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Email received at this web site

From January  to May 2007


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Only email with a full name and a place of residence (e.g. Brierley, Australia, Leeds etc) will be acknowledged. 

Edited email will be answered on the web site and in some cases may receive a personal reply


Updated 16 May 2007

Dear Gary

 By pure accident I came across your Web site and was delighted to see faces and read names that I had forgotten until now. My name is Jeffrey Cook and I am the first boy top row on the photograph schools 15.  Also the second girl top row from Mrs. Thorpe is my sister Marylin Cook, now Marylin Harvey who lives in Carlton, Barnsley. I can remember all of the names but would have found it difficult to match their faces. I can remember John Draper and especially Peter Woolridge who I worked with at Grimethorpe Power Station.

I attended Brierley School including the Primary School across the road; I remember playing cricket in the field behind the School, and walking home each day to Grimethorpe with my two sisters. I eventually attended Grimethorpe Secondary School and left in 1964. I attended college and worked at the Power Station in the position of Mechanical Engineer. In 1984 I went to work in Saudi Arabia and continued an international career for 10 years.

  I am now living and working in San Francisco , California and this is now my home for the last 14 years. One last note……….. Mrs. Horton is my Aunt; Horton was my mother’s maiden name.

The Website is excellent, but I am not sure that I know who you are.

Thanks Jeff Cook San Francisco , California.


Hi Jeff, I am not too sure where you are on the photograph as the first boy left is named as is the first boy right. Perhaps you could enlighten me further. I have updated the photograph with your sister Marylin. You won't know me as I didn't start Brierley St Paul's school until 1963. I was brought up on the Hillside estate and perhaps you may know my half brothers and sisters who were the Sheards. You may be my brother Alan's age. Thank you for your kind comments about the website.

Hi Gary,  I don't mind writing for the "Where are you now ?" page but I haven't done much remarkable  and think it may bore people. Also I'm a two finger typist and type slower than a snail jogging. The article on Felkirk church is

interesting (is John Steel related to Raymond (a.k.a."Coggy") Steel ?). Both my paternal grand parents are planted in the graveyard at Felkirk as is my aunty Una (Maundrill) late of High St. South Hiendley. I was partially educated at nearby Felkirk Secondary Modern School (as it was then) in High Well Hill Lane. Brian Bower Has contacted me, thanks for giving him my new E-mail address.    

'Bye for now , the footy's ont telly. Regards Eric Heeley Australia. 


Hi Eric, I have passed on your new email address to the people who wanted to contact you. As you know I already have you on the Where R U Now page, it was just an update which I will get from Jillian. Thank you.

Hiya Gary a local resident of Grimey for 27 years now moved to Brierley, cud yer tell me please do you have a girls brigade or somat like that in Brierley. I notice there is a boys brigade but its a young girl of 14 I'm looking for, we are foster carers and trying to find something in the area for her to do????
Many thanks Keeley Collins of Brierley


Hi Keeley

Thanks for your email. Unfortunately the girls brigade finished a couple of years ago due to lack of interest and to be honest there is nothing much for a 14 year old girl to do unless hopefully they build a much needed community centre that, fingers crossed, may be in the pipeline. We have argued for a long time that Brierley is the forgotten village and that there is nothing for our youngsters or elderly to do.

Sorry I couldn't have been more helpful.


Ok thanks anyway Gary its not your fault, could you possibly keep my email address and maybe drop me a line if anything does come up in the future?
Many thanks Keeley x


Yes no problem Keeley. would you like me to put you on my mailing list to notify you when the website

is updated


Yes please that would be great thanks again Keeley x

Hi Gary,
At last I contacted Eric Heeley. The email address  you sent me was the correct one. Thank you. He sent a photo 
of himself , he seems to have made it good out there. It was so nice to get in touch with him after all these years.
I will keep contact with him from time to time. I have a few photos of my mum at the Isolation hospital, and one of 
my dad when he was in the Brierley fire service in 1941.Once again thanks for the great site, and the dedication 
you put into it .
Regards Jillian Gamewell (nee Wilkinson) South Hiendley
Job done Jillian and thank you for the photographs.

Hello Gary

Just had a quick look at the Felkirk Church write up and photo's it look quite good I will go back to it soon.

