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Email received at this web site

From August 2005 to December 2005


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Only email with a full name and a place of residence (e.g. Brierley, Australia, Leeds etc) will be acknowledged. 

Edited email will be answered on the web site and in some cases may receive a personal reply


Updated December  2005

Hello from a southern chav as my girlfriend calls me 

I will be moving to Brierley within the next 18 months so would like to know if the Brierley people are friendly to Southerners? Will it be difficult to find a job for an unskilled man ? What's the local beer like & are Barnsley FC worth watching ? 

P.S. found this to be a very helpful site , 

Thanks from Pete in Kent ( home of the mighty Gills ) lol


Thanks for you email Pete. I can assure you that you will receive a warm Yorkshire welcome in good old Brierley. I am glad you found the site helpful.  If you need any help when you finally arrive in Brierley give us a shout.

Hello again Gary

The attached photograph may be of interest.  Taken on Brierley Common, 1937 or 38. Back row

L to R : Leonard Grimes (my dad), Tom Scholey, Derrick Grimes Front Row L to R : Kenneth Grimes,

Mark Scholey.


Keith Grimes Tynemouth Tyne and Wear


Thanks Keith, keep them coming. I have placed your photograph in the Baipip archives and on the web site under Others 79.

Hello Gary

Thank you for the copy of your booklet Brierley Remembered number 2. It is quite good. I am still reading it and found the Hanson's Smithy article interesting. A Mrs Hanson of Brierley was a customer of mine when I had the hairdressing shop at Cudworth. She moved to Tasmania with her family in the early 1960s. Your write up on the Spiritualist Church is good, I am pleased to have been able to help with some of the names.

I could be related to Bob Blenkinsop and have sent him an email.

Do you have any copies of Brierley Remembered No. 2  left for sale, if so Margaret's family would  like to buy three please.


Richard Watson Brierley


Thanks for your comments on Brierley Remembered number 2. I will save you three copies. Re the Hanson's: I was in the infants’ class with Christopher Hanson and I also know he had a slightly older sister. I remember as a child possibly 1964/5 going round the school and collecting for them a going away present. I can't remember what we bought them but the colours blue and silver stick in my mind. I knew then that they were going to Tasmania and I have had an appeal on the web site to contact the family (I seem to think that he also had a brother at the school but I am not 100% certain about this). Someone from Cudworth replied to the appeal and said she was in contact with the family and that Christopher had been called to the Bar as a lawyer. Unfortunately all correspondence ended when I closed the old web site down and I don't have any email addresses. I have a few photographs of Christopher in my infant class and although he probably doesn't remember me, I certainly would love to hear from him.

  The Bob Blenkinsop story is really interesting and I have managed to put Bob in touch with a couple of people through the web site, one of them being Pat Nichols from Barnsley Road.

It would be interesting to know how you get on with him and if you are related.


Thank you again Gary

Yes both Mother and daughter were my customers when I had a hairdressing shop in Cudworth about 1962. The girl was just doing her O levels then I helped her with some geography questions, but I do not remember her name it could have been Gillian.

I have been in contact with Bob Blenkinsop and we are distantly related. Annie Blenkinsop of Cudworth was my Grandmother. We are exchanging notes.


Richard Watson

Hello Gary,

I was wondering if you would like a few more details about photograph 14. It was taken in the grounds of Brierley Methodist Church on Saturday 29th April, 1978 and is the crowning of the G.B. Queen in the 22nd year of the First Brierley G.B. Company. Jayne Sissons is the retiring queen and Michelle Fearns her successor. The three smaller girls at the front looking from left to right are Fay Arnold, Julie Crossland (with cushion) and Sian Johnson. Kerry McKernon is the first girl standing in uniform.

I now live in "sunny" Southport and visiting your website has brought back some happy memories!

Kind Regards,

Michelle Dodds (nee Fearns) Southport 


Thank you for your information Michelle. Between yourself and Lesley Cormack (nee Baker), all the girls have now been identified. I am rather impressed with the details of the date you have provided. The photograph will now be added to the Baipip archives with the photograph number Methodist Church 96. Please keep in touch with the web site.

Hi Gary,

 I would like to let you know how much I enjoyed Gordon Steele's memories of Brierley. As soon as I saw the heading Where has the "frying pan gone", I couldn't stop reading. I used to live on the frying pan handle at no 51, Park View. being the same age as Gordon his story brought back so many childhood memories. I first contacted your site in April 2001 re an old school photo Mrs Horton's class 1950 and my sister Marlene Haynes managed to get a copy from you for me. I think I can help with a couple of names re one of your photos:  front row 2nd and 3rd from the left Mrs Hartley and Information required no 23,Mrs Glew. I think you do a marvellous job with your web site and look forward to checking on the updates.

