I really enjoy browsing your web site and especially looking at the old photographs. Keep up the good work.

Betty Richardson (nee Evans) Brierley


Sorry Betty not as yet but patience is a virtue so they say. Given time I am sure we will hear something. Thank you for your kind comments on the web site.

Hi Gary,

I found your site by chance while researching my family tree. My line never lived in Brierley itself but the photo of Tom and Mark Scholey so resemble my father and indeed myself at that age  that there really must be a relationship. I see that Mark's son Kevin from York has replied and he (and any other Scholey's looking in) may be interested in my web page  http://dscholeyuk.tripod.com/index.html and in particular the family tree section relating to Barnsley, I cannot help wondering if Toms father or grandfather or even G Grandfather was, possibly brother to My Great Grandfather Arthur. My own grandparents lived virtually all their lives in Dodworth Road Barnsley

Dave Scholey Newcastle upon Tyne dscholeyuk@yahoo.co.uk


Thanks for your interesting email David. I have forwarded a copy to Kevin Scholey in York which I am sure he will find interesting and may contact you.

Hello Gary

You may remember me.  I came to your excellent exhibition recently and brought you a school group photo.

I have been looking through old photos belonging to my mother and have put a few together which may be of interest. There are a couple of me when I was the Brierley Sing Queen in 1962? which I had completely forgotten about. Also a few of my brother and myself with various friends at various ages taken in the long gardens behind Hodroyd Cottages in the late 50s/very early 60s.

   I have just been browsing the emails on the site and noticed that someone wanted information regarding Jack Smethurst. Jack certainly played in the Grimethorpe Band.  He played trombone and I remember hearing him practice in the attic. This was late 50s/early60s.Memories are a bit hazy, but  I lived at 6 Hodroyd Cottages from 1949 (aged 1) to 1968 and the Smethursts lived at number 10.  Their daughter Joyce and her husband lived with them.  He was the chemist for the Co-op in Cudworth.  They had a son, possibly Christopher, whose birth I remember but not the year. I believe Joyce died when her son was quite small.

I hope these scraps of information will help.  I will ask my mother if she can add anything further of interest.

Look forward to your reply.

Christine Cheetham



Thank you Christine, I will arrange to pick the photographs up next week. I have also forwarded a copy of your email to Diane who requested the information on Jack Smethurst. I am sure she will find it interesting.

Updated 24th September  2006  

Hello Gary

Sorry I didn't say hello to you at the photograph exhibition but we were so engrossed in the photographs and stories etc that we had to rush off back to Kirk Sandall and just at the time of our departure you had a crowd around you. Hope to meet you next time and best wishes. The exhibition was great and given time we would have liked to stay longer.

Brian Bower Doncaster

Hello Gary

I found your site by accident. Very impressive. I was born in Brierley in 1928  and lived at  Number 23 Barnsley Road until 1963 when after a stint in the merchant navy we emigrated to Australia. While there I worked for nearly 40 years for N.A.S.A until retirement. I noticed in the Baipip archives index that on photograph number streets 2 my father and grandmother  were  mentioned.  My Father died in 1941 and I would be grateful if a copy of the photograph could be published presuming someone may have one

I now live in Canberra  Australia 

Regards  Jim Hoyland


Thank you for your very interesting letter Jim. The photograph in question is now on line at your request. The letter that accompanied the photograph stated that a Mrs Hoyland was on the photograph with her babe in arms son Alec.  I have tried in vain to find a baby in the ladies arms but no luck. Would you like to send in photographs of your time in Brierley and how you are now for the Where R U now page? Or perhaps you could write a few memories of your time in Brierley? Perhaps you may remember John Steele and his family. Hope to hear from you soon.

Hi Gary, It's me again , Jillian Wilkinson. I sent you an email yesterday and I forgot to tell you about the photo on schools 137 1956/57. It has my brother Geoff on it. He is first left on the middle row, then there is Joy Midgley fifth from the left on the back row. Greg Lawton is in the middle of the front row. I hope this of help to you.

