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Email received at this web site

From January  to December 2008


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Only email with a full name and a place of residence (e.g. Brierley, Australia, Leeds etc) will be acknowledged. 

Edited email will be answered on the web site and in some cases may receive a personal reply


Updated 27 December 2008

Hello Gary,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thanks for all the hard work on the two sites.

The miners lamp is now engraved by a man whose family named Baker used to live at he thought no. 10 Pit Row and whose grandfather had spoken  of  the

accident. I have spoken to Father Peter and have agreed to call him again in the new year to sort out when the lamp is to be put in place. He is obviously busy at the moment with Christmas and the fire. Will keep you posted.

I will do you a piece about my cousin's daughter visiting Brierley and already have a photo of her stood outside her great grandparents house at no.24 pit row.


Regards Dave Nicoll Pogmoor


Thanks David and a Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you too. Did you contact that fellow by telephone re the miners lamp, please keep me informed and I will get a piece in the chron for you. Looking forward to reading the story re your cousin's daughter visiting Brierley. Take care David and I will probably see you in the New Year

Hi     Gary  

We  will  be  carol  singing  round  the  village  the  23rd  if  weather  is   ok   from  4pm. If  you  can   sing  you  are  welcome  to  come.

Betty Richardson nee Evans

PS   Have  a  great  Christmas  and  a  great  new  year


Betty the carol singers were wonderful. They brought tears to my eyes.

A special thank you to all the sponsors and contributors to the web site and my super friend for all time, Gaz, for all his work. I wish you all
a very merry and happy Christmas.
from Bill Mielke in Canada.

Thanks Bill, that is really nice

Updated 17 December 2008

Hi Gazza

Its Ben Schofield here. I am in New Zealand at the moment. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and every one back in Brierley. I am off to Sydney for the New Year, miss you all. The website is still mint gazza I love it, my email is benjaminschofield@hotmail.com or find me on Face book through your graham!

Merry Christmas


Thanks for the email Ben. Glad to know you are keeping ok. I will give everyone your love and best wishes. A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you also.

Hi Gary

   I'm wondering if you would post my email online.  I'm researching my family tree and have traced an ancestor back to Brierley.  I'm interested in finding out a bit more about Brierley and in particular the places associated with my ancestors.

   My great great great grandfather was George Wilson who was the postmaster in Brierley as shown on the 1861 census.  His address was Prospect Cottage - does this still exist?  I believe his mother was called Ann and his daughter Annie Wilson (born around 1847) was my great great grandmother.  The name of his mother is the furthest back I have managed to trace this part of my family tree, I don't know what his fathers name was or what his mother's maiden name was.

  I would be interested to hear from anyone that knows any information about George or his family.  Or if anyone has any photographs old or new of Prospect Cottage or the post office.

  I'm happy for my home email address to be posted online:  laura.hammersley@btinternet.com


Much appreciated



I have passed on your email to Richard Watson who is a local historian and answers questions about Brierley on my web site. I will also post your email on the web site with your contact details when I update. Thank you for your interest in Brierley and for getting in contact with the web site. Good luck with your research, if I can assist with anything else please don't hesitate to ask.

Updated 2 December 2008

Hi Gary

I lived in Brierley from 1958 to 1976 and my parents still live there. I have lost contact with most people having lived in Leeds, Bristol and now I live in Worksop. Do you have any links to people who went to Brierley School 63 - 68, Milefield School 68-70? and Willowgarth 70 - 76.

I came across your site through the Willowgarth site. I did not realise Brierley had a web site.


Cathy Pritchard Worksop


I have just launched a new web site In memory of St Paul's school Cathy. If you like I could put your contact details on there for ex pupils to find.

Hi  Gary 

Just  to  let  you  know     on  Saturday   13th  December,   there  is  a  Christmas  Fair  at Brierley  church. It  starts  at  4pm till 6pm.  There will be a  Santa's   grotto,   Christmas  stalls,  cake stall,  mulled  wine,  tea  coffee and music  by  Grimethorpe  &  district band.

Then  on  the  Sunday   14th  we  have  a  Christmas   concert,  that starts   at 7.30pm. Tickets are £4 and  its  the  kids  from  Brierley school,  and   Jenny  who  teaches  the  kids  to  sing  some  of  her  friends  are  going  to  play  there  musical  instruments they  are  very  good,  so  if  you  can  put  the  word  about  please  would  be  very  grateful.  so  we  have  a  busy  two  days.

and  all  being   well   the  22nd  December  if  weather  OK   we  are  going  round  the  village  carol  singing with the  kids  in  the  choir

Thanks  a  lot   Gary,

Betty  Richardson (nee Evans) Brierley

Well folks, you have the news. Please try and support the church and its members.

Updated 27 November 2008

G'day Gazza
Hope you are keeping up with the site? I heard from Paul Halford who said he would be  sending you his school info for your
new web site.
Would it be possible to send me a copy of a photo please?
It is: Photograph number
Sports 13 circa 1960s Brierley Ladies FC which had my Auntie Chris, Bill's goat and my first girlfriend Pauline Cassidy on it.
Do you sell a full collection of all the photo's you have collected?
Kevin Bates, Adelaide, Australia.


Thanks for letting Paul know about the new site Kev. Your photograph has been placed on the web site. I will probably put the full collection on cd eventually but it is the same old problem at the moment TIME! Anyway, I am still collecting and archiving them so it won't be until I have archived them all. There is still a few hundred to do which will take me a couple of years yet.

G'day Gazza
Hope you are well young fella?
Whilst browsing over some of the website photo's I noticed on the
St Paul's Church 10 is a Ian Hartley nicknamed Jammy. He went to St. Paul's school in my class with Paul Halford, Martin & Nicholas Kenyon, John Nixon, Phillip Jagger etc. etc. He lived on Park View from memory up near the frying pan.
He is 4th in from the left on the bottom row. (See attachment)

Say G'day to all the Bates and Cox relatives for me.

Regards Kevin Bates, Adelaide, Australia.

Hi Gary,

Regarding photograph number Information required number 24, I think the year is 1987/88, Brierley Primary School Class 4,  and the names are :


Back row l-r: Mrs Allcock, Kerry Fitzgerald, Mark Smith, Gareth Armitage, Lisa Bailey, Jonathon Winstanley, Darren Simpson, Clare Halford.

Middle Row l-r: Nigel Smith, Marcus Smith, Ben Pickering, ?????, Hayley Doig, Katrina Marriot, Wayne Sheard.

Front Row l-r: Mark Horne, Melanie Kearford, Caroline Duckett, Hayley Todd, Lisa Marsh, David Yoxall, Michael Greenwood.


I might be out on the spellings and I am not sure on the girl 4th middle row, might be Jay something ?

