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Email received at this web site

From January to May 2006


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Only email with a full name and a place of residence (e.g. Brierley, Australia, Leeds etc) will be acknowledged. 

Edited email will be answered on the web site and in some cases may receive a personal reply


Updated 13th May 2006

Hi Gary,

Its Peter Lukey here. I am Martha Dysons (from the spiritualist church.. who lived on Church St)  great grandson. We've met but I wasn't sure you would remember me. I live down in Mackey Crescent now. I just wondered how I could get hold of a copy of schools photo 10 (online if possible), because I am pretty sure if its the same as the one that was on the old web site taken at Brierley C of E school  that I am the small lost looking kid at the front. i.e. the one you've signified as ? lol

all the best Peter Lukey Brierley


Thanks for your email Peter. I held an information required day in the Methodist Chapel recently and Dave Lomas did in fact recognise you on the photograph. To be hones with you I knew your face but wasn't sure of your name.


Dear Gary,

Thanks for placing the picture on line... that's great as most of the pics taken of me when I was little were lost a few years ago. My mum Hilary's really pleased too lol. Her and my girlfriend are really glad they can tease me over something now. If there's any pics I might be able to help with please let me know. 

Best wishes Peter.

Hi Gary,

On photograph Schools 19 the boy left of Frank Wright is Stephen Bilcliffe,and the one to the right is Paul Weston, Rowena's second name was Sagar. The Christian name of Kemp is Denise and the Christian name of Tibble is Wendy.

Barbara Smith nee Nixon


Thanks Barbara, the photograph has been updated.

Updated 10th May 2006

Hi Gary, could you please put me in touch with Gary Wilson who is now in Adelaide Australia if possible. He is a cousin of mine and I have not seen him since about 1963, Possibly at Margaret Rowley's wedding.

I met Gary's brother Albert at Aunt Emma Rowley's funeral a few years back. I am new to to Where R U now sites and found your site via other family info.

Any help you can provide is welcome. Best regards Keith Rowley (Of the Grimethorpe Rowley's -- Liverpool Branch). 


Sorry Keith but Gary's email address was from the old web site of which I have lost all records. I will leave your email address on the site for if Gary sees it and wants to get in touch. If you haven't heard anything within a couple of weeks let me know and I will get his address of Albert for you.


Dear Gary

I have just come across your site and was hoping you could help. I am wondering if there is anybody still in Brierley who remembers my father Bertrand Earl. He was born in the co-op buildings in 1918. I assume he attended the local school and then went to Hemsworth Grammar School . He worked in a pit workshop as an engineer apprentice I think. He joined the KOYLI territorial's in 1939 and was sent to Norway ? he was wounded i think and transferred to the royal artillery and posted to Somerset where he met and married my mother. His father was John William Earl who was a wages clerk and later area accountant for Frickley Colliery. He retired to Pickering so I only know that part of Yorkshire from holidays. He died in 1960 and my father died in 1980. Being young and foolish I never asked my father too much about his life until it was to late so any info you could find would be most welcome. I live in Yeovil, Somerset .

I look forward your reply and remain,

Yours sincerely

Frank Earl



I will ask about Frank I am sure their is. I have already spoken to one lady but she only vaguely remembers the family. She says she remembered your father and his sisters Margaret and Janet. Are we on the right tracks? I have also checked the Brierley school records and saw a Bertrand Earl born 21/6/1918 started Brierley school 25/6/1923. Margaret Earl born 26/1/1923 started Brierley school  29/8/1927and Janet Earl born 17/10/1920 started Brierley school 7/10/1925. I will update a little later when I have made further enquires.



Dear Gary

Many thanks for your very prompt reply, you do indeed have the right family.

Sadly since I contacted you my Auntie Janet Earl has passed away and will be cremated this Fri 19th May. In Norwich where she has lived with Auntie Margaret and her husband Harold for many years.

I thank you for your efforts and hope you may discover more.

If anybody up there needs any research done in my area ( Somerset ) I would be happy to assist if I can.

Yours Sincerely

Frank Earl

Email also on People search 1 page  


When I looked at the M.U photographs the other day I couldn't remember the year.  It is December 1990. Also I named one of the people as Mrs Webb but having thought about it it is Grace Denton.