Christine Johnson (nee Beard) Perth Western Australia


Hi Christine, it was very welcome to hear from you again. Your email in 2001 is still on the web site. Thank you for your information on photograph number 14, it has been updated with your details. I was pleased to hear you enjoyed Gordon's memories, perhaps you might think about writing yours or send us a story for the Where R U now page? Look forward to hearing from you again.

Hi Gazza

The lad stood behind Mr Vodden on the Black pudding eating contest photograph is Paul Spialek from Grimethorpe.

Mick Gough Brierley.


Thanks for that Mick. I have updated the photograph.

Hiya Gary

Could you put a link onto the web site for my company as I live in Brierley


Dave Elliott




Consider it done Dave. I have also placed your web site under local services. 

Can you please put me in touch with Elaine Armstrong who appears on your email page, as it would appear her granddad married my granddad's sister. It may also be coincidence that their family name was Graham & that is my original family name.. My granddad was Frank Graham, his sister Dorothy was Joe Lodge's wife. I have some photo's of uncle Joe with Brownie & Topper & another 2 horses that I cannot remember the name of.

I also have all 'Aunty' Dorothy's school reports from the 1920's and her certificates that she won for various things at chapel. I do not remember 'Uncle' Joe as he was actually my mum's uncle & died before I was born. My mum remembers him though, and Topper. Dorothy never remarried and until her own death spoke of Joe with much love. I also have birthday and Christmas cards that she saved from their marriage - you are welcome to borrow anything of interest.

I have some other photo's of Uncle Joe & Aunty Dorothy. She was a lovely lady, I don't know if Elaine's 'Graham' side of the family is also related. Ada - lived at Brierley park, Harold lived in Grimethorpe.  If Elaine would like to get in touch I can show her the collection of things I have that were passed to me after my 'Aunty' Dorothy's death.

Also I've been trying to find the Parry family that lived in Brierley Park in the early 70's. There were Shane, Andrew, Beverley & Tracey. Shane was the eldest, Beverley will be approx 39 now & Tracey a bit younger. They moved from Brierley to Hemsworth. I've bumped into them very briefly when I first moved back to Brierley after living in the South for 14 years. I can't seem to find them since then. Both Bev & Tracey did a lot of dancing & had loads of cups & trophies. I wondered if any of the family can put me back in touch.

I'm also trying to locate Bev & Debbie King again-they lived on Regina Crescent in Brierley, I think Debbie is still in Brierley but not sure where. I would like to try and catch up if anyone can help.


Thanks Tracy Bonner (nee Prior) Cudworth


Thank you for your very interesting email Tracy. I am sure Elaine will be back in touch with the web site and read your email. If so, hopefully she will send her details which I can then pass on to you with her permission. I would love to look at the photographs you have in your possession and possibly add them to the archives. I will be in touch.

This email has also been placed on the Peoples Search 1 page

Hi Gary

I had a shock when I saw the photo. I have the same photo in Australia in my album.

From left to right: My father Ben Perkins {Brierley), Uncle George Dodd (Ryhill), Uncle John Dodd (Ryhill), unknown, Uncle Hiram Dodd (Ryhill), Uncle Charlie Burdett (Brierley).

If anyone wants my email address feel free to let them have it.

Great site

Brian Perkins, Bundaberg , Australia


Nice to hear from you again Brian. I seem to have lost touch with quite a few ex pats since I closed the old web site down. It is nice to see some of you are finding me again. Thank you for the information on the photograph, it has been updated and the information added to the archives.

Hello Gary

Photograph no. 32 is of a camping trip with Brierley youth club. I am not sure of the year but the two people in the back row are Jayne Hughes and Carole Wright.

Becky Halliday Brierley


Thanks Becky. I would appreciate you asking around and see if you can get me a date or as near as you can.


Information on photograph 28. Far left Alan Vamplew, Diane Glew, just behind her are Susan Dixon and Carol Elvidge, just in front of them are ( in stripes) Keith Brown, slightly  behind Keith are Pauline Evans and ? Then Michael Hollins and Tracey Godbold.  Standing higher than the rest is David Chapman, front row are Darren Sykes (or maybe Sides can' t remember) Michelle McGrath, Corrie Roberts, Lesley Walker and Robert Ralph's.  The boy in glasses at the back is John Atherton.  The year was probably 1974, the children would have all been in the last year at Brierley school and would have been about 9 years old.  I was in the same class, but because I was always on the small side I was chosen to help in one of the younger classes for the play

I Hope this helps. Lesley Cormack (nee Baker) (New Zealand)


Thanks once again for your help Lesley. The photograph has been updated and thanks to your help as been added to the archives as photograph number Schools 129

Hey Gazza, my mate from Australia sent me this photograph of the "Dwile Flonking" in the Three Horse Shoes probably 1983, did he get it off your site? 