Regards, Dave Yoxall Canada 


Thanks for the information David. Thanks to your information I have now added the photograph to the archives with the photo number schools 150. Have you moved to Canada yet?


Hi Gary,
Yeah am sat working in Vancouver this minute. Staying here for three months then moving to Toronto.
Regards, Dave Yoxall

Hello Gary,

  You will remember I was waiting for Father Needham to ok the replacement of my uncles miners lamp stolen from St Paul's church. Father Needham has given his approval and now I am getting the lamp engraved.

 It has taken me a bit longer as I did not know the first names of the other two miners who also died following the explosion at Brierley Colliery way back in 1936.

I now know they were: Matthew C Lawton and Philip Nash. Are there any of these two family names left in Brierley who may be connected and would like to know what is happening ?

Regards Dave Nicoll Pogmoor


Do you know any relatives of Matthew C Lawton and Philip Nash? If so please email Gary and I will pass on the details to David. Also see news stories Nov 27.

Updated 22 November 2008

Hi Gary,
Yes, you're right, I am David's son (see email under 10 November). I'm currently in the final year of an electrical engineering degree at Liverpool. I will definitely let my dad know that you asked about him, I'll get him to send you an e-mail.
My granddad is currently at Hallstead's in Grimethorpe. He isn't too well these days, still fighting on though.
Next time I'm back home, I'll dig out the old photos and bring them up to you, to get a copy. I would appreciate it if you could let me know when you have chance to put the pics of the shop and 21 church street online.
If I get chance to pop home soon, and bring u the photos we have, would I be able to have a digital copy of some of your photos onto my USB stick?

Kind Regards Rob Greenwell Liverpool university

Hello Gary

So sorry I missed the "Social Evening" last week ---husband sneezed 3 times and was "full of 'flu"!!!

Will definitely make the next one .

Kathy Scott [nee Perry] Newark Notts


Thanks Kath

I was a little disappointed in the non support of the web site but the few people that were there were magnificent. It ended up a good night. Ask your hubby next time to work his flu round my next escapade lol. It is same at the doctors now though, you have to book your illness to enable you to get an appointment lol. Not to worry though Kath it is nice to hear from you. By the way, did you attend St Paul's as I am launching a web site to its memory very shortly


Thanks Gary for your understanding. How do I send a donation for the web site ?



Thanks Kath, that would be nice of you. If anyone wishes to make a donation I ask them to send it straight to the web site Host me-too.net who will then discount my invoice with any donations they have received on my behalf  for the web site

Updated 10 November 2008

Hi Gary

My granddad (Alan Greenwell) used to own 21 church street, Clifton house and the old Brierley shop (now a house), the one across from where 21 church street once proudly stood.

I currently have an old photo of the shop which is damaged and is being digitally repaired by a friend of mine who does graphics.

Do you have any old photos of either the old shop, 21 church street or of Clifton house? Or even any with either Eileen or Alan Greenwell or their sons Dale, Derek or David in?

It would mean a great deal to my granddad to see some old photos

Kind Regards Rob Greenwell Liverpool university


I take it you are David's son who I went to school with. The only photograph I have of the inside of the shop is a black and white one with Bessie Woodward behind the counter. I do have a re produced newspaper cutting of an angled view of the shop but it isn't very good, it is also showing Mr Jubbs printers shop which was next door. I will put the photographs on the web site for you next time I update. How is your grandfather keeping, I haven't seen him since Dale and Debbie left the post office? Also tell your dad I asked about him and tell him to keep in touch with the web site as I am launching a new site shortly to  the memory of St Paul's school. I wouldn't mind a copy of the photograph you have for the archives, do you think you could loan it me, I am a photographer so if your friend hasn't already started to repair it I could do it for you free of charge of course. I also have photographs of 21 Church Street including the back end of its demolition.


Updated 27 November

Hi Robert, one of the photographs you requested is now on line


Hi Gang,
Here's a few programs that can assist you in computer maintenance... PLEASE read the instructions properly as I don't supply support on it... so it's user beware and user read!
Enjoy Billy Mielke Canada

Hi Gary

I enjoyed looking at your website, I was born in Brierley my name then was Margaret Hancock, Albert Hancock's daughter. I was born at Tralee bungalow next door to Brian Bowers home. I left Brierley when I joined the R.A.F. I met my then husband in the forces and we travelled to a lot of places. I now live in Somerset, I went to St Paul's school and Willowgarth.

Regards Margaret Nassau Somerset.

Hi' Gary, these Photos are of Ferrymoor Flash on Cudworh Common near (Grimethorpe). We all remember the floods and the trouble it caused. You can see the man feeding the birds, the following photos shows the results of the flooding.

From: Allan Hampson, of Grimethope, Barnsley.


Thanks Alan, I have added the photographs to the Your Contribution page

Updated 15 October 2008

Hello Gary

My late Grandma was born in 1880 (in Brierley). Her name was Teresa Shelton. Her Parents owned the "cake" shop famous for its pies. (I think it is still there). later in life she married Thomas Bagshaw (my Granddad) and they lived in Grimethorpe at 7 Joseph Street. My Granddad was a miner, as was his Stepson  George. George was the son of my Grandma. She had two other sons one called Ezra ( nicknamed jack) and Ernest, two Daughters, one called Teresa and the other Frances (my late Mother).

My Grandparents  & family moved to Blackpool in the 30s. Apparently before my Granddad became a miner (after the first world war, he was a Gamekeeper).

I was hoping I could find some information about them, if you know anyone who could help  I would be very grateful.

Many Thanks, and Best Wishes,

Jacqueline Eccles, nee Adams. Rawcliffe.


Also on People Search


Lets hope someone recognises your family Jacqueline. If anyone does, please get in touch with the web site.


I read with interest the article on Felkirk St Peters church and about Maurice Bradley Parker Boyd. For your correction, Maurice served in East Africa with the 11th (Hull) Heavy Battery RGA as a signaller. He died whilst on leave after having a collision on his bicycle and thus never went to France with the rest of the Battery. It is a long shot I know, but are there any Boyd's left in Felkirk or Brierley who may be related to him. I am researching g the Hull Heavy Battery and am keen to acquire any surviving documents or photographs where possible. I visited St Peters Churchyard this last Tuesday but unfortunately could not find his grave, any assistance would be useful.

Many thanks for any help you may offer.

With best regards

Rupert Drake Lincoln


Thank you for the information Rupert. I will pass it on to John Steele who gathered the information. I only did the photographs and edited John's work for the web site.

Hi Gary,
 I am so sorry when clearing my incoming mail I dismissed some of the addresses I wanted to keep. I have lost Linda's address and the address John Hardman sent me has a fault in it somewhere as my email to him gets rejected.
Would you be so kind as to look into these problems for me
Sincerely yours Edmund Redmile Australia

Their addresses are on there way to you Edmund, sorry for the delay.