Many Thanks

Jean Johnson Brierley


Thanks Jean, sorry about the delay in replying but I have a computer virus and didn't want to risk passing it on to anyone

Updated 9th April  2006

Hi Gary,
I am looking for an old friend, Tom Brown, who I believed grew up in the Brierley area.  He is the son of Lillian Brown and his brothers are Michael and Christopher.  He also had a brother who died while serving in the military.  Tom also served in the military.  He is married to Andrea and they have a daughter.  He is 49 now and if my memory serves me his birthday is October 27th.  He has spent a great deal of the last 20 years working in the Middle East.  At one time he was working for Halliburton.  I know he bought a house back in 1990 in Brierley and I want to say it was right on Barnsley Road.  I have not spoken with him in seven years and have misplaced all my numbers for he and his family.  I would really like to get in touch with him again and thought maybe you could help. I would appreciate anything you can do.  If you locate him, he can reach me at this email address.  Thanks Gary.  He is a really special friend and I would really like to get back in touch with him.
Jill Bishop
Carlsbad, California USA


Hello Jill, I know Tom very well, he only lives a few hundred yards from me. We actually went to Willowgarth school at the same time and played football together for Shafton when we were in our early twenties. I have popped down to his house today to pass on you email but he is away on holiday. As soon as he returns I will pass on your details to him.

Hi Gary,

Regarding photograph number Schools 84, my name in Carl Pickersgill and I was at Willowgarth high school at the time this photograph was taken, these where my teachers. I have got a son who is at Hemsworth High school where Geoff Wilby is the head of science, it is the same Wilby as in the picture. I got the info off Geoff himself.

The back row all standing starting from the left are: 1,Mick Ladley  2, Mrs R Wilby, 3, Mick Wadsworth, 4, Mrs M Wadsworth, 5,Ron Wilby, 6, Geoff Wilby, Mrs G Wilby. The front row sitting starting  from the left are:. The occasion was the BRIERLEY ASSOCIATION NEW YEARS PARTY AT WILLOWGARTH HIGH SCHOOL. The year was 1978/79.

Carl Pickersgill Hemsworth

Updated 27th March  2006

Hello again Gary

Nigel Reeson and his younger brother Glen are my brothers sons (see email further down).

My brother Arthur lived at the top end of Manor View and he worked at Ferrymoor Riddings pit.

Coming home one night the pit paddy was involved with another bus and Arthur and another miner was killed. This is 31 years ago now. I am once again amazed at how you are managing to keep this wonderful web site going.

Keep up the good work Betty Wilson nee Reeson Whitby

Hi Gaz

I was wondering if you could put me in touch with "William" who left a message on the 4th Jan 2004.The message content was regarding Thorpe's, living in Brierley

Great site by the way !

Debra Taylor Shafton

Hi Debs, what are you dong up this late at night? Williams email address is on its way to you. Thanks for your kind comments on the web site.

Hi Gaz

You know how it is Gaz, candle at both ends and all that ! Cant get on the computer for the kids usually. I hope William is still interested in Thorpe's, I will keep you updated.

I haven't noticed on the site if you have any Thorpe photos except a couple of Joan & Tony, have you any really old ones?

Love Debs x


Was Halliday Thorpe your relation? I have one of your great granddad Losh going into the Three Horse Shoes but it is only a distant photograph and not very clear. These are 2 that spring to mind. I have about 1,500 in my collection so it is hard to remember them all. If you go onto the Brierley Village web site search engine and type in Thorpe I have over 1,000 of the photographs indexed on there so they should show up on there if there is any. If there is any you want putting on the web site let me know.


Hi Gaz

Yes Halliday Thorpe is a relative. Losh is my granddad !! Do I look that young ??