Paul Vodden Brierley

Hey Gazza, Yep just found it on your site, it wasn't 1985 as you state Gazza, it was before the strike, "Dwile Flonking" against the Manor. The bloke behind our old man is Paul Spialek from Grimey, The lady sat down laughing is Gerry Talbot's Mother Hilda who is now in her 90's. The blonde woman with the perm is Christine Clark. 

Paul Vodden Brierley


Thanks for the information Paul. The photograph has been updated.

Hello Gary

Just seen the photo that includes Enid Perkins. I still see Enid and her husband Brian but they now live in Rotherham. I'll ask her for any additional information

Just looking at your photo number 5 (Brierley Sing), Both my parents are on it. My Dad is on the back row, second in from the left, and third in from the left is John Perry who was best man at my Dad's wedding. My Mother is sat on the front row, fourth one in from the right.

John Draper


Thanks John, to be honest I didn't think I would get a response from  photograph 5 so I was really pleased with your reply. I have updated the photograph and eagerly await any news on the Enid Perkins photograph.

Hiya Gary,

Gordon Steele here. Reference photo 11 you require info about.

First a correction to your date, it should read 1951. I know this for a fact, as I have a photo of granny & granddad Steele taken at the same old folks tea in the institute. Admittedly it is a newspaper cutting but it lists them as being "Brierley's Oldest Couple" At 86years of age. granddad was born in 1865.

Sadly granny died later that year.

   Also, with help & confirmation from my brother John, we recognize the Rev'd H. Jarman. Also sat directly opposite him are a Mr. & Mrs. Rogerson. The chap on the other table, 2nd. from the right, with the pipe is Mr. Dinsdale, (nearest the camera)

   Hope this helps a little, we are working on another photo from your collection, 'The Hospital Sing.'  We've established that the photo was taken in a field to the side of Burton's farm, the entrance from "Patey Croft." Standby for more to follow!!!

  The web site is looking great-------- but when was the 213rd November 2005??????  Did I miss that one or is it on it's way (HA HA).

  Cheers for now

Gordon Steele  Walton,


Hi Gary, Gordon Steele here again!!!!!!

The Hospital Sing" photo is the one I've had John working on  --  I actually managed to recognize our granddad John William Steele by myself!!!! I couldn't identify anyone else--- not even John himself!!!!

Anyway, here goes .

Top row left to right: ? Arthur Draper,??? Eddie Thorpe,??? Frank High-Water Miles John Butterworth.

2nd  row down l to r: John W Steele, John Steele ???? Mrs Maurice White,  Mrs Miles,? Elizabeth Deighton, Mrs Frank Perry,

3rd row down l to r: ? Derek Grimes,? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?.

4th row down l to r: 4th. boy is possibly Walter Deighton.

That's all he can identify I'm afraid, But he goes on to explain that some of the adults would have come from Shafton and/or South Hiendley, being a joint  Hospital Sing.

The band could possibly be a Salvation Army Band, judging by their cap badges.

The concert (?) was held in Burton's Croft, around about 1936.

Hope this helps you, cheers for now,

Gordon Steele Walton


Hi Gary, it's me again!!!

An addition to photo 11.

The chap sat at the 5th to the right of Mr Jarman as been Identified as William Shackleton.

Cheerio for now

Gordon Steele Walton


Thanks Gordon. I must admit you had me baffled with the 213rd November until I found it on my home page. Thanks for the information on photograph 11, I was really surprised because I was told the photograph would have been circa 1920/30 so it was pleasing to receive information about it. I hope you haven't forgot the photographs you promised to look out for your memories page. Also I would love a copy of the newspaper cutting you refer to for the archives. KEEP THAT INFORMATION ROLLING IN !!!!!!

Hi Gary

On photograph number 97

On the Girls Brigade photo, the girl on the right  in the stripy jumper is Alison Ball and  to the side of her are two of the Shaw's, I think it is Cheryl and Jacqueline and yes me Cheryl McGrath

Cheryl Evans (nee McGrath)


Thanks for that Cheryl. I have updated the photograph. 

Updated November 2005

Hi Gazza, its Hazel, how are you doing. I thought you told me you was going to update the web site other week . I keep looking as I think your web is great take care.

