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From July to November 2007


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Only email with a full name and a place of residence (e.g. Brierley, Australia, Leeds etc) will be acknowledged. 

Edited email will be answered on the web site and in some cases may receive a personal reply


Updated 15 November 2007  

Hi Gary,

I'm looking for some old photos of Ringstone Hill farm in Brierley do you have any?
I'm involved in the UK's first digital radio repeater system and we are putting it on the farm in Brierley.
Maybe it could be news for your site??
Thanks Andrew Spaxman Brierley


Sorry Andrew I don't have any photographs but if you would like to write me a press release I will put the story on the web site with a link. Also possibly Barnsley Chronicle.

Hi  gary  hope  you  are  well,  thanks   for  putting  my  granddad   on  the  web,  he  used  to  take  me  to  the  Three Horse Shoes with  him.  I don't  think  I  was  at  school  when  I  went  in  the  tap  room,  I  remember  the  big  fire  burning  and  my  granddad  getting me  a bottle  of  pop  and  a  packet  of  crisps. He  used  to  have  his  dog  with  him sat  at  the  side  of  his  chair.   not  a  lot  of  people   knew  his  real  name  was  Friend,   they  just  knew  him  has  Losh. Your  web  site  is  great. Once  you  get  on  you  are  still  on  hours  later.  Good   of  you  Gary. I really  enjoy  looking  at  the  old  photos  and  the  rest.

All  the  best

Betty  Richardson [Evans] Brierley  born  and  bread.

Thanks for those kind words Betty. The hard work I put into the web site makes it all worth while when I receive emails like your. How about writing your memories of living in Brierley for the web site? Also have you read the poem from Alex Vodden that mentions your granddad.

Hi Gary thank you for the info on the web site update, not got to see it just yet as I have moved home to live in Lytham so have been up to my neck in work.
regards Adrian Slater Lytham

That's ok Adrian, they say there is nothing more stressing than flitting.

Hi my name is Andrew Beverley I live in Australia. My father Leslie Beverley Grew up in Yorkshire And moved to Australia after word war 2. He passed away about 10 years ago. I was wondering if you knew of a way I could trace my family history

Regards Andrew Beverley Australia


I have forwarded your email to Richard Watson who I am sure you will hear from soon.

Updated 7 November 2007  


 The kid with the guitar on photograph Social 115  is Terry Mullen's son the teacher from Willowgarth, I believe they used to live in Brierley. Also the girl having the autograph signed on photograph Social 65 is Alison Rowley, Betty’s daughter, the girl right behind her is Susan Steele, Nelson’s daughter.

Paul Vodden Brierley


Thanks Paul, the photographs have been updated.

Hello Gary,
Perhaps, I should not write this letter for fear of ridicule. But, maybe this is a chance to contact (DK) Diane Wilkinson. DK was a young lady I met during the year of 1977 while serving a military tour there in England (RAF Alconbury). DK lived in Leicester, England when I knew her. She still lived in Leicester when I return in 1985 on a special operation (RAF Lakenheath). During the year 1985 DK invited me to dinner. I failed to show for our dinner engagement because of my involvement in a car crash. I have since recovered medically. And, somehow wish to convey my apology to DK for standing her up. I know with so many years, DK has moved on with her life. As to me, I pray to rid myself of this burden. I know this is not your usual type of letter, or maybe nothing more happens than someone reading this note, even that much is greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Fred USA


Sorry Fred but the DK you mention is not the same person as mentioned on this web site - however I will leave your email on line and good luck, you never know.

Hello gary

I am trying to find  photos of the 12th koyli I imagined they must have marched through Pontefract when they were on there way to the western front . I am looking for my great granddad. sergeant 12/350 John Eccles ton . He was severely wounded on the 1st July 1916 at the Somme . I have been told that it was common for local soldiers at that time to be mentioned in the local paper if anything happened to them please can you help

L McGuiness Leigh Lancs


Was your grandfather local and where are you from? If you give me more details I could search the local newspapers next time I attend the local archives which unfortunately is only about twice a year due to work and other commitments


As far as I know he was from Pontefract he was a miner when he joined up Sept 10 1914 after the war St Dunstans looked after him and he moved to Leigh Lancs. That's as much as I know about him he died years before I was born.