Mother Joyce her parents Friend Thorpe also known as Losh & Florence Winifred Adshead  my grandparents. I have had a reply from William already, quite happy to share info, that will keep me busy for a while Thank you for his mail address Gaz your a "Star". I will have a look at what photos I have, I think lots of the old Thorpe photos are in Scarborough with uncle Peter as his mum Vera Bailey being the eldest child I would have imagined she would have had all the really old ones

See ya soon

Debs Taylor Shafton x

Updated 9th March  2006

Hello Gary

would it be possible for you to give me directions to the Burntwood court hotel from the A1. I am unable to access a suitable map for your area. We have a group of 11 men ex RAF converging on the Burntwood late in May and I just happened to find your web site.

Regards Jack Iley Washington co Durham.


I will forward you the details shortly Jack. I hope you enjoy your night at the Burntwood hotel.

Hello Gary

I found your web site by accident and it as given me more pleasure today than anything I can remember for a long time.

I was brought up in Shafton and worked at Brierley Hall as a cleaner in my early 30s and also found at that time the Spiritualist church. This gave me great comfort and without knowing it then the future for me as a medium. I spent over 25 years in South Elmsall reading cards every day and now have a hotel in Sandsend Whitby. I have clients still come over here every week for readings and workshops and holidays here. I still feel I am a Shaftoner I am very proud of my mining family heritage I have done a lot of family history and love great stories about our past. I thank you very much and wonder if there is any web site for Shafton My daughters web site is about her and myself here and we would like to welcome any of your visitors to our hotel. My page is www.Yorkshireholidays.com  Sandsend Bungalow Hotel Or www.healingtouch.co.uk

Good luck and my admiration for all you are doing here

Betty Wilson nee Reeson Whitby


Hello Betty, unfortunately I don't think their is a web site for Shafton similar to mine. I lived on Manor View myself for a short while in the 1970s and your maiden name rings a bell with me. Did you have a relation called Nigel? I am sure I went to school with someone of that name. If I am right he would now be about 47/48 now. I can definitely remember a family of that name living in Shafton at the same time as myself. I am so glad you enjoyed reading the web site, when I receive emails like your it makes me feel my efforts are really worthwhile. Please keep in touch with the site.

Hi Gary

I can identify two people on the picture you have of the Methodist Church Holiday Club.

Edwin Hambleton's wife is called Elizabeth, and the lady standing next to Leslie Newton is called Rachael Marsden. One of the boys is definitely David Baxendale (far left - red sports shirt), I assume his brother Jonathon is there somewhere too, and I think that the baby is either Leslie's daughter Laura, or Rachael's daughter Katherine. Incidentally. If I think of any more names or any other useful information, I'll get back in touch.

Katherine Megeary Brierley


Thanks Kath, it was nice to hear from you again, it is a while now since you wrote to the site. I have updated the information on the photograph. 

Hi Gary, I have just found your website while researching my family history into William Bancks (b 1782). I too would like to get in contact with Chris Green who emailed about William Bancks and Rev Charles Gerard Winstanley Bancks. I see that you also had contacts from a Robert Baines and a Peter Mayer and would be grateful if you could put me in contact with either of them.

My family history research shows that some of the children of William Bancks were born at Brierley Hill – this is in Staffordshire (between Dudley and Stourport) and clearly not the same place as your Brierley in South Yorkshire. The name Brierley Hill is often abbreviated to Brierley and may even have been transcribed from censuses as Brierley Hall – or possibly there was a Brierley Hall at Brierley Hill. I imagine this explains why you could find no mention of a William Bancks ever owning ‘your’ Brierley Hall!

Thanks Julie Wright, Brussels, Belgium


Thanks for the information Julie. I have put out an appeal on the homepage for the above to contact the web site with a view to passing on their details to you.

Hello, I live in reservoir house on Brierley common ( next door to Ringstone hill farm ) and were wondering if you had any pictures of the house for me to look at please. 

Thanks Andrew Parnham Brierley


Thank you for your email Andrew but unfortunately I have no photographs in the archives of your house. I do know a lady who lived there once and If I see her I will ask if she has any. I believe the house isn't all that old, would you say around 1970?

Hi  Gaz,

Regarding the football photo, it could have been Raymond Mellor, but we used to call him Ronnie Mellor. It is a long time since I was at Willowgarth and the memory isn't too good. I hope you are keeping well, we all miss you on the taxies, but your son is doing a fine job since ho took over from you. Tracy and me will have him dizzy next.

