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Brierley is a small village near Barnsley in South Yorkshire England

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Email received at this web site

 During the year 2001

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11 June 2001

Hi Gary, At long last I have been able to get onto your Web page, what a performance got there in the end.

From June Hockey


Well done June, Glad to have you on board. And thank you for the loan of the photographs and the cup of tea.

11 June 2001

Hi Gary
I run a website at

I will shortly be placing a link on my History page to your page at http://www.syorks.com/baipip/brierleyhall.htm
acknowledging it as a source for an article (well more a collection of snippets) about Wood Brothers, glass manufacturers. Alphonse Wood is mentioned on your article about Brierley Hall. Wood Brothers made many eyebaths among other things and there are many examples of Woods eyebaths featured on the Woods page under the Collection page on my site. If you have any further historical information, or know of other sources,
regarding the Wood family, I would be very grateful to receive it.


Thank you for your information Andrew. There are a couple of lads who have recently joined the Society who are interested in old bottle collections. I will certainly pass on the details of your excellent web site to them.

11 June 2001

Hi Gary
I Have visited the web site. It's tremendous. Well done to all concerned. You are doing a great job in collecting and researching old photographs and the oral history/memories section is a superb idea. It was good meeting you on Sunday - hope the pic turns out. Regarding my books in print, they include Pits & Pitmen of Barnsley (new, Wharncliffe, 9.99) Darfield & Wombwell in Old Photographs (forthcoming, Sutton, 9.99 I think) Aspects of Barnsley vols 4, 5 and 6 (Wharncliffe, 9.99) Garve Tales of South Yorkshire (with Giles Brearley, Wharncliffe, 9.95) Barnsley 1890s-1900s (Sutton, 9.99) Royston, Carlton and Monk Bretton in Old Photographs (Sutton, 9.99)

I hope to do a signing in Brierley & Shafton soon

Brian Elliott


After reading most of your books it was a real pleasure to meet you in the flesh Brian. If you wish to consider signing your books in Brierley then perhaps we could arrange for an exhibition of photographs of old Brierley at the same time. I am sure the residents would find your books coupled with an exhibition very interesting. I am planning an exhibition for September/October time and the last one I had brought in nearly 300 visitors. Let me know what you think.

If you would like to purchase one of Brian's excellent books his E-mail address is brian.elliotbooks@virgin.net

11 June 2001

Dear Gary , My mam says Mr's Waller's class 1958 /59 includes back row far right Julie Winham and also front row first left is my mam's younger sister Norma Bates.
Best regards keep up the good work
Dean Haigh

Thanks for the extra information Dean. I am regrettably neglecting the web site at the moment because time is not on my side, but as soon as I have sorted out the launch of the Brierley Historic Photographic Society and I have everything organised I can then spend (or train someone) more time with the web site. I will certainly update the photograph when time allows.

Please keep in touch.

13 June 2001

Dear Gary,

I am so glad that things have worked out well for the web site. You have put together an excellent and growing source of information for so many people. It would be good for the people of the area and those abroad if all of our local villages could have a site like yours. You have set a high standard for others to follow.

Dave McKenzie (Willowgarth)


It was touch and go Dave but I thankfully managed to salvage the web site. I would also like to thank you for your kind comments. I will be popping down to the school to see you shortly as I have a few photographs of Grimethorpe for you to start your photograph page with. Time just does not seem to be on my side at the moment, but as soon as I get the chance I will pop down and have a chat with you.

22 June 2001

Hello Gary,

  1. The first and most important point I want to make is - Accuracy - accuracy is of prime importance - in future years when these archives are researched, it will be your work that will provide great satisfaction to someone looking for their distant relatives. All researchers will go to the original document- you cannot get any more authentic than that - it will be your work that they will refer to.

  2. Your Village archives are also helping the Major District Family History Society of Pontefract; this Society is run by the same type of very keen amateur enthusiasts that are working in your village. This excellent Society will also provide an additional source of information and a good point of contact for anyone wishing to trace their ancestors in and around the Village.

  3. The main object of the exercise is to record all of the Monumental Inscriptions in the Church Yard and areas completely around it . I have completed sections 1 and 2 of 4 sections. Section 2 needs only the floor plan doing, before starting on sections 3 and 4.

  4.I shall give you a copy of Section 2 this coming week, when I visit the Village; I have decided to do it that way instead of e mailing you the whole lot.

  5. You will see the general pattern of the work that is required to be recorded from the headstones from my notes on section 2. You will also be able to see the ground plan pattern that will emerge when you read off the names that I have recorded from my last visit.

  6. Section 1, is the Church side of the Graveyard and at the Hall end, section 2 is next to it and then stretching all the way over to the area near the new houses next to the new primary school end.

  I do hope all is clear on that. I shall of course be pleased to give anyone a hand before they start or during my weekly visits. Please come back to me if there is anything that I have missed off or you can think that would make the task easier or bring the Project to a speedier conclusion than me slowly working away.

Keep up the excellent work my friend; you'll get your additional rewards in heaven.

Cliff Lloyd


Cliff is referring to the group of volunteers who are working at recording the headstones in Brierley cemetery. If you live local and would like to help in this worthwhile pastime, please e-mail me.