The next page took my eye,


The court Leet of the MANOR OF BRIERLEY by Liz Whitehouse and Stan Bristow

The writers do not seem to know that Brierley Manor Court Rolls are available at the Nottingham County record office

archive reference DDSR.  I have copies of several of them and would be willing to loan them to interested people. I 

though any one reading my book would work out that the manor records would be in the Savil Fojambe archives

not in the Galway manuscripts as the above writers seem to think. The web site for Nottingham County Record Office. www.Nottinghamshire.gov.uk/home/leisure/archives.htm

Regards Richard Watson  


Thank you for the extra information Richard, I have added a footnote to the history.

Hi Gary,

Just a line or two to let you know I'll be in Brierley May 3rd to May 10th. I have a couple of old photos that may be of interest for the BAIPIP site, so I was wondering if it would be possible to meet with you while I was in the area, or would you prefer I drop them off for you at your Grange Rd. address? You can reply direct to this Email address rather than through the web site, if you wish to.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Ken Waters Ontario Canada


Well Ken it has taken so long to update the website since your email that I will say it was nice to meet you instead of I am looking forward to meeting you. Thank you for the photographs and I can say I really enjoyed our chats in the back garden in the sunshine. Can you come over again as it has done nothing but rain since you went home on Friday lol. I am looking forward to seeing you again in October and hopefully we can do those photographs we spoke about.

Hi Gary,

Just a line or two to let you know I'll be in Brierley May 3rd to May 10th. I have a couple of old photos that may be of interest for the BAIPIP site, so I was wondering if it would be possible to meet with you while I was in the area, or would you prefer I drop them off for you at your Grange Rd. address? You can reply direct to this email address rather than through the web site, if you wish to.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Ken Waters Ontario Canada

Hello Gary,

I have just found out that some people want to contact Eric Heeley. His new address is enclosed, could you

please pass it on to the people who have requested it.

Patti Heeley Australia


Thanks Patti, I have passed Eric's details on.

Hello Gary

I have just been looking at the photos of the Isolation hospital. I wonder if anyone can recall a nurse called June Callinan who worked at the hospital in the 1950s she lived in Grimethorpe and applied for a job as a cleaner at the hospital, The matron decided she would make a good nurse, and so she did, regrettably due to a stern father, she only became a 'S.E.N.' because to become S.R.N. Meant her living in during her training. She became my wife in 1960, and passed away three years ago. Throughout her life she never forgot her days

at Brierley hospital.

Trevor Loring Leyland Lancashire


Lets hope someone remembers her Trevor. You may be interested to know that I dedicated my latest

booklet Brierley Remembered Number Two to the former staff at the Isolation Hospital.

Hi Gary 

Hope you are well, great website.  Can you help please?

On the  23rd June we  are  having  mass at 10am  followed  by  a coffee  morning at  Saint  Paul's  church  Brierley,  then  strawberries  scones and  cream.   later on in the day there will be stalls,  band,  bingo,  and in the evening a   BBQ.  We  would  like  to  know  if  you  would  like  to  bring  your  photos,   and  someone   told  me  you  do  a  good  clown act,  do  you  still  write  for  the local paper  or  not? We  are  hoping  to  raise  some  money  to  get  the  church  repaired so  if  you  can  get  back  to  me  Gary I would be  so  thankful


From Betty Richardson (nee Evans) Brierley


Yes Betty I still write for the Chron and no I don't do a clown act anymore. However I will support your

big day as much as I can.

Updated 18th April 2007  

Hello Gary

On the Mrs Webster class photograph 1960 on the top row it is  Marilyn not Rita Holden. Middle Row 4th from

the left is Susan Gascoigne and the bottom row Thea Dixon and Doreen not Pat Hardwick

Regards Dee Higgs (Doreen Hardwick)

Thank you for the new information Dee, I have updated the photograph.

Hey up Gaz

Gary Keele here (Sponnys brother) sending u a photo of 3 horseshoes (sorry about the tear ,ripped it gerin it art).

Got it in a key ring as a Xmas pressy of Margaret (best landlady ever). I would say it would be around 1989ish when I got it. When r Kathleen's sorted photos art al send ya some a church (mi christening) and school pageant.