Hi Gary,

Unfortunately, I have only just landed on your website, having googled the name of William Bancks.

  I wonder if it is possible for you to send him an email to tell him, if he is interested, that I have reconstructed almost the entire Baines family – in England – from which he is descended. Let him know it is a fascinating family, with many distinguished relatives for him.

Mike Murphy


The email from William is from the old web site and I have lost touch. Hopefully he may see this and reply in which case I will pass on his details to you.

Hi Gary
I wonder if you could help me?  I am currently writing a complete 
guide to the country houses of Yorkshire and would be most grateful if 
you would allow me to reproduce, with appropriate acknowledgement of 
course, a photo of Brierley Hall from you website. The illustration 
would accompany a brief piece of descriptive and historical text.
Many thanks for your assistance
very best wishes
Prof Ian Greaves

I don't mind at all Ian but unfortunately the Hall is up for sale and no one is sure of its future. I will keep you informed.

Updated September 15  2008

Hi Gary

Hope you're keeping well my friend, not seen you around for a while!

I often wondered where the Taylor family had moved (see email further down the page) to as I drove past their old house by the Three Horse Shoes.

I can remember playing football for hours with Dean and the rest of the lads ( Dave Leadbeater, Alan Burdett, Geoff Hill to name but a few) on Brierley park many years ago!

Great to hear from Duane who used to mate about with my brother Darren (sadly with us no more), Dave Lomas, Clive Pearson again to name but a few of that gang!!

Just goes to show Gary that the website you have created is doing a fantastic job keeping people in touch with their heritage and their roots!

On another note the mail from Susan Lazenby regarding John T Audin brought back memories as he used to work with my uncle Charlie Garner (now deceased) at Brierley pit and I was told by my mum that the news of Johns death was given to his family, friends and neighbours when they were all at a dance in the Institute (now Brierley Club).

John is actually close by my brother Darren in Brierley cemetery and the date on his headstone is 13th February 1945

The memories triggered by people's e-mails evoke every emotion!

Keep up the good work Gary


Gary Wilson Brierley 


Thanks for your kind words re the web site Gary. It is when I receive emails like your that I realise that all the hard work and effort (but also enjoyable) I put into it is worth while. Also there is a lot of activity behind the scenes where I receive confidential email from visitors wanting to get in touch with friends, family etc that no one sees. Some good news for all ex pupils from St Paul's, I am launching a web site in its memory and I already have been in touch with John Balmforths son Alan who has sent me details about his father on his retirement along with photographs, I am getting very excited about it. It should be launched, hopefully, before Christmas. I am also hoping for a contribution From Edwin Hambleton. Maybe you could put pen to paper for me Gary and write of your time there. I am hoping to involve as many ex pupils as possible.

Hi Gary

This is Ronnie Harpham I can help with the photo Sports 1, back row left to right Percy Harpham snr back row 4th from left Fred Gray, front row  left to right Percy Harpham  jnr 2nd from left Harry Gray  he played for Barnsley after ww2

Best regards

Ronnie Harpham Brierley


Thanks Ron, I have updated the photograph.

Hi Gary

I'm wondering if you can help me, I'm looking for a club in Brierley that was called "The Nite Owl". I can't seem to be able to find it although someone told me it has changed name if this is so do you know the new name? and maybe website address and or phone number it would be a great if you could help me out.

Thanks very much

Lesley Grant-Mills


The nite Owl is part of the Burntwood Court Hotel. They have 3 bars with different names Nite Owl being one of them although  they have changed the name to Qube Bar


Burntwood Court Common Lane Brierley Barnsley S72 9ET. tel: 01226 711123

Updated 24 August 2008

Hello Gary

Here are the details of the photographs I left you at the last exhibition. I have some wonderful childhood memories of growing up on Pit Row in the 50s. We all played together - when we weren't falling out! - and we had free run of most of the gardens as they weren't cultivated.  We also played in the pit yard and the pit fields.  I don't remember any trouble and our mums and dads always knew where to find us at bedtime. Oh what happy days!

Christine Cheetham (nee Evans) Shafton


Thanks for the info and your memories Christine, I will start work on the photographs next week.

Hi Gary

Just a couple of points for now; do you have access to the school records for 1926 and in particular the V Kerr listed on schools photo 12. There was no V Kerr in my family history and I was unaware of any other Kerr's in Brierley. The year and my guess of the pupil's ages would fit with my mother Mabel being the likely pupil; any ideas. Secondly; is there any news on the stolen miners lamp from the church.


Regards David Nicoll formerly of park avenue now living in Pogmoor Barnsley


The photograph in question has been out on show at a few exhibitions and as yet I haven't received any names so it looks like were out of luck. I enclose details I hold from the school records regarding the Kerr family and looking at them you are right there is no V Kerr and the dates suggest it might be your mother Mabel.  Re the stolen miners lamp, I have written to Paul the Pastoral assistant for any news and I am still waiting to hear from him.


Thanks Gary
A couple of corrections to the school dates you have; Mabel's dob is 7th may 1913 not July and Jack's is 29th July 1909 and not 1915.I have checked them out on ancestry just in case my info was wrong. Jacks death certificate(13/10/1937) lists his age at death as 24 but his grave in Brierley says 28 which fits with the 1909 dob. I am really guessing on the School photo so any help from older members of the Brierley community would help as to who on the photo is my mother Mabel; help!
Given the school start dates as well 1922 I need to correct my story to reflect 1922 as the year the Kerr's arrived in Brierley.
That just leaves the question of any further info on the stolen miners lamp?
Thanks Gary and will be in touch ASAP re the other photos.

Glad I could help David

Hi Gary

Thanks for letting me know the web site has been updated, I will have a look at it, also thanks for that photograph you repaired for me Gazza I loved it.

Nicola Damankah (Leadbeater) London


Thanks Nicola

Hi Gary,

 My name is Duane Taylor. I lived in Clifton House, Brierley from 1963 to 197. My brother Dean Taylor, sister Dale Taylor and I all attended St. Paul’s, Milefield and Willowgarth High School.

  I have been through most of the pictures – I am sure at least one of us must appear in one of them! Particularly I think Dean is in one of the Gala shot’s. I will see if I have any pictures I can submit.

  I now live in Canada and I am separated with 2 little boys aged 4 and 5.

Dean lives in Lofthouse, is happily married with a newborn baby – not bad for a 50 year old. Dale lives in Garforth, is happily married and has a 10 year old boy and a 13 year old girl. My mum lives in Tingley and my dad lives near Garforth.