Take care Gaz love Hazel Devonport Brierley xxx


I'll be visiting you in Coppins next Hazel lol


On photograph more information required 23, the lady in the middle of the back row is Ruby Dye, mother of Clive Dye.

Good to hear from Gary Wilson. My mum lived next door but one to Gary's mum for many years in Park Estate.

Regards Denise Stones (nee Spaxman) Pogmoor


Thanks again Denise. Yes it is always good to hear from my old school chum Gary, he is quite a regular visitor to the web site and provides many names for photographs. His mum Hilda has also provided a number of photographs for the Baipip archives, lovely family.

Updated February 2006

Hello Gary

Further information required Photograph 6 is of my mother and father’s wedding: Mona (Everett) married Wray Baxendale in Bury, Lancashire. The photo was taken on the steps of Wellfield, Arthur Millwards’ house in Bury. He was married to my mother’s sister Daisy, who is holding the hand of the small boy (Arthur) at the front, next to her sister (Gladys). Lillian (Wray’s mother) is at the extreme left of the photo. You have correctly identified Edith, but Bill (her husband) wasn’t there. The others are members of my mother’s family. So I’m afraid it’s not a Brierley photo!

Professor Rosemary Crompton

Department of Sociology London 


Thank you for the information Rosemary. I thought the building was unfamiliar. If you have no objections I will keep the photograph in the archives because of the Baxendale connections to Brierley. Do you know the date?

Hi Gary

My mothers father (John Dymond) my Grandfather lived at Burntwood Hall.

I popped in there on the way home to Bedford the other day to see the place after an absence of 50 years!

The Manageress Ms Angie King asked me to help with some local history as she loves working there and wants some info about the place.

It was quite moving for me as I had many boyhood memories and of course remembered the famous authentic secret passage!

Naturally it has changed and no longer looks so grand as I remember but at least somebody has found a use for it.

The inside main Staircase and Library and Atrium room, Drawing room ceiling still look fantastic. I understand a TV company want to use it for their show background!

My ancestors I believe ran a mine and there was a terrible accident where Dymonds hair went grey after days under ground trying to help/save his men.

My Mum is still alive (95) and is bright as a button!

If you (or anyone) can help with some history especially some of the old characters that would be so good?


Sandy Wade-Gery Bedford


Hi Sandy, Thanks very much for your very interesting email. The web site is now honoured to have local historian Richard Watson aboard and I am forwarding your email on to him. Apart from the information (if any) Richard can gather being shown on the web site, he will also write to you personally. Although I have a number of photographs of Burntwood Hall In the archives, there is two in particular which I would like a little more information about. The first photograph shows a chap called George Wroe circa 1960s, and the second photograph shows the Dymond family circa 1950s. It would be great if you or your mother could put names to this family photograph for me and also if you have any information on George Wroe who I believe may have been the coachman I have been given the date for this photograph as circa 1960s but as the Dymond family sold their remaining lands in Brierley in 1962, the photograph may be circa 1950s. May I conclude by saying it is great to hear from a descendant of this great Brierley family. I also came across your surname while researching the history of Brierley Hall in 2000. Without looking up my notes, I think it was regarding the sale of the land known as Fieldhead (which was owned by the Dymond family for over 300 years) to Hemsworth Rural District Council .I have placed the photographs on the web site: George Wroe - Dymond family photograph. I also have a number of photographs of children from the Sunday school church visiting Burntwood Hall and also  a Mrs Dymond crowning the Hospital Queen, I wonder if these could be your grandmother or even your mother? Methodist Church 4  St Paul's Church 13 I also have various newspaper cuttings re these events.

Hi Gary  

Hope you are well my friend, not seen you for a while. Just one or two faces I recognise from the photos Information required Number 23 , The lady 3rd on the back row is Mrs Fry who was the postmistress for many years Schools Number 19 I think the lad sat 1st on the front row is Steve Bennett and not too sure but I think the girl 3rd on the 3rd row is Paula Bell . 

