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Email received at this web site

 During the year 2002

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June 14 2002

Hi Gary,

I just saw the e-mail from John Draper on the site. I remember him and Jean was around my age. I would like to be in touch with Jean. It's always fun to get in touch with people you haven't seen in years! I have got in touch with people I went to school with on the Hemsworth Grammar School website too! I would appreciate you passing on my e-mail address to anybody that knows me and wants it. mumsy07@sympatico.ca

I enjoy the site; it's very well done and interesting. Keep it up.

Gail Cooper (nee Picken).


I have passed on your email to John. The website is always overjoyed when we are able to put people back in touch. Please let us know how you go on with Jean or John. What about a couple of pics of you all when you lived in Brierley and how you are now? Thank you for your kind comments on the site.

June 23 2002

Hi Gary

I've just been reading some of the e-mails and came across one from Neil Tibble. I am godmother to the four youngest and went to all their weddings when they lived at Wakefield.  I am still in touch with their mum and dad who live at Mablethorpe.  It was nice to read their mail; it brought back many happy memories of Brierley Church.

Avril Perry (nee Picken)


Hi Avril, It was nice to hear from Neil but all of a sudden his emails dried up so I don’t know what has happened to him. I hope he gets back in touch.

June 26 2002

To all my fans, here is a link to a photograph of me taking part in the Melton Olympic C.C. 25 miles time trial near Granby Nottinghamshire Saturday 15th. June 2002.

http://www.cycling-images.com/2002/MOCC25/crw_1917.htm (Link no longer ative)

Richard Watson

July 6 2002

Hi Gary,

Could you please put me in touch with Neil Tibble, I remember him and all his family well and would like him to e-mail me.

Avril Perry (nee Picken)


I am sorry to disappoint you but I lost all my email addresses due to a virus about 3-4 months ago. But I will put an appeal out for you on the Where are you now? Page as I am sure he still logs onto the site.

July 4 2002

I am researching my family tree and have discovered some of my ancestors worked for a Cordeaux family in Hoyland, which is not far away from you. Is there a history of this family or indeed of the local area I could purchase or, if not, where could I contact to get photocopies?
Thank you for your time

Mrs. Marie Saunderson


I  have sent you an email with a few questions on, once I have received your answers I will pass on your details to Richard Watson who helps out the Society.

July 7 2002

I don't know if the attached would be of any interest to visitors to your site? My grand-father Ernest Blenkinsop worked at Brierley Colliery for 6 years prior to embarking on a football career in 1921 that included winning 2 league titles with Sheffield Wednesday and making 26 appearances for England. The attached is a very slight adaptation of an article I submitted to a Cudworth local history magazine recently. As he lived and played football in Cudworth there is clearly a stronger link to Cudworth than to Brierley, but I'd be happy for you to post it if it might be of interest.

As I'm keen to trace any remaining family links in the Barnsley area, I'd obviously welcome the opportunity to use this as a way of generating contacts from anybody who may recall the Blenkinsops of Barnsley.

I can send you a photo of Ernest if you wanted something to accompany the article. My scanner has just broken, but if you have a postal address I could put something in the mail to you.

Best Regards, Bob Blenkinsop East London


I read your article with great interest and would be honoured to post it onto the website, although I would have to work out what page to post it on, probably the memories page or the where are you now page as a separate story may be ideal. It may be a good idea for you to write a footnote requesting email from any remaining relatives. I would also like photographs if possible. Brierley Historic Photographic Society, Brierley Hall, Church Street, Brierley, Barnsley, South Yorkshire. S72 9HT.

It would be interesting for our readers if you did receive any email from long lost relatives. I would appreciate you letting us know.

July 7 2002

Hello again,

Thanks for replying to my email.
I live in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. I put in Cordeaux family in search and came up with your website. I am talking about 1859 - my gr.gr.grandparents, George Gray and Elcy Eyre were married in St. Peters Church, Hoyland on Nov.15 1859 by Rev. John Cordeaux and more of his family were the witnesses-Elizabeth, Charlotte, William my gr.gr.grandparents were living at Hoyland Parsonage at the time, presumably working for the family as domestic servants.

Thanks for you time,
Marie Sanderson


I am forwarding your information onto Richard Watson who is a local historian and a mine of local information. Richard is a smashing chap and I am sure he will help you in any way he can, although I suspect he will be a little busy as he is a keen cyclist and his sport is in season at the moment. Please let us know how you go on.

July 10 2002

Just to say thanks for putting me in touch with Richard Watson re. the Cordeaux family - seems he may have something interesting for me.
Thanks again,
Regards, Marie Sanderson


You’re most welcome Marie.

July 282002

Dear Gary,

On your photo of St. Paul's school (Mr. Balmforth’s class 1951/2) some of the unnamed the children are 7 John Haigh, 11 was Pamela Hanwell rather than Janice, 12 was Susan Robinson rather than Roberts 15 Ronald Bastier, 19 Margaret Grimes, 23 John Grimes, 25 David Hollins, 26 John Cooper. I am number 8 in the photograph.

Best wishes. Peter Lukey


Thank you for your information Peter. I have updated the photograph today. Thank you also for showing an interest in the website.  