Thanks again for this wonderful site.

Regards Jill Gamewell (nee) Wilkinson. South Hiendley


Thanks for that Jillian, I have updated the photograph

Updated 7th September 2006  

Hi Gary, Jillian Wilkinson here again. I was glad that you were able to get in touch with our Steve. He told me that you had a good chat about the old times you had together. I was looking at a photo of you and him , taken at Brierley Infants School. You both must have been 5 yrs old. You were holding finger puppets and I must say it brought a tear to the eye. I am one of the older folk of old Brierley1940s.I was sad to here about Pete Dean, I remember him and his family well when they lived in Hilltop. I remember a lot of Steve's mates.

I was wondering if you know of two cottages that used to be across from the shop at Hilltop? a good friend of mine lived on the left called Pat, she lived with her sister Doris , mother and Granddad, their names were King (nee) Prosser.I would love to know where Pat is now ,I have not seen her  since 1957.She had a daughter  who she named Carolyn , her married name was Thorley. I would be very grateful if anyone can give me any info. About her, I think she went to live in Grimethorpe

Thanks again for all your good work.


Thanks for putting me back in touch with your Steve Jill. I will put the details of the family you are trying to trace on the Peoples Search page 1

Hello Gary,

              Nice to here from you again, Yeah I had the same problem as you, I got a virus and my computer  crashed. I still haven't got all my  data back. I didn't know Pete Dean had died, poor chap. Do you know what he died of?. Mum (Freda) has moved in with our Linda down in Cudworth, she is having a granny flat built on to her house. I don't seem to get much time to get over to home, but the next time I do, I will send you an E-mail. I'm still driving buses in Grimsby, I have been for 9 years. 

I still support the Reds. I went to Cardiff for the play offs. Brilliant. Are you still the Caretaker at Brierley Hall?

Do you here from Dave Steel any more?. The person I want to find on the web site is Lynn Woolridge. Do you know anything about her whereabouts? Dave Reece is another one. He used to live on Pit Row. There are so many people I 'd like to catch up with. I haven't been on the web site for ages since I lost all my data. But now I've found it again I will go on it regular. I hope we keep in touch this time.

Till next Time, See ya   Stephen Wilkinson  (Bruff) Grimsby


I am not sure what Pete died of. As you know he went into the RAF and met a German girl who he married and then settled with in Germany. He died last year. I see Dave Reece now and then at the local supermarkets etc. He hasn't changed a bit except for going grey, in fact the last time I saw him (Christmas time I think) he asked if I had heard anything from you. He lives at Shafton Green and is a nightly visitor to the Great Dane which is the pub at the bottom of Shafton Green. Dave Steele I believe lives down in Brierley Park but I haven't seen him for years. The last time I saw Lynn Wooldridge was a few years ago and she was married and living in Shafton. I don't go out drinking at all much these days but I will make an exception when you come over and I will try and get  a few of our old mates together if you give me enough notice. I now live in a bungalow on Grange Road (opposite the council offices). I am also still good friends with Julie Armitage and Sharon Cross who I am sure you will remember, they too ask about you. I went to the opening game at Oakwell against Cardiff. It was a stormer and to be honest, Barnsley were the better side and didn't deserve to loose.

Dear Gary,

Many thanks for the information about the web site.  I have just had a look at it is great news to see Dad's book there. The book is also available from the internet at Amazon.co.uk, if this could be added. I will have a look around your web site now I know it exists.  It is a terrific contribution to the village and I'll do my best to be at your exhibition on the 14th September to meet you.

Thanks again, Best regards, John Nixon


Your welcome John

Hi Gary. I am trying to put a family tree together regarding the name Vamplew. My dad came from the area around Brierley. His name Was Wray Vamplew and also my granddad had the same name. The time before them I know very little. If you or anyone could help me I would be very grateful. 

Regards Andy Vamplew France


There are still a number of Vamplew's living in Brierley who I am sure would be related to you. I will make some enquires for you. Keep in touch with the email page for any updates.

