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Email received at this web site

 During the year 2002

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2 January 2002

Iv' just been reading about Colin Earl & Brian Perkins I was born in 1946 at 17 Hodroyd Cottages (Pit Row) which was 3 doors away from Colin and directly opposite Brian Perkins. When we were all young we played together and from 1957 Brian and me was in the same class at the Brierley Grimethorpe Secondary Modern School we did a lot together along with Raymond Cotton who was sadly killed in a tragic accident at Grimethorpe Pit in 1967 which was just after I left Grimethorpe. I'm still living in the Barnsley area Ward Green to be exact and I have seen Colin several times but not to speak to if you see him give him my regards It would be nice to contact Brian again if you would kindly pass on my Email address Keep up the good work

Cheers Ian Smallman


Brian as allowed me to pass on his e-mail address to anybody that asks for it so it is on its way to you. I have seen Colin this week and passed on your regards. He was pleasantly surprised and returns his regards to you. If there is anyone else you would like me to look up for you please don't hesitate to ask. Let me know how you go on with Brian.

3 January 2002

I have a lovely photo of a singer called Phil Gary singing at both The 3 Horseshoes and the old Brierley club.
Would this be of use to BAIPIP? Kind Regards
Phil Gary (Gough) Cudworth


I remember you quite well singing in both the Three Horse Shoes and the club. You went down well with the punters and I would appreciate any photographs you may have of you singing there. I am told you became much sought after on the club circuit. Are you still singing? Perhaps if you are you may offer to sing at a charity concert to boost the History Society's funds. Please keep in touch.

6 January 2002

Dear Gary,

My maiden name was Fidling.  One of the few references I can find to this name is Henry Fidling, constable of Brierley in 1655.   Are there still any Fidlings in the Brierley area?

My branch of Fidlings has lived in and around Lincoln at least since the end of the 19th century, so there may not be any connection, but with such an unusual name the chances are there may be a relationship way back.

I'd really appreciate any information you have.

Regards Janet Woodward


Thank you for your e-mail. Fidling Farm is situated on Church Street opposite the old institute. The farm was called after the then village constable Henry Fidling whom you mention. In recent years it was home to the famous Oates's ice cream but unfortunately trading as ceased at the farm. I have searched the school records that I have in my possession which start in 1873, but unfortunately there are no Fidlings in there. It is interesting to note however, that a family by the name of Woodward had a house built on the farm and lived there for a number of years until quite recently. A photograph of the farm is available on the photograph page.

Sorry I cannot be of further help to you. Please keep in touch with the website.

14th January 2002

I spoke to you at the Grimy Computer Centre. Sorry that I have forgot your name and also  the size of the file.  I felt it would loose too much with a further reduction the photo is of people of Brierley and my wife thinks it is at the old Burntwood Hall.  If you have use for it, I will try to get the names on the photo.  I understand that you cannot use every photo that it is sent to you and will not be offended should you think that you couldn’t make use of it on the Web Site.

Regards Ron. Bradbury


Hi Ron The picture is great. If you would like to forward the names for me the least I could do would be to add it to the archives. It would eventually go on the website when time allows.

14th January 2002

Dear Gary

Many thanks for your prompt response that I've only just had time to catch up with. Pity there is no Fidlings in evidence these days.  Funny about the Woodward connection but interestingly we have traced previous generations of Woodward's in Hatfield and Barnby Dun as far back as the mid 1700's, both of which aren't far from Brierley.  Any connections there? Thanks for all your trouble. Look forward to hearing from you. If you find any more information.  You're doing a great job with your website!

Regards Janet Woodward


I will enquire with the Woodward family if they had ancestors in the places you mention.

9th February 2002

Hello Gary

 I contacted you about a year ago now as regards to information about the Marsdens of Burntwood Hall. I had a computer virus that made me lose most of the information I had. Could you please tell me the name of that book where you got all your information? I would appreciate any help you can give me. All the best. Ben Fletcher


Hi Ben

Nice to hear from you again. Unfortunately, all the information I have on the Marsdens of Burntwood is packed away ready to move into our new premises. Once we are in there I will search out the material and email you.

10th February 2002

Sir, Could you tell me about the Dell in Brierley, if there is any history about it, and how did it originate, 

Thank you.  Malcolm Jones


Hi Malcolm Please call me Gary. At the moment all the archive material I have is packed up in boxes ready to move into new premises. Once we are in I will sift through and find out any details I can. Are you a local lad?  