July 28 2002


Hello again,
Many thanks for your email. Sorry I have taken time to reply but we have just returned from holiday! I will sift through the information and let you know if it ties in to my research. Thank you again for your help-much appreciated.

Marie Saunderson

July 31 2002

Hi Gary,
Many, Many thanks!!!!! I think it looks great. I know that other members of the family will be really pleased and proud to see this presented like it is. Thanks again.

Bob Blenkinsop London


It is a privilege to have your granddad associated with Brierley and this website Bob. One of our society members remembers visiting his pub in Sheffield.

Bob is referring to the article on his granddad Ernest Blenkinsop.

August 6 2002  

Hi Gary and Geraldine

Nice to hear from you Gary and always glad to help where I can. Give me a call when you are free and I'll pop round and see what you are up to and view those school records, (if available) amongst other things. I've just returned from a week on the east coast and I'll be down at Northern General tomorrow to get my VVI PPM batteries and ignition checked. All I need now is a tolerable drug to control the AF and a silencer for the metal valve that ticks me to sleep every night. On the whole, I'm okay.

Now to Geraldine's query. (SEE WHERE ARE YOU NOW) Jesse Wilfred Watson born 1869 son of Francis Watson Journeyman/Stonemason. Did the 1891 census say where he originated?

I note your mention of Jessie and her brother Wilfred Watson and report that they are the children of William Watson, son of George who was in turn the son of William Watson and Charlotte Cooke Watson of the Farriers Arms at Brierley. My records show that in the main, during the nineteenth century, the families were employed in Inn keeping, as Blacksmiths, Shopkeeper, Coachman or Farm Servant. There was a Fred Watson recorded as being a Mason at the baptism of his son in 1907. (No other Mason's).

The other Brierley Watson's originated from present day Monk Bretton but then known as Farmers of Burton Abbey (now Monk Bretton Priory). Here were also recorded two generations of William Watson's.

There were also Watson families from Hodroyd and South Hiendley well recorded in Felkirk parish records and on prime positioned headstones.

I have checked through my records of baptisms, deaths and marriages and not turned up one Jesse, Wilfred or Francis other than those mentioned above nor can I suggest the possibility of what couple may have produced a child in 1869 that may have matched in any way. Sorry Geraldine.

As you mention the Watson name is quite common and the employment of travelling gangs of builders equally so. My Rogerson ancestors who lived in tandem with the Watson's in Brierley were also of the Journeyman/Stonemason trades. A team of a least three brothers left to work in Liverpool and since at some point they were recorded on census as being Stone Carvers, I thought they were most likely working on either Lime St Station or the Cathedral. One brother stayed in the area, one returned to Brierley and my Great Great Grandfather Thomas Rogerson.... I'm still looking for. Similarly, my Great Great Grandfather William Squires and his brothers arrived in Smithies Barnsley in the mid 1860's from Bramley Leeds via various other towns and were recorded as Journeymen/Stonemasons. At one point George (and brother Samuel) was based as running the Honeywell Inn and a Building Business from the same address 1869-1876. William lived next door. The Squires family ended their days in Barnsley.

I'm just trying to stress how nomadic the Stonemasonry trade of the era was. My Great Grandfather, another Samuel the son of William was described as being born at 'The Brickyard' Bramley.

Keep searching Geraldine, the answer is out there somewhere.

Cheers for now

Trevor Limbert


Thanks for that Trevor. I am usually available on Monday or Wednesday morning in the History Society room which is in the hall next to where I live if you wish to pop in for a cuppa.

August 10 2002

Hi Gary

Thanks for the story about Samantha (Wilson) (See Where R U Now Garry Wilson) it made her day and I enjoyed it as well. I Don't know if anyone else as this problem with your pages when first entering but it triggers my Office set up and starts up my reconfigure setup and look at your code for my end this is what seems to set it off Its no real problem for me as I've just scripted it out at my side it only happens on the first site entry?

Good to have a site like yours to keep in touch with the news in Brierley thanks again by the way looks like not many folks remember me or don't use the Internet? Might be an age thing!!

Regards Garry Wilson (Australia)

PS say hello to Allen & Ernie


Hi Gary, it was a pleasure to meet your Samantha, really lovely lass. In fact she could have been from Yorkshire. Lol. I am surprised no one recognises you, or perhaps they do and they may be to shy to email. Please keep in touch with the site.

August 12 2002

Dear Gary,
Many thanks for your hospitality today on our visit to Brierley. Our research into the Copley Family now has some dates to it thanks to your assistance. It was certainly an emotional time for my Dad as he saw his Grandfather and Grandmothers grave for the first time. He also had a quick chat with Debbie at the post office and that certainly bought some memories flooding back. I doubt if he will make the trip again as at 79 years of age travel can be tedious, but who knows?

Once again many thanks, the hint of a tear in his eye showed that he had enjoyed himself.
Best Regards,
Chris, Gerald and Suzanne Beaumont (London)


It was a pleasure to meet you all Chris and it was also satisfying being able to help you in your family search. If we can assist you further please don’t hesitate to contact us.