Till then cheers Keeley (young un)

PS. top notch website


Thanks for the PS bit Gary lad and the photograph

Updated 5th April 2007  

Hi Gary

I am a previous resident of Grimethorpe before coming to Australia and would love to be kept up with any work

being done on Grimethorpe Hall. It was always a mystery to me as a young kid.

      Also as a 14yr old I started work helping Billy Hughes in the projection room at Grimethorpe palace, at the

same time I met my first girlfriend, her name was Josephine Buck and she lived at Brierley. Josie eventually went

on and married and found work in the office at Hemsworth brick works, I would welcome any information as to her


Sincerely yours

Edmund Redmile Australia


What an interesting email Edmund. I will place your search for Josie on the Peoples search page 1 and wish

you luck.

Dear Gary

 Perhaps the following would be of interest to you:

 "HOYLAND (Nether) 4 Freemen In Brierley and South Hiendley.  Earnwine has 6 carucates of land taxable.  3 plough possible there.

 Alric has it from Ilbert.  He has there 2 ploughs and 3 villages and 6 small holders with 2 ploughs.  Meadow, 2 acres. 

Woodland Pastures 1 league long and 1 wide.  Value before 1066 - 40 shilling, now 20 shillings".

   For information, South Hiendley pre-school was built on the Common and Felkirk Church School was later destroyed along with the brass plaques.  People used to walk to the Church in Felkirk from Brierley for weddings, funerals, Christenings etc.  How they did it I'll never know!


Keep up the good work.


Jim Hoyland

Canberra Australia


Thanks for that Jim, I will add the info to the archives

Updated 28th March 2007

Hello Gary,

Could you please place wedding photos numbered 19, 20, 21, 22 and  23 for me to view on the website, with many thanks

Kath Wilde (nee Keele) Barnsley

Hello Gary.

Firstly, you do have a super website here – thank you! My mothers family (the Dymonds) owned Burntwood Hall originally and I see from your website that Burntwood and Mrs Dymond are mentioned in relation to:- Photograph number: St Paul’s Church 5. Would it be possible to see this photo? If you have any more photos or references to Burntwood, or the Dymonds, to hand I’d be very interested in them. It’s my mothers 60th birthday coming up and I’d like to do something a bit special for her – such as a bit of background info on our heritage!

Many thanks indeed.

Marianne Brame Ipswich


Hello Marianne

Thank you for your email and your very kind comments on the website.


Regarding the Dymond family, they played an active role in the village of Brierley and its history  for about 400 years up to 1960 and there is too much history about them to put in this one email. I  am sending you a copy of an email from Sandy Wade-Grey (he may be related to your family) to the ask Richard page of the website for you to read. There is also the reply from Richard. I would appreciate it if your mum could take a look at Photograph index page Information required Number 39 where there is a family photograph of the Dymonds to which I would love to put names.

Hope to hear from you soon.


PS. Have you tried the Brierley Village website search engine as I am sure there is loads more information on the Dymonds. Keep in touch with the site as I am just putting together the history of St Peter's church Felkirk where all the Dymonds are buried written by John Steele. It should be on line within the next 3-5 weeks. May I conclude this email by letting you know how exciting it is to be in touch with the ancestors of this once great Brierley family.


What a kind and generous reply – thank you very much.

    The phrase ‘what a small world’ is of course well worn, but it is!! Sandy is my mothers cousin – his mother and my grandmother are sisters (96 and 90 respectively)!! I’m pretty sure my grandmother is seated on the right of the photo behind a boy and girl. (possibly my mother and brother)  I will have to double check the others – I think I can pick out a few more -  once I present my mother with this on Saturday.  The John Dymond that Sandy mentions at the beginning of his first mail is in fact my great grandfather. It is lovely to find a link to my ancestry and I thank you and your colleagues/friends for such a detailed, friendly and professional ‘service’ and bulk of information. If I can fill in any gaps, I certainly will – though feel free to bin excess or spurious info that I may pass your way!

