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Email received at this web site

 During the year 2002

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August 29 2002


In response to your "Where are they now?” I am Eric Heeley and lived in Brierley from about 1943 to February 1958 when we emigrated to Australia. My mother, Kathleen and father, Jerry, died 7 and 2 years ago respectively.  My sister Janet is alive and well and lives in New South Wales whereas I live in Victoria.

She visited me recently and we spent an enjoyable 3 hours or so looking through old pictures on your website.  Below is a recent photo of us both and our recollection of who lived in Hilltop Estate in 1958 when we left.  It may not be totally accurate as it WAS 44 years ago!!  Please feel free to make additions or corrections.

Eric Heeley heeleric@net-tech.com.au


Hi to Eric and Janet

Thank you both for the email and the pictures. I am not sure about who lives where on the estate now, but I know that Mrs Wilkinson still lives at number 17. Sadly Nat passed away a few years ago. I remember the family well as I used to be best friends with their son Stephen in the 60s and 70s. He would only have been a baby when you emigrated. (About 45/46 now). I also had the pleasure of working with Nat in the 1970s when he was a driver for the Yorkshire Traction at Shafton. There is also an elderly lady at number 11 called Newton who I know has brothers called Leslie (deceased) and Billy who lives on the Grange Road estate. Have you visited Brierley recently because both your faces looks very familiar. If you have any photographs of your family when you lived in Brierley I would really appreciate a copy of them.  

August 31 2002  


Just checked out the site and saw the photo etc. I sent you.  Great.  I will look for some photos and scan them and send them to you and see if anyone recognizes them. I myself was in Brierley September but I think it is about 3-4 years since Janet has been them.

Will keep in touch. Eric Heeley Australia


I will look forward to the pictures

3 September 2002

Hello Gary,

Here are a few photos of the Heeley family before leaving for Australia.  Also there are a couple of group photos which might be of interest to people - would be nice if someone knew where the big group of children was taken!!??

Eric Heeley Australia


The photographs are now on line. I already had the picture of the Whitsuntide 1950s in the archives so I have added some names. I hope you find it interesting. Thanks for your time and efforts in responding to our Where are you now? appeal and providing us with the information on your family. I mentioned your family to Bill Newton who has lived in Brierley most of his life and remembered your mum and dad quite well. He was saddened to hear of their deaths. (Not related to the Newton’s who lived on Hilltop when you were there).

September 4 2002

Hello Gary

 I've just had a look on the site and was delighted to see the photograph of my brother Darren (who was tragically killed in a road accident in July 1981 aged 20) playing with his mates Dave Lomas and Clive Pearson.

The photographs shown on the site underline how important it is for people to have the opportunity to see friends and neighbours, past and present and be able to remember and reminisce about the good and sometimes not so good times.

Keep up the good work Gary

Regards Gary Wilson


Thank you for your kind comments Gary. I suppose like myself there are many people who remember Darren and I hope they have pleasure in visiting the photograph and reliving happier times in his memory.

September 8 2002

Hi Gary

Just seen the photos of Janet and Eric Heeley.   I remember Janet very well, she used to walk me to school and  "look after" me.  I spent a lot of time at their house Number 32   Hilltop, which incidentally, was my parents house before the Heeley’s lived there, my parents were married from there. It became my parent’s house again after I had left home.  (I never lived there  - when I was in Brierley we lived at 37.)

I remember Janet having very long fair hair and her mum had a plait way down her back.  The photo of the fancy dress - I think the young girl at the front in the white dress is Lorna White, but I don't know any of the others.

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Diane Wilkinson?  She is Billy Wilkinson s daughter?    Billy lived originally in Hilltop then later moved to bungalow near the park.  Jessie and Jim Midgley looked after Diane for a long time when she was small   but I lost touch with her about 13 year ago She was just about to move to Cudworth with her boyfriend.

Best wishes

Joy Ford (Midgley)


Thanks for the information about the Fancy dress photograph. I have updated it today. Nice to know you know Janet Heeley, perhaps you both might get in touch with each other if she reads this. It would be nice if you do. I have put out an appeal on the Where are you know? Page for Diane Wilkinson for you. Fingers crossed.  

