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Email received at this web site

From November 2004 to July 2005


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Only email with a full name and a place of residence (e.g. Brierley, Australia, Leeds etc) will be acknowledged. 

Edited email will be answered on the web site and in some cases may receive a personal reply


Updated July 2005

Hello Gary. 

Hope you are well. Here's four photographs of the Bower family hope they are of some use to you.1/The Laburnums as it was when we lived in the village.2/Mum and Dad Bower. 3/Myself, Tony Spaxman and Clive Dye.4/My brother and sister-in-law on their wedding day (Arthur and Hilda) they eventually had seven children. Unfortunately Arthur is no longer with us but Hilda is still around. 

Kind Regards Brian Bower Doncaster.


Thanks Brian. I will add the photographs to the site later when I have more time.

Dear Gary

I have just been given a carton of old family photographs, there are two pertaining to the 1920 strike when my grandfather with others went to Hull and bought fish distributing it to the striking miners.  Would you like a copy of these photographs, other than my Grandfather a George Graham I do not know who the other people are.

Elaine Armstrong


Thanks Elaine that would be great. If you live local please email me again with your address and I will arrange to pick the copies up.  to pick the copies u

Hi  Gary,

Gordon Steele here, John's brother. Re the school photos on the site ---- I may be able to help with Mrs Horton's class 1950s all on the back row  3rd from left is John Wheater, 6th from left David Nicoll, 8th from left Terrence Donohue. I am not 100% certain of this one!!!!! 11th from the left looks very much like George Kerly? Such a long time ago! I hope this helps a little. Cheers

Gordon Steele. Walton Wakefield.


Thanks very much Gordon. I hope to see you at the next exhibition which I am planning.

Hi Gary

I understand Geoff Osborne has asked about me. Please forward him my details which are enclosed. 

Ray Dyson Leeds


Sorry Ray but I have lost a number of email addresses and Geoff's is one of them. If he gets in touch with me again I will pass on your details.

Hiya Gazza, 

I have been looking for my photo on your web site, cant find it any where. R u winding me up or what? 

Luv Becci Sanderson Brierley.


As if I would Becci, check this pic out.

Hello Gary  

This is Nicky Cinderey-Smith from Brierley in the Forest of Dean. Where is your Brierley?

Regards, Nicky


Hi Nicky, The Brierley this web site refers to is in Barnsley South Yorkshire. Nearest cities that you may have heard of are Leeds and Sheffield.  

Updated June 2005


I have just come across your website, while searching for information on Rev Bancks.  He was rector of Hartley, Kent where I live, from 1902 to 1934. I am interested in all aspects of Hartley's history and I note the e-mail you received from Chris Green about Rev Bancks and his family, and I was wondering if you could forward this e-mail to him.  I have for example copies of the many articles he wrote for the parish magazine from 1923 onwards.

Many thanks Peter Mayer, Hartley, Kent


Thanks for your email Peter. Unfortunately I have lost Chris's email address due to a computer fault but I am putting an appeal out on the Peoples Search page 3 for him to contact me again. As soon as he does I will forward your email onto him. Thank you for showing an interest in the site.

Hi Gary

Thanks so much for the kind words and the picture on the site, its great. It made me laugh smile and cry. The photograph brought back many memories as I don't have any pictures of them both and as years go by, your memory does fade a little but their memory will never be forgotten. Once again thanks for putting the photo on your site.

Take care from Darron, Cudworth (David's son and Eddie & Nellie's grandson, they are all truly missed).


It was my pleasure Darron. Also check out this pic.

Hello Gary.

The 1901 census shows Joseph Grimes living at Ivy House in Brierley.  Any idea where that is (was) ?

Keith Grimes


Hi Keith, I have been asked this question a few times and to be honest with you I haven't got a clue but I will pass your email onto Richard Watson to see if he can help.

Hello Gary.

Hope you are well. With reference to the Photograph Mrs Fox's class early 1950s. Boys sitting at the front.2nd from the left is I think Myself Brian Bower. I don't remember the girl 5 from the left, middle row, as  Hilary Howton but I think she was called Norma Harding. 

All the Best Brian Bower. (P.S. I will continue to study the photograph.)


Thanks for the information Brian, I have updated the photograph

Hello Gary,
I would like to find out the email of Chris Green who was asking you about William Bancks. I am descended for William Bancks as well and would like to see what information he has. 

Thanks Robert Baines


Thanks for your email Robert. Chris's email is showing a lot of interest. Unfortunately I have lost his email address due to a computer fault but I am putting an appeal out on the Peoples Search page 3 for him to contact me again. As soon as he does I will forward your email onto him. Thank you for showing an interest in the site.