Updated 31st August 2006  

Hello Gary

Great site, very up to date and interesting, as usual you are working hard for charity in our community. Could I be so bold as to offer you some of my writing to be bidded for at your next charity auction? I must stress that it is robust and of an adult nature, not dirty, but hard hitting. There are poems and short stories. I have featured on BBC radio Sheffield and YMCA radio Barnsley. I have had good reviews, but as yet no publisher, never mind I will keep on trying. I will put all my work in to one book, i.e., a one off book of poems short stories and one liners.

Thanks for all you have done, and in deed still doing for our community.  

Alan G Sheard Grimethorpe (THE MINER)


Thanks for your generous offer Alan. I still have some of your poems on the Your Contribution page. It was a coincidence receiving your email because I have just started reading a copy of your book "From shovel to rifle" and had to force myself to put it down to get some work done ready for the exhibition. It is a really good book (so far) and I would recommend it. Also thank you for your kind words, it is nice when you are appreciated. Good luck in finding a publisher.

Hi Gary, Thanks for the email and the offer of the book Mothers Apple Pie to go on the Brierley website that would be great.

I have attached the flyer and also a jpg of the cover of the book. I can drop you a copy of the book off if you let me know what time would suit you. Thanks again it's nice to know local people are interested and that it will go in the archives for Brierley,  and by the way I love the Brierley Website!!

Regards, Barbara Smith (nee Nixon)


It was the least I could do Barbara. I sometimes get angry at the youth of today when they have no respect for our elders especially brave people like your father. I hope you do well with the book and at keeping your fathers valuable memories alive.

Hi Gary

Here are the pictures I promised you, hope they are not too late for inclusion in the picture show you have planned. Sorry if they are a bit late, Iíve been working away from home, then vacation, but here they are now. I was born in Anlaby, Hull in 1962. I think the family moved from Grimethorpe 3 or 4 years earlier. Iím a trained vehicle technician and I work for Ford Motor Company. I was an engineer, now Iím a Warranty Auditor.  I have two sisters, Susan and Ann who were both born in Grimethorpe. I still remember going to see Granddad in Brierley, later Uncle Tom in Grimethorpe and occasionally drive through thinking, I remember all of this. I married Yvonne, whom I went to primary school with, and we have a son, Calum who is just about to start his second year at college. We now live in York . You can find out more from my Friends Reunited profile. My real mum died in 1982 and dad married Joyce whom he had known since he was a child, Auntie Laura, referred to in the pictures, and was Joyceís mum a headmistress from a school in Normanton. Thanks for your interest and Iíll try and make it over to see the photographic display on the 14th September 2006. Can you confirm the date, time and location so I donít miss it?

Kevin Scholey York


A big thank you for the photographs unfortunately they have in fact come to late for the exhibition which is only 21/2 weeks away. I am working frantically at the moment to get it all ready and I am really behind. The other problem is that age has damaged a couple of the photographs that you have sent and I do like to repair them before they go in the archives. There is also a few further questions I would like to set out for you re the photographs but this would now have to come after the exhibition if this is ok with you. You are right with the date which is the 14th September from 10am till 9pm. The exhibitions have proved so popular in the past that I am allowing the first two hours for the disabled and the elderly although if this is the only time you could get I would make an exception with you travelling from York. Once again thank you for the photographs and I look forward to meeting you at the exhibition.

