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Email received at this web site

 During the year 2001

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2 September 2001

G'day all
Here's a link to a web site of a young Grimethorpe girl (14) that contacted
me by email.
http://www.katiedownton.co.uk/ (link no longer active March 2009)
cheers Kevin Bates Australia

4 September 2001

Hello Gary, Now the cycle racing season is over I have had time to up load Edwin & Elizabeth's 1965 book onto our Church web site.

The photographs are not too good due to the poor quality of the original printing, but they are a true reflection of the booklet as published.

Hope you find the information useful.

Richard Watson The History of Brierley

30th September 2001

My name is Justin Bailey and I live in South Elmsall. I've been investigating local history recently since my father-in-law told me about the Iron Age settlement in South Kirkby and some of the history of Howell Wood and it's surroundings.
I wondered if maybe you could help me locate a farm in Brierley, which according to the history of Brierley booklet contains the site of the old 'Hall Stead's' manor? I'm very interested in taking a look at the site and surrounding area, but I'm relatively new to the area ( I've lived here for 3 years), so I'm seeking a bit of local knowledge to help out ! I would also be interested in knowing about any other local historical sites.
Part of my interest lies in a hobby which my children and I have taken up recently, which is metal detecting (purely for fun and education, not for profit). I would obviously seek permission from appropriate landowners before going anywhere near any private land, but it is finding the land in question and it's owners that is proving tricky. According to the booklet, Brierley Lodge Farm is where Hall Stead's lies, and another site of interest
lies in West Haigh Wood. Any information on people to contact about these places would be gratefully received.

Well, I hope you can help!!! Thanks in advance,
Justin Bailey.


I will be pleased to show you the site of the Hallstead's, which is better viewed from Grimethorpe. The site cannot be seen from the main road from any direction. I have a chap who is interested in setting up a sub group within our local History Society for metal detecting enthusiasts. Perhaps you would like to get back in touch for further details. If you would like to become a member of our History Society it is only 1 for the year and children are free.


Hi Gary,
Thanks very much for the prompt reply. Sorry I haven't responded until now but I've been busy with work, house, kids etc....The metal detecting club sounds like a good idea, I'd possibly be interested in getting into that. The only thing is the kids haven't tried it yet, so I'd have to have a trial run and see how they like trailing round a muddy field with a couple of spades!! Also, I'm limited to a borrowed detector at the moment, so I'm at the mercy of my friend as far as times when I can join in.
I'll get in touch soon, to let you know how I'm fixed. I'm still interested in the area history in general and would like the chance to meet you and have a chat.

Regards, Justin Bailey and family

14 October 2001

Just wanted to say hi and see how you are doing? How are Mary and the lad? How's life in general. Just thought you should recheck the email addresses for me and make sure it reads
sales@darkroombytes.com (links no longer active March 2009)
Anyway hope you're doing well, miss you big guy, stay well.
Billy boy (Mielke)

15 October 2001

Hi Gary,

I came across your site a couple of days ago and was amazed to see the old school photograph. I remember some of the names from the class such as Jimmy Nash, Crockett Higgs Ian Brazier etc. I also remember Melvyn Jones who maybe the face 3rd from the right on the front row but I can't be certain. As for me, I joined the Royal Navy when I left school and since leaving I worked in London for a while and am now based in Manchester but travel around Europe as part of my job. If I remember any more of the names I'll drop you a line.
All the best