May 2005

Hi Gary

The lady in the front row on the Mothers Union photograph, second from left, is my grandmother, Ethel Grimes (nee Wood). She was the mother of Derek Grimes, who is on the St Paul's class of 1937 photograph. Derek is still alive and lives in what used to be known as Common End, he owned the nursery there, as did his Grandfather, Thomas. The little girl identified as J Grimes on the Hospital sing queen crowning photo is my dad's cousin, Joan.  As far as I know, all of Ethel's five kids - Derek, Leonard (my dad), Kenneth, Enid Mary and Margaret, all went to St Paul's.

I have just recently started researching my family tree, seems my great-great grandfather (Joseph) was a coachman at Burntwood, presumably for the Dymond family.

Love the web site, brings back so many memories, mainly of Danny Oates ice cream ! I'd love to see more photos.

Best regards Keith Grimes  


Thanks for your email Keith and your valuable information. I don't know if you live local but I am hoping to hold an exhibition come August/September when all the Baipip photographs will be on show. Alternatively I am at the moment indexing the full photograph collection which will be published on the web site. You will then be able to request any photographs you desire. I spoke to your uncle Dereck at the last exhibition and he says he would like to write his memories of living in Brierley for me but it is difficult finding the time to see him. I have put a photograph of your gran and granddad on the wedding page. It is not very good but it was reproduced from an old newspaper cutting.

Hi Gary

Looking at the Willowgarth staff photo circa 1970s. The other Wilby is "Geoff". All the best with your excellent web site.

Paul Vodden, Brierley


Thanks for that Paul.

Hello Gary

My name is Gary Blenkinsop and I was wondering if you could help me I looked through your site and found an email from Bob Blenkinsop about his Granddad Ernest, I was wondering if you  could forward my mail on to him as my Granddad was Ernest’s cousin and I would like to find out a bit more about Ernest. I am living in the Isle of Wight.

Thanks Gary  


Sorry Gary but I appear to have lost Bob's email address but I am sure he will catch up with the site shortly and email me. I am hoping to put the story that Bob wrote about Ernest on the web site very soon. Please keep in touch.

Hi Gary

On the Willowgarth staff photo circa 1970s you can add Mick Wadsworth third from the left on the top row and Mr Price second left on the bottom row.

Chris Sykes. Brierley


Thanks Chris


Hi Gary 

I understand there is a new Pub or Club playing 60s/70s/80s music. I would like to know the address and telephone number and whether meals are served.

Thanking you in anticipation. 

Regards  - Kathleen Perfect


I think you may be referring to the Nite Owl or Qube as it is now known. Their telephone number is 01226 711123. The Qube is also a motel and serve bar meals or restaurant meals. A very popular place on a Wednesday and Friday night is the Robin Hood which is on Rotherham Road on the outskirts of Brierley telephone 01226 716977. People come from all over the area and I am told a good night is had by all. Thanks for emailing. 

Hi Gary

Looking around the village there seems to be an increasing problem of litter. Have the council got shut of all the road sweepers.

Dave Lomas Shafton


I agree with you 100% Dave. I walk round Brierley everyday and I believe that it is a forgotten village.

Hello Gary

Just looking at the 1965 "play" photo. The girl second from the right (next to Gillian Firth) is Ann Rowley. The site keeps getting even better (I see that my son Alan has also seen it and e mailed you as well) He's living in London but likes to keep in touch with Brierley

John Draper


I don't know what I would do without you John. I had an idea that Alan may be your son but I wasn't sure. Thank you for your kind comments on the site. It's good to be back. The photograph in question seems to be very popular and has been updated. 

Hello Gary. 

Thanks for the information and, I Will be happy for you to put the photographs on to the site. I am assuming that they are the ones  that were displayed on the old site. I am at this time looking for further photographs. All the best, and good luck with new site. Brian Bower.


Thanks Brian. I would be interested in recent photographs and of when you and your family lived in Brierley to put on the Where R U now page.

Hi Gary
I was browsing the web & noticed a photo with Ray Dyson on
(Brierley Methodist Play 1965) I used to play in the same football team as Ray & wonder if you, or any of your friends, know what's become of him.
Geoff Osborne


Hi Geoff, I have spoken to Ray's parents over the weekend who in turn tell me Ray is living in Leeds but visits them at their home on Grange Road often. If you let me know your details I will pass them on to Ray. Did you live in Brierley? Where are you now? Regards Gary

Hi Gary
Its Belle and Alec Dyson we have just been looking at the website and think its great.  Nice to know we are on the web, are we famous now? We are at Keith's as you know from the return address.
Well done Gary nice to see some old faces and some memories coming back. Has Les Parry got an e-mail address if so could you let me have it.  

