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Brierley is a small village near Barnsley in South Yorkshire England

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Ex Brierley residents let us know where they are now and how they are keeping. So come on all you ex pats, don't just visit the site, write and let us know where you are now and how life's treating you.


The Wilson Family

22 July 2002


Where R U now? index page  


Meet the Wilson family who emigrated to Australia in 1970

   On 4 April 1970, Garry Wilson and his wife Christine (Land) left England with their 8-month-old son Neil for a new life in Australia. 32 years on and they are not regretting one moment of it. Their daughter Samantha who was born in Oz is in England at the moment visiting her fatherís brother who is Albert Wilson and now lives on Beech Close in Cudworth. Garry and his brother Albert spent their young lives in Joseph Street where I am told their parents owned a shop in the 1950s. They later moved to the Hillside estate during the Joseph Street slum clearance, before moving to Cudworth.

The phototograph above shows Garry Wilson before he moved to Australia in 1970

On the right is Garry outside their home in Australia with son Neil aged 32, daughter Samantha aged 29 and his wife Christine (Land)  

Hi Gary,

This is Garry Wilson. I believe you were talking to my Daughter Samantha Wilson about her visit to her roots in the UK. My wife Christine (nee Land) and my 10 month old son Neil, left Englandís sunny shores in 1970 to start a new life in sunny Adelaide Australia where Samantha was born, and to be honest we have never missed or regretted the move. We love the life style and the beaches. I continued my trade as an electrician of which I did my apprenticeship in the mines at Ferrymoor Colliery but saw the writing on the wall and made the move, which was always an ambition of mine.

I've visited your site a few times and read the emails but really I only spent a short time in Brierley as we moved to Hillside estate from Grimethorpe then I married, moved to Cudworth and then to here.

Regards Garry Wilson and family

Sam very kindly agreed to have her photograph taken with her uncle Albert outside the families old home on Hillside Crescent. She also asked her dad to send us the above email.

Garry's brother and Sam's uncle Albert outside the families old home 25 Hillside Crescent Brierley in July 2002

Below: The families home in Oz, a far cry from Joseph street and Hillside Crescent.

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