L McGuiness Leigh Lancs

I am sorry but I don't search the Pontefract area - I will leave your email on line for if anyone can help you further.

Hi Gary

My eldest daughter is at Brierley school and they are doing a project on the old school (which they do every year). Her teacher has asked me to go in and talk to them about what school was like when I was there, because I started at the old school then moved to the new. I can remember all of my old teachers bar one.
I had:
Mrs Whitelam in class 1
Mrs Horton in class 2
Mrs Thorpe in class 3
Mrs Fox class 4
but I cannot remember my teacher from class 5, she was a lovely lady and I can't believe I can't remember her name. Unfortunately I don't think she lived much longer after I went to Milefield, although I hope I am wrong, and I think she had an illness, I'm sure there wasn't much time between herself passing and the lovely Mrs Fox. Mr Hambleton was Headmaster. I have searched your website but without joy, any help would be appreciated.
I attended the school from 1980 ( I think), well I was definitely in class 1 when we moved to the new school.
Like I say, any help would be appreciated

Regards Lee Wray Brierley


You will not find enough information on the web site as it would probably take me a lifetime to put the info I have on Brierley on here. I have information on St Paul's school that will be going on the web site within the next 18 months. Please find enclosed a few details that I hope may help your daughter and her class mates. I would appreciate you telling them where you got the info for the sake of the web site and Brierley and its people in photographs whose name I am trying to make known. I have been working on archiving the full school registers for the last five years and I would suggest it will take me in between other things a further five years.


     I left St Paul's in 1968 so I was well before your time but my son attended in the 1990s and the only teacher we can think of who died was Mrs Stanyon who had the big C. This would have been in the 90s. If this is who you are thinking of let me know, if not I will make enquires with Mrs Whitelam who I am in touch with on a regular basis. Has your daughter read my memories of St Paul's on the web site. If she or the class has any questions I will be only too pleased to help

The name doesn't ring any bells for me. It would have been around mid 80's.
Got the other info thanks, off to the school Friday afternoon.

No problem Lee. It might help also to give the teacher the web site address. I used to assist Miss Allen with her classes on local history especially with the old school. I once took in John Steele a pupil in the 30s and Mrs Beale a teacher in the 60s along with myself to talk to them. Good luck on Friday.

I have just got of the phone to Ann Whitelam who by the way remembers you fondly and says you were a fantastic pupil to teach. She remembers you dressing up and singing "Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag" remember?. She passes on her very fondest regards and asks where are you now and what are you doing?

 Anyway she believes the teacher/s in question would have been Elaine Walker who if you remember was married to Brian Walker of Milefield school fame. She suffered MS but died of cancer. Ann goes on to say that she taught class 5 but in her later years only part time because of her illness. The other possibility being a teacher called Margaret Platts who died within 1 week of being told she had the Big C. Apparently both of them taught class 5 during your time at the school. I hope this helps you.


It was Elaine walker, I'm sure of it. She was a brilliant teacher but I remember not seeing a lot of her so it makes sense. Nice to know a teacher remembers you for the good bits. I do actually see Mrs Whitelam every now and again and I see their Tony in the shoes on occasion. I have printed the stuff off you sent me as I intend to read it out to the class and leave it with the teacher, I will also leave her your email in case she wants to get in touch, I will also say that you are willing to provide as much info to her as you can - if that is ok.
      I hope I am remembered for more than just the pack up your troubles song, I was Joseph in the nativity play with Joanne Bowen as Mary and the pharaoh in another, sometimes its quite embarrassing to have such a good memory (apart from teachers names).

      I saw Eddie Hambleton the other day at the Methodist church he was talking about the boys brigade and as I use to be an anchor boy so we got chatting, he needed some Health and Safety advice / work (something I do as well as being a maintenance engineer) and got chatting to him about old times, told him I would help him out being a local lad etc. Sometimes it really is nice to talk to people you knew years ago.
I bet Mrs Whitelam would be glad she retired if she knew I had three girls at Brierley now!!
Many thanks Lee


Your welcome

Hi Gary,

Please would you contact Edmund Redmile (Australia) and ask if I can have his email address?  I have just read his emails on the site and I can't help him with his people search but I think he was my father's cousin.  My dad was Alec Redmile, also from Grimethorpe.  Sadly, he died in 1984.