Hi Gary

My name is Jillian Wilkinson. I was born at 25 Barnsley Road in 1939. I was thrilled to bits when I came across this web site. I recognized a lot of people I have not seen since I left Brierley Junior and Infants School . I wonder if there is anyone who remembers my family. My Grandmother was known as Daisy and my Grandfather was Nat Wilkinson. My father was also known as Nat, he sadly died December 1987. He had two brothers Billy and Dennis and a sister Renee. I did see with great joy that Eric Heeley has been in touch on Where are you now. I remember him and his sister Janet, I used to take her out in the pram. I have a few old photos which I will dig out. My mother Freda Wilkinson worked up at the Isolation Hospital on Brierley common Just before the war. I am interested in the two cottages that were in Front of the Three Horseshoes. My father Nat was born in one of the cottages, I would love to obtain a copy of them. I think there is one in the present Three Horseshoes but no one knows where to get another copy. I would like to know if there was any photos of the old Blacksmith across from the pub to the left of it. I forgot to mention I lived at 40 Hilltop until I was 16 years of age then we moved to No.17. It is great looking back to all those bygone years, I had the most wonderful childhood at Hilltop. Meryl, Avril and Gail Picken, Dorothy Moorhouse and the Wheater family Terry, John and Ronald to name but a few. My sister Linda and brothers Geoffrey and Peter still live locally But Stephen lives in Grimsby. I myself and my husband Dennis son and daughter and grandchildren live in South Hiendley . I will be coming to the exhibition and I will bring my mother who is 88 to see all the treasures of our beloved Brierley of so many years ago.

Thank you Gary for the Memories !! Jillian Gamewell (nee Wilkinson)


How lovely it was to receive your email. I know your family very very well indeed. I went through school from the infants with Stephen and was in fact his best mate when we left school. If you look at the email pages from about 2002? he has actually sent me an email. I also worked on the buses for a while with your father Nat. Emails from your Stephen dried up after a while which was really disappointing as he had promised that we would go for a drink when he was over next. I believe your mum still lived in Hilltop then. I would appreciate his email address (I have lost all my old addresses after a virus) because the last time I saw him was about 1975 just before I got married and it is his round. I remember all your family except yourself (sorry). Your Jeff, Peter and Linda were friendly with my brothers and sisters within their age groups (Sheards Hillside). Your mum Freda and sister Linda were at my first ever exhibition at the Three Horse Shoes in 1998 and there will be photographs of that at this next exhibition. Please don't forget to remind me to your Stephen or send me his email address. PS I have all the photographs that you mention in your email. You may purchase any of these at the exhibition where I look forward to meeting you. I still can't get over not knowing you or your Stephen mentioning you. Is your mum ok?

Updated 9th August 2006  

Hello Gary,

My name is Dave Nicoll and I used to live at 7 Park Avenue Brierley (1945 to 1968).I now live in Pogmoor Barnsley. I can help with a couple of names on photograph number Schools 28. The boy next to Mrs Horton is John Hawley and the one between Alan Fleetwood and Anthony Spaxman is Geoffrey Bell and not George Kerley (Gordon Steele was doubtful about this).

I will try and work out the others but no promises. Thanks for a great site and I will try and contribute some other memories

Regards David Nicoll Pogmoor Barnsley


Thanks for the information about the photograph David it has now been updated. Also thank you for your kind comments on the web site and I look forward to your contribution.

Hi Gary, Iíve just had an email returned to me from Bob Blenkinsop at bblenkin [bblenkin@eggconnect.net] which is undeliverable. Itís quite a while since we were in touch, after I read he was asking for information about his Grandfather Ernie Blenkinsop, the footballer. Ernie and my father (a Shafton lad) played for Sheffield Wednesday at the same time, and I sent Bob some extracts from my fatherís diaries. Now Iíve come across a little more info, but am unable to send it to him. If you can, would you please send him my email address, or if you reply to me with his if you have it, that would be good. 

Thank you. Sincerely, Sheila Kelsall in Manchester.  


Thanks for your email. I can't understand how you have got the old address for Bob because I updated the web site with his new address (below) last year?

I knew a Roy and Rex Kelsall from Shafton, are they any relation? I also have an old newspaper cutting from the 1940s with an Arthur Kelsall playing in goals for Shafton.

Give my regards to Bob when you write to him.


Hi again, Gary , Iíve only visited your website the once, yesterday, and didnít come across Bobís new address there. Maybe I was looking in the wrong place! Many thanks for the address, and your reply.