September 8 2002

Hi Gary,

How are you? Regarding the Whitsuntide pic no.5, on the Heeley site, I’d like to identify 2 more people.  The girl front row, on left, with plaits and a double breasted coat is Christine Bates, and front row, right, the girl with hands together and a large bow on her head is Kathleen Bird, who was one of my best friends in the 50`s.

Best regards from Oz,

Janet de Haas (nee Heeley)

P.S. Love your site!


Thanks for the information. I have updated the site today. I absolutely adore your P.S bit lol.

September 2 2002

Hi Gazza

Its Ben Schofield working in France, I just thought I would log on and check out your mint website, from an Internet cafe on a beach in Brittany.

Your website is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!   Could you do me a favour and say hi to everyone like my mum and Neil, all the lads in club and the Fruntslide crew, I’ve been telling all the French about the band just now after we saw the picture, thanks for the wedding photos bud!!!!!!!!!! Tell everyone the weather is great and I will be back in the UK in November.

Once again your website is fab and its mint that I can email my village from 1000 miles from home.

Cheers Gazza Ben Schofield


How are you keeping out there? Keep the flag flying for good old Brierley. Check out your pic on the news page (Sept. 14). Good luck Ben and we’ll have a pint when you come home in November. By the way, what kind of work are you doing out there? The lads from Fruntslide say Hi!

October 2 2002

Do you have any pictures of the cottages that were on the left side of the road just after Cordeaux's corner going into Brierley? My relatives lived in one of them. I think there were two of them.  They appeared to be built into the bank.   They were very old and I think they were demolished in the early 50's   The family name was either Dootson or Roebuck.  I know for a fact that the cottage was haunted as I've heard lots of stories concerning them.

Jim & Beryl Dent


I believe the two cottages you are talking about were the ones situated opposite Brierley Church next to the fish shop as it is today. There are two houses there now that were built in the 1960s?

The left hand cottage as we look from the church was empty for a number of years before and during the war while Mrs Hunt occupied the right hand cottage until 1939. I have a picture of her husband Jim who died in the First World War.

Initial enquires show that there were no Roebucks or Dootsons in Brierley before the 1930s. I have also checked the local school records and once again there are no Dootsons or Roebucks listed as attending the school from 1873.

During the Second World War, the second cottage was reinforced and used by the Air raid wardens as a meeting post. After the war, squatters occupied the first cottage but no one can recall their name. The cottages were indeed demolished in the 1950s.

I have been trying for 5 years to obtain photographs of the cottages, but as yet no luck.

These are only initial enquires and I have further avenues I can follow which I will do within the next couple of weeks. I will keep in touch.

For my information if you don't mind: Are you or your family from Brierley? Where do you live now? What is your connection to Brierley?

October 4 2002

Dear Gary
I came across your site only yesterday and have to say it is very good indeed. I have not been back to the village for years, however I have been in contact via E-mail with John Draper in the past year. I have now settled in Lincolnshire and work as a projects manager (mechanical engineering) on various petro-chemical refineries and plants around the UK and Europe. It was good to see the old photographs of not only the village but the
school classes the faces and names certainly jog the old memory, i think I recall some of the missing names on Mrs. Thorpe’s class of 56/57 Back row could that be Craig Blackshaw? Bottom Row (Lawtons0 could they be Peter Lawley and Susan Lawley??? Who lived on Cross-hill across from my Grandmother Lillian Lynch. I have not looked at all the site yet but will keep in touch and send any old photographs if I can find them
Best regards and keep up the good work

Pete Woolridge


Thank you for your very interesting email. I do remember you from my younger days in Brierley. I was your Lynn’s age but probably you don’t remember me. My brothers and sister are Alan, Ernie and Janet Sheard, perhaps you knew them better. I would appreciate any photographs that you may have. At present we have about 1,200 in the archives with at least 600 of them being pr 1969. Perhaps you could send us photographs of your days in Brierley and you and your family now to add to the Where are you now page?

Thanks for your interest shown in the site.