Information required Number 36 photograph, the lad dressed as a guard behind Paul Scott is Gary Walker our Darren’s old mate. When I get a chance I’ll get my mum to have a look at the photos, I’m sure she’ll know loads of faces

Cheers Gary Wilson


Thanks Gary and it is great to hear from you. I have updated the photographs but I have to question you information about Paula Bell being on number 19 as Paula was a year older than us and this class photograph was of pupils a year younger than us, what do you think?.  

Dear Gary

           Thank you very much for this e-mail .I have now been in touch with Denise Stones (nee Spaxman) Its been very nice talking to her and hearing that she is ok and still remembers me from the old days. Well all the Best, and thanks again Brian Bower.


Your more than welcome Brian.


On photograph number 32, the lady sat down on the far right is Hilary White who used to live at Clifton House. The lad stood up to the far right is called Nathan, I can’t remember his surname. His parents live (or used to live) in one of the two houses on the main road between Regina Crescent and Booth’s scrap yard.

Cheers, Dave Metcalf Brierley (Big Taf).


Thanks for the information Dave, I only need a year and the information on that particular photograph is complete.


Firstly to let you know that Brian Bower has been in contact and I have this afternoon returned a message. Thanks for your help in this communication.

Here is further information for photograph number 13. From left to right back row: Miss Waller. 1. Sherry Peacock 2. Judith Scott 3. K/n 4. Alan Thorpe 5. K/n 6.Margaret Cross 7. Julie Winham.

Photograph number 137. From left to right back row:  1. K/n 2 Jenny Swift. 3 Christine Bates. 4.? 5.? 6.?. Middle row:  1.? 2 Maureen Hardwick 3.? 4.? 5 John Thorpe. 6.? 7.? 8 Betty Evans. 9.? front row:   1 Diane McClean.2 Sandra Kerley. 3.? 4. Linda Spaxman. 5.? 6. K/n. 7.John Grimes 8.Gillian Firth. 9. Raymond Oats.

Photograph Methodist church 100 - Tony Spaxman is the 5th person from the left, middle row (shirt collar out). Immediately behind him, tall girl, is Rosy Pickering. Front row from right to left - 1st girl is Margaret Dean. Next small boy in pullover is Robert Kenyon, next to Linda Spaxman with her sister Denise behind her and Jean Horsefall is behind Denise. Three faces on is Christine Kenyon.

Regards! Denise Stone (nee Spaxman) Pogmoor Barnsley


I was browsing on the internet when I came across the Brierley Village web site. It was very exciting to learn the origin of my surname. In fact I got lost. I could not find any information on how the surname ended up in South Africa. What I was informed by my grandfather is that my great grandfather married a coloured lady and 9 sons were born out of that marriage. Only two survived. When he died his family from England demanded his body and he was laid to rest back in England, however the reading was interesting.

Kind regards Errol Brierley South Africa


Glad we could help Errol

Hello Gary,

I stumbled across your web site whilst doing some general delving into my early years. I was born and grew up in Grimethorpe between 1938 and 1959 when I left never to return.  I won't even attempt to figure out where Tracy Bonner fits into the family tree but I might be able to help her and perhaps Elaine Armstrong too.

My father was Harold Graham b1910 son of John Henry Graham whose brother I believe was George Graham. John Henry was about 4 years older than George and both are shown on a copy I have of the Graham entry for the 1901 census.  In 1901 the family lived in Littleworth Bridge Cottages between Monk Bretton and Lundwood.

My father had two sisters, Dorothy (who married Joe Lodge) and Ada who married Cecil Hardwick (father of David Hardwick whose photographs appear in your pages unless I am mistaken).  Dorothy and Joe were childless.  Joe died in 1968.  He was quite the most gentle giant of a man, child's dream-uncle and prior to managing the pit ponies at Brierley he was the horse man at Metcalfe's Home Farm in Grimethorpe where Dorothy was a milk maid in the war years.  When I was a small child Joe used to take me with him as he drove two of Metcalfe's huge, dappled gray Shires.

Well, that is just a sprinkling of information which may or may not whet an appetite!  I am now retired living in Lincolnshire.

