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Email received at this web site

 During the year 2002

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12th March 2002

Hello Gary
Fantastic site, how about getting one up for all the other villages around Brierley.  Keep up the good work.
Phil Gary (Gough)


Sorry Phil, but this site alone takes most of my time up. But I would be willing to help anyone up who wishes to have a go.

12th March 2002

Hello Garry ...been on site tonight mate had no problems? With the exception... if some one visits your site who are behind a firewall they will have problems waiting for the photo's to download...as soon as I knocked my firewall off the photo's came up straight away mate ... a thought it was worth a mention...

Dick Turner


Thanks for that Dick.

18th March 2002

Hello Gary

Just a quick note to let you know that I have looked at your web site and I have really enjoyed it. I have read your e-mails and I do feel the same has you about the old school I do think that it should be used for a community centre more than a nursery.  Have a nice day.

Davina McLeod (Thomson)


Thanks for your email Davina. I am pleased you enjoyed visiting the site. It is also pleasing to know that people like yourself who have lived in the village all their lives share my views on the nursery /community hall project.

18th March 2002

The website recently received requests from Malcolm Jones and Linda? Regarding the Dell and Grimethorpe Hall. I passed on the information to Richard Watson who is the local historian and who wrote the history of Brierley with his sister-in-law Mary Harrison (nee Draper) in 1975/6. Richard very kindly offered to look up the information and emailed the website with his findings. Although the History of Brierley was a complete sell out, you can view an up to date version on Richard's site at Brierley History 


Hello Gary

Here are the details for

GRIMETHORPE HALL, and The DELL. I have sent them on as requested.

On the third of December, l666, John Holgate of Grimethorpe married Helen Seaton, thus introducing the Seaton family to the village. In January of 1669, Robert Seaton married Theodicia Adwick of Arksey and built Grimethorpe Hall as their home. It is one of the earliest classical buildings in the area. The north wall is all stone and the doorway has a segmental head; the rest of the building being of combined brick and stone with tall pilasters framing the south door. Three stout Doric columns support the ceiling of the entrance hall. In 1701 Robert Seaton paid one shilling and six pence rent to the Manor of Brierley for his Freehold property.

In 1770. Richard Seaton, the son of Robert Seaton, died, aged eighty- three, and Grimethorpe Hall passed too Mr Bayldon of York. Following his death the hall passed by will to Richard P. Strangeways of Dinnington. In 1839, his widow, Sibyl Strangeways, sold Grimethorpe Hall to Richard Crookes, a Surgeon and Apothecary from Barnsley. At that time the hall had an estate of 131 acres in Grimethorpe, the land lying between the hall and Ferry Moor.

The Brierley Tythe Award for 1841 lists Grimethorpe Hall as owned Richard Crooks Surgeon, and occupied by John Wood.

Whites Directory for 1843 lists Grimethorpe Hall, occupied by John Wood.

Mr. George Horn is listed as resident at Grimethorpe Hall in 1877.

Kelly's Directory for 1922 has Grimethorpe Hall, with the occupiers Leigh Brothers Farmers, and in Kelly's Directory for 1928 the Grimethorpe Hall occupier was Hy. Lindley Farmer

At the time of writing my booklet 'Brereley' 1974/5 Grimethorpe Hall was occupied by Mr. Thompson and owned by the N.C.B.

The hall is a listed building, built in the style of Sir Christopher Wren. It is one of the earliest classical buildings in the area. The North wall is all stone and its doorway has a segmental head. The rest of the building is of combined brick and stone with tall with tall pilasters framing the south door. The hall was a Freehold property within Brierley Manor.

In 1991a project was started intending to turn the Hall into a hotel. A new roof was put on, but then the scheme fell through. The building now stands empty.

The valley now known as Grimethorpe Dell is properly called Tom Bank, the woods on the on the hill side are shown as Tom Bank Woods on Ordnance Survey Maps. The name Dell is relatively new it seems to have come into use earlier this century. Dell can mean a small-secluded valley, which you will know is a good description of the area. The present lake was developed a few years ago.

In 1841 the land was owned by the lord of the manor, and occupied by William Henry Addy, it had been used to supply water for Grimethorpe water mill. In the valley there are signs of a dams for at least two millponds. There are also signs of shallow coal mining on the hillsides towards Brierley.

