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Brierley is a small village near Barnsley in South Yorkshire England

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by Alex Vodden

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Thirty-Five years ago when I came to Brierley It seemed like the 'Mayfair' of the Grimethorpe monopoly board No pit No wood No Ladywood and No Boys Band

It was the reputed Mecca of all learning The Fountain of all knowledge

The rustic face of LOSH THORPE blazed out from the roaring fire of the pub 'Tap Hole'. The academic acolytes could be heard debating and solving the problems not only of Brierley, but of the whole world in their Panelled House of Commons within the environs of the pub snug, or Jug and Bottle to us mere mortals. The pub was a place of ever revealing secrets of gypsy deals done, of Rabbits Hares horses and cauliflowers sold and the effervescent fire glowed on the Sunday afternoon flower show that flocked all the gardeners of the area to it

Dahlias like great Egyptian Suns, Gladioli that Sceptred Orbs could not shame and the Chrysanthemums that bore the burden of secret growing recipe to produce their majestic blooms. All orchestrated and controlled by the wonders of Arthur Moss and Albert Hancock a life of their very own. We all remember the face of "Mossy" peering through our winter bedroom windows shaming us to delve deeper under the bed covers because his frosted face had caught us still in bed

Oh what a wondrous time.Yet for thirty-five years it's been a home to this community of mine. All the wonderful memories of wonderful people, of Chapel anniversaries when Ella ruled. Of village bonfires when the village had its say. Of village fun Days and a Paul Reaney, that Demi God of the famous United embraced our hallowed ground

A Godly community that still enjoys the same characters today who are symbolic of our heroes of yesteryear

TONY MICK KEV RICHARD and DICK to name but a few

To my neighbours friends relatives and to Brierley


Gazza's about and his camera will paint the portraits of today for YOUR tomorrow

  ALEX VODDEN May 1 1999

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