Linda Jagger (Linda Redmile before I was married) Brierley


I have just emailed Edmund but it has been returned not delivered. I will put out an appeal for him to contact me next time I update.

Thanks for this Gary.  I hope the undelivered mail is not a bad sign.  I reckon Uncle Edmund must be about 80 years old!



I thought I would send you a list of the events taking place through council for the coming few months.  Hopefully you can put it on your website.

Regards Jan Cooper Clerk to the Town council


14 November 2007

Brierley Town Council host a councillors surgery at Ladywood School at 4pm

Cllr Hanley and Cllr Bennett in attendance

16  November 2007

Numerous activities at Grimethorpe & Brierley Community & Fitness Centre, for Children In Need Day including a triathlon in the gym.

27 November 2007

7pm Brierley Town Council Meeting, Welfare Hall, Red City Park, Grimethorpe

1st December 2997

4.30pm - Brierley Christmas Torchlight Carnival

12  December 2007

 Brierley Town Council host a councillors surgery at Brierley Hall at 5pm

Cllr Vodden and Cllr Nixon in attendance

15 December 2007

Brierley Town Council host a children’s pantomime “ Cinderella” at Grimethorpe & Brierley Community Fitness Centre 4pm

18 December 2007

7pm – Brierley Town Council Meeting, Methodist Chapel, Church Road, Brierley

22 & 23 December 2007

4pm – Brierley Town Council help Father Christmas tour the streets of Brierley & Grimethorpe delivery sweets to children


Thanks Jan. I have set you up a page with all the Town councils activities up to Christmas.

Afternoon Gary,

Arrived home safely. Flight was 1/2 hr late but that's typical. Hope you are up & at it again after your setback earlier in the week. We're back at work Monday, BLAH !!!! Will get the" Where are you" item written and sent on to you ASAP. Too bad things didn't get sorted out whilst we were over. Maybe next time.

Take care,

Ken Waters. Oshawa, Ontario


Nice to know you arrived home safe Ken. I have received your contribution to the Where R U Now page and will update it onto the web site as soon as we have photographs sorted.

Hi Gary

To help you keep this excellent web site running please put me down for 4 weeks sponsorship.

Brian Haywood. Haywood Building Services Brierley


Consider it done Brian and thank you very much indeed.

Hi Gazza,

One photo as promised to add to your archives

Paul Vodden Brierley


Thanks Paul

Hi bruv

Just to let you know i am back on line with new e mail address. I have been looking at your site and what an enormous amount of work you must put in, I am impressed, surely a labour of love.

Al Sheard (The Miner) Grimethorpe

Thanks for those kind words Al. When are you sending me some more poems for the web site?

Hi Little bruv

Thanks for your reply, I now know my new e mail address is working and that I am not too thick to send e mails, I am 60 now as you said, I am sorry that  the card from you and our Mary went adrift with the £1000 cheque, but never mind I am sure that you will sort it when I am 120 years old lol.

Seriously Gaz thanks, I have a few new poems not yet printed, I will print them tonight and bring them up to you as soon as possible.

I think I am spoilt for choice with your poems Al. I will have to update them next time when I have had chance to sort through them. However, I have put the details of  how to buy your latest books on line under Your Contribution.

Hi there

just wondered why it is there is no mention of lilac garage on Brierley.  I have used there services recently and have to say the guy in the garage is fantastic, the prices are great and service with a cheeky smile!!

Surely we should be boasting how good our local services are?

Hazel  Lockwood Brierley


Anyone from the village is welcome to send in their details for insertion on the web site. Because the service is totally free and voluntary, I feel it only fair that I shouldn't pester people to put their details on the site. If you wish to have a word with Lilac garage to send in their details I will be only to willing to put them on line.

Hi Gary,

         Thanks for putting the photo Schools 122 online for me but you need to make an amendment. It's not me it's my brother John Hirst, when I see him I will ask him if he knows who the others are.

Steve Hirst Brierley


Thanks for the info Steve, I have updated the photograph.