October 8 2002

Hello Gary

Hope you are well. Thanks for the information I have now contacted Raymond and we have had a nice chat. If you can give me an address and a name I will be happy to give a small donation to the village site. The site is very good and well worth keeping going a small donation from a lot of people will help.

Bye for now Brian Bower


That would be very much appreciated Ron. Our address is on the index (Home) page. I am really pleased to have put you back in touch with old friends.

October 4 2002

Hello Gary

I sent e-mail to you last month but I have since found a fault with my computer, if you did receive It please ignore this one. I used to live at The Laburnums Barnsley Road until 1959 I then left and eventually came into the Doncaster area where I worked at the Doncaster Royal Infirmary as an electrician until retirement in 2000. Any information you could give on the following names, I would be very pleased to hear, Raymond Steele, William Newton, and Paul Normanton.

All the Best Brian Bower


I have spoken to John Steele on your behalf. John writes his memories on the website. He says that his brother Raymond is living in Hemsworth and breeding budgerigars. Raymond would be pleased to hear from you and his telephone number is (Sent privately).

I have heard that Paul is running a DIY in the South, but I will let you know more information when Ron contacts me this afternoon.

I have spoken to the father of William Newton and he says his son is living in Normanton. He will pass on my message to him and hopefully I will have his telephone number within the next couple of days.

October 10 2002

Hi   Gary  

I am Bethany I was hoping than you cud help me on oaks ice creams


Could you provide a few more details of what information you require, and do you mean Oates’ ice cream? If you are under 16 could you make sure that your parents or teacher know whenever you send an email

October 20 2002

Hi Gaz

Al Beavers here. Finally got on to the net, but was very disappointed when I visited your site, and found I couldn’t look at the photographs. I wondered if you had any idea why this is. Anyway if you want any typing doing, shell says she’ll do it, and e-mail it to you

See you later AL


I have spoken to Austen who hosts the website regarding the photographs as quite a few people are having problems getting them on line. He seems to think that the problem is caused by using Microsoft word for my website. This wasn’t intended to be used for website. However I am going on an advanced 5-week course shortly so everything should be ok when I change the site around. Tell Michelle thanks for the offer of typing for the society. I will be in touch with her.

October 23 2002

Hi folks

I am getting too much of the dreaded junk mail and items from unknown users with virus attachments from accessing my kevinbates1@ozemail address through my ISP so I will be using only my Yahoo mail address from here on in, which is kevinbates1@yahoo.com.au 

Kevin Bates Australia

October 24 2002

Hello Gary

Hope you are well. I have enclosed a photograph of the Laburnums as it was in 1959 the year I left. If you wish, you may put it on the site.

All the very best Brian Bower.


Thank you for the photograph Brian. If you click on the link I have put it on the photographs page along with a picture I took this morning of the Laburnums as it is today. Thank you for an offer of a small donation. The society relies heavily on fundraising. This website alone costs over Ł300 per year to keep going. It would be nice if every reader sent a small donation. How about you sending us photographs of your time in Brierley and of you and your family as you are now?

October 31 2002

Hi Gary,

The photograph "Gifts for the poor" - mid 60's.

No. 3 is Howard Booker who used to live on Barnsley Road.  His Grandmother and Mother were in the Mother's Union at Church.

No. 16 is correct - it is Gary Tibble.

Avril Perry (Picken)


The photograph has been updated.

5 November 2002

Hello Gary

Thought your readers might like this poem.

rhymes with entirely,
so why do we always,
or nearly,
get BrEARley
whenever our name is read out?
Oh, it's not that important,
not worth a discordant
remark nor a pout
to make clear
still I find it strange
that so many folk change
what is plainly an I to an EAR!

Bye Ronald Brierley

Richard Watson has passed on the poem re Brierley. I am sorry you are having problems with my email address. Perhaps you could try replying to this one. 

6 November 2002

I am very interested to know if anyone has put a name to a face on the photograph on your website. I am interested in the name Vamplew

Thank you Roxanne Sandiford

I just received your email while I was updating the website. Perhaps you could be a little more specific re the photograph. It would also help if you tell me exactly what you are searching for re the Vamplew’s and I may be able to help you more  

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