Geoffrey Graham Lincolnshire


Hello Gary

Regarding the email from Geoffrey Graham, he would remember me as Tracy-our Sue's lass. Apart from my granddad's funeral I haven't seen him very often, he used to work at Bracknell weather centre. He look's very much live my granddad, maybe more so than looking like his dad, although Harold & my granddad Frank were quite similar.

Uncle Harold -Geoff's dad, is my granddad's brother Frank Graham. Geoff loved my granddad. I remember Uncle Harold & Aunty Ruth quite well. They were really my mum's aunty & uncle but it's what we called them. Aunty Dorothy was Frank Graham's sister but not only did my mum used to visit when she was little but as schoolchildren My grandma & Granddad (Frank & Mary used to take me to see Uncle Harold & Auntie Ruth.

I've fond memories of them all but auntie Dorothy was my favourite-she was Jo Lodge's widow. The Hardwick's you probably know-Ada & Ceil both passed away a few years ago but Margaret still lives down near Norwood Drive, so does John Hardwick & Uncle David still lives on Barnsley Road a couple of doors away from where we all lived until my mum & dad split up.

Geoff sent a beautiful card & came to the funeral of my granddad.

If you can forward this on with my email address I'd appreciate it as I do not have his address & cannot remember the website that he set up. I know he's been looking into the family tree.

If you are still interested I have unearthed the birthday & Christmas cards that Uncle Joe & Aunty Dorothy sent before he died. Photo's of Uncle Joe with various ponies & Aunty Dorothy's school reports & chapel certificates going back to the 1920's. I can get mum to drop them in for you.

I hope Geoff gets in touch-it will be good to get the contact going again

Tracy Bonner Cudworth


Thanks Tracy and I hope you and your uncle Geoff enjoy your reunion. I would love to look at the artefacts you have especially the photographs of your uncle Joe with the pit ponies.

Hi Gaz 

The information from Ian Smallman about the football photo, the school teacher was Ronnie Mellor not Roy. He used too be my teacher when I was at the school.

Hope you are feeling a lot better.

love from Hazel Devonport Brierley


Hi Hazel, Ian stated the teacher was called Ray Mellor not Roy as you suggested. I am 99% sure Ian is right. Could it be your age creeping in Hazel lol.

Hello Gary

In response to a request from a member of the Sidlow family I have published a page on the history of Sidlow's Wood House. It stood on the old road between Grimethorpe and Great Houghton. I have seen notes relating to it on your web site. You are welcome to quote from the page now up on my web site.


Richard Watson Brierley

My web site is at. http://www.brierley59.freeserve.co.uk/

Hi Gary,

I have just spent almost two hours reading through the Brierley Village website. So many old names and faces, including my own, as well as my brother and sister. Sadly my brother, Tony Spaxman passed away in 1993 at the age of 49. My sister Linda Spaxman (now Hand) who continued to live at Park View, Brierley for many years, now lives in Hemsworth and I live in Pogmoor, Barnsley.

It was lovely to see the old photographs particularly from the Methodist Chapel having spent many happy hours there as a child. It was also good to hear from Brian Bower who lived a few doors away from my grand parents house (Claudie House). As children we had many adventures together. Also remembering Gordon Steele from Park Estate. Tony used to call him 'Coggy' Steele - I think this is because he was taller than the others and could 'cog' them up the trees etc.

I would love to hear from anyone who remembers our family. I have just taken 'early' retirement after completing 37 years in the Civil Service so I have some time now to explore other interests.

Great website - keep up the good work.

Regards! Denise Stone (nee Spaxman) Pogmoor Barnsley


Hi Denise, how lovely to hear from you. I remember meeting you and your sister Linda at an exhibition at I think Brierley Club about 4 years ago, in fact I have a photograph of you both at the exhibition. I have received an email from Brian Bower asking about your family, is it ok to pass on your email details to him? Thank you for your kind comments on the web site, there is plenty more interesting things to come so please keep in touch.


Hi Gary,

Yes that's fine, please pass my details onto Brian and anyone else that would like to get in touch. I spoke to my sister as soon as I had sent you the email and she has also started to look at the website again. Hope she can help with the sponsoring. We did come to the exhibition in Brierley club, please let us know if you do any more. I have looked at some of the unnamed photographs and will let you have some names shortly.