Hello Gary

What a great web site. My name is Les Douthwaite and I now live in the Channel Islands on Jersey. I went to Milefield Middle School in 1968 when it first opened. I knew it was a very special school, the first of a kind, and I thought I remembered it vividly. Over the last fifteen years I have become very interested in education and this led me to wonder about Milefield because I loved being there. I remember the teachers  very well especially Mr Walker the art teacher. I think now we were all very lucky to have had such an experience of school.

     My question is do you have any more pictures? I would love to see the teachers. I would like to see the picture you have but not highlighted of the trip to Newlands as I was on that trip. I also have a name of a face on one of your Willowgarth photographs. I will look at the site again when I have more time.

Thanks Les Douthwaite Channel Islands Jersey


Thanks for your very kind email. I too went to Milefield on its opening in 1968 . I went straight into year 4 Miss Smith's class (a teacher I will never forget for the encouragement she gave me during the time in her class). The school was like a holiday camp compared to my time at St Paul's in Brierley (you can read about my memories their on the web site). Unfortunately I don't have many photographs of Milefield which is a shame. As you probably know the school was burnt down and a new one has been built in its place. I will place the picture of Newlands on the web site next time I update.


Oh my goodness

you were there too and knew just what is was like, what it smelt like and sounded like. And how open and light and sunny it was. I probably went into the second year. Mr Lingard was my form teacher. He was also very special as was Mrs Porter. I think I remember Miss Smith. Did she teach French? She had long dark hair. I think her husband was also a teacher there? Do you remember the French lessons in the big hall? It was all very new in terms of it's approach and design and I am now so keen to find out what the whole educational philosophy was behind it. It certainly worked for me at the time. So many of those teachers were inspirational. I guess they were picked very carefully. Did you play the Clarinet?

     I was devastated when I heard the school had been burnt down. When I came home recently I was sad to see so many of the beautiful old Brierley buildings gone too. I hope there is a movement to preserve what's left.  My parent still live in Brierley, just below the Three Horse Shoes. When I go to see them I always take a look at the places which were a part of my childhood. I left a long time ago so for me there are huge gaps.  As I look through your site many names jump out. I think it is going to keep me intrigued for quite a while.

I will go and read more now.

Thanks, Les


No, Miss Smith was very short with short curly ginger hair (in fact when I think back it may have been Miss Swift and not Smith). She taught PE amongst other things. I didn't play the clarinet but I believe Mr Parker one of the teachers did. He is on the photograph of Newlands. I also believe (I might be wrong) that Mr Lingard taught in the third year. Don't forget that we spent 2 years in the same year  to catch up with the system. You will have probably spent 2 years and then 1 year in year 4. If you gave me some names of people in your year I would probably be able to tell you better. Mr Lingard is also on the Newlands photograph. Another one I can name is Mr (Bugsy) Moran, remember him?. I am at the moment waiting for a photograph of Tom Gannon who was the head. If you look at my memories of St Paul's school there is a photograph of me when I started at Milefield, you may remember me. I have (somewhere in my archives) a short piece from the old Brierley vicar the Reverend Thomas Boyard Webster regarding the school system changeover and how he attempted to make St Paul's the Middle school for the area. Albeit a short piece you may find it interesting.


Hello there,   just looking at the new pics you have online...social 65  of Brierley Gala... Alison Rowley is next to Paul Reaney getting autograph, and in centre of pic in long coat is one of the Steele's...not Janet she was the youngest girl...cant remember her elder sisters name...but she was in same year at school as Alison Rowley...was it Susan ???
Lesley Cormack (nee Baker) New Zealand

Thanks for that Lesley. It was nice to hear from you again. The photograph has been updated.

Updated 5th September 2007  


A few more names for the Methodist Church 95 photograph Sheila Haigh (front – frilly dress) - Denise Spaxman – in front of Ella Deighton - Margaret Draper – behind Roy Sykes - Margaret Dean – on the left of the photo - Others include:  David Baxendale; Gillian Firth; Jean Horsefall; Ann Rowley and Sherry Peacock.

Kind Regards! - Denise Stones (nee Spaxman) Pogmoor

Thanks Denise, the photograph has been updated.