Best wishes, Marianne Ipswich

Updated 18th March 2007  

Hello Gary,
           I have a group photograph of my Pearson family ancestors, taken outside their cottage which was in, I
believe, New Row Cottages ?. The photo was taken circa 1912. I don't know if it would be of any interest to you, 
but if so would you like a copy and how best to send it to you; scan and e-mail?
Kind regards, Matthew Brewster Lincoln

Asking me if a photograph like the one you have is any use to me is like asking me if I would like to win the lottery! YES PLEASE!! It would be ok if you email it unless you live local and I could pick a copy up. Could you also just add a little note giving me permission to use the photograph and to place it in the Baipip archives. It would also be appreciated if you could send as much info on the photograph as possible. Thank you

Hello Gary

Thanks for the great presentation of my Memories of Elms Farm. I am looking for some help in finding details around the early and unfortunate deaths of two of my uncles. The first one is Jim Kerr who died 6/12/36 aged 21years from burns following an explosion a few days earlier at Brierley colliery. The second one  Albert K Nicoll aged 24 years was at Grimethorpe colliery on 11/9/39.Any help or pointers would be most welcome.

Regards David Nicoll Pogmoor


Your most welcome David, I enjoyed reading your memories as I am sure so will many more visitors to the website. I hope you have luck tracing information on your uncles. I will also place the details on the Peoples search page 1.

Hello Gazza,

It's Stella (David Steele) got a bit of info for you on one of the kids in the photo Information required no.24 . On the back row, third from the right with the red collars is my nephew Ross Steele and the photo was taken about 1988-1990. I will show him this picture to try and find more out for you. I hope it helps.

Stella Brierley.

Nice to hear from you Dave. Thanks for the info, the photograph has been updated.

Updated 8th March 2007  

Hiya Gaz

Could you please add my web sites to the local services. My main business is W Y Horseboxes Ltd and the web site is - www.wyhorseboxes.com and my other site and business is www.racetransporters.net

Thank you Gaz

Dave Elliott Brierley


I have placed a page on the local services for you Dave. Your site looks quite impressive

Hello Gazza

Your website gets better every time I look. Nice one

Hazel Devonport Brierley


Thanks Hazel. Nice to hear from you again.

Hi Gary

I don't mean to sound cheeky but I need a favour if you can help me. I was looking through the old photos in the archives and I’m interested in some. Would it be possible for you to send me them so I can view them please. They are photo 44 dated 1967 (my granddad in freezer room) also photo's 70, 71 & 130. I don't have many pictures of my family and I only have one of my Granddad but none of my Nan and would love to get hold of some. I hope you can help me or if anyone else has any pictures of any of my family mainly my Dad (Dave) or Grandparents (Eddie, Nellie). I would love to see them.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest Regards Darron Woodward Stairfoot, Barnsley.


I will be pleased to put the photographs on the website Darron, however, you have only put the photograph numbers and not the categories e.g. people 101, schools 54 etc. I hope you understand that tracing the numbers only from about 2-3,000 photographs would take me an age. Another thing you might be interested in is some video I took on the yard with the ice cream vans around 1991. Your nan (Nellie) is on there talking to me, albeit only for a short time but really interesting to look back on.

Updated 1st March 2007  

Dear Gary,

 If possible I would like to request that schools photo no 34 could be put on line when you get chance as Betty Dyson is my grandmother and it would be nice to see her in her schooldays.


Best wishes

Peter Lukey Brierley


Consider it done Peter

Hello Gary

Some names and info on St Paul's church 13 The boy to Raymond Steele's right is John Grimes who lived in Elms cottages and to his right is Peter Kaye who lived in a bungalow on Common road towards the old isolation hospital and now lives in Cornwall. Peter's mum Grace Mills is the lady on the extreme right of the photo wearing a light coloured jacket and dark skirt. The two young ladies to Reverend Webster's right are Jillian Dixon (dark hair) and Sheila Dixon. They are not related ;Jillian being the daughter of Mr & Mrs Billy Dixon of Park Road and Sheila the daughter of Mr & Mrs Jack Dixon of Park Avenue. I remember Mr Billy Dixon kept a pet fox for a while and Mr Jack Dixon had a wonderful ability to cheer up all the kids when we were fed up by producing a bag of sweets or fruit or even chips always accompanied by him saying "lets reckon its Christmas". Happy days.


Regards Dave Nicoll 1945-63 Park Avenue now living in Pogmoor Barnsley.