13th February 2002

Hello Gary

Thanks for your prompt reply, up to a few years ago I used to walk my dog from South Elmsall to Brierley and used to end up at a place I was later told was the Dell.  My dog used to look forward to jumping off the boards into the water; first introduction to swimming was there.  So just thought it might be worth looking up why it was called the Dell. 

Malc Jones South Elmsall.

21st February 2002

Hi Gary Thank you for your reply re Colin and Brian. I would like to contact Brian Perkins I see that there would be no problem in you forwarding his email address. Thank you for your efforts. Please give my best to Colin Earl the next time you see him.

Cheers Ian Smallman


No problem Ian. I did forward you Brian's email address. I will send it again straight away. Please let us know how you go on.  

21st February 2002

I really think you are been unfair in your criticisms of Brierley Neighbourhood Nursery. The Steering group is made of mostly Brierley residents (and we want more if anyone is interested) so we definitely have Brierley's interests at heart.  The article in the Chronicle, as is often the case, was incorrect.  It should have said Brierley, Grimethorpe and Shafton, not Cudworth.  However, the nursery will in fact be open to residents from the entire Borough.  It will have to become self sustainable within 3 years and if we can't fill all the places from within the Brierley Ward we will have to look elsewhere. The point is though that this facility will be a community enterprise.  It will be not-for-profit so the fees will be kept to a minimum and assistance will be given to help those on the lowest incomes to get help.  Anyone who wants to work and have children understands that there will be a price to pay. The benefits to Brierley itself will be an improved environment with the renovation of the School and a facility for community groups that will be available all day apart from 3.5 hrs and all weekend.  This facility can also be used to provide courses for local people so that they don't have to travel outside the village, as is currently the case. All we ask is that you gives us your support and help us to make this a success.  I can't believe that you would wave goodbye to £million being spent in Brierley because you resent your neighbours from Shafton and Grimethorpe receiving some benefit.

Adam Midgley
BNN steering group


(If anyone wishes to join the steering group, email me and I will pass on your details to Adam).


Hi Adam

First let me make it clear that I support any efforts by anyone to make improvements to our village The old school site is a real eyesore and it would be nice to see a new building go up there, whether it be a nursery or a supermarket.  However, I stand by my views (which I am entitled to the same as you are yours). I feel the one million plus that is to be spent on the nursery, would only benefit a small section of the community, and I am sure you will agree, there is plenty wrong with Brierley that one million pounds would put right. No Adam, I wouldn't wave goodbye to one million pounds being spent in the village, but I would try to make sure that all or as many of the people from the community of Brierley benefited from it. I congratulate you and your group for the hard work you have done in bringing this kind of funding to the village, it's just that I feel your efforts would have been more rewarded if they had been diverted to the community as a whole. In reply to you thinking I resent our neighbours from benefiting, all I can say is that I am Brierley through and through and while other neighbouring villages have received funding, I feel Brierley as been neglected.

Good luck with your venture

21st February 2002

Dear Gary,

Thanks for all you're doing. We will be very interested to hear if you come up with anything to do with Woodward's or Fidlings.  Yes, I did look at the page on Fidling Farm - interesting to note that it is sometimes spelt with two 'ds'.  I don't live locally I'm afraid but visit relatives in Yorkshire from time to time and did call in briefly at Hatfield church last year but no-one was around to show us any records


Janet Woodward


No problem Janet. I ill inform you as soon as/if I receive any news.

21st February 2002

Hi Gary

Billy Bates here. Can you send me your new website address once it is completed. I would also be interested in joining the Genealogy class when you are up and running in Brierley Hall. Cheers, Billy.


Nice to hear from you Bill. I will inform you of the new website address and when we are working from in the hall.  

26th February 2002

Hello Gary
Following a recent browse on the Internet I came across the page regarding the request for information on the Brierley FC Juniors club (1948/50). J.Henstock is my grandfather and if you like I can pass on the contact information for him, of course clearing this with him first. I am sure he has lots of information regarding the football club, which he will be more than happy to share with you. If you would like me to pursue this, then please e-mail me back with contact information and I will pass these onto my grandfather. if you can give me your name etc, I will see if this rings a bell with my family.