Roy, Rex and their younger brother Pat were my cousins. All now sadly gone. Their Dad and my Dad were brothers, and the cutting you must have will be of Uncle Arthur, the father of Roy, Rex &Pat. Was it a team photo taken outside the front of Shafton School in 1948, and was Uncle Arthur wearing a flat cap? If so, I too have that one, and can give you the names of the players Ė a fair exchange! If you have a different photo, can we swap please? Iím doing the familyís history, and it may be of use.

I will certainly pass on your good wishes to Bob. Thanks again. Sincerely, Sheila


Sorry to disappoint you Sheila but the photograph is the same as the one you already have

If anyone wants to contact Bob his email address is bblenkin@bblenkinsop.wanadoo.co.uk

Dear Gary

My name is Sam Bestial. I lived in Brierley 4 years ago and I moved to New York where I am currently living. I am 16 years old and attending school over here. It is a lot different to school in England. If anyone remembers me please feel free to email me

Bye for now Sam in New York.  sammyb7@msn.com

Updated 27th July 2006  

Dear Gary

I refer to your e-mail section from the Brierley village web site with reference to the attached e- mail below from Phil Bradley

"We are looking to trace some ancestry by surname "Crossley" once of Brierley Hall Farm. Wondered if you can give us a few local pointers". Regards   Phil Bradley


May I ask you if the link below could be forwarded to Phil. It also relates to a Richard Crossley  


Richard Crossley is part of my wife's family tree. I  have also looked up John W. Crossley in the 1881 census, but I am not aware of a John W. Crossley in her family tree, However, Richard had a son called John Joseph Crossley who inherited Upper Hall Farm at Swillington. John Joseph lived from 1841 to1915 and married a Charlotte Marshall (My wife's great grandparents). What is puzzling is that both Richard (born 1818) and John W.(born 1841 the same year as John Joseph)) are listed as  being farmers of Brierley Hall Farm in the 1881 census. Another puzzling fact is that Richard's wife (actually we believe it is his second wife) listed in the 1881 census is also 10 year's his junior, like Helen is to John W.

I would be grateful for any suggestions. Does Richard Crossley show up in any records that you may have for Brierley Hall Farm? Phil Bradley is welcome to contact myself on hm.george@virgin.net as you are as well.

Thanks Harold M. George Selby


Thank you for your email Harold. I have no further information but perhaps if you write to Ask Richard he may be able to help you more than I can. I hope this helps. As Phil's email is from the old web site I don't have his details to pass your message on but hopefully he will visit the site again and see your email.  

Hi Gary

What a wonderful thing I have stumbled upon, your web site! I am at work and browsing the web, I have not yet read through all of the site but am very excited about it and hope you or some of your many readers of this site can remember my grandmothers family. My grandmother Florence Baggley (nee HERON) lived on Barnsley road Brierley across the road from the Three Horse Shoes.  The row of houses of which there was a shop on the end, cannot remember the number off hand. Granny Heron (my great grandmother) was a tall slim lady with silver grey hair and was married to Clifford Heron who died in the early 1940's from a heart attack apparently in the street.  He was at one time a kind of self made greengrocer and remember my grandma telling me about going out on his cart to deliver groceries. He also kept his own  horse and pigs and was apparently the first person in Britain to begin breeding German Shepherd dogs. Granny Heron lived at Barnsley road up until her death in the early 70's and I recall going to her house and finding it very scary going down the cellar as a man hole cover above on the road would clatter when any traffic went over it.!!! Grandma Florence Baggley worked at one point at Brierley Hall when a certain CAPT Addey owned it and was his cook and house keeper, she named her son (my dad) after him, Roland, she was apparently very fond of him as he treated his domestic staff like his own family so much so she named my father after him. Grandma had a sister called Cathleen, who worked at the fever hospital, 2 brothers one called Clifford cannot recall the other brothers name at the minute. I would be great if you could post my message on your web site  and anyone  with any info to forward to I would be most grateful.

Have you any pics of this family or the row of houses where they lived ? Many Thanks, look forward to hearing from you.