Thanks for the memories Dave lol and also for adding names to the photographs

Updated 24th January 2007  

Hi Gary

Regarding more information required number 38, I've spoken to my Aunt Elsie (Brazier), and the boy in the picture of 1 Cross Hill is her brother Harold Winham.

Regards Les Parry Brierley


Thanks for that Les, I have updated the photograph


After seeing your website I was impressed with the content. Good work! My mother Ellen Greenwood grew up in Brierley and lived in Shafton before moving to Australia in 1968. As the photo's may be of interest to her ( old school friends etc) I gave  them to her to look at, she immediately recognized herself  in Schools 9 middle row second from left listed as Ellen Sherwood. Should be Ellen Greenwood. Hope this information is useful to you.

Also could you please post pictures of Isolation hospital 4 and 7. Among the people listed in the photographs is Teresa West (correct spelling Theresa) my grandmother, and Les my grandfather.

Regards Stuart West Adelaide Australia.


Thank you for the information regarding schools 9 photograph and your mother Stuart and also for your kind comments on the web site. The Isolation hospital photographs have been put on line for you. Perhaps you could help me by pointing out your gran and granddad

Hiya Gary,

Peter Lukey here. You have me down as standing in school photo no 27 next to Mr Balmforth. However its a bit before my time lol as my mum Hilary Newton is in the pic. Mum tells me the actual lad was called John Mansfield. All the best!


Peter Lukey Brierley


Thanks for that Peter, I hope I haven't made you feel too old. I have corrected and updated the photograph

Dear Gary,

 I have been researching the lives of my grandparents, Tom and Elizabeth Scholey ( and their parents, John (Jack) and Sarah Scholey of Ryhill and John and Eva Jolliffe of Normanton; as well as Nathaniel and Mary Scholey, of Ackworth and Ryhill, and Mary Robinson and Mark Jolliffe...!), and would like to hear from anyone who remembers them.  In particular, I remember John Steele, and his wife, Joyce, very well.  My father, Mark Scholey, moved us to East Yorkshire, where he became a successful Quantity Surveyor, but we continued to visit Royd View, Brierley until my granddad died. I am a historian and I think it is is no small degree due to my grandparents' love of history!  My father also loved history... and went on to marry his cousin after my own mother died, so that I am also looking for the Jolliffes of Normanton and the Robinsons of  "Amcotts(?)", where my great-aunt (Mrs Laura Mackrill) was headmistress.  I went to Grimethorpe Infants School between 1958-1960, and we lived in Oak Street, until about 1960.

I remember the grocer's van, the wood near Oak Street, and the wagonette which ferried the children around our estate; also, a good many people in Brierley...the Baxendales, the Foxes...and would like to contact anyone who remembers my father, or mother, Dora Oyston.  My auntie and cousin still live in Grimethorpe.

Mrs Susan Beaumont Leyburn


Dear  Susan

I have met your brother Kevin from York. He has written a few times about the Scholey photographs including your dad Mark on the web site. He came to my photograph exhibition last year. I will include part of your email on the People search page


Dear Gary,

 Yes, my brother got to you first; the photos are indeed rare and valuable to us, as we didn't ask granddad enough about Brierley when he was alive.

I have remembered that my Aunt Laura was the Headmistress of Altofts School for a long time, not Amcotts!  When we used to visit my grandparents, we also knew the Baxendales, Foxes and Oates, and would be interested to hear about those families; the Oates also had connections with my mother's family, the Oystons, and I would particularly like to hear from anyone who knew them: they lived at Hooten Pagnell for a time before moving to Lincolnshire.

Susan Beaumont Leyburn

Hi again Susan. As you are probably aware John Steele writes his memories on this web site. Sadly his wife Joyce passed away a few years ago but not before writing her memories of her time spent at the Isolation hospital. I have been with John this week as he has just written the history of St Peter's church at Felkirk and I am typing it up ready to put on the web site. Richard Baxendale the son of Billy who has passed away now tenants the farm with his wife Janet. The only member of the Fox family still living in the village is Ida Swinbank who if you remember owned the petrol station at the top of Brierley hill. Doreen Oates and her son Ray have just left Fidling farm to live in Cudworth . Their farm is to be demolished to make way for yet another housing development.