The water mill stood at Grimethorpe Green and the complex system of water courses in Grimethorpe owes its origin to the problem of getting a good flow of water to the mill over relatively flat land, there being a difference of only forty feet or so between the level of the upper dam at Tom Bank and Ferry Moor into which the mill stream drains, a distance of one mile separating the two points. The remains of this upper milldam can still be seen spanning the valley at the corner of Tom Bank Wood. Four hundred yards downstream are the remains of a second dam which held the lower millpond.

In the mid seventeenth century Widow Speight of Grimethorpe held 116 acres of land in the hamlet and was tenant of the water mill, a horse driven mill, and the windmill on the hilltop between Grimethorpe and Brierley. Then in 1662 William Speight paid £7 rent to Brierley Manor for the mills.

Richard Watson


Thank you for your time and effort Richard

Regards Gary

18th March 2002

Had a good 2 hours browsing the site.... Smashing. I'll E-mail the Three Horse Shoes quiz scores before Tuesday

Cheers Ged Firth

Cheers Ged. So glad you enjoyed the site

26th March 2002

Hey Gaz, Deano here, the links on the site don't work!! And please take dat photo off and put them other ones on when you have developed them! Thanx
Deano (Fletcher)


Deano is referring to the Frontsl/de page. It is now up and running Deano so you can now view your good looks.

26th March 2002

Website gets better and better scoop

Chris Sykes (Councillor)


You never were one for fancy words Chris. Thanks for your kind comment. Chris calls me Scoop due to my role as Brierley correspondent for the Barnsley Chronicle.

26th March 2002

Hi Gary,

I thought you were putting my photo on the web site with me holding post box at Christmas for the children of Brierley to send their letters to Santa.  I gave you the cutting.

Cheers June Hockey


I have placed your cutting on the newspaper cuttings page June. Can you forward me the original photograph, as the one I have is a photocopy, which won't show up very well

30th March 2002

Hello Gary.  

Thank you so much! I was worried I lost the information for ever after I had to re-install windows. Hope all is well.

Regards, Ben Fletcher


Your most welcome Ben

Ben is referring to the information I sent him by email regarding his ancestors who were the Marsden's of Burntwood Hall

1st April 2002

Hi Gary,

Many thanks for checking with the Woodward's who lived in Fidling farm.  As you say, disappointing that they are not related to our ancestors but I will keep on searching. Regards Janet Woodward


Anytime Janet. I was pleased to contact the family for you. Please keep in touch with the site.

1st April 2002

Hello Gary

The photo is of the top class, school year 1951/52. Here are the extra names that I know. No.2 Shirley Jackson No.3 Dorothy Horsefall No.8 John Mansfield No.10 Hilary Newton No.11 Janice Hanwell No.12 Susan Roberts No.13 Nelson Steel No.14 Paul Normington No.17 Neil Mansfield No.18 Roseanne Staves No.19? Grimes No.20 Joyce Hawley No.21 Anne Wilce No.22 Barbara Lawton No.24 William Newton No.27 Tommy Bell

Margaret Watson (nee Draper)


Thank you very much Margaret for your information. If anyone else recognises anyone on photographs on this website, please email Gary

6th April 2002

Hi Gary
here is the very first Brierley web page link I found years ago then I lost it till today. It has some good info plus an old link to your sight, which I believe I sent.
Cheers Kevin Bates (Australia)

Hi Kevin. Always nice to hear from you. Thank you for your information. I have visited the site today and found it very interesting. I have added the site to the links page. If anyone would like a link adding to this website please email Gary

10th April 2002

Hello Gary

I think 4 and 5 on the Whitsuntide photo are the Hall twins who lived down Regina Crescent but I can't remember their first names. On the Lucky Dip photo, number 1 is Billy Bates. I think number 7 is his sister but I can't remember her name. 

Keep up the good work, an excellent site.

A couple more names for you for the Whitsuntide photo Number 2 is Sherry Peacock, number 11 is Sheila Haigh and  number 17 is Linda Spaxman.

John Draper  


Thanks again John

11th April 2002

Hello Gary

The photo I mentioned was taken at the home of Mrs. Makinson (District Nurse) of Common Road Brierley. It is of the Old Folks Treat committee, and was taken about 1975. No. 2 is Mrs. Hambleton, and No. 16 is Mrs. Sheila Watmough.