Hi Gary its Lynne Hall (Woolridge) I hope the problem which you got in touch with me regarding my email is now fixed, thanks for letting me know. I have just gone on to the web site and, yes please I would like the next booklet Brierley Remembered number 2. I have book 1. I will try to get hold of Pete. Thanks for your help.

I am glad you have got it sorted out Lynne. I will save you a copy of Brierley Remembered number 2.

Hi Gary,

  I've been looking through your photo's that are not online and I noticed my name on one, so I was just wondering if there was any chance of getting this photo online. The photo is School 122, thanks.

Steve Hirst, Brierley.


Hi Steve, the photograph is on line for you. If you know any more names please don't hesitate to contact me.

Hi Gazza

Here are some photos of my christening (sorry for the delay) all I can tell you is Brierley church 1969 and in the photos are my mam and dad Lil and John, my aunty Harriot, my aunty Dot with her kids and the vicar at the time? I hope the are useful for your web-site

cheers Gary Keele Cudworth


Thanks Gary, I will add the photographs to the Baipip archives as soon as time allows

Updated 17th  August 2007  

Hello Gary

Just looking at the additional photos that you have added to the site. The Methodist Church number 50 photo shows the Sunday School. Billy Burdett is on the far right on the back row, and I am directly next to him. You already have my sister Jean on the far left at the back, next to her is our cousin Katherine Bird. Next to Kath is Jean Horsefall. You already have Mick Vodden, but the next in from him is Roy Sykes. Between Ann Vodden and Gillian Firth, there is Linda and Denise Spacksman Hope this helps, keep up the good work on an excellent site

John Draper Wombwell

Thanks for that John. I have updated the photograph

Hi Gary its Lynne Hall (Woolridge) I saw you not long since at Brierley Church, I have only just got internet, so finding my way round.  Can you tell me where I can get your booklet Brierley Remembered from please, it really does jog the memories seeing the old photos. I also see our Pete got in touch with you. I am enjoying looking through the photos keep up the good work.

Lynne Hall (Woolridge) Shafton


Nice to hear from you Lynne. My first booklet Brierley Remembered number 1 has sold out as I only print a limited  edition of 100. I have also sold the first 50 of Brierley Remembered number 2 but intend to print the next 50 in time for Christmas, if you wish me to save you one let me know they are £3.50 each which covers the printing cost.

   I heard from your Pete a while a go but haven't heard from him since and don't have any contact details for him, ask him to send me an update for the web site as quite a few people ask me about him.

Take care Lyn and enjoy the site.


How can I have a look at the photos on your web site. I get the list  but cannot find how to get the photos. Did you ever put those wedding photos on. We have broad band now so I have been playing on the internet. I spent about 2hrs on your site.

June Hockey Brierley

You are probably looking at Photographs in the Baipip archives which are just an index to my collection and only a few are on line (those highlighted). The photographs that are actually on line are under that heading Photographs on line. If you would like any photographs from the Baipip Archives index putting on line just email me your request.

Hi Gary

Thanks for putting my photograph requests on line Methodist photo 29 is not me or Denise. the one that you thought was Denise is Janet or June Watson and I don't know who the other two are. If you would like to put family photo on line its ok to do so. Does the chapel still have a queen and a gala day ? it was the GLB that had the queen in my day but I was always the attendant never the queen. I would like to find a photo of me and Doreen holding the medal of an Olympic fencer. He came from Grimethorpe you might remember all the kids were out with flags to welcome him  back. It would be around 1964 I think it was Barnsley chronicle that took photo can you help me? I have been on the Barnsley chronicle web site but I couldn't find anything about it (.I know I didn't dream  it. I am in Grimethorpe on the 5 Aug for one of our Nev's girls wedding. I hope you and your family are ok

Thanks Betty (guy) Leeds

Hi Betty, thanks for your email. I have rectified the photograph Methodist Church 29. I was given the names by someone at the Methodist Church exhibition, I was a bit dubious myself about it being you or Denise. Regarding the Girls Brigade, they have recently stopped meeting as I don't think there was enough interest. I will check the chronicle archives next time I am in Barnsley library for the photograph of the Olympic fencer, although I don't know when this will be as I am quite busy at the moment.

