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Introducing the work of Brierley and its people in photographs (Baipip)

Brierley is a small village near Barnsley in South Yorkshire England

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Sylvia Hawkins (nee Wilce), Nigel Crossland and Alex Dyson

Three of Brierley’s longest serving residents, Sylvia Hawkins (nee Wilce), Nigel Crossland and Alex Dyson just on the picture on the right. Seen here at the year 2000 Baipip exhibition which was held at the Methodist Church



Photograph number: People 2  This photograph is on line. Click the photograph number to view

Circa early 1920s

Miss Edith Mary Cordeux

The photograph shows Miss Edith Mary Cordeux (b. July 21st 1862 d. Feb 5th 1926) in the grounds of her home at Lindley House. With her is her trusty dog Pat. There is a pet’s grave to the memory of a dog-named Pat in the grounds of Lindley House. The dates on the grave show that Pat died in 1916 so the Pat on this photograph could not be this dog..

Edith Mary Cordeux father was the Rev Godfrey Piggott Cordeux (who died on November 7th 1907 aged 79 years.) He was a co founder and the first curate at St Paul's Church from 1869 to 1878. He married Sarah (died March 30th 1900 aged 70 years) the daughter of Robert Hoyland.

Miss Cordeux was responsible for having Brierley Church Institute built in 1911. In her will she left the Institute, under the guidance of the church, for use of the people of Brierley Village. She also stated in her will that no alcohol must ever be present within the Institute. Ironic then that in 1966 the Royal British Legion bought the club from the church for £5,000 and turned it into an ex servicemen's club. After her death, Mr Burberry director of T.T.Taylor’s linen Manufacturers Peel Street Barnsley occupied Lindley House.

The junction of Church Street with Common Road and Hillside is aptly nicknamed after this family "Cordeux corner".

Lindley House (spelt without a d in those days) was known as Brierley Hall before the present hall was built in 1840.

Photograph taken from an old Brierley postcard and provided by Mrs Swinbank of Orchard House



Photograph number: People 3

Circa early 1900s

Folly Hall farm

The 1881 census for Brierley shows a Richard Wilson aged 62 and his wife Charlotte Wilson aged 62. This photograph was taken about 15 years after the census so I am guessing that these two members of the Wilson family are the Richard and Charlotte mentioned in it



Photograph number: People 4

Circa late 1890s

Folly Hall farm

John Wilson (son to Richard and Charlotte see photograph number People 3) and his wife whose name is unknown. John is named on the 1881 census as a butcher age 25 and unmarried



Photograph number: People 5

Circa late 1890s?

Folly Hall farm

John Wilson with his unknown wife and their children. On the left is Richard Wilson and top middle is John Wilson jnr. Bottom middle is Annie and on the right is Thomas (Tommy) Wilson



Photograph number: People 6

Circa 1960s

Richard Baxendale

Hall Farm



Photograph number: People 7

Circa 1940s

Baxendale family 3 generations

Left to right: Lillian Baxendale (nee Vamplew) Polly Baxendale, Connie Baxendale and Frederick Arnold Baxendale



Photograph number: People 8

Circa late 1940s

Dolly Nelson (nee Gillat)

Brierley post women from 1947 – 1950. In the background can be seen the remains of the old well on Church Street which was known as Cobblers Well



Photograph number: People 9

Date unknown

Betty Gillat with sons David and Ian

This photograph was taken on Coop Cottages where Grange House is now built



Photograph number: People 10


Herbert Vamplew

One of Brierley’s much loved characters



Photograph number: People 11

Circa 1935/6

Norman Gillat and his niece Barbara Nelson (later Pearson)

Cliff Farm



Photograph number: People 12

Date unknown

Arthur Grimes

Arthur was the chief chauffer for the Basildon's of Bradford who were mill owners



Photograph number: People 13

Date unknown

Henry Gillat

Farmer at Cliff Farm seen here with his dog “Boy”



Photograph number: People 14

Date unknown

Betty York (nee Gillat) and her son David

Betty is seen bathing her son David in the old tin bath



Photograph number: People 15


Councillor Alex Vodden



Photograph number: People 16


Nicola Hardwick

Brierley Park



Photograph number: People 17


Christina Richardson (nee Clarke)



Photograph number: People 18


John Steele aged 12

John has written his memories of living in Brierley for Baipip. Below is the first paragraph of what is a wonderful story.

I was born in St Paul's cottage in Church Street in January 1928. My father worked in the blacksmith's shop at Brierley Colliery, my mother had been cook at Brierley Hall, and my grandparents, who also lived in the house, were the caretakers of the church and the church institute (now Brierley Social club). Before moving into St Paul's when they became caretakers in 1912, they lived in Fieldhead cottage that was in the grounds of Fieldhead house (now the main car park at Brierley Hall), and before that, in the tiny one up two down cottage (now demolished) which stood adjacent to Elms cottages on Common Road. Grandmother worked part time for Miss Cordeaux who had the Institute built for village use, and she also had two cottages converted into one, which became St Paul's. As I remember St Paul's from later years, there was a large kitchen and pantry leading to the living room both with stone flagged floors. Through the living room you went down a step to the parlour, which had a wooden floor, a staircase, and the front door, which opened onto the street. Upstairs there were two large bedrooms, a box room and a bathroom with bath and washbasin. There was always hot water thanks to the huge cast-iron fireplace in the living room; it was also one of the first smaller houses to be lit by electricity. There wasn't a radio despite the power



Photograph number: People 19

Circa 1883

Beth Beavers

Hillside Crescent



Photograph number: People 20

May 1947

John Steele

This photograph was taken of John when he was 19 years old and in the forces serving in Hamburg. John has written his memories of living in Brierley for Baipip



Photograph number: People 21

Date unknown

Polly Jane Vamplew

The only information I have is that this lady was the mother of Alan Vamplew. Further information would be appreciated



Photograph number: People 22

Circa 1940s?

Mr and Mrs Utley

Further information would be appreciated



Photograph number: People 23

Circa 1946

Walter Deighton

Walter was the Brierley postman from 1945 to 1947



Photograph number: People 24

Circa 1030s

Benny Mathers



Photograph number: People 25

Circa 1936

Barbara Nelson (later Pearson)

In later years Barbara was the post woman in Brierley for many years. This photograph was taken on Cliff Farm



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