Andrea Kay Ainge (nee Baggley) South Elmsall Pontefract


Thank you very much for your email and your interest shown in the Brierley Village web site.  I don't think we will get much response as not many of the older residents of the village log onto the web site, however I am in touch with most of them and I have made a copy of your email which I will carry with me on my visits to them. Next time you visit the Brierley Village web site, take a look at Streets 21 which will be under photographs which will be under photographs on line, perhaps your gran lived in one of these houses.


Thank you for your reply, look forward to hearing from you.

Andrea Ainge. South Elmsall  

Dear Gary,

Came upon your website by accident but was very interested in it because my family and I lived on Barnsley Road, Brierley from 1970 to 1976.  I still have family living there, my Auntie Sylvia Armstong.  We all now live in Perth, Western Australia, but we like to catch up on the news via my Aunt.  A lot of our old friends live there and I recognised a couple of people from the photos.  Unfortunately I didn't recognise anybody you hadn't already identified!  Just wanted to leave a quick note to say well done on the site and thank you for the lovely trip down memory lane!

Regards, Jane Godin ( Orange ) Perth Western Australia.

Thank you very much for your email Jane and also your kind comments. I am not too sure if I know your aunty but I went to school with a chap called John Orange who I think lived on Brierley Road Grimethorpe, is he any relation? Please keep in touch with the site, or better still what about a couple of photographs and a few notes to put on the Where R U Now page?

Hi Gary , Just stumbled across your Brierley website.  I was amazed to find reference to my late father, Mark Scholey and his brother Tom in  a photograph in the ĎOthersí section, a small point is that Mark is the guy on the left in the front row sitting. Unbelievably I have what I thought was the only, original copy of this photograph, spooky. I also have a similar one with 7 grown men in, obviously the five boys grown up, if your other correspondent would like a copy Iím sure I can arrange it, the guy in Tyne & wear that is. The Scholeyís lived at 5 Common View, or was it Common Road , or Royd View! in a run of 5 or 6 terraced houses. All I can remember is the outside toilet! My Grandfather, also Tom, was born in that house around 1900, it was built in 1898 he died there in 1986 I think. I have a picture of someone on the door step and you can clearly see the build plaque. My father moved away to Hull about 1960, I was born in í62, but my two sisters were born in Grimethorpe, lucky them! Donít know the address but it might be, or close to, the house Stephen Tomkinson's clown character lived in Brassed off or itís on that road. There are still a couple of Scholeyís still living on the hill, Brierley Road , between Grimethorpe and Brierley. Uncle Tom died a good few years back, sadly, a couple of years later his son, Graham, pictured in a couple of school shots on the site, also died. My aunt Dorothy survives, donít know the house number, and my cousin Ian is very poorly now. You mention dad (Mark) in a couple of school shots which are indexed but not linked, any chance of a copy of these. My step mum would love to see those. Also, my real mum Dora Scholey worked at the Isolation hospital, I donít know when, but I have some pictures of her and another auxiliary nurse if I can find them, but I donít know her name.

Kindest regards Kevin Scholey Hull


Hi Kevin, I was really interested in you email. I myself went to school with Graham from being 5 years old. It was a real shock when he was ill and eventually passed away. I went to his funeral. Your uncle Tom was also very well known in the village and he was known to arrive in the Three Horse Shoes public house at exactly 10pm every night. He was a grand fellow. They were born on Common Road . I was very interested in the date the houses were built, thank you for that. You may also be interested to know that the father Christmas in the Isolation Hospital was your aunty Dorothy's father. Kevin, if you would like to send me the photograph numbers of the photographs with your father on I will gladly put them up on the web site for you where you are welcome to copy them. I would also like any photographs that you may have regarding the Isolation hospital and of Common Road and Brierley. At present I have approximately 1,700 photographs of Brierley and its people. The chap on the photograph on the web site is Derrick Grimes is still alive and well. I will correct the details on the web site as soon as I update. Hope to hear from you soon (Would love to see those photographs)