Neil Tibble


Hi Neil,
What a wonderful surprise to hear from you after all these years. I have had so many requests to try and find out what happened to your family since you all left Brierley. I can assure you that you are all remembered very fondly. I was over the moon when I received your e-mail. I remember most of you all quite well, I am not sure if I went through junior school with you or your Gary (I think you were a year older than me) but I was 44 this year, perhaps you could enlighten me, and I always had a soft spot for Yvonne. I was about to put a request out for your family on the where are you now page. I have absolutely loads and loads of photographs with your family on, especially from the school and church activities. I wondered if you could be so kind as to let me know how your family are getting on and their ages. (My mind is a little bit rusty these days). I am still in touch with a lot of ex Brierley folk through the web site. Was Melvyn Jones father the caretaker at Brierley Hall? The reason I ask is that it is my job now. Mrs Thorpe and Mrs Horton, teachers from the old school are still living and the last I heard of Mr Balmforth was about four years ago when he went into a residential care home. I believe he must have been in his nineties by then. Sadly Mrs Fox passed away a few years ago. I remember you all living at 18 Hillside Crescent. How long is it since you left Brierley as I cannot recollect any of you after junior school?
From the names you remember, Crock Higgs lives in Doncaster and in his youth he became a teddy boy. He is now in big demand as a rock and roll disc jockey all over West/South Yorkshire. I believe Jimmy Nash is living in South Kirby somewhere. I am in touch with Ian Braziers mum and dad and I believe the last time I spoke to them he was living near Wetherby somewhere. Still living in Brierley or locally are most of the Elvidge's, Watson's, Mr and Mrs Ralph's (first house up the old lane), Joan and Gordon Brown and the family (first house on the right on Hillside Crescent.) Most of the Guy family now live in Grimethorpe. Mrs Mangham who lived on the front has recently passed away (kids where, Sue, Step and Christine). Is there anyone else you would like to know about? Please let me know and I would be happy to assist.

Any chance of sending e-mail photographs of the family as they are now for my photograph archives? I am really eager and looking forward to hearing from you again.


26 October 2001

Hi Gary,
Really good to hear from you.
All of the family are doing well, here are the family names and ages for you Geoff & Deborah (mum and dad) retired now and living in Mablethorpe. I've passed on details of the website and he's really keen to have a look.
The rest of the family......
Mark 48
Gary 46
Neil (me) 45
Yana 43
Gina & Dana 42(twins)
Michelle 40

We moved to Wakefield just before I finished junior school. I know Yana used to visit Mr and Mrs Place who lived next door to us on Hillside Crescent for many years after we moved. I think she still keeps in touch with Carol Ralph's who lives on Hillside crescent. Melvyn Jones's dad was the caretaker and I remember they used to have an orchard at the back of the house. I bumped into Melvyn a few times in Wakefield quite a number of years ago but have not seen him since. We all have good memories of our time in Brierley albeit a short period in our lives. I have good memories of the school and will always remember Mrs Thorpe's kindness when she gave me a toy car when I'd lost mine. We couldn't afford replacements in those days! I also remember Mrs Fox, Mr Balmforth and also Mrs Webster who I think was the wife of the vicar of Felkirk who used to help out. I also remember one time when the ceiling fell in when we were in class. I think it was when the school had the institute over the road and it was closed after that. I think it was changed into a club later and my dad was involved in the committee for a time. Most of us went to Sunday school and also were in the choir. We are still in touch with Avril who taught us at Sunday school and is living in Wakefield. I don't have a photo of the family yet but should have it in a couple of weeks. I'll email a copy as soon as possible.
It would be great to get copies of some of the photos of us if they're emailable.

All the best and good work on the website.
Neil Tibble


Hi Neil,
It must have been yourself that I went to school with, and obviously I have mixed up your Yana's name with Yvonne. As I remember she had long black hair. You were small and stocky with black curly hair, while your Gary was a little taller and thinner, am I right? I cannot really put faces to the other kids but can always remember them playing in the garden when I used to call round for you.  I was looking at working on arranging a reunion for the Hillside Estate resident in the early sixties but I don't know if this would work or not. What do you think? If I did I would really love your family to come. At the moment my photograph collection is out on loan but as soon as I get it back within the next couple of weeks I will sort you some photographs out and try to e-mail a selection to you. Once again Neil, nice to hear from you and please stay in touch.


