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Email received at this web site

 During the year 2001

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12 January 2001

Hi Gary

I've just had a look at the web site and it looks brilliant!! I am absolutely disgusted that another one of Brierley's landmarks is to be demolished in the name of progress. Violet Farm is a place that all Brierley people look upon as being part of the "Old Brierley". The older residents and ex-residents of Brierley all, I am sure, have fond memories of the horse drawn farming days, which this place represents? It will be a sad day indeed when this fine building is demolished to make way for this new development.

Keep up the good work Gary!

Cheers Gary Wilson


Thanks Gary for your comments on the web site, it is nice to know it is appreciated. I was also surprised to hear from an old school chum. You must e-mail again and let us all know how you are keeping. I see your mother quite regularly and often ask about you.

Thank you for your comments on Violet Farm, it is nice to know that other people share my sentiments. I have written to the Barnsley Chronicle this week regarding the demolition and mentioned your comments in my letter. I don't know how long you have been logging in to the site, but I have only recently removed a photograph of yourself from the photograph page, did you see it? I have recently been asked by a few of our old school chums what happened to Gary Seston and Alan Bickerton, have you any ideas? I think I may add their names to the Where are you now? page in the not too distant future.

Keep logging in Gary as I am updating the web site all the time. Cheers my friend.

19 January 2001

Hi Gary

I've been tied up trying to solve the possibility of a name mix-up on the Silkstone Huskar memorial. I'm still researching the matter. If it was Brierley and not Silkstone, it would have made good viewing. Still, here's what I have turned up so far on Farriers Plus!

Cheers for now

Must come and get that photocopy and the site looks great.

Trev Limbert


Thank you for your update on the Farriers Trevor. (Will be added to the history page at a later date). You will be interested to know that one of our readers, Gary Wilson who is an old school chum of mine has been looking into the Street names you wanted to locate. Gary as offered to forward the details on to the web-site. (See letter above).

25 January 2001

Hello Gary

Hope you are keeping well. The web - site gets better every time I check it out!

I saw the photograph of myself, Alan Burdett (now living in Royston), Dave and Phil Leadbeater and Clive Pearson which was taken in Brierley park when I was about seven or eight years old. If I remember the Hemsworth Express newspaper took it.

With regard to Gary Seston and Alan Bickerton: The last time I heard of Gary he was working in Singapore! I saw Alan about three years ago along with our old mate John Barr and I believe they were both working for South Yorkshire Police. I think they were both living in Barnsley?

Going back to the Violet Farm farce, all the people I have spoken to about the destruction are as appalled as we are. I bet most Brierley people don't even know it is to be demolished.

I have printed the list of places that Trev Limbert is trying to locate and I will ask my mother if she can help. I will e-mail again with any answers.

Keep up the good work!

Cheers mate Gary Wilson


Thank you for your E-mail Gary, and I am sure Trevor will be pleased to receive the list of Street names.

I spoke to John Barr's father at my last exhibition, and you are right about John working for SY Police. I believe his father said he was living and working in the Wakefield area. I bumped in to him a few years ago myself in a pub in Wakefield, and he was the same old John Barr. I was pleased to learn that he had done ok for himself.

28 January 2001

Dear Gary

Your web site looks great - congratulations! I'm sure it will appeal to a lot of people and you'll have a vast amount of visitors. Brierley CE (VC) Primary School now has its own site - not finished, but well on the way. I'm hoping to include your site as one of our links, if you don't mind. Our address is:

www.brierleyprimary.ik.org You can e-mail me through that site, or through my personal address at school: isobel.gabanski@barnsley.org  I'll put the link on as soon as I can, although I'll remove it if you object, of course.

It's been quite exciting getting the web site up and running. I've had a substantial amount of help from one of the teachers at Willowgarth, Dave McKenzie, who has set up their web-site. I imagine he'll probably want to include you as a link on their site, too.