Hazel Devonport Brierley


Thanks Hazel. Unfortunately I have had a kidney infection and it knocked me for six for five weeks. Anyway, I am feeling fine now and back working on the web site.

Hi Gazza

On Willowgarth staff photo circa 1970,  Mr ladley's first name is Mick  and that's his wife sat in front of him.

On the photograph More information required no 14, the little one front right is Jean Johnson's daughter Sian

Alex Vodden Junior Royston


Thanks for the information Alex, it has been updated.

Hi Gary,

Ref the  photo More information required 20, perhaps I can help.

The vicar is Mr. Webster. On the second row from the back, the lad with the striped cardigan is my brother Raymond Steele. Two to his left is myself, and on my left is David Nichol. They're the only ones I recognize. I would say it was taken in 1952/53??? Definitely at Burntwood Hall.

In case you're wondering, I have not forgot you're waiting for part 2 of my memories. I really have been exceptionally busy since I spoke to you last. I will make time tomorrow!!!

Cheers for now Gordon Steele Walton


Thanks for the information Gordon. Your memories have been updated.

Hi Gary

I have just discovered your superb website! It is wonderful to be able to travel back down memory lane.


Dave Greenwell Cudworth


Hi Dave, How are you keeping. I have not seen you for a while. Do you still go up to the Methodist Church? Thanks for your kind comments on the web site it is nice to have you on board. Please keep in touch with the site

Dear Gary

As a 'soft southerner' recently transplanted into renting a house in Brierley (Co-operative Cottages) for the next six months in order to continue writing my first book, I do have to ask: Is it pronounced Bri-erley?  (As in rhyming with fire) or Breer-ley?  (As in rhyming with beer). It seems to vary even amongst 'the locals' depending on who you ask (I even had a conversation with someone in the bus station at Barnsley who managed to pronounce it both ways in the same sentence!).
Yours in mild confusion.

With best wishes

Nick Gilman Brierley


Hi Nick
Thanks for your email and your interest in the Brierley Village web site. You will normally find that residents of Brierley pronounce our village name as Bri-erley?  (as in rhyming with fire as you say) which is the correct pronunciation. People from outside the village usually pronounce it Bree-erly. It is one of my pet hates when I hear it pronounced this way and indeed I have to pull many a people to rights about it (much to the annoyance and embarrassment of my girlfriend). I have a couple of books that you may wish to read which explains the history and name of Brierley in more detail.


Hi Gary

Many thanks for your reply - I will do my best to educate those ill-informed outsiders in the nether regions of South Yorkshire! Sorry, my book - or rather the trilogy, as it has now turned out - although a true story and a factual part-historical work, is not about anything local. It describes my 'quest' of the last six years to discover the truth about the disappearance in 1940 of a young Battle of Britain pilot with the same last name as myself. But yes, I would like to have a look at your books on Brierley, thanks very much for your kind offer.  Also, I have a few questions on the recent history of the village and the surrounding area which you might be able to help me with too, if you don't mind me taking a little bit more of your time.

Just to confuse things, I'm currently nearing the end of a month long stay in California (I lived here many years ago) but I'll be back in Brierley from next Thursday onwards - I'll get in touch with you as soon as I can after that (and as soon as I have adjusted to the er, 'slightly' cooler temperatures of Yorkshire - it's a very pleasant 80F out here at the moment!).

Catch up with you later All the best

Nick Gilman Brierley


Look forward to meeting you Nick.

Hi Gaz

Two young ladies on the picture  are Henry Hartley's daughters, Jackie on the far left and Geraldine with the black top on. More information required two

Paul Vodden Brierley


Thanks for the information Paul.

My grandfather was Francis Joseph WARBY, my father was Frank Edward WARBY, my brother's name is Frank WARBY and I have various cousins with that name. I'm almost certain that my father Frank Edward was born in Aldgate east London.  I hope this information is of use to your site.  

Regards Vera Allen (nee) Warby


Thanks Vera. I have updated your information on the People Search  page1

Hello Gary. Thanks for Putting my Memories on the site. With regard to the photograph number 12, the Building is the Hemsworth Mining and Technical College. I am not on the photograph and I m not sure of the year it was taken. I was there myself in the year 1958. 

All the Best Brian Bower Doncaster


Thanks Brian, I have updated the photograph

Updated October 2005

Hi Gary.

Just to say great website.  So many interesting topics.  Well done mate.  Its the only thing on the web that keeps me and Bernie Lucas out of the chat rooms!  Keep up the good work.
Jeff Painter of Brierley


Thanks Jeff.

