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Brierley is a small village near Barnsley in South Yorkshire England

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Photograph number: Weddings 26

5 June 2004

Nick Leadbeater to Yvonne Haynes

The wedding took place at Barnsley Town Hall. The photograph was taken after the ceremony at Monk Bretton Priory. Yvonneís parents, Terry and Marlene Haynes who can be seen on the photograph lived at Clifton Crescent



Photograph number: Weddings 27

17 July  2002

David Parkin jnr to Lisa Moore

The wedding and reception took place at Wooley Hall. Daveís parents Dave snr and Joan live on Hillside. Crescent. Dave snr was also the caretaker at Brierley Hall for a number of years



Photograph number: Weddings 28

27 September 2003

Robert Chaplin to Stacey Ann Britcliffe

The wedding and reception took place at Burntwood Leisure centre. Robertís parents Ralph and Sandra live on Park Road. Roberts brother Leslie was to be best man but unfortunately was called to serve in the Iraqi war at the last minute



Photograph number: Weddings 29

3 August 2002

Mother and daughter double wedding celebration

Joyce Clarke married Paul Tinker while her daughter Melissa married Kristian Howell. The wedding took place at Barnsley Town Hall. Both families lived on Hillside Crescent at the time



Photograph number: Weddings 30

21 June 2001

David Michael Scott to Charlotte Amanda Bridge

The wedding took place at Pontefract Register office with the reception at the brides parents home in Hemsworth. The couple lived at the top of Barnsley Road where Dave was a car sprayer. The couple moved to Newquay in 2005



Photograph number: Weddings 31

22 November 2003

Steve Hall to Angela Gillespie

The wedding took place at Barnsley Town Hall with the reception in Brierley Social club. The couple live on Park Avenue



Photograph number: Weddings 32

10 January 2003

Steve Law to Tracy Patricia Haigh

The wedding took place at Barnsley Town Hall. The couple live on Church Drive



Photograph number: Weddings 33 This photograph is on line. Click the photograph number to view

Date unknown

Wray Baxendale to Mona Everett

The following information was received from Professor Rosemary Crompton from London. This photograph is of my mother and fatherís wedding. Mona (Everett) married Wray Baxendale in Bury, Lancashire. The photo was taken on the steps of Wellfield, Arthur Millwardsí house in Bury. He was married to my motherís sister Daisy, who is holding the hand of the small boy (Arthur) at the front, next to her sister (Gladys). Lillian (Wrayís mother) is at the extreme left of the photo. You have correctly identified Edith, but Bill (her husband) wasnít there. The others are members of my motherís family



Photograph number: Weddings 34

July 2001

Arthur and Phyllis Hollings

Arthur Hollings age 84 and his wife Phyllis age 76 from Brierley who celebrated 53 years of marriage in July 2001. The staff in Belle Green Court nursing home Cudworth was caring for Arthur. Phyllis still lives in their home at Regina Crescent Brierley (March 2006). They met at the Coop at Cundy Cross in 1947 where they were both store assistants. They married at Lundwood Methodist Chapel in 1948 and lived in Burton Grange at Lundwood before moving to Brierley where Arthur became the Manager of the Brierley Coop on Church Street in 1959. Phyllis stayed at home to bring up their only child Delia. In later years Arthur worked at Greens in Wakefield who made ships boilers and the couple moved to Ryhill. When Delia was 9 Phyllis returned to work and stayed at Lyons bakery for 16 years before the couple decided to enjoy their retirement in Brierley and moved back there in 1992



Photograph number: Weddings 35

10 July 2002

Mr Neil Bower to Rose Schofield

The wedding took place at Brierley Methodist Church. Roseís son Ben gave her away and her daughter Charlotte was a bridesmaid. A reception was held at the Ardsley Lodge Hotel



Photograph number: Weddings 36

Date unknown

Mr Vernon Thorpe to Annie Mathers Felkirk Church

Left to right: Flo Mathers (brides sister), Benny Mathers (brides brother), Vernon , Annie, Henry Mathers (brides brother) and Annie Mathers (brides sister)



Photograph number: Weddings 37

5 June 1976

Mr James Gary Hotchins to Miss Ruth Maria Oates Town Hall Barnsley

Left to right: James Hotchins, Edith Sheard (bridegrooms parents), James Gary Hotchins, Ruth Maria Oates, Jean Oates (nee Larkin) and Tony Oates (brides parents)



Photograph number: Weddings 38

November 2000

Mr Andrew McCloud to Miss Davina Thompson Town Hall Barnsley

The reception was held in Brierley Social club



Photograph number: Weddings 39

10 December 1960

Second engineer Royal Navy Alan Hockey to June Coombes

Talbot Road Methodist Chapel Tyne and Wear South Shields. Alan and June were in charge of Brierley Post office from 1977 to 1987



Photograph number: Weddings 40

13 August 1989

Neil Hockey to Tracey Jacqueline Appleyard

Left to right: Alan, June, Neil, Tracey and Carol Hockey. St Helenís church Barnsley



Photograph number: Weddings 41

13 August 1989

Neil Hockey to Tracey Jacqueline Appleyard

St Helenís church Barnsley



Photograph number: Weddings 42


Alf Swinbank to Ida Weaver

The wedding tool place at Felkirk Church Ida is seen here with her Uncle William Fox jnr who gave her away. Bernard Winter can be seen in the background



Photograph number: Weddings 43

Circa 1935

Kate Mathers to Sam Simpson

Mollie Weaver is seen here when she was a bridesmaid at the wedding



Photograph number: Weddings 44

Circa early 1950s

Cliff Tomlinson to Joyce Smethurst

Joyce can be seen here on her wedding day to Cliff who lived on Hodroyd Cottages. Joyceís father was John Smethurst who played the trombone in Grimethorpe band for many years



Photograph number: Weddings 45

28 April  1924

James Weaver to Ida Fox

On the left is Ida (Violet farm) on the day of her wedding to James. On the right is her sister Mabel who was her bridesmaid



Photograph number: Weddings 46 and 47


William Fox senior to Catherine Parkinson  

Catherine lived at the Outgoing Farm at Hemsworth while William was born at the Boot & Shoe at Ackworth. They went on to tenant and then eventually purchase Violet Farm which stands at the top of Brierley Hill



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