Congratulations again, Isobel Gabanski


Hi Isobel, Thank you for your E-mail, and yes I am pleased with the number of visitors to the site. I have had a quick look at your site and I was very impressed, although I think, like my own site, they can only get better as each week goes by. As you have worked on your site, you will appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into building one. I would be honoured to be associated with your site and that of Willowgarth School. I think I would like a word with Dave McKenzie, as I am still learning how to construct a web site and I am still having problems, which I am sure he could sort out for me. The only problem being that the last time I saw Mr McKenzie, he gave me 100 lines and that was back in 1972 and I still haven't handed them in. (joking of course). Good luck with your site. PS. I must say how impressed I am with the dedication shown to the children of Brierley by all the staff at the school

29 January 2001


I share your sentiments regarding Violet farmhouse. It was built some time after an 1851 survey of Brierley, and before a survey made in 1907. I would suggest at date close to 1900. The west wing is of a later date. The 1851 survey can be seen on the Internet at, http://www.old-maps.co.uk/ Search for Brierley, then Brierley Yorkshire, you can centre the map on the Brierley Hall/Lindley House, then enlarge the map to see more detail. You will see no building on the Violet farmhouse Plot.

Richard Watson


Thank you for your information on Violet farmhouse Richard. I will have to contact Mrs Swinbank (nee Weaver) again regarding the date of the building, as she believed it to have been built in the 1850s. I will inform you when I have spoken to her.

29 January 2001

Dear Gary

I have not yet mastered the art of sending pictures by e mail, if you have, could you send me the picture you have of the old paper shop in the distance with Kenyon's Butchers on the left and The 3 Horseshoes on the right?

Have you any pensioners or the like to assist in the recording of the remaining sections of the Graveyard? I did a few more today (lovely afternoon for it) I noticed some more vandalism of even some of the newer graves towards the bottom end- any chance of you sweet talking anyone living local?

Hope you're not keeping overly busy, but keep up the excellent work.

Yours Cliff Lloyd


From Gary

I am at the present time in the process of establishing a History/Photographic Society within the village. I already have a number of volunteers who are willing to assist with the type of work you mentioned re the churchyard/cemetery. Once we are up and running, I will invite you to visit us and explain exactly what you require and I am sure we will be able to assist you. Regarding the photograph of the Three Horse Shoes, I am not sure which one you mean as I have quite a few taken in that area, but I would be willing to let you have one as a token of appreciation of the work you have done on the Spiritualist Church. If you would like to contact me before your next visit to Brierley, I will arrange this for you.

30 January 2001

On surfing on to your web site the other day memories of happy child hood came flooding back, I have been visiting Brierley since I was born 46 years ago. My mother's sister still lives at park Ave and I used to visit her and my grandma for long summer holidays when I was a child.

I can remember from an early age playing in the fields and lanes around the cow mounts I used to play for hours around the railway {dropping stones down the ventilation shaft in to the railway tunnel} and climbing around the tunnel entrance.

I can still taste Danny Oatesís ice cream and used to devour large quantities of it I used to wait with a plastic dish and buy it loose from the ice-cream van when it called.

Have you any idea when the Three Horse Shoes was first renovated I seem to remember going with my dad and he had a drink in a Porto cabin in the car park. I just can't remember how old I was.

Where is Violet farm? Is it the farm you pass on the way over the common, I hope they donít pull it down. Brierley is slowly tuning into one large housing estate and it is a shame to spoil such a lovely village.

Looking forward to a week's holiday in August, hopefully I will be able to check out one of your photo exhibitions.

All the best Peter Gardner Tyne and Wear


Thank you for your E-mail and your kind words on the web site Peter. I think we can all remember Danny Oates ice cream. It's a real shame that they are no longer there. Even the cow mounts have been replaced with a roundabout for the new Hemsworth by-pass. I mentioned your e-mail to Chris Sykes and he says he might remember you. I am curious to know who your auntie is on the Park estate? Did you ever live in Brierley or did you just visit? Where are you living now? Can you remember any friends from Brierley?

Regarding the Three Horse Shoe's earlier renovation. I remember the Porto cabin being in the car park in the mid seventies, possibly 1975, if this is the period you are thinking about.

Violet Farm is situated at the top of Brierley hill on the left-hand side of the road. If you remember, there used to be a small petrol station at the side of the farmhouse..