Hi Gary

Here are more photo's for you. My grandmother Theresa West was not from Brierley but from Grimethorpe, however my mother and her family were born in Brierley. Someone may remember their names which are William Greenwood (father killed Brierley Pit 1941) Annie Jane Greenwood (nee Ward mother) and children Arthur, Elsie, Dorothy (dot), Marjorie (Madge), Ellen (my mother). They lived in pit row Brierley,

Arthur and Dot lived locally all their lives Arthur lived on the main road (Barnsley Rd?) Dot lived in Regina crescent with her second husband Jack Needham, Her first husband who passed away was named Kerr they had a son Jimmy who worked For Baxendales the butchers before joining the army. Annie Ward had a brother Sidney Ward he lived in the cottages next to the CO-OP and then in Regina Crescent.

I hope this information is of use to you.

Regards Stuart West Adelaide Australia


Thank you for the photographs Stuart, they are really interesting. I have already spotted John Steele's wife Joyce on one of them. I will take them to show John the next time I go to see him to see if he can identify anyone else.

Hello Gary

I just wondered if there is a mother and baby group in the village???

Kate Brooke Brierley


I am not sure Kate but I will make some enquires on your behalf.

Updated 11th July  2007  

Dear Gary

     This is my new E-Mail address, and just to correct your spelling of my surname it is Jeffrey and Marylin Cook and not Cooke.

     My thanks to John Draper who was able to identify me in the photograph. My sister Marylin was two years younger than me I guess age was not a factor in those days.

Regards Jeff Cook San Francisco.

Thanks for the info Jeff, I have corrected the mistake on the web site and in the archives.

Hi Gary
Could you please add my
Plastering business to the local services section of the website. Could you also add my wife's soft furnishings business
Mark & Andrea Cutts Brierley


Consider it done Mark

Hi Gazza

Could you please send me a copy of Fruntslide's pictures with me in if you still have them? thanks archive 178 social

Paul Brown (Browny) Brierley

Hi Paul, I have put the photograph on line for you

Updated 2nd July  2007  

Hello Gary

Just saw the email from Jeff Cook. I remember Jeff well as he was in the same class as me at Brierley for several years.

Looking on the back row of the photo, working from left to right, Jeff is the first boy (he’s next to Pat Wright.)

John Draper Wombwell


Thanks for the info John but I am still confused. Are we talking about the chap I might have wrongly named as Craig Blackshaw.


Yes you have him down as Craig Blackshaw by mistake. Craig isn’t on the photo although he would have been in our class. Jeff Cook is between Pat Wright and Jeff Pickering. Then its Pete Woolridge, Alex Findlay etc


Thanks John, I have now corrected the photograph

Hi Gary

The person standing next to John Burton on the photo of Mr Balmforth’s retirement is Anne Horton.

Anne Milner

Thanks for that Anne. Are you the girl in question?

Hi Gary
After speaking to Graham in the taxi, we would like to add our details to the local services section of the website. How do we go about this?
Mark & Andrea Cutts Brierley


Hi Mark and Andrea

If you send me details of your business as it would appear in an advert or business card that will be fine. You may also if you wish send a photograph of a sign written van if you have one, this looks very professional. If you wish I could come and take the photograph (no charge, just a cuppa tea).

Hi Gary

I have just been on your web site and found it very interesting. I found a photograph of myself and my brother Tex but none of the other members of my family. Have you any photographs of my sisters Doreen and Margaret. It was nice to see you on Thursday. I sorry I didn't have time to talk but I was on my way to my uncle Fred's funeral. 

Betty Barber (nee Guy) Leeds 


Hi Betty

It was nice to see you I just wished we had the time to chat and catch up with old times. I was shocked to hear about your uncle Fred, I used to work with him on the buses. It wasn't until I was bringing your aunty to the funeral in the taxi that I knew.  Regarding the photographs, if you go onto the website and go onto the search engine (under search this website) I have a list of the photographs in the archives but not necessarily on the website. I have been looking out for you at my last couple of exhibitions. Keep in touch, Gary.

PS If you find any photographs in the Baipip photograph index pages, send me an email and I will put them on line for you.


Thanks Gary for your fast reply . let me know when your next exhibition is on and where it is than I will go. The web site is addictive,  I was on 3 hours Saturday 2 hours Monday and 2hours tonight .would you please put these photos on line for me .