Hi Gary

If possible I would like to be added to your listings with a link to my website  www.auragas.co.uk

Regards Gary Robinson Brierley Aura Gas Services


Consider it done Gary and welcome to the web site

Hi Gary

Chris Sykes here. May I through your excellent web site, pass on my thanks to all the marvellous people of Brierley and Grimethorpe who contributed to the Harvest Festival Auction in Brierley Club on Saturday night. On behalf of the St John Ambulance a total of £2,085.21 was raised. This takes the total over the last 6 years to over £10,000 that has been raised through these auctions. Once again thanks to everyone concerned.

Chris Sykes (organiser) Brierley.


I think, as always Chris, you did a marvellous job and I can't think of a more deserving local charity than the  St John Ambulance. Terry Haynes and his band of volunteers do an absolute fantastic job for both the local kids and adults. I believe we also have a team of cadets to be proud of.

Hello Gary. 

Hope you are in good health and enjoying fair weather here it is wet and windy. I have attached a few words for the Memories site hope you approve of them. I would be pleased if you will put them onto the Memories site, if you need to edit  please feel free.

All the Best Brian Bower (Doncaster)


Your memories have been placed on the Memories page Brian. I haven't forgot to update the other photographs you sent me, it's just trying to find the time at the moment although I have added them to the Baipip archives.

Hi there

My dad (Ian Walker) says that there is a shirt signed by Ashley Cole from Arsenal up for auction but then said he thinks it may be Andy Cole, Fulham?

Cheers Maxine Palmer Peterborough.


Hi Maxine

The shirt is Andy Cole, Fulham. Hope you are not disappointed. How is your dad doing? I haven't seen him for a while. Is he well enough to go the auction on Saturday.


Hi there Gary

Yes we were disappointed we wanted it to be an Arsenal shirt.  Dad is not doing to great but he’s plodding along trying his best to fight it, he has no immune system at present so smoky public places are out of the question for the time being!  I’ll tell him you were asking about him.  We bid via our Richard and got the Arsenal picture so we owe somebody £45 quid I think.  Hope it went well. Maxine


It went very well Maxine and we managed to raise £2,085 for the St John Ambulance which I know your dad plays a big part in. Give him my regards and wish him a speedy recovery from me and Mary.

Hi bruv, its early morning now and I have just finished writing my memories for my latest book. As you know I like to relax and write, but after a while I get fed up and have a browse on the net. lo and behold, my little brother always comes up with the goods. Brierley Village is a really interesting site that appeals to all of us from good old Brierley. You have not lost your touch, I always say, "if our Gazza dun't know, no one duz", you have done a great service to our little community, so why don't you get your backside in gear and go for a  councillors job. No one knows the people of Brierley like you do, no one knows what they want as you do, start here and end up in the Town Hall in Barnsley.

"Just think Gaz, Mr Gazza, Mayor of Barnsley,

"No kid bruv, go for it". Love you Gazza,

Al Grimethorpe


I'll take that as a compliment Al (I think).

Updated September 2005

Hi Gary,

I was just visiting the site for a first time in a while, and I saw an e-mail from a Gary Blenkinsop from the Isle of Wight. Apparently our grand-fathers were related and he was trying to make contact with me. Do you have his e-mail address?

Best regards, Bob Blenkinsop 


Nice to hear form you again Bob. I am sending you the email address of Gary privately. Also Brierley Remembered Number Two is just about completed (at last) with includes the article about your grandfather. The booklet will be a limited edition of 100 and if you forward me your home address I will send you a complimentary copy. Also let us know how you go on with Gary.

 Further to this, I have been talking to Pauline Nicholls from Brierley who saw a draft copy of Brierley Remembered Number Two I mentioned earlier, and the butcher you mention at Shambles Street was her husbands (Pat) granddad Edgar Blenkinsop whose wife he believes was called Lillian. Their children were called: Sarah, Lillian, George Florina (Pat Nicholls mum), Marion and Eleanor who is still living. He also has a photograph which he is prepared to loan me of Edgar outside the butchers shop. I hope you find this information useful. I have passed your email address on to Pat and he may be in touch. Please let me know how you go on I am sure the web site readers will find it interesting.


Many thanks for this. I'd be delighted to receive a copy of the book, and have no particular preference on book number. 

I can't believe you've thrown up two new family contacts. I've been researching my family history for a few years now, and have a database of 200+ descendents of a Thomas Blenkinsop who got married in Cudworth at the start of the 19th century. However, there have been no new leads for a while until your note. I'll follow up with Gary and let you know how I get on. 