Hi Gary

Thanks for your email. I am unable to contact Eric Heeley on the email address you gave me. He may have changed his email address again.. I have a few old photos I'd like you to see. I'll pop up sometime and show them to you.

Regards Jillian  Gamewell  (Wilkinson) South Hiendley

I have put out an appeal for Eric to contact me with his new email address Jillian. As soon as he does I will let you know.

Hi Gary,

Thank you so much for putting the photographs SCHOOLS 11, 27, 38, 40, 62, 98, and 134 on your Web Site. I really appreciate it, and I have looked at them and they are great.

To assist you with your archives, I have asked my Mum to write down things that she can remember about 'Uncle Jack Balmforth' in his latter days so I will update you over the weekend.


Thanks again.

Kindest Regards - Rosie Stewart Bradford


You are welcome Rosie

Updated 17th January 2007  

Hi Gary, 

There seem to have been some large changes in Brierley since I was there.  Could you list any  recent building which is new to the village?  Nothing elaborate but I see you have referred to some new building in the Park also on the Flates. Am I spelling Flates incorrectly?! 

 Some of the the street names seem to have changed as well!

 It is extremely hot here at the moment - 41C outside.  Our air conditioning is going full blast!

All the best

Jim Hoyland Canberra Australia


Hi Jim, I have just been talking to your old friend John Steele and he informs me that it is Flats Field because it is steep from the post office upwards and then falls flat again. He sends his regards and mentioned when you both used to go to Tommy Oaks farm, can you remember? There is a fairly new housing estate now where the farm was, it is called Haldane Close  On the Flats, there is old folks bungalows on there now and a street of council houses. Also there is a new housing estate on the old Brierley Colliery site with access from the top of Brierley Hill. Since you left Brierley there is also an housing estate before Brierley park and one that as carried on from Park Road. You can see these latter two at Aerial views 7. The estate before the park which is called Norwood Drive as extended into the top field as you view the photograph. You can also see the new school to the left which is further down the field from the old school with access off Norwood Drive (Beech Close). There is also a number of private houses gone up on Cliff Lane in the place of the old farm. When I have more time I will send  photographs

Hello Gary

Nice to hear from you again. Thanks for the info. I see from the e-mail update a Jillian Gamewell nee Wilkinson is enquiring about Eric Heeley' s email address I have had the same trouble, so therefore would be pleased if you will e-mail his address to me. All the very best to you. Brian Bower (Doncaster) 


No problem Brian I will send you the latest email address I have for Eric, please let me know how you go on with it,


Hello Gary.

Sorry this e-mail address did not operate. Thanks anyway Bye now Brian


Sorry about that Brian, I will put an appeal out for Eric to contact the web site. I wonder if Jillian managed to contact him

Hi Gary,

My name is Linda Jagger.  I live at Tralee, Barnsley Road, Brierley.  I notice you have a section on the Brierley village website for local businesses.  I wonder if you might include a link to my website www.ljcounselling.co.uk

Thanks, Linda Jagger Brierley


I have added a page with a link to your web site under local services Linda. May I congratulate you on the work you do.


Hi Gary,

Thank you so much for the work you've done putting my info on the Brierley Village website.  I am absolutely thrilled with it!

Linda Jagger Brierley


You are welcome Linda

Congratulations on a fantastic web site. For such a small village it really is a credit to the inhabitants. Of course, having been born in Grimethorpe, Brierley was always considered 'posh', the only pit I knew that had white painted walls and florescent lighting. Yes it was a training pit at the time and it was only a rumour that miners had to have a bath before descending the shaft.

Regarding the medal I found, due to an argument with my laptop, it committed suicide, taking with it all my e-mail contacts. Could you let me know John Feeney's contact details again as he would appear the rightful owner of the medal.

Trevor Loring - Leyland - Lancs.


Thank you for your kind comments on the web site Trevor. I am pleased you have found the rightful owner of the medal

Hi Gary

A very Happy New Year to you. I am really looking forward to the web site again now we are all back to normal after the holidays. I really do enjoy looking round especially at the old photographs. The hard work you do on the site is great, all the best.

