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Introducing the work of Brierley and its people in photographs (Baipip)

Brierley is a small village near Barnsley in South Yorkshire England

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Page 7 of 7 numbers 151 to 161

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Photograph number: Other 151                                      


Crossland sisters

On the left is Barbara Crossland stood at the side of his sister Joyce in 1938 (Barnsley Road)



Photograph number: Other 152                                      

Circa 1935

Best mates

Nigel Crossland and Monty Briggs



Photograph number: Other 153                                     


Crossland family

Nigel Crossland with gran and granddad Jane and Joseph Crossland



Photograph number: Other 154                                    


Father and son

Frank Jessop with his father ?. This photograph was taken outside Violet farmhouse



Photograph number: Other 155                                   


Mother and son

On the left is Mrs Jessop next to her son Frank ho lived at the Farriers and who was the chauffer to Miss Cordeux from Lindley House.

This photograph was taken outside Violet farmhouse



Photograph number: Other 156                                  

Circa 1920


On the left is Jessie Watson who later married on her left Percy Weaver. Percy was the twin to James Weaver and their parents were James and Martha Weaver who were possibly the first tenants at 74 Church Street. James Weaver jnr married Ida Fox and their daughter Ida later became Ida Swinbank who, with her late husband Alf ran the old petrol station at the top of Brierley Hill. Next on the photograph is Beattie Kenyon who married on her left Eddie Thorpe



Photograph number: Other 157                                 

Circa 197/78


Post Mistress June Hockey and post woman Belle Dyson 1977/78



Photograph number: Other 158                                 

Date unknown

William (Alan), Jane and Julie Becket

The little girl at the front is Laurie ?. This photograph was taken in the Methodist Church Hall



Photograph number: Other 159                              

Circa 1980

Inside Brierley Post office at Christmas

At this time the post mistress was June Hockey



Photograph number: Other 160

Circa 1960s


Left to right: Enid Perkins, Margaret Audin, Mabel Earl (looking in the mirror) and Sheila Boyce



Photograph number: Other 161

Circa late 1950s

Francis and Walter Earl

At the time this photograph was taken, Walter and Francis lived on Hodroyd Cottages (Pit Row)



Photograph archives index

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