The other contact is really interesting. I had a record of all of the children of Edgar & Lillian that you mention except Marion & Eleanor (who I assume were younger children?). However, additionally there were two other sons named Thomas & Herbert. Thomas actually took over the shop from Edgar, but he was killed while serving in Germany right at the end of the second world war. I established contact with his grandson who also sent me photos of Edgar outside the shop and quite a few other items of interest relating to that side of the family. His name is Ian Blenkinsop and he lives in Clitheroe, Lancashire which is where his father Frank settled after the war. Frank would have been Pat's cousin . I've written-up large chunks of the family history (including the information I have on Edgar and his family) and I'd be very happy to send Pat this information if he's interested. I'd love to hear from him, and could also provide him with Ian's contact details if he wished.  

Thanks again for all your help.

Best regards, Bob Blenkinsop London

Hi Gazza

Just having a look at your web site, it gets better every time I visit. Take care.

Hazel Devonport Brierley


Thanks Hazel.

Hello there,

I recognize quite a few faces of the girls in the photo, I can't remember all their names though.  I think the year would be somewhere between 1976-78.  On the front row in the blazer is Linda Vamplew, next in tunic is Cheryl McGrath, girl ?, boy ?, girl in tunic ?, Pauline Shaw in a tunic, just behind her in hat and blazer is her sister Cheryl Shaw, I think that's me in the cardigan looking down (Lesley Baker as I was then).  Standing behind in a blazer is Janet Vamplew.  I haven't remembered the last girls name but it will come to me eventually.  Hope this helps.  I now live in New Zealand and haven't seen any of these girls since I was at school.

Regards Lesley Cormack (nee Baker) from New Zealand


Hello again,

Photo 14  Back row Cheryl McGrath, Pauline Shaw, Cheryl Shaw, Jacqueline Shaw, Jane Sissons, Michelle Fearns.  The three girls in uniform from the left are Kerry ?, Janet Vamplew and Linda Vamplew.  I can't remember the names of the 3 smaller girls. Photo 16 the girl standing is Kim Whitehead, girl sitting Marie Gaskill and girl with posy Kerry ?.

Regards Lesley Cormack (nee Baker) from New Zealand


Thanks very much Lesley. It is always nice to hear from ex pats of Brierley. Maybe you would like to appear on our Where R U Now page? Let me know. I really appreciate your help with the photographs as the people on the ones in question were a few years younger than I. If there is anyone you would like me to look up for you please don't hesitate to ask.

Never received a reply as yet but here is my email address mate:


Here is the location of my web page since changing ISP's


Did you keep that mug shot you took of me and our Bill behind your office
whilst I was over? I am hoping to get back over there with the next 3 years.

Take care Kevin Bates Australia


As you know Kev I only reply to email on the web site so that everyone can have a nosey at what's going on. I will dig the photograph out when I get the chance and put it on the net. 

Nice web site Gazza 

from Shawy  (Ian Shaw) Brierley    


Short and sweet but thanks mate.

Dear Gary.

In short I am  desperate to see and and hear about the old house Fieldhead that was next to the church in Brierley. 

I am sorry about this, after reading those heartfelt please to find loved ones I feel quite guilty in this request...My grandfather Clifford Peacock (who has now passed away) lived there with his young family at the end of the 50’s up to it being demolished in the early 60’s and unfortunately leaving me with no memories recorded or pictures to look at. I know nothing of the house other than it was of the period of my fascination (1700). I am at a loss as to where I can start to look or who I can ask. My mother (Elaine) seems to have only vague memories. After reading your piece on Brierley local history and how alive that period came for me I felt sure you would have some information to enlighten me on the old house.

Here’s hoping this finds you in good health and thanks again for that great article………..

Trevor Painter Wakefield.


Hi Trevor, If you follow the link it will take you to the photograph of Fieldhead which unfortunately is the only one I have. Fieldhead Cottage which was situated in the grounds of Fieldhead is also available to view on the web site, just follow the links.  It may be a coincidence but I also received the email  on the same day as yours regarding this house and family but the details and place of residence of the sender were not included. Unfortunately because I have to be careful of possible hoax emails,  I cannot publish  the details  on the web site.


Hi Gazza its me Hazel Devonport, our Kevin wants to know if you got his email, with all the old photos on     

Hazel Brierley


Yes I did Hazel. I have replied to Kev. Sometimes it takes a little time to get round to replying to everyone. Glad to hear you are feeling better.


Eyup Gazza

Here are some old Brierley photos:




Kevin Bates OZ


Thanks for you email Kev, I thought you had forgotten us.. The photographs you refer to are also available on a CD which I have in my possession but thanks anyway. 

Cheers Gary.  

Nice one mate (Tony is referring to his photograph I have placed on the photograph page).  You will  have to get a photo of our old man winning bingo in Brierley Club!