Betty Richardson (nee Evans). Brierley


Thanks Betty, you should enjoy the recent update of 8 school photographs as you are on a couple of them.

Hello Gary

I have been having another look at the pics on your site....Information required no 30 is earlier than stated 1981....I recognise some faces...but not sure of all names there is definitely a Parry at the back...and a Conroy near the front...possibly a Steele at front too...though not terribly convinced...I am sure the pic was taken about same time as other pageant pics u have had on here...


Cheers Lesley Cormack New Zealand


Thank you again for your information Leslie, I thought you had forsaken the web site it is so long since I heard from you

Updated 10th January 2007  

Hi Gary

I am in the process of compiling my Family Tree. Is it possible to have copies of photographs posted on your website, or emailed to me ? The ones are old School photographs which have Mr. Jack Balmforth on. As you will know he was the Head Master at St. Paul's C of E School. He was my Mum's Uncle.


The Numbers I am interested in are :


SCHOOLS 11, 27, 38, 40, 62, 98, and 134 Photographs now on line         


Rosie Stewart Bradford


Thank you for your email Rosy. Unfortunately time is not on my side at  the moment but I will place the photographs on line within the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, you may like to read my memories of the time I spent at St Paul's when Mr Balmforth was the headmaster

Hi Gary

Could you please let me have a copy of Schools 24, a disc or email copy will do I'll print it myself.


Les Parry Brierley  Photograph now on line


Unfortunately time is not on my side at  the moment Les but I will place the photograph on line within the next couple of weeks

Hi Gary

I hope this gets to you as I know you want info about picture 13. Well I was shocked when I saw it. You're right about the guy at the back looking like Danny he's a dead ringer. Anyway I would really love to know who the lady is because I have two photos in mirrored glass frames and one is of this lady and some bloke outside what looks like a caravan its really old. I think I remember my grandma telling me it was her gran, but I am not 100% certain on this. I will ask other family members if they know who they are and hope we can give names to these faces keep up the good work Gary.

Darron Woodward.

Stairfoot Barnsley

Your email is convincing me more that the lady is Mrs Woodward's grandmother and that the soldiers around her are her sons of which the one that looks like Danny is possibly Mrs Woodward's father who would have been a Lloyd

Hi Gary,

Thanks for the message and merry Christmas to you too.

I am attaching a press release concerning a book I have just published with Leslie Howson, who also came from Brierley but died in 1986.  The file has all the relevant details so I hope you can include it on the website for the January update. 

Please let me know if you need any more info/images etc.  Best wishes for 2007.

John Nixon York


Thanks John and congratulations all round. I have placed the information on the book under Your Contribution

Hi Gary,

I have just tried to read the feature relating to Tracey Bonner and myself, Geoff Graham.  You have the wrong link in there and duplicates the one to Bryan Bower and  Denise Spaxman

Regards Geoff Graham

Hiya Gazza

                It's me Hazel. I have not been on your site for a few weeks now. I don't get on my computer much these days. Just sent one of your photographs of the school being pulled down to our Kevin in Australia. Hope you like where you living now, I will get up there one day too see you.

See you soon Hazel Devonport Brierley


Thanks for that Hazel. I hope the photograph and story brings back memories for Kevin

Hello Gary   

My name is John Feeney. An article on your web site suggests you have info on a medal of my grandfathers - Edward Feeney. I know Trevor Loring who is in possession of the medal. He is my cousin's husband, June Callinan. Charles was her father, and Honor Feeney was her mother and my aunt.  Apart from this award there was another commendation, which involved a trip to London for Edward Feeney to meet the King, George V.

If you want to contact me regarding the medal or for Trevor to get in touch you can phone me on Hereford !!!!!!!!!! or e mail back.

Regards, John Feeney Hereford


Thanks John, I will pass your details onto Trevor

Hello Gary


The attached photograph depicts myself, my wife Maureen and our four grandsons.  I don't seem to have any photographs taken in Brierley.  Film was very hard to get during the war.

  Some impressions from the war years - there wasn't much in the way of entertainment so you provided your own.  Dances were held quite often at the Institute.  Alcohol was not allowed in this building so it was stowed away in the schools.  I also recall watching a variety show in the Institute.