Methodist church 8,21,29,30,50,92,and 95,

also have you got any of Stephen cant see any in the archives index.

Thanks for the web site and reminding me of my childhood we had no money but we had life and lots of love and good hidings


Updated 11th July 07 - Photographs now on line

Hi Betty

It takes a while to put up 8 photographs on the web site but if your patient I will try and get them all up next time I update. Your right about our childhoods on Hillside. I always remember your mum making us go round to your house at Whitsuntide to give us 6d for showing off our new clothes. What a wonderful woman she was. I have very fond memories of her. Surprisingly, although I still live in Brierley I don't see much of your family (apart from Nev wobbling up White City now and then) that have settled in Grimethorpe (although I see Keith a lot, warm bugger that one but a great lad). Last time I saw Jack he had burnt his legs, by, were they a mess. I did your Cathy's wedding photographs (Nev's daughter) but I believe she now lives in Wales so I don't see her much. I was sad to hear about your Stephen, I will always remember playing football with him on the old garage site. Your Texy was my best mate at school and I used to see him quite a lot up to about 5 years ago but I don't seem to drop on him these days. I got  a surprise visitor the other day, Crock Higgs had latched onto the web site and came to see me. He hasn't changed a bit. Another visitor this time from Canada was Ken Waters who lived up the estate, can you remember him, he was a little older than us more your Leonard's age. What's happened to your Margaret and Doreen ? I remember hiding with a mask on behind the old telephone box on Halloween night and jumping out on your Doreen (I think I am getting mixed up here with names as I remember now there was another girl whose name I can't remember), anyway which ever one it was (long blonde hair in a pony tail) I frightened her to death and she chased me round Hillside all night. Ar well Betty I better stop reminiscing as I will be here all night, Hope to hear from you soon.

HI Gary

Sending photo of Guy family. Bottom row left to right Nev, Leonard, Kevin. Between Leonard and Kevin's hard you can just see Denise and Margaret then Doreen holding Jillian's hand, then mam (Eliza) and me Betty. the man to the side of Jillian with out the hat is dad (Leonard)

It was at Scarborough in 1958/59 it was with Grimethorpe club or Bullet


Nev lives in Grimethorpe has 8 children, 5 girls 3 boys he's a granddad and great granddad.

Leonard lives in Grimethorpe he has 3 children he also has Jack living with him, he is also a granddad.

Kevin lives in South Kirkby he's got 3 boys and 3 grandchildren he and his wife breeds dogs.

Jillian lives in Clayton west Huddersfield got 2 children and 2 grandchildren.

Margaret lives in Doncaster got 2 boys and 5 grandchildren she as retired

Doreen lives in west Ardsley got 3 children and 2 grandsons Doreen and her daughter Nicola have a childminding business.

Denise lives in west Ardsley she got 1 son and 2 grandchildren she also looks after children for a living

Terance lives in  Bolton Dearne  3 children and 3 grandchildren

Stephen got 2 children but sadly died in 2005

me Betty lives in Leeds and I have got 1 son and 2 lovely grandsons. For the last 16 years I've been  a breakfast cook at Fox `s biscuits      

Betty Barber (nee Guy) Leeds 


I thought you would like to see this photo taken at Brierley School in the early around 51-52. It shows the Top Class and it was taken after winning the Pontefract Musical Festival.


As far as a I can remember the


(Was one of these 3 a Dixon, ?, ?, ?), Terry Wheater,  Alan Vest, ? Austin, ?, Alan Gascoigne, ?,  ?, (Was one of these two a Normanton)

Mr. Balmforth.



Barry White, ?,  ?, Carol Holder, Dorothy Moorhouse, Margaret Phillphs, Phyllis Vest, Edwin Hambleton and ?.



Barbara Lawton, ?, Pat & Jill Cowling, Shirley? Hancock,  Sylvia Ward, Marlene Beard, Susan Robinson and Dorothy Francis

The photo was in a poor condition and I have repaired it quite a bit.  Hope someone may help with the missing names.


Yours sincerely

Marlene Haynes (nee Beard) Brierley

Thanks Marlene, I will add the photograph to the archives shortly.

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