Regards, Duane Taylor Canada


Hi Duane

Thank you for your email. it was really nice to hear from you as I remember your family very well (Were you all modelling as children)? I went to school with Dean and I have lots of photographs of you all thanks to Barbara Pearson who I believe Dale or Dean mated about with Clive her son. If my memory is correct, I think you all left the village before we entered High school as I cannot remember Dean being there but I did wonder what happened to you all. If you check out the memories of St Pauls school that I wrote there is a couple of photographs of me when I was there, perhaps you could point them out to your Dean, he may remember me. It would be nice to have photographs of the family with their children as you all are today. I am forwarding a photograph of you all and there is also Clive (Doddy)  Pearson on it along with Donald Woodward who if you remember was sadly electrocuted on his uncle Eddies ice cream yard. Hope to hear from you soon.


Hi Gary

It is awesome to hear all the old names!

That picture is fantastic. If you have the time to send more, that would be awesome! I remember Donald Woodward and his electrocution. I can still remember the milky puddles and the smell of ice cream from their yard.

 Mrs Pearson used to look after us after school, until my parents came home. We used to play with Diddy Lomas, Darren, Stephen Vamplew and the other park boys.

 I will work on some up to date pictures and get them to you.

 I was over last October – I brought my boys over to see their cousins. I may pop over myself, but I am on a training course in Washington DC that I have to go to for a week in September and November so it could be tight. I took pictures of Clifton House and drove around Brierley. Everything looked so small! The other choice would be next Spring.

 Ever thought of organizing a re-union at the Horse Shoes?

Dean finished 6th form at Willowgarth, but I left at 16 - we moved to Harworth Nr Doncaster. I would appreciate any more pictures you have of us, particularly as I now live here in Canada.

Regards, Duane Taylor Canada


I tried for a reunion for our 50th Duane but there wasn't much interest. However, if you decide to come over let me know and I could arrange a get together one night with all of you and your families old friends, I think that would be great. I would love to see you all again especially your Dean.

Updated 24 July 2008

Dear Gary
Regarding Further
Information required photograph 3, My mother was the Margaret Audin in the picture, she died in 2004.I think she was 17 when the picture was taken which would make the year 1948.The occasion was the choosing of the May Queen, the nurses uniforms were fancy dress. I have the original newspaper cutting at home and will look it out for you.
Yours Susan Lazenby Preston

Are you referring to the Information required photograph number 3. Did you mum live in Grange House? Did you live in Brierley? Thanks for the info I have updated the photograph

Dear Gary
I will find the newspaper cutting and e mail you the details. I am sure it gives the names of all the young ladies. I think they were in nurses uniforms because they were collecting money for a hospital.
  My mum lived with her parents Horace and Ursula Audin and brothers Franklin and John and sisters Dorothy and Ursula. Horace was secretary of the cricket club and the allotment club. his brothers both played but Horace had bad eyesight. One of Horace's brothers was killed, electrocuted at Brierley pit. I am searching for details about this. I will also send addresses and photos. I work at Royal Mail Preston night shift. what are you doing up?
Best Wishes
Susan Lazenby

Hello Gary
The caption in the newspaper  reads:

Charming Reflection.

As seen by Brierley Hospital Queen (Mabel Earl) as she received that final touch that matters from an equally charming trio of nurses.

 My Mother Margaret Rose Audin is the one standing at the back. She was never a nurse so they are wearing fancy dress.

  Margaret was born at 9 Moors Fold Brierley on 14th 3 1931 and baptised in the Methodist Chapel on 12 April 1931my parents were married at the Methodist chapel on 23 December 1950. I was born at 6 Park View Brierley the Audin family had moved to this address and my parents rented the front room. My granddad Horace Audin says in the newspaper article written on their golden wedding he worked at Brierley pit from the age of 13. he earned 7/6 for a six day week. by the time he married he was earning 32/- a week. He was secretary of the football and cricket clubs and he was involved in the allotment association. his eyesight was very poor so no army service but his 3 brothers were involved. One of his brothers was electrocuted in the fan house at Brierley pit. I have found a death entry for a John T Audin  aged 38  in 1945 which might be the one i will send for the death certificate unless you can suggest a newspaper archive to search. such an event may have been reported in the paper as a coroner would have been involved. compensation for a death in the pit in those days was £200 if you could prove the deceased was not to blame!

I have a couple of photos which could do with identifying I will scan and send them.

Best wishes Susan

Thanks again for your email Sue. The lady I mentioned living in Grange House was an Audin by marriage so obviously it wasn't your mum. I look forward to looking at the photographs and trying to identify them for you.

Afternoon Gary

thank you so much for the site. I've really enjoyed looking through the photos etc. Are there any plans for a "Brierley evening"

Kathy Scott (nee Perry) Newark Notts


Not as yet Kathy, as soon as plans are made I will post the details on the web site.

Hi Gary 

thanks for putting the picture of Milefield school trip to Newlands on. I am 4th girl on front row from left Leslie Douthwaite nee Wright. My best friends were Christina Tarff, Mandy Street (who went out with Ian Arkwright ) as did my other friend Jackie Smith also Bev cooper. I guess they were all from Shafton. Leslie Redhall lived in Brierley she had a brother called Mark who I think now Lives in York. Lesley went to Western Australia around 1985. We were at Art School together. It's nice to see Bugsy Moran. He was a lovely guy. 

Oh the other picture of a class at Milefield , the girl on the end with long pig tails is Ann Webster She lived in Shafton. I think she is a nurse now.

Regards Les Douthwaite Channel Islands , Jersey


Thanks for the info Lesley, the photograph has been updated. Is the girl next to you Julie Elsworth (my first love) from Shafton?

Hi Gary

I have finally found your website. It took me a bit of time as I'm still finding my way round my computer. I loved pics and stories and even remember a few of them.

Linda Parkin Grimethorpe.

Thanks Linda

Hello Gary

I am enclosing some memories of the Kerr family in Brierley; my maternal grandparents. There are some additional photos to add but I need to get them copied and pass them on to you. Let me know the best way.

I refer to a pit lamp in the church but I now understand it was stolen ; any good news before i pass on the bad ones I will also add some references / sources as well if you think it is an interesting bit

Regards David Nicoll formerly of park avenue now living in Pogmoor Barnsley


Hi David

Thanks for that mate, very interesting. Can you scan the photographs and send them by email? If not, you may be better bringing them to me and I can copy them myself and save you the cost.


Thanks Gary

I Will collect the photos together over the next couple of weeks and give you a call to arrange to bring them over.