Regarding your visit in August. I am at the moment in the process of establishing a local history/photographic society in Brierley, and if I am successful, then there will be a permanent exhibition and workshop in Brierley Hall. I would look forward to seeing you there if you cared to visit us.

Have you any requests for the photograph page? If so let me know and I will see if I can bring back more happy memories for you. Or if you would like to see any particular part of Brierley as it is today.

Please keep in touch with the web site.

19 February 2001

Gary congratulations on your web-site and information about Brierley and its people need a cross reference with my web site on Alex Vodden
First class local service you are providing 
Councillor Alex Vodden JP AITS


Thank you Alex for your kind comments. I had a look at your site and it looks like it is going to be very interesting. If I can help you with photographs please feel free to ask.

5 March 2001

I was reading thru
Annie Turner's notes and realised she lived in 5 Park Avenue before my Nan Bates' family who were there when I went to live in England in 1962 till 1968.

Kevin Bates
here is my address with a bit on Brierley :


I had half an hour on your site today and found it very interesting. Those photographs Paul Halford took of Brierley are great. Did he take them last year as quite a few people came up to me and asked if I had seen THE MAN! Taking photographs in the village? The only mistake you have made is calling Brierley Hall Brierley Manor.

I remember Mrs Bates from Park Avenue, she was quite a regular in the local club up to a few years ago when she then moved to South Hiendley. I spoke to her son Billy at computer classes last year when I dropped on him and he says she wasn't to well. I went to school with his sister Cindy. You must be related then?

If you have any photograph requests or if you would like to know how any of your old friends are going on, drop me an e-mail and I will see what I can do for you.

6 March 2001

Hello Gary

Mrs Thorpe's class 1956/57 (Photograph page).

I think I can help with this one.

Back row, left to right; Mrs Thorpe, unknown, girl called Cooke, Pat Wright, Jeff Cooke, unknown, Peter Woolridge, Alex Finlay, Andrew Ansell, Tony Horsefall, David Baxendale, Ronnie Wheater.

Middle Row, left to right; Alan Smith, Barbara Thorpe, Sylvia Berry, John Lomas, unknown, Glenys Hardwick, Denise Williams, John Draper, Pat Dye, Mick Vodden, Dennis Oliver, Roger Steele.

Front row, left to right; Marjorie Parry, Susan Sheridan, Ann Mathers, girl called Lawton, Norman Cummings, Trev Berry, unknown, Pam Turner, Geraldine Scott, boy called Lawton, Ann Harding.

Hope this helps. It is reassuring that my memory seems quite clear with faces from 40years ago.

Keep up the good work with this excellent site

John Draper.


Thanks for your help John. I have updated the photograph with your latest information. It would be interesting if you knew where any of the pupils are now?

If you can help me with any more I would greatly appreciate it.

12 March 2001

Good morning,
I really enjoyed the site, my wife and I have two small businesses. One of the businesses, is Darkroom Bytes Computer Sales & Services Ltd, which has redefined itself into a computer company with it's emphasis in training. The second, is a company specializing in travel cd's that we're just
starting up with friends, called AverageCouple.Net.I took the liberty of hyper linking your web site from

Maybe it will increase your traffic, we take about 1500 hits a week and we have over 130 regular clients. When we travel, we take along what we call the portable office, a laptop, cdburner and photo scanner, so if you need a hand with anything while we're about, just let us know.
Billy Mielke Canada

11 March 2001

Hi Gary,
I was wondering if you knew of an address #14 H_ Royd Cottages, Brierley, Barnsley Yorkshire, I'm trying to find Hilda Hughes she lived there in the 1960's (unfortunately, I can't find a specific map for Brierley) I believe she would be in her late 60's early 70's, she is the only link I can find for my mom, Alice Garner daughter to William Garner and Alice Harvey (my mom's last name is Mielke) and I who are trying to reconnect with relatives in Barnsley.
Thanks very much for your help,
Bill Mielke
PS I really enjoyed the site. My wife and I are planning on visiting the area in May and June and the pictures really increased the desire to visit the area of my relatives.


