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Email your history questions about Brierley and the surrounding area to

Richard Watson a local historian and co author of "Brereley a history of Brierley" 


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Question from Michelle Stephenson Elvington York February 2007


Dear Richard

Would you be able to give me some more info about John Hoyland and family etc. I have found 2 Clement Hoylands both registered the same year 1869 one September 14th  and the other December 14th. I haven't found any other births but I have found 3 daughters and 1 son listed on the 1871 census returns.


Reply from Richard

Hello Michelle

1662 John Hoyland paid £5 rent to Brierley manor for a farm in the village, in 1701and 1720 a John Hoyland paid rents to the manor.

1806 Militia list has no Hoyland’s eligible for service recorded in Brierley

1841 census has John Hoyland aged 45 of independent means, Mary his wife 45, John 9 at the Farm house (on church Street) later to become Brierley Hall. This had been the name of Lindley house up to about 1850.

Robert Holand aged 44 a solicitor, Elizabeth 39 his wife were at Lindley House Brierley.

They were also in the 1838 Directory and the 1840 tithe survey

1851 Census has John Hoyland Gentleman 57 born in Felkirk parish which includes Brierley, Mary his wife 57 born in Sheffield, John Hoyland 19 born in Felkirk now a student at Oxford (at the Hall)

Robert Hoyland 54 attorney & solicitor born in Felkirk

Elizabeth his wife 49 born in Sheffield, Sarah his daughter 21 born in Felkirk  (at Lindley House) 

1860 Rev. John Hoyland of Brierley inducted as Vicar of Felkirk                   

1861 Census John Hoyland Gentleman 67 born in Felkirk, Mary his wife 69 born in Sheffield , (at Brierley Hall)

Robert Hoyland 64 attorney & solicitor born in Brierley widower,

Sarah his daughter 31 born in Brierley now the wife of  Rev. G.P. Cordeux, Mary F E Cordeux daughter 2 born in Cheltenham Gloucestershire  visiting  (at Lindley House)                    

Rev. John Hoyland Vicar of Felkirk 29 born in Brierley, Mary Ann Hirst 29 born in Carlton, general servant, (at South Hiendley in Felkirk vicarage)

1869 John, Robert, and Rev. John Hoyland are on the Brierley School deeds, which they helped to found.

1871 Census has John Hoyland Landowner 77 born in Felkirk widower. Ann Stacey in-law 70 spinster born in Sheffield (at Brierley Hall)

Robert Hoyland 74 attorney & solicitor born in Brierley widower

Sarah his daughter 41 born in Brierley now the wife of 

Rev. G.P. Cordeux, 42 born in Barnsley , Curate of Brierley

Edith M Cordeux daughter 8 born in Brierley

Robert H Cordeux son 6 born in Brierley

Edward H Cordeux son 5 born in Brierley (at Lindley House)

Rev. John Hoyland 39 Vicar of Felkirk and landowner

Mary Ann Hoyland wife 38 born in Barnsley with children

Alice aged 6, Clare 4, Clement E. 1, & Fannie 10 months all born in Felkirk  (at South Hiendley vicarage)                  

1874 Rev. John Hoyland retired as vicar of Felkirk                  

1881 Census Brierley Hall ( Church Street Brierley )      

John HOYLAND                   49               Born in Felkirk,

          Rel:   Head

          Occ:  Clergyman (Without Care Of Souls) (M.A.Oxford)

Mary Ann HOYLAND                  48      Felkirk,

          Rel:   Wife

Fanny I. HOYLAND             10               Felkirk,

          Rel:   Daur          Occ:  Scholar

John Henry HOYLAND                9        M      Felkirk,

          Rel:   Son   Occ:  Scholar

1881 census Alice and Clare Hoyland are listed at a London boarding school, Clement E. Hoyland is listed at a Doncaster boarding school the same year.

1881 Census Lindley House Brierley    

Godfrey P. CORDEUX                   52               Barnsley   

          Occ:  Clergyman (Without Care Of Souls)

Sarah CORDEUX                  51               Felkirk,

          Rel:   Wife

Edith CORDEUX         U       18               Felkirk,

          Rel:   Daur

Anne STACEY             81      F       Sheffield ,

          Rel:   Aunt

Sarah MITCHELL                 23      Thurlstone,

          Occ:  Dom Serv

1891 Census has Alice, Clare, and Fanny Hoyland (alone at Brierley Hall)

Godfey P. Cordeux with his wife Sarah at Lindley House

1893 Directory has Rev. John Hoyland at the Hall.

1901 Census has Rev. John Hoyland with his wife Mary born in Barnsley, Alice born in Hunningley, Clare & Fanny born in South Hiendley . (at  Brierley Hall). Clement Edward Hoyland is not on this census, he may have been out of the country, this was the time of the South Africa War.

Godfrey P. Cordeux retired and alone (at Lindley House)

1903 Clement E. Hoyland bought land at Brierley Gap to build a home.

Rev. John Hoyland is in the 1908 directory at Brierley Hall

1910 Rev. John Hoyland died

1911 Clement E. Hoyland sold his house at Brierley Gap

to Hemsworth RDC, and land in Brierley to the Cordeux family and left the area.

1912 Alfonso Wood is listed a living at Brierley Hall.

I hope this helps

Regards Richard


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