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Introducing the work of Brierley and its people in photographs (Baipip)

Brierley is a small village near Barnsley in South Yorkshire England

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by Alex Vodden

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  Brierley-that village overshadowed by the Power of industrial Grimethorpe so it was – not so anymore

Brierley – the ancient hamlet of medieval heritage captured in pictures by Gazza. Not of footballing fame, but with a photographers flare. Gazza a denizen of Brierley, who ruffles our feathers and whets the appetite of our nostalgia. Oh – how we like to remember the friends, foes, feared and flights from the people of our childhood’s:

‘Oakie’, who could lay a hedge and walked the streets of our community with sack gaitered legs

‘Mossy’, who cleaned your windows if he liked you, propped his ladders on your sills on the frostiest of morns and peered through your bedroom windows through the portholes of his breath. Many is the wife who retreated into the warmth of her bed covers because Mossy had arrived early and caught her little lie in

‘Losh’, who gleamed the fire of the Horseshoe’s taphole and beamed with the chuckle of his secrets of the village where he was king: When you could buy a horse, a cauli’, parrot or poached rabbits on every day of the week at T’Hoss Shoes.

Jack in the ‘House of Commons’ snug of the same pub Who sets your rates and threatened to go to Persia to buy a carpet for Brierley Hall ‘if questioned again’.

Harry, who proposed not one gondola on the dell, but two, so we could breed with them.

They’re all here in Gazza’s memory lane. Come along and discover yourself in places or hats you never thought you would see again.

Remember Maggie – that famous of all Brierley Postmistresses who prided herself on being the first citizen of the village to vote on polling days

And Tommy W of racing dog fame who stopped a sure winner by giving it a pork pie before the race. Now I know why they call pork pies growlers

Thanks to Gazza for giving back so much. All his own work – all his own efforts. No generous grants to Gary from anywhere Just sheer hard work, his own enterprise and wonderful enthusiasm No fancy prizes for his work – no seeking of fame

Thanks for the memory Gazza.

  Alex Vodden February 2000

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