Regards David

Dear Gary,
I'm emailing you to let you know how impressed I am by your web site.  It's a veritable treasure trove of history and photos of the area where my Mum probably grew up.  I had asked "Hemsworth Maureen" as I like to think of her, for help to find which schools my Mum's adopted father, Charles Gaunt had been Headmaster of, and being the helpful soul that she always is, she sent me a link to your site.  I love it, even if I didn't find any Gaunts there.  They lived in Hemsworth at some point, though my Mum, Edna Lewis was born in South Kirkby.  They moved to Todmorden soon after, so I may never find where she went to school.  Not to worry, it was just my curiosity. 
Thanks again for the good work.
Jenny Daniel Todmorden

Thank you for those kind words.  

Updated 4 July 2008

Hi Gary,

 I have not had time to visit the website until recently but I can see from the 23rd April up-dates that Kathy Scott, (nee Perry), has mentioned contacting my sister and myself. We grew up together mainly through Brierley Methodist Church and would love to hear from her further if you have her e-mail address.

Thanks in anticipation


Regards! Denise Stones (nee Spaxman) Pogmoor, Barnsley


I will write straight away Denise and ask Kathy permission to pass on her email address. Nice to hear from you again.


Evening Gary

Thanks for your mail. I would like to hear from Denise. Please send her my addy. Any more" Brierley evenings" coming up???

Kathy Scott (nee Perry) Newark Notts


I have passed on your address to Denise Kathy. I hope you enjoy catching up with old timers. I don't have any exhibitions planned in the near future but it will be posted on the web ite when I do.

Hi Gary

My names Adele Acton and this morning (whilst not been able to sleep!) I stumbled on your website and found it really interesting, I think my family is very distantly related to the oats family (at this moment I cant remember how!) I think its my grandmother was cousins with...... (the name daisy rings a bell?) - I will have to ask.
My grandmother was a Dawson and her parents had the post office on High Street in Grimethorpe
Anyway the reason I'm emailing you is I know my mum has a lot of old photos (a lot are my great grandmother when she was little and her parents) from my families past (some on tin plate!) I believe many are from Grimethorpe area but a few maybe towards Brierley and wondered if they would be any use if I copied them to your website? I know there's a couple of the post office too.

I cant wait to show my mum your website
Many thanks Adele x

Thank you that would be brilliant. My collection so far (including more recent photographs) has reached about 2,000 photographs which will eventually be left to the local archives along with all the interesting facts I have gathered over the years. I married an Oats in 1976 so if you send me further details I may be able to check things out for you as I am also doing the family genealogy. Could you please give as much details as you can regarding the photographs you send e.g. names, dates, location, other people on photographs etc that you may have. I am also starting to save Grimethorpe photographs so perhaps you might be able to send these at a later date. I am really looking forward to seeing the photographs especially the ones of the post office. Your name will be credited to any photographs you send me.  I am so pleased you enjoy the web site, it makes the hard work I put into it worthwhile when I receive emails like yours. Please let me know where you are from and then I can put your email on the web site. Dawson is a well known name in Grimethorpe.

Hello Gary

I have lots of memories of Ken, mainly from the Youth Club that used to be held in one of the blocks at Grimethorpe (later Willowgarth) School.

I see that Ken mentions a few of his old friends (including me.)

Not sure about everyone Ken mentions, but Dave Miller still lives in Brierley, as does Pat Dye.

I think Angie Loring lives in Hemsworth, and John Lomas not far away in Shafton I think.

I've managed a really long move to Wombwell, (not quite as far as Ken's)


Its great to catch up with people through your site, so keep up the good work.

John Draper



Thanks for that info John. I am sure Ken will be pleased.

Hello Gary

Just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed visiting the website. I wonder if you know where the origin of the name Brierley comes from or what it means?

  Over the years I have been told that Brierley is an Anglo Saxon name meaning, Brier, meaning briar or hedge and ley a meadow?

  I would be interested if anyone could shed light on this for me.


Kind regards, Gary J Brierley


Hi Gary, thank you for your kind email. If you follow the link below it will lead you to Richard Watson's excellent History of Brierley site where I am sure you will be able to gain all the information you require.


Dear Gary

My mother was a nurse at the isolation hospital in 1936 and I thought you may like to have this photo for your web site.  The names from left to right:

Nurse Violet Carter - My mum

Nurse Elders

Nurse Brown

Nurse Flynn

Nurse Daly

It is my mums 90th birthday this year and we are doing a family history for her.  I have been looking for a photo of the sanatorium as it would have looked in 1939.  If you could help I would be very grateful for a copy.

Kind regards

Marilyn Jones Northampton


Hi Marilyn

Thank you for the photograph which I will add to the Baipip archives. When you say sanatorium, do you mean the Robin Hood which is what was the sanatorium, or do you mean the Isolation hospital itself? There is an old photograph on the web site of the now Robin Hood

from a number of years ago before the road widening (see local history archives under Brierley Gap and the Hoyland family) but I am not sure of the date. If you mean the Isolation hospital itself, the I don't have a full picture of the building itself although believe me I have tried to obtain one. I do have a few photographs that show staff and part buildings. Marilyn can I ask if you live local and if your mum is  good in memory as I have a few photographs from the 1930s of staff at the hospital but with no names except for nurse Brown who is on the photograph you sent with your mum and also a Charles Addey whom I believe was the ambulance driver.

If so Perhaps your mum could name some of them for me. Also, if you do live local, the best I could offer as a surprise for your mum is the full set of the Isolation photographs I have that you could borrow to show her. Although most of the photographs are from the 50s your mum still may be able to remember some of the staff and the buildings. Hope to hear back from you

Hi Gary,

Unfortunately we do not live locally as we live in Northampton.  My mum called it the sanatorium and there was a lot of patients there with TB so I suspect that it would be the isolation hospital.

 Mum was only 17 and training at the hospital before moving onto Bradford Infirmary when she was old enough to start her proper training at 18 so I am not sure how helpful she would be naming anyone else. Unfortunately I could only view a few of the photos on the website as the others were not highlighted.  Is this because you have not posted then on there yet?  If you could scan the photo's of the 1930's and email me them I will ask my mum if she does recognise anyone. 

Thank you for your quick response and I will try and pump my mum for any information she can give me which may be of interest to you.

Kind regards

Marilyn Jones Northampton

Hi Gary

I thought that you might be interested in the following events at St Paul's Church. It would be nice if you could bring along your photograph collection.

July  14th   Music  Festival.

July   19th   Social  event  will  let  you  about   that  one  later.

Dec  6th   Christmas  Fair,

Thanks  very  much   Gary

Betty   Richardson  (nee Evans) Brierley.

Thanks Betty

Hi Gary,
In reply to your ( Lyn Hall's ) question. It was Jane and Elizabeth's dad, Cecil Nunn who I used to work for. Hard to believe that was approx. 45yrs ago.
Keep up the good work.
Ken Waters Ontario Canada

Thanks for your reply Ken. By the way, are you happy with your Where R You Now page?