Tony Whitelam Brierley


That won't be a problem Tony seeing as he normally wins every game. 


I've just been on the web site for the first time and I've spotted an email from someone named Taichie placed on 16th July regarding the Harrington and Seacroft family. my nannan Edna Halliday was a Seacroft and her aunty Hannah/Anna {not sure on spelling} married Ernest Harrington. their was also bill Seacroft and jean Seacroft if those names are any help to her. thanks Rebecca Halliday Brierley


Thanks Rebecca, I have updated the email in question. It is always a pleasure to welcome new visitors to the site. Please keep in touch.

Hi Gary,

With a lot of help from my brothers, John & Ron & of course dear Nigel Crosland, we have managed to put together a list of the ladies in your Mothers Union photo. here goes:

Back row L to R: Mrs J Wroe, Mrs C Turner, ?,Mrs O Grimes, Mrs Woodward, Mrs Picken, Mrs J Dixon, Dorothy Booker (Marigold), Rev Grainger, Mrs Brazier (Winham), ?, Mrs Fry (postmistress), ?, Mrs Watmough,?, ?, ?.

Front row L2R ?, Mrs E Grimes, ?, Mrs Baker, Mary Winham Bowden), Mrs Dyson, Mrs Greenall, Mrs Greenhough.

 I hope that this is of some help, maiden names in brackets.

Gordon Steele Wakefield


Thanks very much Gordon. The photograph has been updated. I am hoping to visit the Methodist Church shortly (when I can make arrangements) and take a folder full of photographs of which I need further information before I arrange a full exhibition next year. I mat also add these to the web site if time allows. I am also hoping within the very near future to make an index (I am working on it now) available to the web site of all the photographs in the Baipip archives.

Hi bruv, 

The photograph you have pointed out to me certainly looks like me but I can't remember it.

Do you have date or location to jog my memory, I don't recognise anyone on the photo but I will blow it up and have a good look, my eyes are not as good as they were, (this part of the email has been edited slightly).

Cheer's your big bruv Al  xxxx (Sheard Grimethorpe).


I have put the photograph on the site Al to see if anyone recognises it.

Hi Gary  

Just looking through the photos and I’m the one between Neil Tibble and Chris Hanson on the front row. Cheers mate and keep up the good work

Gary Wilson


Thanks for that Gary. the page has been updated. I don't know how I missed that one as you were the first person I recognised when I saw the photograph for the first time. It is nice to hear from you again. Please keep in touch.  

Hello Gary. 

Hope you are well. Here's a few more Photos.

Number 1 is a family Photo of my brothers and their wives about 15 years after they left for Australia also, Marion Bernard's girl. L to R. Nell, Bernard, Marion, Connie and Frank. Number 2 is Bernard and Marion (Marion is a little younger here) Number 3 is Frank and Gregary. Number 4 is Connie and Gregary.

Sadly Bernard and Nell are no longer with us. Marion is still around. Frank and his family are still around.

All the Best Brian Bower Doncaster


Thanks Brian, I will update the Where R U Now page as soon as I find the time.

Updated August 2005

Hi Gary.

Great website. You have put a lot of work into producing a quality website. Nice to see Brierley getting some publicity.  Keep up the good work mate. On the Black pudding photograph, the two ladies either side of Clive Dye are Diane & Molly Garner.  Diane is on the left.
Tony Whitelam Brierley


Thanks for that Tony. Don't be late for your taxi to Coppins on Sunday

Hello Gary 

On my Where R U Now page, The little boy in the photo is Frank Bower my brother. Frank lives in Australia (Albany). Mums name was Barbara Hannah Ames. Dads name was John James Bower. Us three were I think in Bridlington on the Brierley trip One of the organisers of the trip was Tony Spaxman's' Dad.

All the Best Brian Bower Doncaster


Thanks for that Brian, your families Where R U Now page has been updated.

H Gary   

Just browsing on your web page it is very interesting, all the people that get in touch with you. Keep up the good work.

From Hazel Devonport Brierley


Nice to hear form you Hazel. Thank for your kind comments.

Hi bruv, Great web site, got Garry Wilson up, very interesting, I can't find Your Contributions  to look for my poems. I will keep trying, well done, see you later bruv.

Alan Sheard Grimethorpe.


Thanks for that Al. Click on Your Contribution to find your poems.

Hello there Gazza,

Just dropping you a message. Ya doing a good job....

your mate Bernie Lucas Brierley


Thanks Bernie

Hello Gary, 

here are some photographs that may be of interest.

