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Brierley is a small village near Barnsley in South Yorkshire England

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October 27 2002

Hiya Gary

I have had a message from an old school mate living over in Lancs. Seeking the whereabouts of one of her old school mates…name as follows…Lynn Horsefall who married a Joe Fox in March 1967 and was living in Brierley at the time.

Can you help


We will certainly do our best Dick. Come on then folks do you know where Lynn is these days. If so please email Gary


July 22 2002

Does anyone remember or know the whereabouts of Jean Shillingford who was an evacuee during the war and stayed with Mrs Jessie Midgley from the Hilltop estate? If you can help please Email Gary



July 27 2002

Hi Gary

I am writing to you in response to the request for information about the little girl Jean Shillingford who lived for a while with Jessie Midgley.  

Jessie Midgley was my mother. (My name is Joy).  I lived at 37 Hill Top Brierley until I was 18, then left to go to York university. I then married and did not go back to live in Brierley though of course I visited mum and dad (Jim Midgley).  Dad died very suddenly in 1985 and after a couple of years mum had a stroke and eventually left Hill Top to live in Grange House.   I remember her talking about Jean when I was at home though I do not really know any thing about her. Mum had her for about 2 years I think and always spoke very fondly of her. She took her back to London and I believe she came from the Pimlico area, but that is all I know. 

I have looked at the photos on the site and it has been quite an emotional experience. I didn't think I remembered a lot about Brierley but it all came flooding back.   

Mum lived in Brierley all her life; she was born in some old cottages on the road down to the Park on the left hand side of the road.  I can't remember what they were called.  Her maiden name was Steele.  There is a photo of Ronald and Joan Steele on the site, they were her cousins.  When she was 3 she moved with her father, brother Leslie, and her great aunt and great grandmother to 32 Hill Top just after the houses were built. She was married from there to Jim Midgley in 1937. A few years later they moved to 37.   Leslie was missing presumed killed in the war. He was in Burma but his death was never confirmed. After I left home a smaller house was needed so they moved back to number 32!

I do have a few photos of Brierley.  Would you like them for the site?  If I sent them would you be able return them?  

Best Wishes Joy Ford (nee Midgley) 


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