Best wishes

Denise Stone (nee Spaxman) Pogmoor Barnsley

Hello from New Zealand again,

I recognize many of the faces in photograph number 28 but because the boys were much older than me I can only remember some names. From the left Noel Turner, ?, one of the Parry's, ?, ?, Craig Royston, boy in the middle is I think Mark Ryalls and then, ?, ?, ?, Ian Hill, Stephen Dixon and I think it's one of the Voddens maybe Andrew. 

Again I remember many faces but I can't remember all the names. Here goes photograph number 35 from the right, Kneeling are John Brownsword, Richard Chamberlain, Paul Brownsword.

Kneeling on the left, One of the Rounds, Andrew Glew, ?  Standing, from the left, David Conroy, ? Angela Williams.  Standing, far right the tall boy is Wayne Barker, to his left is Jacqueline Shaw then I think it's me Lesley( Baker) but not sure about that.  Back row on right is one of the Steel girls and next to her is Jill Rounds. Hope this helps. 

Regards Lesley Cormack (nee Baker) New Zealand

Hi Gary 

Photo no 4 back row Mr Mellor, Dave Simpson ,Gerald Shaw, ?, Roy Clarke, ? Collishaw, John Lomas, Mick Mann.

front row ,Geoff Pickering, Mick Jones, Tommy Geeland, Ken waters, Geoff Shaw.

Dave Lomas Shafton


Thanks Dave, I have updated the photograph and thanks to your information it is now archived under Photograph number Schools ?

Updated January  2006

Hi Gary,

Hope all is well. I just went to the page on the site where you've posted the piece on my grand-father (thanks for that). I notices the e-mail address you've got for me isn't the full address.  I'd appreciate it if you could update, just in case anybody tries to get in touch with me. My address is:


I did try and contact the Gary Blenkinsop from the Isle of Wight (who had previously e-mailed you and said his grandfather was Ernest's cousin) but he didn't respond to the e-mail. I have however also received some interesting info from a Richard Watson of Brierley who is a distant relative (he's descended from Ernest's fathers sister). 

All the best,

Bob Blenkinsop London   


Thanks for that Bob. I have updated the page with your full email address. Unfortunately my latest booklet Brierley Remembered number 2 ( a copy will be on its way to you shortly), has got your old email address in, sorry about that but I started writing the booklet a while ago and the piece on your grandfather was one of the first articles in there and obviously I didn't realise you had changed your email address.. Richard had informed me that you are distant relations and that you are in touch with each other, I am pleased I have helped put you both in touch, this is part of what this web site is all about. Please keep in touch with the site and if I can be of any further assistance please email.

Re the photo No 4 of the 1963/64 football team the Teacher on the left is Ray Mellor. He was my sports teacher until I left the school in 1961.
Ian Smallman Ward Green Barnsley

Thanks Ian, I have updated the photograph. Have you contacted Brian Perkins yet?

Hi Gary

I don't know if you can help but I'm trying to find out about Jack Smethurst who played in the Grimethorpe colliery band. We believe he is buried in the Brierley church yard and died aged about 80 years old.

I have found some papers belonging to my late father and he was under the impression that he was connected in some way to my family as most of my dads family were connected to bands and played cornets and trombones. I wonder if anyone knows anything about Jack or can look at his death at the church for me then we can find out his birth date and death date. I'd be most grateful for any info on Jack to help me sort out if he is in our tree or not


Diane Chambers  nee Smethurst



Also on the Peoples search page


We will certainly do our best for you Diane. Come on then folks, did you know Jack or any of his family. If so email me the details and I will pass them on to Diane.

Hi Gazza 

Hope you had a good Christmas and new year. I'm laid up with my knee, I tried to do the splits on the path and damaged my cartilage, so I can't get far now

Anyway have a great new year, Hazel Devonport Brierley.


I will certainly try my best Hazel. Sorry to hear about your little accident. You will have to get your Bernie to do the cooking and shopping for you.

Hi Scoop, you web site is very much improved, it is getting better all the time. Keep up the good work. Chris Sykes Brierley.


Thanks Chris

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