To follow the rest of this story go to Success stories

20 March 2001

Hi Gary,

My name is Peggy Snyder. I live in Dallas, Texas, United States of America and I am not sure this is even the right place to start. But in some prior searches I recall being directed to other sites of Barnsley. I am trying to help a friend find a little bit of his heritage. His name is Gary Cudworth and he thinks that some of his ancestors came from either the village of Cudworth or perhaps Barnsley. I regret to say that I have recently moved and still have many of my things packed and for the life of me; I cannot remember his Grandmother and Grandfathers names. I will contact him and get him to tell me once again what they are. This may be a wild goose chase and I may not have near enough information to lead to anyone in particular, but I thought I would start somewhere. Thanks for any advise or help you can give me. I will be back in touch with those names. You have a lovely day.

My Best, Peggy Snyder


Hi Peggy, It is very pleasing to see that the site as now reached the good old United States of America. I have checked the telephone directory for the surname Cudworth and there is only one name in the Barnsley directory. Although the lady I spoke to did not seem to know of any ancestors that emigrated to America, she promised she would look into it if you forward more details. I will also ask my good friend Trevor Limbert to search the census for the area when he is on his travels, but I would need more details. Look forward to hearing from you.

21 March 2001
Hello Gary,
Thank you for the photographs you have put on your site. I had great pleasure in recognising who the faces were. Thank you for putting on the one from the Southport Flower show as well as the names of the people who are on it. Are there any photos of Brierley school pupils around 1950, (thats when I started). I apologise for not writing sooner as I have been ill. Keep up the good work.
Brian Perkins Queensland Australia.


Hi Brian, Glad to hear you are up and well again. I will have a look through the archives for photographs from 1950. I know there is one on the photograph page from the early 1950s, but I think that is the only one I have from that period. I will put my feelers out and see what I can do for you. Is there any more photograph requests you would like either old or modern? There is some good quality photographs of modern Brierley on Kevin Bates (ex-pat Brierley now in Australia) taken by Paul Halford I believe last year. You can view the photographs @ http://members.iweb.net.au/~batesk/ (link no longer available) Can anyone help Brian with a photograph? Please let me know.

22 March 2001


Regarding Wolf cubs photograph

Next to Ian Hill is Paul Riley (I think), right of Craig Royston is Andrew Vodden now residing in Driffield, behind him is our Graham (not me you dope), third from the end (right) is Mark ĎBantí Ryalls, I believe he lives in Wakefield, next to our councillor Chris Sykes is Brian Jones and thatís all I can help you with!

Paul Vodden


Thanks for you information Paul, sorry I got you mixed up with your Graham but you are both so good looking I couldn't tell the difference. Lol

22 March 2001

Hi Gary

Thanks for the call, reminds me to log on go your pages this weekend for the latest. Give me a bell and I'll pick up that negative when your in. Pity that Cudworth name wasn't Cusworth, I've got dozens of those on file. Your right to ask for more information, the name isn't enough by itself to start a sensible trace. There is also the chance of a mistake between the Cudworth place and the Cudworth surname, which I must admit is a rare one. If you can get a Christian name to go with the Cudworth and a rough date for search it would help. To be blunt, ask for all the information they have and what they want to know and it makes the detective work a little easier.

Your enquirer will have gained the name from either US census or burial records and both these will give birthplace, age and occupation. Again, everything depends on when their ancestor left for the US.

All the census records for Barnsley and surrounding districts are kept in the Archives Dept. of the Barnsley library, the 1891 is on fiche and the others back to 1841 are on film. The Tasker files also cover the central area of Barnsley. There is a file that will list all those with the name of Cudworth in the 1891 census for Barnsley and surrounding districts and a reference to help find them. As regards the rest of the census records, it would be a case of trolling through pages and pages and would take an age. The 1881 census for the whole of England is available at the Church of the Latter Day Saints Wheel Lane Grenoside and is also on sale as a set of CD's at around £30. Unfortunately I haven't got it.

I'm still paying weekly visits to the archives in Barnsley, (digging up relatives in Royston) so when you get the additional information, let me know and I'll have a quick look for the name.