Take care
Vicki Henstock. (Portsmouth)


Hi Vickie Thank you for your kind e-mail. Your grandfather is a very good friend of mine, and we work together on the Brierley Partnership. It was in fact at your granddad's request that I put out the information on the football team. I think he may have been trying to rekindle some old memories. It brought in some wonderful photographs of the team in those days that I have added to the archives. Please keep in touch with the site.

28th February 2002

Hi Gary

As an ex pat (mother still lives in Brierley) I was surprised to find your site. Well Done - I now know where to look to keep up with the news.

Robert Cookman


Thank you for your email Robert.. Do you mind me asking where you are now and what you are doing? Also do you have any memories of Brierley and maybe a few names we might all know?

P.S. How did you find the site? It is always interesting to know.

2nd March 2002

Hey up Gazza

Site is looking good, I have a thing or too to teach you though!!!!!! Do us a favour amend ar old mans link to your page:


Cheers Paul Vodden


Consider it done my friend

4th March 2002

Great Domain Gary. Keep up the good work.

Andrew Spaxman

www.barnsley.towntalk.co.uk/links/pages/ (Link no longer active)


Cheers Andrew I have added your site to the links page

The following email is regards to the Spiritualist Church page that can be seen at shops and services.

I have just read the page for the first time and I am pleased with the outcome, I hope people will read it and feel that they might be interested enough to come along and meet the committee and other church regulars.

I did just that and was very surprised by the warmth and friendliness of the people I met, I have now been a regular for over two years, and now have the good fortune to have been voted on the committee.

Just for the record I am a catholic and a Christian, although not a practicing one for a long time, going into Brierley Spiritualist church gave me something back that I had lost... My faith in mankind, and for that I will always be grateful to all the regulars, and especially Bill, Margaret, Janet, Barbara, and to a wonderful healer William.

Lots of love John Hyland


Thank you for your lovely email John. I am pleased you liked the page I designed for your Church. Although I only call at your church as a visitor, I too feel the warmth of both the church and the people whenever I pop in to see Barbara your secretary. It would be kind of you to pass on the details of the website to your friends and family.  

8th March 2002

Here's a treat for you all from Billy Mielke in Canada  

Sadly, Dave was born without ears, and though he proved to be successful in business, his problem annoyed him greatly. One day he needed to hire a new manager for his company, so he set up three interviews. The first guy was great. He knew everything he needed to know and was very interesting. But at the end of the interview, Dave asked him, "Do you notice anything different about me?" "Why, yes, I couldn't help but notice that you have no ears," came the reply. Dave did not appreciate his candor and threw him out of the office. The second interview was with a woman, and she was even better than the first guy. But he asked her the same question. Do you notice anything different about me?"  "Well," she said stammering, "you have no ears." Dave again got upset and chucked her out in a rage. The third and final interviewee was the best of the bunch; he was a young man who had recently earned his MBA. He was smart. He was handsome, and he seemed to be a better businessman than the first two put together. Dave was anxious, but went ahead and asked the young man the same question, "Do you notice anything different about me?" Much to his surprise, the young man answered, "Yes, you wear contact lenses, don't you?" Dave was shocked and realized this was an incredibly observant person. "How in the world did you know that?", he asked. The young man fell off his chair laughing hysterically and replied, "Well, it's pretty hard to wear glasses with no ears!"

10th March 2002

Hello Gary

Good to see you are busy working on your site. Just looking at the "Lucky Dip" photo where Ann Vodden is "queen." Sherry Peacock is number 3 and Christine Fewkes is number 9. Good luck with the site.

John Draper.


Thanks for that John. Can anyone else help naming the other two people on the photograph?

12th March 2002

Hi Gary
Just a quick one to say your new site is lookin' good but it is coming out upside down from where I am? Did you not account for us down under  :-). My Uncle Billy got a digital camera for Xmas so you should get him out on some photo shoots for you, he sent me some good pics to go on my web pages. I have been keeping in touch with my Aunt Hazel, Margaret and Uncle Billy, cousin Joanne and Jacky. Jacky bought me a copy of the video "Kes" which I had been trying to get for yonks "which was nice". Catch you later
say G'day to everyone
Kevin Bates (Australia)


Nice to hear from you again Kev. You had me worried there over the pages being upside down lol. Thanks for keeping in touch with the site. I have bought a program that tells me which country my hits are coming from, and I receive quite a few from Aussie land. I was quite surprised. Catch ya later. Ps. The picture on your website is Brierley Hall and not Brierley Manor.  

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