  I think what everyone had to get used to was the blackout, it was pretty near total.  I walked into a black cow in the middle of the road on my way back from Hemsworth late at night. Bit of a shock. I took off at high speed as I didn't know what it was.  This was near Cow Mounts.

  When the lights came on at the end of the war everyone felt naked, we expected to get bombed any minute.

  The photograph attached was taken at a local flower show.

Jim Hoyland

Canberra Australia


Thanks Jim, I have placed the photograph on your memories page with the information


      I am trying to locate some of my Yorkshire ancestors. I was born in Wakefield and lived in South Elmsall. Recently I found out that my grandfather (also lived in S.Elmsall) had 4 brothers and 5 sisters 3 more than I knew about. Their father was John Thomas Smith who lived at Lincoln Villas, Brierley having retired as a colliery manager. He died 29.5.1930 at the age of 70 and is apparently buried in Brierley Churchyard. What I am hoping to find out is which son buried him and where he lived.

Can you help. I would come and do some leg work but live on the south coast , but am hoping to get northwards after Easter.

Many thanks Paul Smith South Coast


Just check on one thing Paul, are you sure it is Lincoln Villa and not Clifton Villas. There is no Lincoln Villa I know off in Brierley. I am sending your query to Richard Watson a local historian who will be able to assist you better than I can. You can also visit Richard  on my web site  Regards Gary


 Many thanks for your reply. In his will it says Lincoln Villa. My Godmother sent me the copy of the will, she told me that John and remarried after his wife had died in 1901 and his second wife Hannah inherited everything and when she died the two oldest sons went to the property and there was nothing left. The will asks the Trustees to let his wife stay in his property including all furniture and effects up to her death. It also states that after his death any debts be paid and any monies from his estate should be reinvested in Trustee securities and pay all monies to my wife.

So presumably there was only the house left which they must have sold and shared amongst the 10 daughters and sons. Families hey and I'm researching the one called Smith.

   Many thanks again. I am hoping to come north after Easter and hope we can meet for a pint. Is The Fox still at Brierley crossroads, long time since I went in there.


Paul Smith

I have passed on your email to Richard Watson who I am sure will contact you shortly. Richards is not sure until he checks but he believes Lincoln Villas are the terraced houses just before Malcolm Hartley's garage on Barnsley Road.

Eyup big fella

You said I never e mailed.... so here it it...

Graham Vodden Brierley


That's the least I've heard you say in one sentence Graham


It's the minimum needed for a mention on this magnificent web site -  all I want is me name in lights !!

Lights Graham Vodden Lights

That's the best I can do for thee lad


Excellent work Gazza and let it never ever be said that you are not a man of your word and of the highest integrity. A top banana !! (fame for me at last)

Hi Gary

I tried sending this to to Eric Heeley in Australia and had it returned. Do you have a different address for Eric and if so could you forward it. You might like to use it for your archives also. 

Many thanks

Jillian Wilkinson South Hiendley 


Hello Eric. You probably don't remember me as it is a long time ago. I'm Jillian Wilkinson from UK. I've been looking on the web site Brierley and It's People and was delighted to see that you have sent a story about your early life and memories  of your time in Hill top. I remember your family very well when you lived there with your sister Janet. I lived at 40 Hill Top with my dad Nat and mother Freda, brothers Geoffrey, Peter, Linda, then we moved to no 17 in 1956 and my brother Stephen was born. Your mother helped to deliver my sister .It was lovely that you remember everybody who lived there at the time. I was born at 25 Barnsley road in 1939 so I'm a bit older than you. I have a photo of Terry Wheater and me with your dad Jerry on the front step. I will send it later if you get this email. I was only about 3 and so you was not born then. I remember your sister Janet. I used to take her out in the pram. Do you remember the tree in your front garden? You were always climbing on it. My mother is 88 now she has recently gone to live with my sister .Dad passed on in 1987, miss him very much. I have done o lot of travelling around but ended  up coming back here in South Hiendley with my husband  and two children and four grand children.

I Look forward to hearing from you and wish you and your family a Happy new year.

Jillian Gamewell nee (Wilkinson.


Hi Jillian, nice to hear from you again. I am sending you the latest email address I have for Eric. Please let me know if you do get in touch it will make a good story for the web site.

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