August 14 2002

I've just discovered your site. Having been born and brought up in Shafton and attended Shafton School and Hemsworth Grammar School in the 60s, I was interested and suddenly recognised a name from the past. You published a reply from Joy Midgley on your site, in response to a request for information. I went to the Grammar School with Joy Midgley and wondered if this was the same one, I'm sure the house number is correct. Is it possible to let me have her email address?

Thank you Linda Bona nee Collingwood


Thank you for your email Linda. I have e-mailed Joy today and as soon as I receive a reply I will let you know.

August 18 2002

I also have form photos from 1962-1969, and a choir photo (year needs to be checked). I will find them out, scan them and email them to you when I get some spare time. It was good to see Neil Bower on the website, he was part of the same group as Joy and me. I will try and let more of our group know about your site, and see what other things we can come up with.

Linda Bona nee Collingwood


That would be great Linda. By the way, I think you may have Neil Bower mixed up with someone else. Neil attended Raley school in Barnsley.

August 16 2002

Hi Gary

I am looking for some old photos of Middlewood Hall in Darfield. I’m struggling finding any but hope you may know where there is some.

Many thanks
Simon Collins


Sorry I can’t help you Simon, but I am sure if any of the website readers have any they will contact me.


August 18 2002

I've read your page with great interest. My grandfather, Frederick George Ryland was employed as gardener and I believe later chauffeur to Mr. Hoyland at Brierley Gap. He was married in Castleford in1903 and my father was born at Brierley Gap Lodge in June 1908 when my grandfather was listed as gardener (domestic) I also have a letter from my great aunt witch describes being driven out in Mr. Hoyland's car. Sept.1910 listed him as a chauffeur living in Marsh, Huddersfield but we have no idea whether he was still working for Mr. Hoyland. I realise this is only a small detail but hope it might help you in piecing together the history of the Hoyland’s at Brierley.

Dee Bowden


Thank you for your very interesting letter. I have searched the local school records and cannot find any children by the name of Ryland ever attending Brierley School. I wonder how long your family were in the village? The 1910 date was about right, as the Hoyland family seemed to disappear from Brierley around that time. Your letter makes me wonder if they moved to Huddersfield and your father followed to work with them. I will have to look into that. Just out of interest, is it possible to have a copy of your aunt’s letter for the archives?  


August 19 2002

No problem - I will organise the letter for you and thanks for such a prompt reply. My father was born in June 1908 so would not have attended a local school! His brother was born in Marsh, Huddersfield on 20 Sept 1910. Please do keep me informed if you find that Mr. Hoyland did move to Huddersfield. (For the record my grandparent’s address was 3 Field Street Marsh Huddersfield)

Regards Dee Bowden

August 18 2002

Hi Gary

Sorry for not replying  - its just life getting in the way a bit. I think I have a couple of old photos, but I need to retrieve them from the loft - not an easy task. But I will send them.  Please give me an address to post them to.  Have you lived in Brierley long - would I know you?  You asked if my mum was still at Grange house as you have some video footage, but unfortunately she died in 1989. 

I remember Linda Collingwood very well; we were friends at Hemsworth and would be delighted to hear from her. Having looked at the site I found it quite emotional.  I remember Nellie and Eddie Woodward, my mum worked for them for many years.   I don't understand the explanation to the Baxendale photo though.  If the young child being held is Bill Baxendale (who was of my mums generation and went to school with him) I'm not sure the other people can be who they say- I remember Billy being married to May, not being his mother.  Who supplied the inf.?

Will be in touch again, if I come to Brierley where could I see your photos?

Best wishes Joy Midgley


Thanks again for your email. Please send your address so I can forward it on to Linda. The Billy Baxendale you refer to had a son called Billy. Does this explain it better? Richard Baxendale who is also the son of Billy Snr and who lives on the farm now with his wife and children supplied the information. The history society’s address is on the index page where you can send any photographs or visit us to see the photographs already in the archives, a cuppa’ awaits you.

August 24 2002

Hi Gary

Have found one of the photos  - its of the Coronation tea party for Hill Top in what was known as the "club house" which was attached to the "3 Horse Shoes” pub .The original building was an "L” shape with the main pub being joined to the club house by the big arch way. I remember the entrance to the clubhouse being up the outside stone staircase. Is it still like that?  I can name most of the ladies on the photo. I am still confused re the Baxendales!   I remember Billy Baxendale who was also the butcher having a wife called May and 2 sons, David who was about a year older than me and Richard who you mention is now the farmer there was also a sister Janet who was I think the oldest.  Is the small boy being held Richards father Billy or did he have another brother I don't remember?  I was at Grammar school with David.

Joy Midgley


I am really looking forward to receiving the photograph. You now have me confused with the photograph of the Baxendale family. I will make it in my way to see Richard who provided the information and straighten the details up. The Three Horse shoes structure hasn’t changed at all from when I first remember it in the 1960s. (Giving my age away now). Have you been in touch with Linda yet?


August 26 2002

Hi To You All, You have a nice little site here. Very best wishes and keep up the good work,

Tom Dodds (working medium in Gloucester).


Very kind of you sir.

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