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From Brierley and the surrounding area


  Demolition of St Pauls school

November 2006


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Demolition of St Paul's school gets underway

God bless all former staff, pupils and the building itself. Forever in our memories of happy years spent there

The demolition of the derelict St Paul's school got under way this week. In its place will be built an excellent development by WBH homes of 14 luxury 2 bedroom apartments with secure parking. 

View from the rear of the school looking through the corridor at what was class 4 and 5 with class 2 and 3 already demolished

I am, through Brierley and its people in photographs working with the demolition men on sight in retrieving a time capsule that we buried as pupils at the school in 1967/8. In the capsule were (as I recall) a copy of the Barnsley chronicle, a daily newspaper, pupil’s work and other artefacts that I cannot now remember. I can remember within a couple of feet where it was buried so I am hoping we can retrieve it. 

See Memories of St Paul's school

I remember burying it as if it were yesterday always remembering the headmaster at the time Jack Balmforth saying “I wonder what the pupils of 100 years from now will think of our schooling methods”. Although it is only 40 years ago we hope to take the capsule to the new school and with pupils from there, re bury it with a recent time capsule put together by the present day pupils.

UPDATE: Sadly the capsule wasn't found but I managed to retrieve three young trees and one of the old school gates which have been handed to Mike Reid the headmaster at the new school who will be planting the trees and after refurbishing the old school gate it will be set in the grounds..


Looking from outside what was the headmasters office down the corridor

“I have many happy memories of my schooldays at St Paul’s, as I am sure so do many other people. In a quiet way it was really sad to see it being demolished and it brought back so many memories, but unfortunately it has stood derelict for almost 20 years and it became a bad advert for the village. I only hope that St Paul’s will be remembered for its wonderful teachers, the pleasant place that it was, the joys it gave and for the people it taught, and not for the eyesore that it became.” Gary webmaster

Class 5 the headmasters classroom which is the far right classroom on the photograph opposite

Class 4 on the left and class 5 on the right with the girls entrance and cloakroom still standing on the far right

A view from the rear of the building looking at what was the headmasters office on the left next to the schools secretary's office. Notice where the old brick (1870) meets the red brick extension (1916)

A view from the rear of the building looking at where the boiler house was (cellar)

Looking from the church yard at what would have been in the 1960s Mrs Thorpe's (class 3) classroom

What would have been Mrs Horton's (class 2 ) in the 1960s


What is left of the old stone

St Paul's gone but not forgotten

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