Finally, the Cudworth name could be traced through the electoral rolls and various directories. Again, this would be a lengthy process.

Cheers for now

Trevor Limbert


Thanks once again Trevor for all your help (Trevor is referring to an e-mail I received from Peggy Snyder, see 20 March). I am still waiting for Peggy to get back to me with more details, but in the meantime I thought it a good idea to put your information on the site for anyone that may be interested in searching their ancestors.

22 March 2001

Hello Gary

I spoke to you at the GEVH on Wednesday about Brierley and you showed me how to get to the S Yorks sight. I was taking a Computer for my Nephew from the Centre and I had to go. I have mentioned this so you can be sure of the attachment. It is as safe as Houses. Sorry about the size, but I have put a bit of oomph in it for you. Burntwood Hall Sunday School Treat (around 1950) Left to Right Catherine Harris Pat Harris Sheila Dixon Jill Cowling Pat Cowling Joan Goodhall Beryl Webb Carol Holder Dorothy Moorhouse Mary Steel Paul Goodall Doreen (my Wife) Bradbury donated the Photo Hope you like it

Doreen had me bringing up every photo on your site. It's the first time she has shown any interest on the Web.

We think it is brilliant

Ron Bradbury


Nice to speak to you again. Your photograph was a real treat, because the ones I have of the Sunday school treats at Burntwood, have been taken from newspaper cuttings and they are not all that clear. The second photograph you sent me, I had problems opening but I do believe I already have that particular one in the archives. As soon as I update the photograph page, I will put the photograph on. Also if Dorothy as any request for photographs I will do my best to help. I am really pleased that the site as grasped Dorothy's interest in the web. I was the same with my son, it took him 12 months to convince me to have a go, and now I don't know what I would do without it.

25 March 2001

Your web site is looking very good now, just been showing it to some friends.

Richard Watson


Thank you for your kind comments on the web-site. It is especially rewarding when a chap with your knowledge on the history of Brierley appreciates the work I am doing. I hope to be in touch with you shortly, as I am just about finished writing my next booklet called Brierley Remembered No 1. It is taken from the Baipip archives and its contents include Memories, stories, news and photographs from 1901 to 2001. It will be a limited edition of 100. On researching Brierley Gap and the Hoyland family, I became a little confused and I think I would fee better if you could just check a few minor details for me from your records before I decide to print it. I also require your permission to include The History of Brierley Hall that we wrote.

For a detailed history of our village visit Richard web site at www.brierley59.freeserve.co.uk

27 March

G'day from Kevin in OZ

I have just finished looking at your updated site. I am Billy Bates' nephew but I am about a year younger than he is, so that makes Cindy, Norma, Christine, Norman, Gordon (deceased) Margaret & Jean my Aunts and uncles. I lived in Brierley from the age of nine (1960- 1968) at which point my parents migrated to Australia. Say hi to Billy and the clan as we lost touch 30 years ago. Some of my mates at the time were Gerald Woodward, Billy of course, Paul Halford and Afie Fox.
Cheers to all
Kevin Bates


Nice to hear from you again. I met your Auntie Christine the other night in Brierley Club and she sends her love and asks how you are. I was saddened to hear from her that your Nan had passed away. I am a little confused over your age as Billy is only 2 years older than me and he is the same age as my brother Ken Sheard (remember him, he was a really good mate of Billy's and Afie Fox). In which case it would make you near enough the same age as I am, and I can't remember you from school. I left Brierley School in 1968 at the age of 11 and started at Milefield. In fact I was in the same year all through school as your auntie Cindy. (You probably remember my other brother Peter). I remember Paul Halford being older than me as well. (Did he have a brother that lived in Shafton Green quite recently)?

27 March 2001

Hello Gary

Just seen your new photos. A couple more names for you on the Whitsuntide photo. At the far right at the back is Billy Burdett, I am stood directly in from Billy. At the other end, just to the left from Mick Vodden, is Roy Sykes. You're obviously putting a lot of work into the site, and I'm pleased that your efforts are being more widely appreciated.

John Draper


Thanks John.

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