9 November 2001

Hiya Gary, It's Bruff here, do you remember me? Just found your web site, the address was given to me by our Pete (Wilkinson). It's great to see all those familiar faces from school. It brings back so many memories. What is Stella (Dave Steel) doing now?

Bruff (Steven Wilkinson)


Hi Bruff

How's my old buddy doing? I often ask your mum how you are. The last time I was speaking to her she says you were over in Cleethorpes driving the buses.

I often speak about you and how I spent my youth to the kids. I am surprised I didn't bump in to you at Cleethorpes as I spent a full season down their after my divorcer. It would have been about 1994. I was working on the doors. One of the places I worked was at Seymour's down on Fitties and I often caught the bus to go sown there but I never saw you. I also did Wednesday nights at the Winter Gardens for the oldies night.

Anyway old mate, you will have to pop round to see me when you next visit your mum. I am working as the caretaker at Brierley Hall and I live in the house round the back of the building.

I don't see much of Stella, although I believe he still lives in Brierley on Barnsley Road somewhere. The last I heard of Pete Dean, he came out of the RAF and married a German girl and has now settled in Germany.

I am a little disappointed in the web site at the moment, as I can't get onto the server to update it. I usually update it every week. I am at present the founder and secretary of the Brierley Historic Photographic Society, and we have just been given a room in Brierley Hall, which will be used as our base. Your mother as visited quite a few of my exhibitions and has also donated photographs to the archives. I am hoping to hold another exhibition in the New Year; you will have to see if you can make it over.

Anyway old pal that's enough from me from now, you will have to e-mail me back and let me know a little more about how you are going on.

Hope to hear from you soon.

 PS. I was just thinking the last time I saw you was about 1976 in the Three Horse Shoes. That's over 25 years ago so we must have a get together next time you are over.


13 November 2001

Hello Gary,

Thanks for returning my e-mail. Has it really been nearly 30 years since we last met? As you probably know I have been married for the last 25 years, I have three kids, Donna, 25, Amanda, 19 Nichola, 19. I'm a granddad too, Donna has three kids, two boys and a girl, We moved over here in1996 (Cleethorpes) and I didn't start on the buses until 1998, so that's why you never saw me. We moved here from Selby, were I was a miner for 15 years, then I was made redundant, and after a spell on the dole, we decided to come here. Sorry to here about you and Ruth splitting up. I hope to over at my mothers next week sometime, maybe we can meet up for a drink or two, We'll have to make some arrangements if that's ok.

Well that's about all for now, all the best to you and your family, Hope to see you soon.

"BRUFF" (Steven Wilkinson)


Hiya Bruff

Not got much time, but just to write and say I would love to meet up with you for a pint when you come over. Will it be at the weekend.? Please let me know. Your mother as got my phone number, but if you can let me know when you are coming I will try and get in touch with Stella.

PS Remember the Bruhock disco?

16 November 2001

Hi Gary
I am wondering if you had any information on Grimethorpe Hall. Brierley Road, Grimethorpe, as I am interested in this fine listed building can you email me
with any info
Cheers, Linda


I am afraid that Grimethorpe isn't my specialist subject, but I am passing on your details to Richard Watson who is a local historian and he may be able to help you. Thank you for showing an interest in the site.

15 December 2001

G'day Gary
Great to see you have your website sorted. In reference to your email, Yes Dean Haigh is my cousin. I have also been in touch by phone with my Auntie Hazel, cousin Joanne Heywood, and just received an email from my other cousin Jacqueline Hart
(Regina Crescent). The Internet sure makes the world a smaller place.
Seasons Greetings
Kevin Bates (Australia)


I am still struggling with the site. I haven't a clue what the problems are, but I am at the moment designing a better and easier site to work with (I hope). Hazel tells me you have telephoned her; she was really excited about it all. Your cousin Jacqueline asked me for your e-mail address just before Christmas and I told her she would be able to get it of my website as you were a regular writer.

All the best for the New Year Kev.

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