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Brierley is a small village near Barnsley in South Yorkshire England

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Ex Brierley residents let us know where they are now and how they are keeping. So come on all you ex pats, don't just visit the site, write and let us know where you are now and how life's treating you.


The Waters Family Ken & Lorna (Cavanagh)

April 2008


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Ken in his schooldays in Brierley

Ken & Lorna (Cavanagh)
Meet the Waters family who emigrated to Canada in1974



The family home in Oshawa, Ontario

Lorna in her schooldays in Brierley



     I (Ken) lived in Brierley at 15 Hillside Crescent from 1959 until 1967.

I attended St Paul's School for 1 year, then 4yrs at Brierley-Grimethorpe Secondary Modern School (now Willowgarth). I started my apprenticeship as a fitter at Grimethorpe Colliery in 1965. In 1967 I moved to the Rotherham area, working at Treeton Colliery.

     Lorna lived at 10 Hilltop from 1963 until we were married at St Paul's Church (Brierley) in 1968. We then stayed in the Rotherham area until we emigrated to Canada in1974. We have lived in Oshawa, Ontario since then.

     I work at General Motors (Automobile Maker) as an industrial mechanic. Next August I will retire with 30yrs of service. Lorna works at the local hospital as a Purchasing Manager for the Pharmacy Dept. We have 2 sons, Craig aged 30 and Shaun aged 28. Also a granddaughter Angelica aged 2yrs.

     I only lived in Brierley for a short time, but I have many fond memories. One of my memories was playing football in the park for Brierley Boys. This team was run by Ken Elvidge, who was probably one of the finest men I remember. At the time we were playing, it wasn't appreciated how much time and effort he put into organising things, but looking back, he was truly dedicated to the sport. Also, I recall working for Mr. Nunn on his farm. There was myself, Geraldine Scott from Regina Crescent and Steve Bristow who lived on Barnsley Rd. We did planting, weeding and harvesting. Being teenagers, we lazed about as often as we could, but when we saw Mr Nunn driving his Landrover down the lane to check on us, we worked like slaves to save us from a verbal BLAST which he was famous for.


The house on Hillside where Ken once lived.

Seen here in 2008


and below Ken and Lorna with their children

Craig aged 30 and Shaun aged 28

Granddaughter Angelica aged 2

The house on Hilltop where Lorna once lived. Seen here in 2008.

Lorna's mum still lives here

Names that also come to mind are: - Dave Makings who died in a car crash at the bottom of Grimethorpe hill, John Lomas, Dave Miller, John Draper, Grant Smith, Alan Bray. There was also Pat Dye, Denise Williams (very sad to hear she lost the fight to her illness) Angela Loring, June Ralph and many many others from the school and village.

Lorna and I still try to return to Brierley every year for a short visit. I have a brother living in Great Houghton and Lorna has 2 sisters and a brother living within a couple of hours drive from their mother, who still lives on Hilltop.

     We would like to say MANY MANY thanks to you Gary for all the work you've done (and are still doing) in keeping the Brierley Village website going. It's really appreciated.

Ken & Lorna Waters.

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