Regards Keith Dyson


Thank you all for your email and kind comments on the web site. Nice to hear from you too Keith. I have contacted Les and I will forward you his email address as soon as I receive it. Please keep in touch with the site.

Hi Gazza

Keep up the good work, your website as certainly improved you are a credit to our village

Chris Sykes 


Thanks Chris. You are also a credit to our village and your talents at charity fundraising are well known and appreciated by all.

Hi Gary,  

The site looks really good and you should be very proud.  Let me know if you need any advice or have any probs...  cheers bud,

Austen Jones - Web host


Thanks for your help Austen, it is nice to know that nothing is too much trouble for you. I have also had a look at your site and I think it is the tops. I would advise anyone wanting to build their own site to contact your excellent team. 

G'day Gary

I thought I would send you this photo that was taken this Feb at a winery on the Swan River just a little to the east of Perth western Australia.  Those in the photo left to right are Malcolm Hartley (my cousin from Brierley) my dad Pat and myself John.  Malcolm and his wife Jean were in Perth on holidays and we went on a River cruise up the Swan River from Perth to a winery (Olive Farm) and back to Perth.  We all had a great time and bought some excellent wines.

Regards John Hartley in Australia

Thanks for your email and the photograph John. Follow the link to see the pic on the Hartley Where R U Now page

Hi Gary

Can you do me a favour and put this picture I've attached in one of your displays and see if you can get me some names. It includes my father so I would think its either a team from Brierley or Grimethorpe.


Les Parry Brierley


No problems Les. Follow the link to see the picture.

Hello Gary,

Hope you are well, nice to see the site up and running again. My name is Brian Bower I was on your site before it closed down. I lived at The Laburnums ( Barnsley Road) from 1943 until 1959.We then moved to Hemsworth. I worked at Grimethorpe Colliery until 1970 I then moved on to work at Doncaster Royal Infirmary as an electrician where I stayed until retirement in 2000.I would be please to hear from anyone who remembers me from that period. I have photographs of some of my relations who lived at The Laburnums before I was born (when I have located them). I would be happy to e-mail them to you if they are of any interest to the site. I would be pleased if you could give me any information on these people, Tony, Denise and Linda Spaxman, William Newton, Paul Normanton, Clive Dye, Lorna Peel. 

Best Regards Brian Bower.


Nice to hear from you again Brian. I am hoping to put your family on the where are you now page shortly? Is this ok with you? Denise and Linda Spaxman attended one of my exhibitions about 4 years ago but I have lost contact with them again but I am sure that someone will be able to let me know where they are. I believe that they are still living local. Clive Dye I believe is still living in the Barnsley area but I don't know where. If I get in contact with any of these people I will let you know

Hello Gary

I was trying to find out when the school was built can you help me out thanks

Mike Mulholland


Hi Mike, If you are referring to St Paul's Church of England School on Church street, the school was officially opened in 1871 but the late Rev Boyard Webster noted that some form of unofficial schooling had taken place before this time. I believe that the erection of the school may have started around 1869/70 the same time as the church. Below is an extract from my earlier book Brierley Remembered No 1.

The schools admission registers started in 1873 and the first official entry is one Annie Little - was born 7 February 1868 and started the school in July 1873. It names her father as Joseph Little - Market Gardner. A further entry also shows a H? May Kenyon starting the school in February 1878 and was born 25 April 1866. It names her father as George Kenyon - Farmer. From that date , there is only a further 44 names registered up to 1880, and there is no admission dates to accompany these names. It is interesting to note, that the school was named ‘Brierley Girls and Infants’. The first Head teacher and probably the only teacher at that time was a Miss Fanny Juster. It is also interesting to note that, before Mr E H Hoyland in 1898, all the other previous head teachers (11) were ladies, and that they didn’t seem to stay at the school for much more than one year. I would like to have concluded by stating that the school was girls only in those early years, but evidence in the registers shows that boys did attend at the same time.

I hope this information is useful to you. Regards Gary


I just wanted to know if you had any pictures of my family who lived in the village for years I remember seeing some pictures on your site of 2 people I class as the kindest and friendliest people I knew from the village. I left the village sometime ago but visit as often as I can could you please place the pictures back on and if possible more if you have them the picture in question is of my granddad and grandma  keep up the good work.. 

Thanks Gary all the best Eddie & Nellie Woodward

Darron  Woodward


Nice to hear from you Darron. Darron is referring to Eddie and Nellie Woodward who made and sold the famous ice cream 'It's Danny's' and who were the sister company to the equally famous Danny Oates ice cream.

The penny lick day when we brought the last of the ice cream horse drawn cart to Brierley was a great success. I agree with you that your Nan and granddad were two of the finest people that I ever met. I will be putting a few photographs up on the site soon. I have actually come across an old newspaper cutting with your granddad working in the factory. Photograph now on line.