Hi Gary, Excellent, the world really is smaller than people think. I too went to Grahamís funeral with my sister Ann, 9 years older than me, the other sister is Susan, 10 years older than me. I know itís a shame but contact with the Brierley Scholeyís waned after Granddad died, then uncle Tom died, then my dad, Mark died, in 2000, just before Graham. Dorothy really has had a lot to cope with. There is renewed contact between my Step mum and Aunty Dorothy as my step mum was actually a cousin of my Dad, odd I know but thatís families. Well my step mums mum was actually an auntie of my Dads and appears in one of the photographs with her family. If you are still with me on this one, well done!! Their family name was Joliffe and if they werenít from Brierley then they are from Normanton where step mums mum was a well known Head teacher. The photographs which have my Dad named are ĎSchools 9 Ė 1937 June 1st and ĎSchools 25 1935, St Paul ís. In the second one, there is a Dorothy Butterworth, is that the same person as my aunty Dorothy? Iíve got 16 or 17 photographs which Iíll scan and send you, I think history is very important. Kevin Scholey Hull.

I have just confirmed the Isolation Hospital 5 photograph does show your aunty Dorothy with John Steele who supplied them along with the information. I was surprised to learn that John actually visited your father in Hull and remembers you all fondly although he says you were quit young and may not remember. Johns wife is nurse Joyce Steele (nee Spencer) who is on most of the photographs at the hospital. John recalls you all calling him and his wife Joyce Aunty and uncle and he says I have to remember him to your family. Sadly Joyce has passed away but if you look on the web site both John and Joyce have written their memories of living in Brierley foe me. I would be pleased to receive the photographs from you. Can you please give as much information as possible for each photograph and just add a little note from yourself that I can add them to the Baipip archives. If I receive them in time I can have them ready for my next exhibition which is to be held in Brierley in September. Looking at your sisters ages I wondered if they attended Brierley Grimethorpe Secondary school ? If so they may know my half sisters or brothers who were Sheard's.

Dear Gary, Browsing through the Brierley web site during lunchtime at work when I spotted my name concerning a photo taken 60 years ago when I was 3 years old !   The Photo was taken in a field to the right of Barnsley Rd. between  Brierley & Shafton.

Left of me in the photo is Jimmy Austin (footballer) then Kathleen Corcoran (Hawaiian), Pauline Scott ?? (gypsy) , ?,  (bride), Lorna White (doll in a box), Hilary Newton (bandage on head), Barry White (air raid warden ?) and Neil White (coal miner). I think the older lady at the back with the nun's headgear was Freda Wilkinson. The Chap at top right of photo was not in fancy dress, he was the mayor's chauffeur !!. The Mayor & his wife were also not in fancy dress

Eric Healey Australia


Thanks for the information Eric. Your Where R U Know page on the web site is attracting a lot of visitors. I hope you and your sister are keeping ok. I have updated the photograph with your information and I was surprised with some of the names. I have also spoken to Jimmy Austin who is on the photograph and he says he can provide a better quality one than the one on the web site (I received this one I think by yourself via email). He also says he may be able to name a few more people. Please keep in touch.

Hello Again Gary

I hope you are well!

With reference to photo 'Ernie Lacey climbs Ben Nevis' the missing name of the chap on the back left is Steve Sharland an Electrician from Grimethorpe Colliery. Hope that helps to remove another question mark.

Best wishes  Dave Greenwell Cudworth


Nice to hear from you again Dave and thanks for the information that has been updated.

Hi Gary , Pete from Kent or the southern get as my lady friend calls me, since I last emailed you I have visited Brierley again for a week this time and you were right the locals were very friendly and the surroundings in the summer were very green and lush albeit constantly wet !

A great time was had watching a local junior football team Brierley Cubs which my ladies son was playing for. Will be visiting again in August and will be having a beer at The Three Horseshoes pub and probably a scoff too as found the food to be rather nice so maybe if your not busy i will see you in there one evening. Enjoying your site so keep up the good work ........byeeee Pete from Kent


Looking forward to meeting you Pete.

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