Hi again Gary,

Yes, we are both very happy indeed. Hopefully, the article might encourage others to drop you an Email for the Where R U Now pages. I often wonder where people of "my time" moved to.
Best wishes,
Ken Waters Ontario Canada

I would love to hear from more people Ken but I think all Brierley ex pats must be shy. There's certainly plenty of them out there with an average of 8,000 visitors to the site each month.

Hi Gary

A couple of things. I have just been looking at the Where R U Now and we did not live on Cross Hill, we lived at 20 Hilltop until we lost my mum.  It was Grandma and Granddad Lynch who lived on Cross Hill.

Lynne Hall (nee Woolridge) Shafton


Sorry about that Lynne, I have corrected it.


Also under Where R U Now the Waters family, can you ask Ken which of the Nunns they used to help out with, as the Nunns are related to my Husband. Was it Jane and Elizabeth's dad or Derek or Ralph. I know Jane still lives up there, not seen her for a long time though.

Good   morning   Gary,

Did  you  find  anyone  who  last  knew  when  the  church  clock   worked.

We  are  having  an  open  day  in  May.  I will  let  you  know  what  date  later. Other events include, June   summer  fair, July music  festival and also a social event. December a Christmas fare.

I will   get  all  the  dates  for  you  later. Thanks  a  lot   Gary

Betty Richardson (Evans) Brierley


Hi Betty

The only information I have is that a Mr Kaye from South Hiendley attempted to repair the clock circa 1973 but failed. So it obviously wasn't working at that time. When it actually stopped I am not sure but talking to elder residents I would estimate it last working circa late 1960s early 1970s. Leave it with me while I make further enquires.

Hi Gary,

I have had a member of the public in the office, wanting details of parish records for November 1923!!  I explained that I do not hold parish records going back that far and referred them through to BMBC. The gentleman is trying to find details about the cenotaph in Grimethorpe and whom conducted the opening ceremony, which happened in November 1923.  Have you got any records that might be able to help?

Jan Cooper Brierley Town Council.


Hi Jan

I had to ask my friend Richard Watson to help with this one. Here is his reply.


Hello Gary

The vicar of Grimethorpe may know as he has had quite a lot of work done on the cenotaph. Barnsley Archives at Barnsley Central Library should be able to help as they have collected records from local parishes. They also have back editions of the Barnsley Chronicle. It should be easy to find the write up as the month and year is known.

Regards Richard Watson Brierley

Updated 29 April 2008

Hello Gary

    Thanks for advising me of the recent update to the Brierley web site.  I have viewed it with much interest, and am pleased my contributions are of use.  I still view the pictures of the demolition of the old school with much sadness.  Still, time marches on, as they say, and I suppose we must accept changes.  I remember visiting the school with Dad many times, and remember the whole place as if it were yesterday.

   Thank you also for the information on the 'reorganisation' changes.  Yes, I will certainly keep that information to myself, as you request.

   Nina and I occasionally get up to Sheffield to stay with friends, and also visit Wombwell to see Nina's brother.  Next time, I think we will try to find time to visit Brierley for old times sake.  It will have changed a great deal since my last visit there (a long time ago).

I remember standing with my Dad at the bus stop on the main road (not far from the Three Horse Shoes) for the Pontefract bus to Barnsley. 

I also seem to remember that In the field opposite, the school sports days took place.

Dad took his concert party ("The Jackdaws") to perform in the hall at the Methodist Church on several occasions - I remember, as I was one of the performers (I played piano duets with Dad from the early age of seven!).  We all went all over the place by bus!!  Dad and I did a double act and called ourselves "Rabbits and Landarmy" (a pun on the name of the famous piano duettists, Rauwits & Landour, on the wireless!).  Happy days!

I also remember the school caretaker, Mr Thorpe, who lived in a cottage opposite the school.

Also, I think that Ice cream was made at the farm next door to the school.

   The 'little grey cells' seem to be bringing all sorts to the surface!!  It's really good to be in regular contact with my long lost cousin, Rosy, thanks to the Brierley Website.

Will keep in touch, Gary. Very best wishes,

Alan J Balmforth Long Sutton,  Spalding.

Hi Gary its Lynne Hall, just been looking through the pages. I see you are asking about Karen and Sharon Harris. A few years since I found Karen living at South Kirkby, kept in touch for awhile but not seen for a long time. I think her dad was living in Brierley or her Grandfather not sure I know her grandfather Married a Mrs Dodd they lived in the houses across from Brierley Post office at the back of the Big house.  Do not know about Sharon, Hope this can help a little

Kind Regards Lynne Hall (Woolridge) Shafton

Thanks for the info Lyn.  I think you are referring to George Hepinstall when you mention her granddad as he used to live in the house you mention but came to live near me on Grange Road a few years ago. Sadly he and Mrs Dodd have both passed away. If I had known he was Karen and Sharon's granddad I would have asked him what happened to them. I hope you haven't forgot to ask your Pete (I have no contact details for him) to write and update his Where R U Now page including photos if possible.

Hi There Gary,

 Just to let you know that I am really pleased to have been in contact with Alan Balmforth, Jack Balmforth's son.

  We are now in regular contact via Emails and have both been happy about finding each other. We have both been looking through old photographs and it has been quite spooky how many we have that are the same.

  My elderly Mum, Evelyn Mary Harris who is Jack Balmforth's niece, is particularly pleased that we have found her cousin Alan after all these years. I am sure that Alan won't mind if I tell you that she has always told me that one of the happiest days of her childhood was when she pushed her little cousin Alan around Shibden Park in his pram, when he was only a few months old !!

  She also has very fond memories of her 'Uncle' Jack, so it is nice that she has now more photographs of him and now knows where Alan is after loosing contact for so many years.

So thank you Gary for reuniting our family and allowing us to complete our family tree.

Kindest Regards - Rosie Stewart - Bradford


I was only to pleased to help Rosie. I was over the moon myself when I received his email. He send me some information on his dad and also some smashing photographs.