Hope this is of use to you. Richard Watson


Thanks Richard

20th April 2002

Dear Gary,
Thanks for the call and an enjoyable chat today. I have only had a quick look at the site but it is very interesting maybe we could meet up next time I can afford the petrol.
Chris Beaumont Feltham

P.S. I will show the site to my Dad and see what he remembers of the good old days.


I enjoyed the chat myself Chris. It is always pleasing to hear of new people latching on to the site.

June 1 2002

My name is Avril Perry (nee Picken) and I lived at 15 Hill Top with my two sisters Meryl and Gail.  You already have e-mail from Gail as I introduced her to the site. I am married and live with my husband Ray and younger son Martin in Kettlethorpe, Wakefield.  My elder son Stephen lives next door with his fiancée. I visited Brierley Church for the Strawberry Tea last year and also the exhibition in the Chapel, which I found fascinating.  I even saw a picture of myself at Burntwood. Now and then we pop along to the Three Horse Shoes for a drink and a look round the village.  I would come and live in Hill Top again given half a chance so if anybody is interested in exchanging council houses let me know.

Avril Perry (nee Picken)


I am so glad that you enjoyed the exhibition at the chapel Avril. It was visited by nearly 300 residents and ex pats from all over Great Britain. You will have to make yourself known to me when we have one later this year. What about a pic of you and your family. Regards Gary

If anyone wants to consider exchanging properties with Avril, email me and I will pass on your details.

Also on Where are You now? Page

June 1 2002

My name is Gail Cooper, (nee Picken).  I lived at 15 Hill Top. I have two sisters Avril and Meryl. I live in Canada and have lived here for twenty years. My sisters are still in England. I have a daughter and a son, and granddaughter and grandson, all here with me. I came back to Yorkshire last July and have been back about four or five times.

It's a great website!

Gail Cooper


Thank you for your email Gail. It is always encouraging to hear from ex pats of Brierley. It makes all my hard work on the site worthwhile. Perhaps you would like to send us a pic of your time in Brierley and a recent one of you and your family. Regards Gary

Come on then lads and lasses. Do you remember Gail or Avril?

Also on Where are You now? Page

6 June 2002

Hello Gary

Good to see that you're adding even more photos to the site. Just looking at the 57/58 photo of Mrs. Fox's class.

Some names I remember.

Front row - left to right  - 1) Pete Woolridge, 4) Ann Harding, 5) Jeannette Scott, 9) Trevor Berry, 10) Norman Cummings Middle row - 1) Tony Horsefall, 2) David Baxendale, 3) Pat Wright, 4) Pat Dye, 7) Barbara Thorpe, 9) John Beaumont Back Row - 1) Alistair Findlay, 4) Mick Vodden, 7) Michael Robinson, 8) Dave Miller 9) Roger Steele

I don't know where I was because I'm the same age as many of those on the photo - I must have been AWOL that day! John Draper


Thanks again John. I have updated the photograph. Where would this site be without you?

June 11 2002

Hello Gary

I've just seen the e-mails from Gail and Avril. They won't remember me, but they would be around my sister Jean's age. Jean doesn't have e-mail at home but if they wanted to get in touch with her, you could give them my e-mail address next time you're in touch with them. I'm sure my sister would be really pleased to hear from them.

Thanks John Draper


Thanks for your email John. If the girl’s get in touch I will pass on your email address to them.

June 14 2002

Hello Gary

Had my sister Jean here this weekend. She's provided some more names for the "Mrs. Horton's class early 50's photo," because she's on it! Number 3 is Roy Makings, 11 is Alan Fleetwood, 20 is my sister, Jean Draper, 24 is Barbara Carr, 26 is Ann Gascoigne. 27 that you have listed as Ann Harding is actually her sister Mary Harding. Ann was my age and would be a little younger than this form year. Jean has also given me a name for the "Mr. Balmforth's class 51/52. Number 4 (next to my sister Margaret) is Dorothy Horsefall.

Please keep adding photos to this excellent site!

John Draper


Hi John. Photographs have been updated. Please pass on my thanks to your sister Jean.  

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