24 June 2001

Hello Gary , We have been watching your web site and are pleased to note that you intend to keep up your good work.

The Dymond and Tomasson pages on my web site are almost ready for publication now. I intend distributing printed copies to Local History Archives.  Apart from the introduction to the Dymonds at Burntwood, the rest is raw research. The project has taken more than six months for only 2500 words. That is the pace I prefer to work at, it prevents errors from creeping in.  I completed what could be the final revision this evening. You will see that the story covers South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Ireland, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Austria, and London.

Richard Watson


Thank you for your information Richard. I look forward to reading the pages when they are published. I hope The Baipip archives are included when you distribute your copies. Keep up the good work.

27 June 2001

Gary , I found your site and a picture of my Grandma. Please feel free to add your site to my links directory.

Regards , Andrew Spaxman


Hi Andrew. I am glad the website as proved useful to you. I remember your Grandma with great affection as one of my dinner ladies when I was a pupil at Brierley Church of England School in the early 1960s. Please keep in touch with the site.

16 July 2001

Hi Gary
One of my patient's uncles has given me some newspaper clippings of Brierley school photos that they printed. The photos date back to about 1926 and a lot of the children are named in it. Would this be useful to you? Please get in touch and I will let you borrow them.
Hope you are well, I have not seen you for a while - have you flitted?
Alexia Cooke


Hi Alexia my dear old back mender, I think I may have the clippings that you mention Alexia but I will be contacting you anyway just to make sure. No I haven't flitted but I have had a few things I have had to sort out which hopefully will be ok shortly. See you soon.

17 July 2001

Hello Gary:

I have been interested in the place name Brierley for many years and Mr Alex Vodden sent me some wonderful material in 95. Thought you might be interested. Thanks

Thanks W David Brierley


It was pleasing to receive your e-mail David. I know Alex very well and he has recently assisted me in forming the Brierley Historic Photographic Society. Alex is an asset to Brierley and one of the hardest genuine workers for Brierley that I have had the pleasure of meeting.

17 July 2001

Hi Gary , On my last day of research before the op next week I note the following: - I didn't see any parish records for Bolton on Dearne in the Barnsley Archives, although if your family is resident there in earlier times, there is on film Bishops Transcripts for Bolton on Dearne 1598-1853.

1891 Brierley

In the Police office on Barnsley Road Sgt Christopher Taylor aged 31 and family are resident.

In the Three Horse Shoes is William Swift aged 39 Innkeeper from Gt Houghton

At the Post Office is Samuel Dearden aged 44

The Watson Shop is next to Chapel Yard. Does this ring any bells?

Cheers for now , Trev Limbert


Thanks for that Trev. Hope the op goes well.

24 July 2001

Gary - Boy , Where are you ???? I'd still like to know if the Epson printer I sent you from Orbital Shipping in Norwich got to you okay.
How's it hanging? ) How are Mary and the family?
Billy Boy (Billy Mielke) Canada


Now then Billy Boy. I have tried e-mailing you and telephoning you on your mobile but no luck so far. Yes I received the printer. What a wonderful surprise. As Billy Boy says WOW!. Try and get back in touch Billy.

21 July 2001

Dear Gary, It's Jason here (nurse at Pinderfields), I bought a Brierley history book off you the other day.  You showed me a copy of a booklet about Felkirk Church.  Could you tell me where I can get a copy or could I have a photocopy of your booklet.

Jason Alcorn


I will e-mail you the address of John Steele who wrote the booklet 'Looking at St Peter's'. If anyone else would like a copy of this book please let me know. It is all about Felkirk Church and is excellent value at 1

25 July 2001

Hiya Gary.... Thought a would just mention a book of my uncles...postcards and writings have re appeared from the period of 1910 onwards through the "first world war" an onwards they are all postcards he sent home to his sisters and mother etc during this period all are in superb condition thought you may be interested to have a look as it is a one off a can only loan the book till this weekend so have been scanning it like mad to get all the information in my computer am enclosing a sample but do not resend it too any one as a need the necessary permission.....

Dick Turner Church Street Brierley


Yes please Dick!

July 2001

Hi Everyone

I managed to escape the clutches of Northern General Hospital last Thursday evening after persuading the Consultant Cardiologist that the nursing staff and other patients would be safer if I was on the move. He immediately pulled out the pacer wires and within four hours I was on my way home. I'd spent the last few days being paced, drained, dripped, drugged and generally confined to my bed, which didn't suit my metabolism. Getting out and back on my own feet has made all the difference.

I've been fitted with a twin choke (bi-valve) mitral with 'go faster' stripes!!!. However, there may be problem since my wife is thinking of mounting me on the front mantel next to the other antique clocks. It would seem that I tick rather loudly although as yet I have heard no bell sounds on the hour.

We have had a family gathering today where the children have been able to listen to the noises and be able to join up the scars on my chest. Good fun was had by all!!

I'm popping to the local hospital for my blood levels checking tomorrow and since I now have a very healthy appetite I'd best start some exercises and time walking. I have only three more days respite from the kitchen sink.... doesn't time fly. .

Cheers to all Trev Limbert


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