Hello Gary
I can see that you already have my sister Margaret listed, but my sister Mary is also on the front row, third in from the right hand side.
John Draper Wombwell
Thanks John, I have updated the photograph

Updated 23 April 2008

Hi Gary
 I'm not sure if you have received my e-mails today. If not here goes. I've really enjoyed looking at the site -- well done!!!. I lived in Clifton Gardens 1949-65 and went to Shafton Primary School 1952-58 and Hemsworth Grammar School 1958-65 and then went to Bristol to do my nursing training. My parents John and Rubie [nee Shackelton]  Perry were very active in the Methodist Church and I  certainly remember Denise and Linda Spaxman and their mother Gladys. Also I remember Mrs Ward and her daughter Hilary. I think Mrs Ward  worked with my mother at Southmead Hospital and she was the organist at my wedding  at South Hiendley Methodist, it will be  our Ruby anniversary in  Dec. I was married from 94 Barnsley Rd. My parents moved there after my uncle Albert Nuttall died. I live in Newark Nott's but visit Brierley quite often [My parents are buried in the cemetery]. Could you please let Denise and Linda know that I was asking about them and maybe we could meet up at the next photo evening .Thank you for the nostalgic trip. Happy memories of Brierley have been revived!
Kathy Scott (nee Perry) Newark Notts
Ps Did Nigel Crossland work in the Coop ? My father worked there late 20's early 30's.

Thank you very much for your interesting email Kathy. I have passed a copy onto the Spaxman's on your behalf. They may be in touch with the web site to ask for your email address. I have a number of photographs of your family in the archives and if I am correct, Joe Shackelton was one of the main people responsible for the joining of the Wesleyans and Primitives to form the Methodist Church in 1934. Please keep popping in to visit the web site from time to time. Also I do believe Nigel did work in the Coop at one time but I will double check next time I see him.

Hi Gary

I have just discovered your Brierley web site, and have been particularly interested in St Paul's school information and sundry photographs of my late father, Mr J H Balmforth, the retired headmaster.

I see that some of the material has been provided by Rosie Stewart of Bradford (it seems that her Mother is Dad's niece).  I have never met her, and would like to contact her, and would be most grateful if you could possibly help.

Dad retired to Thirsk, and died there on 14 July 1998.  He had been a widower since 1984.  I am now aged 73, and have resided in S E Lincolnshire for seven years,

If there is any information which may be of use to you regarding Dad, I shall be pleased to pass on whatever I can.

Alan J Balmforth Long Sutton,  Spalding.


Dear Alan

I was a pupil of your fathers and I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I was to receive your email. Your father played a big part in my life and education. It is a while since I was in touch with Rosie and she told me that you phoned her mum to tell of your dads passing and then they lost touch with you. It will give me great pleasure to put you back in touch and I will write to Rosie as soon as I have sent you this email. One of the main reasons I was in contact with Rosie, is that I am collecting information on St Paul's school and I was asking her details of your fathers passing etc and any other information she may have. So you can see, apart from having the greatest respect for your father, it is nice to know that I have found you and perhaps gain information about your father at a later date. Have you read my memories on the web site about my time at St Paul's? Your father features heavily in those memories. Have you also seen the photographs on the web site. Mrs Thorpe and Mrs Horton who were two of his staff and my teachers are still living, Mrs Thorpe in Brierley and Mrs Horton not too far away in Minsthorpe. I am sure they would be glad to hear from you but I am not to sure if they have computers. Anyway Alan I must inform Rosie and then rush of to work but I am So exited to hear from you and hope to spend time conversing. Thank you very much, you have made my day.


Hi again Alan

Rosie has got back in touch with me straight away  and says it is fine to pass on her email address and looks forward to hearing from you.


Hello Gary,

Dad was a wonderful man, and not only a father but my best friend.  I still miss him very much, and often think back to earlier times, even as far back as when I was a little lad.

I will put together a potted history of his life, if it would be of use to you - I also have some photographs somewhere in the "photo box".  I'll get down to that over the next week or so.

I have emailed Rosy Stewart suggesting that she contact me by telephone when she has a moment, so my enquiry to the Brierley web site seems to have been beneficial to all of us.

Please feel free to contact me at any time should you so wish. 

I look forward to further contact.


Hi again Alan

Thank you for your reply. Yes I would love you to put a short story together about your dad. I have loads of ex St Pauls pupils ask if I know what happened to your father after he retired. It would be nice to put a small biography written by yourself on the web site. Also photographs would be brilliant especially if any of them are re the old school.


Hello Gary

Herewith, as promised, a potted history of my Father, John Harry Balmforth, together with several photographs, some of which may be of interest to viewers of the Brierley Web site (the choice of publication is yours!).

Thanks for the information and the photographs Alan, I will look forward to working on them and publishing your work on the web site and in my next booklet Brierley Remembered Number 3. I am sure that visitors to the web site will also be very keen to read about your father especially since his retirement.


Hi Gary,

On the photograph number schools 13 . I am pretty sure that I am the one in the centre of the back row with the sleeveless jumper and tie.  I would be eight going on nine then. I moved to the island of Langkawi in the Andaman sea, Malaysia in 1996 to run a bar and restaurant.  I retired in March 2006 and I still live on the island in retirement.  I have attached a picture of my local beach bar that you might find amusing.
Ronnie Bastier Langkawi in the Andaman sea, Malaysia


Thank you Ronnie, I have updated the photograph

Hi Gary, What great news it was hearing that Alan Balmforth has made contact with the web site. Yes, it is fine that you give him my Email address. I appreciate you getting in touch with me regarding Alan finding the site. My Mum will be especially pleased as she often talks about 'Uncle Jack'. Thanks again Gary. I will keep in touch.

Kindest Regards - Rosie  Stewart Bradford


So pleased I could help Rosie

Hello again Gary
Any chance of  you putting the  photo Schools 12 1926 on line ?
I am interested in the V Kerr listed as i am trying to do a bit for you on the Kerr family of Brierley.
Regards Dave Nicoll formerly of Park Ave Brierley now living in Pogmoor Barnsley

The photograph is on line for you David

Hi  Gary

Hope   you  are well, can  you   do  me  a  favour? Would  it  be   possible  to  find  out  the  last  time  the  church  clock    was  working please. Father  Peter  said  some   of  the  older  people  of   Brierley   might   know,  so if you   can find   out   for  me  I would be  very  grateful. The   top  of  the  steeple   is  very  loose  Father   Peter  has  been  to  the  top  today.

I look   forward  to  hearing from  you.

Thank you  Gary.

Betty   Richardson   (nee Evans). Brierley


I will make enquires regarding the clock Betty

Hello Gary,

I am Ronald Bastier on the photographs of St. Paul's C of E school, Brierley.  

In the photograph Schools 27 of Miss Fox's class I think the girl at the end of the row next to June Newton is the daughter of Miss Fox, Valerie Fox.

In the photograph circa 1951/2 I am Ronald Bastier sitting next to Paul Normington and next to me is Alan Gascoigne from Grimethorpe.  I also came from Grimethorpe. I was in St. Paul's church choir with Neil Mansfield and John Cooper and others.  Mr. Thorpe was not only the school caretaker but the main cantor and chief support of the church choir.  I kept in touch with the Reverend John Grainger over the years when he was in Driffield. He was a saintly and humble man. I wonder if anybody remembers all the words of the school anthem?  It was composed by Mr. Balmforth and started off;  "Proudly now we raises our voices high in praise of this our school May the noble precepts taught us teach us all our lives rule In our work and play and leisure and our (something) every day  - - - - etc" which I forgot. But it ended with; "ever smiling, ever striving, cheerfulness and industry".

