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Brierley is a small village near Barnsley in South Yorkshire England

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Ex Brierley residents let us know where they are now and how they are keeping. So come on all you ex pats, don't just visit the site, write and let us know where you are now and how life's treating you.


The Heeley Family

29th August  2002


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Meet the Heeley family who emigrated to Australia in 1958



In response to your "Where are they now? I am Eric Heeley and lived in Brierley from about 1943 to February 1958 when we emigrated to Australia. My mother, Kathleen and father, Jerry, died 7 and 2 years ago respectively.  My sister Janet is alive and well and lives in New South Wales whereas I live in Victoria. She visited me recently and we spent an enjoyable 3 hours or so looking through old pictures on your website.  Below is a recent photo of us both and our recollection of who lived in Hilltop Estate in 1958 when we left.  It may not be totally accurate as it WAS 44 years ago!!  Please feel free to make additions or corrections.

Eric Heeley heeleric@net-tech.com.au

Hi to Eric and Janet . Thank you both for the email and the pictures. I am not sure about who lives where on the estate now, but I know that Mrs Wilkinson still lives at number 17. Sadly Nat passed away a few years ago. I remember the family well as I used to be best friends with their son Stephen in the 60s and 70s. He would only have been a baby when you emigrated. (About 45/46 now). I also had the pleasure of working with Nat in the 1970s when he was a driver for the Yorkshire Traction at Shafton. There is also an elderly lady at number 11 called Newton who I know has brothers called Leslie (deceased) and Billy who lives on the Grange Road estate. Have you visited Brierley recently because both your faces looks very familiar. If you have any photographs of your family when you lived in Brierley I would really appreciate a copy of them.

Please keep in touch Regards Gary



The wedding of Eric and Janet's parents Clarence (Jerry) and Kathleen.

June 4 1938 at Hemsworth

Do you remember any of the  Heeley family? If so email Gary


Where R U now? index page  

Eric and Janet as they are today

Eric and Janet Heeley in the front garden of 33 Hilltop around 1948

Eric Heeley 1956 aged 13   

Janet Heeley (Now DeHass) Aged 11 or 12

Where R U now? index page