Hi Gary,
One of my ancestors apparently lived for a period at Brierley Hall. He is William Bancks (1782-1863), the last to inherit the 200 year Bancks family business of metal working initially at Wigan , and later at Bewdley. I have a lot of the research papers of Rev Charles Gerard Winstanley Bancks of Harley, as he is my great grand father. His research reaches as far back as 688. I would be interested in any links you may know of between The Bancks family and Brierley Hall.
Chris Green 


Hi Chris, 

I have written the full history of the present day Brierley Hall along with my good friend Richard Watson. Unfortunately, there was no mention of a William Bancks ever owning or tenanting the property. However, Lindley House which stands in the centre of Brierley was once known as Brierley Hall  before the present Hall was built in 1840. Looking at the dates that William was born and died, it may be this building that he lived in. I am not sure if Richard Watson can help us further on this but I will make some enquires. I will also contact the present owners to see if they can help.

Hello Gary

Regarding the stone post on Barnsley Road opposite Regina Crescent

Thank you for pointing this out to me, here are a few  notes. This a gate post dating from the time when the Barnsley to Pontefract Turnpike road was opened in 1835. The provision of gate posts was part of the work of the road engineers. The bolt was part of the gate hanger. At that time Barnsley Road was called Oak Tree Lane and the field that this post stood in was Oak Tree Close. The post has an Ordnance Survey Bench Mark on it north east face, on a map dated 1907 this is shown as being 277.5 feet above sea level. A similar gate post on the road out of Brierley leading to Hemsworth stands alone on the left of the road, this has a Bench Mark shown on the map as 321.5 feet above sea level.

I Hope this is useful

Richard Watson


Thanks for that Richard. 

Since I received your email I also noticed the same mark on St Paul's Church to the left of the main doors. It was interesting to note that Barnsley Road was known as Oak Tree Lane.

Hi Gaz

long time no see,  good to see somebody's got Brierley on the world wide web. I was in Brierley club the other week and saw the old school photograph with myself on it that you have done. Is there any chance of getting a copy of this photograph and  could you email it me.

Thanks crock  Higgs


 It is nice to hear from you Crock. I will email you a copy as soon as I have time to scan the photograph in. How is the DJing going? I hear you are in big demand. Next time you are coming over, give me a shout and I will come for a pint with you.

Hi Gary,

It's good to see you back on the web. Last year we were in contact over your plan to publish a book and include the article I'd written on my grandfather Ernest Blenkinsop. Did this ever materialise? How can I get hold of a copy?

Hope all is well.

Best regards, Bob Blenkinsop 


I am lagging behind Bob. The book is only halfway finished. I am hoping to have it ready for Christmas. I will email you when it is completed.

Hello Gary,
I found your website as I went on the Brierley website created by my uncle, Richard Watson (your site was shown as a link), so congrats on setting up a great website (for a great village!). I assume you must have heard of the Drapers even though there are less of us still resident there. I don't know if it's just me, but I couldn't click on and see some parts on your website, such as memories, history and photographs, which is a shame because I'd really like to see them.

Keep up the good work.

Regards, Alan Draper.


Hi Alan, is your dad John Draper? I know your uncle Richard very well. He helps me out with any questions on the history of Brierley. He is an absolute mine of Knowledge. I have also photographed your grandma Eva on lots of occasions and I will be putting some of the photographs on the site very shortly. I am hoping that all the links are working properly now. Have a look round the site and keep in touch.

G'day Gary

Good to see you are getting the website going again, I was trying to talk my Uncle Bill into helping you out or maybe talking to you about him taking it on when he and Yvonne were over here early last year.

Keep up the good work.

Kevin Bates, Adelaide, Australia


Hi Kevin, 

Glad to know you have found the new site. I didn't know Billy and Yvonne had been over to see you. I know if I get stuck I can call on them anytime. I will leave your email address on site for if anyone wants to contact you. Please keep in touch with us all and I would welcome your comments from over the seas when the site is fully up and running.

Take care Kevin. http://users.bigpond.net.au/kevinbates

Hi Gary

I’m just looking at local sites – doing a bit of practice writing websites myself. When will you be putting some pics up.

Paul Tarn


Hi Paul, 

Nice to hear from you. I am hoping to work on the photograph page very shortly. If you have any requests please let me know. Good luck with your dabbling.

I was searching the web, and found your site... I was kind of excited, but this feeling was soon over come. your site is poo.

Chloe, Brierley I am the human torch... and I almost love you all.


Hi Chloe, 

Everyone to their own taste, but thanks for your comments anyway. It was nice of you to visit the site.


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