I believe that the school has been knocked down in recent years which is sad.

Regards and best wishes. PS.  Bye the way, Mr Balmforth organised a day trip to the Festival of Britain in 1951 and I went with my mother and Grandmother.  

Ronald Bastier Langkawi in the Andaman sea, Malaysia


Thank you Ronnie, I have updated the photograph

Good  morning  Gary,

I do  hope  you  are  well  this  bright  and  sunny   morning. I have ,just  been  looking  at  old  photos  of  Brierley  school and can offer you the following information.


School 137   circa  1956/57  St  Paul's  class  2  miss  Waller. Back  row  I  think  they  called  him John  Roberts, middle  row  John  Thorpe and I think Ken  Price  and  maybe  Mike  Round  then  me  Betty  Evans.


Schools  97  circa   1957/58  St  Paul's  Mrs  Fox  class

Pat  Dye ?  then  I  am  sure  Christine  Vamplew  then  Barbara  Thorpe,

Christine  is   Herbert's  niece. I  do  hope  that this has  helped  you. Sometimes  the  more  you  look  at  the  old  photos  you  can  remember  the  names.     

Anyway, have  a  nice  day, Good  work  you  are  doing   Gary,  just  love  this  website,

Betty  Richardson (nee Evans). Brierley 


Thank you Betty, I have updated the photographs

Hi Gary

I am trying to find any information on my Grandmother Martha Shepherd Born Brierley Hill Staffordshire England 1867 her father was Thomas Shepherd a Pork Butcher  she died in 1908 in Erdington Workhouse Aston  Warwickshire England.  

George Horton Clearfield Utah GHorton424@aol.Com  


Sorry George but the Brierley you need is in the Midlands, we are in South Yorkshire. I will leave your details on the web site for if anyone can help you.


Thanks for letting me know

George Horton Clearfield Utah


That's ok George

Hi Gary

I have seen your appeal on the Home page of the Brierley Village web site and understand that Linda Jagger is looking for my address. Linda is my cousins daughter. Here you are Linda it will be great hearing from you and I'm not 80yrs old I was 79 on New Years Eve last.

Edmund Redmile Australia


I have passed on your address to Linda Edmund. Thank you for replying.

Hi Gary,
Thanks for forwarding Edmund's email address.  I hope I haven't offended him by saying I thought he was about 80 and it turns out he's only 79!
Linda Jagger Brierley

Glad to help Linda

Hi  Gary

It's   Betty,    just  to  let you   know   someone  broke  into  the  church  again and  took  brass  candle  sticks  and  a  miners  lamp. We  are  having   a   Celebration   day  I  think its  19th  July   we would   like  you  to  come  and  put  all  your  photos   out. The  kids  from  school   will  be  coming,    they  are  starting  on  the  tower  Monday    25th  Feb.  If  you  can  take  the  photos   step   by  step,   then  you can  put  them  on  show,    have  you  got  a  lot  on  the  church, would  be  grateful if you have.  

Thank you  Gary

Betty   Richardson  [ nee Evans ] Brierley


Let me know a little nearer Betty

Hi Gary

This is message to all my contacts and visitors to my  Brierley Yorkshire England local history web site. The new home for is http://www.brierleyyorkshireengland.net

Please open this web site via the link above and save to your favourites

Regards Richard Watson


Hope everyone gets your message Richard.

Hello Gary

I have managed to track down all the information I needed regarding the deaths of my two uncles in mining accidents. The archive office in Doncaster has the records of the mines inspectorate for the Yorkshire region; so a visit there provided all I required. They have records for fatal and non fatal accidents.

Perhaps you can pass on this source as I am sure I am not alone in looking for these facts.



Dave Nicoll, formerly of Park Avenue Brierley and now living in Pogmoor, Barnsley

Thanks for the info Dave and I am pleased you have managed to find out the info you required. I am sure this will come in useful for someone.

Hi Gary

My Great Grandfather born in the village, a Shepherd, lived in an ancient cottage alongside the then Pinfold (opposite the church). He regulated fines for stray animal transgression c 1860. Great Grandma Sarah worked and lived off a vegetable and flower smallholding behind the cottage walking and carrying produce in 6 (Six) round wicker baskets on her head to BARNSLEY Market until c 1914. A successful day meant she could ride on a horse drawn omnibus back to the Three Horse Shoes.

      Granddad George and Grandma Emmiline lived in what is now a barn cum garage still standing, diagonally opposite the old Co-op Building, was known as "Old Mores Fold" ; c 1896 until c 1900 they moved to "Oakdene" on Barnsley Road where my Father was born in 1901.Related by marriages to Brookes and Oates families.

Ron Gibson Easington, Loftus, Cleveland. 

Thanks for your very interesting email. I was interested to hear you were related to the Oates through marriage as I married Tony Oates daughter Ruth (Tony was Gads son and Danny Oates grandson0. If I am correct (and I have been known to be wrong) Moores Fold is no longer there. I have a photograph on the web site of Moores Fold which as you say was opposite to the old Coop near Pear Tree Farm and near to where the Methodist Church is now. A lot of people mistake the outbuilding at Baxendales farm as Moores Fold but this is further up the road.

Hi Gary

I wonder if you can help, I am the grandson of Adele and Frank Haigh and I would love to get my hands on this photo as a present for my Nan Photograph No. Methodist Church 9 Women’s Fellowship 1968  Annual Tea. Can you help at all Gary

Many Thanks Darran Haigh Bradford


The photograph has in fact been updated with the following information.
Women’s Fellowship Annual Tea 1968
Top from the left is Violet Hambleton (in full view), Adele and Frank Haigh, ? and Marjorie Newsome. Bottom left to right: Dorothy Foster, Claris Miller, Mrs Miles, Pat Miller and Delia Hollings.
Photograph re produced from an old newspaper cutting.

Do you live local enough to order a copy? small prints up to A5 are £3 and up to A4 £6 (non profit all cash ploughed back into Baipip) or I can put it on the web site when time allows for you to copy yourself but it is not photo quality but still very good obviously depending on your printer.

Dear Sir
In regards to the
Spiritualist Church photos, I noticed the one with the founding members feature my uncle Jim (Dawson). Is it possible that there are other photos of the family, is so can you put me in contact with them.
Cheers Barry Dawson South Elmsall


Sorry Barry, I only have the photograph that you see with your uncle Jim on it.

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