My Great Grandfather Thomas Grimes and Mary (nee Watson) on their 60th Wedding Anniversary. This is the original of the one you scanned from the newspaper.  They were married on April 1, 1901 at St Peter's Church in Felkirk.

My Granddad Frank Grimes with his three sons, Derrick, Leonard and Kenneth, 1931. Tommy again, in his nursery on Common Road in 1949, and his girlfriend (later wife) Doris Gaskell,  on the same day.

Keith Grimes


Thanks for the photographs Keith, they are updated onto the web site. I haven't had any luck as yet in finding Ivy House. It seems to be a real mystery.

Hi Gary, 

I'm just trying to piece together any information about my mother's relatives who were buried from the Milnsbridge Baptist Chapel, Brierley Wood and have at least 1 headstone there I understand from an old photograph we have. They were William Dyson, died 23/8/1874, and Betty Dyson, died 5/5/1878; do the chapel and the headstone or Headstones still exist? His son (my maternal Great Grandfather emigrated to Lyttleton, NZ in about 1859 and I'm keen to know a little more about the family; I'd be very grateful if you could find out a bit more, thank you. Regards Don Roy.

Hi Gary, My name is Don Roy and the address is  94 Homebush Rd. Wellington 6004, New Zealand. I sent an earlier email about the headstone and burial place of probably my maternal Great Great Grandfather and his wife presumably in your village. (I will attach 2 cards with the details) I wonder if their headstones still exist there; does the chapel still exist; what his occupation was? His son emigrated to Lyttelton, NZ in 1859 and stayed; his occupation when he married he gave as miner and he subsequently was a shopkeeper. Perhaps his father was a shopkeeper in Brierley? around the 1850's I know there seem to be hundreds of Dysons originating in Yorkshire; maybe there are still relatives of mine still living in Brierley? I see one in your emails. I don't know if you welcome this sort of query but it seemed a little easier than bumbling through all the CDs and censuses I understand are available at a fair old cost I might add; thank you, Regards Don Roy.


Hi Don, so sorry to disappoint you, but the Brierley Wood you mention is in a different part of the country to our Brierley, however, I will leave your details on the web site to see if any one can help you.

Dear Gary,

Thank you for adding us to your Brierley village website. We are very pleased with your response and service Regards Richard Hanwell & Son


Only too pleased to assist Richard.


Hi Gary

Thanks for the message you have posted on the site regarding my brother Geoffrey Grayson, I hope it gains results. I got your message from Julie to check the site. You are doing a great job with this site and reading it you have had many successes, lets hope this is another one, if we track him down promise will buy you a drink in the shoes.

Kath Thorpe


I will hold you to that Kath. If ever you come over to Julie's let me know and I will pop down for a chat.

Hi Gary

Here is the photograph as promised. My Grandfather George Graham is the one in front. I have no idea who the others are.  My mother tells of the 1920s general strike when the pit deputies went and paid for a quantity of fish, this was brought back to the pit and distributed free to the striking miners, this photograph was taken of the people involved.  Hope you can get it printed out ok. My Granddad was married to one Mary Howe. Grandfather was the organist at Grimethorpe Methodist Chapel and won several prizes for organ recitals.  He is the one in the front.  My memories of him are of his beautiful thick white hair and his back was pitted with coal.  As I said the photograph was taken during the General Strike of 1920 when all the deputies clubbed together, went to Hull and bought fish, distributing it to the striking miners.  You are welcome to use the photograph and if you want further information please ask. The pit is Grimethorpe Main and my grandfather worked there all his life.  He was a coal face worker but then became a pit deputy prior to the General Strike and remained such until he retired circa 1949 aged 65.  The other photograph I spoke of was one of my Uncle Joe,  Joe Lodge. He took care of the pit ponies at Brierley and the photograph shows him with the last two horses, a Dartmoor Pony called Brownie and another horse which worked up top called Topper.  He looked after them long into both  his and their  retirement.  However since I made the offer I have been told not to send it, no reason given as both Uncle Joe and his wife Dorothy are dead as are the horses now but I cannot go against family wishes sorry. There is little else I can tell you, my grandfather died when I was 5 years old my memories are very happy ones of a doting grandfather, the fish story came to light as my mother has given my daughter a box of photographs for her to scrapbook and it was amongst them. If I can be of any further help do let me know.

Elaine Armstrong


Thanks for your very interesting email and photograph Elaine. Although the web site is about Brierley, I am always interested in other local news and photographs. I would have dearly loved a copy of the one with your Uncle Joe on at Brierley Colliery to add to the archives but if it is your families wish not to loan it out I understand. Once again, thank you and please keep in touch with the web site. PS I have broken a rule by publishing your letter without knowing where you come from. 

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