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 Laura's Box

Photographs and other items

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If you can offer help with any information, please email Gary.

I am determined to find the owner or any living relative/s of the owner of this box to hand it back to them. If you can help in any way please email me

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Laura is found alive and well by Les Parry from Barnsley Road



Click here to see how Les spent 2 years tracking Laura down


The story started with this email

More important information below photographs

March 2009

Dear Gary

Iím trying to find a lady that may have had connections with Brierley at some point during the 1940/50ís; her name is Laura Moran d.o.b 6 July?? I donít know the year she was born but Iíd guess she was about 20 in 1948. During the clearance at Brierley hall, a box of hers has turned up and in the box are letters and photographs from this period. I wonder if it would be possible to put something on your web site in hope that someone may know the family, and I would be able to pass these items on

    The box was found during the recent clearance at Brierley Hall, it contains letters, a diary and photos from a young lady called Laura Moran. She has marked her birthday in the diary as 6th July, and the diary is 1948. I would guess she could be in her early twenties as she passed her driving test on the 28th may 1948. She has a car and details of the registration number are on the front of the diary and are ANR 192. She is a Barnsley fan and regularly goes to matches, swims and plays water polo on a regular basis. She definitely has a brother Frank and possible a brother called Bob. Frank is with the 2nd BA Lancashire fusiliers, and he writes from where ever he is posted, he has been in the army from about 1941, according to his letters. The address on her letters is 13 Newton Street, off summer lane, Barnsley. There is nothing of reference to Brierley, other than where the box was found. The person who found this precious little box would love to reunite it with her or her relatives.


 Below are  a selection from the photographs and items found in the box


Diary for 1948:

29 March - Wasn't working so I went to the football match Barnsley drew  against Newcastle1-1. Went to the Ritz.

30 March - Went to watch Barnsley reserves play against Sheffield W reserves. We won 3-1. Went to the Pavilion.

31 March - Started work again my last day. I finished for good. Rained very hard so I stayed in. Uncle ? called round.

1 April - I helped mother all day then I went dancing in the evening.

2 April - It was a very nasty day didn't bother going out.

3 April - I went for my first lesson on the road actually it was my second lesson, then I went shopping with Hilda. I burned my arm.


Other diary dates:

On Saturday 17 January she went to the football match with her friend Margaret.

On Tuesday 20 January she spent the evening playing dominoes with Uncle Allen and her brother Frank.

On Thursday 22 January she went to St George's Hall to the Old time dancing. Dot was there.

On Friday 23 January Dorothy called. On Saturday 26 June 1948 Marie got a little baby girl. (Maries birthday was 10 October)

On Wednesday 7 July went to Fretwells farm to see about Bob a job.

On Thursday 15 July she went to the school swimming gala with Uncle Allen and Danny to see Bob swimming who she says did well.

On Thursday 19 August it was Lily's wedding at 3pm.



Invitation card reads: Mrs E Bretton requests the pleasure of Mrs Moran & Laura on the occasion of the marriage of her daughter Winnie, with Mr Alan Smith at St John's Church on Saturday January 19th 1946 at 2.30pm. Reception afterwards in the Loncar Central school;. 9 Wrights Terrace, Buckley Street, Barnsley

Invitation card reads: Mr & Mrs Audin request the pleasure of Miss L Moran's company King George Hotel on 10th Feb at 6 o'clock. Donald's 21st birthday

Could any of these two Butlins holiday photographs be of Laura or her friend Kath Brown who lived in Barnsley but then moved to Sheffield where she wrote to Laura on a regular basis.

Could this be Laura's brother Frank who wrote to her from wherever he was posted and had been in the 2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers since 1941

Above: Could this badge mean anything


Left: This Barnsley Co-operative union card was in the name of Laura Moran


Laura's date of birth was July 6 and its possible she would have been around 20 when the diary was wrote.

There are payslips and a union card to show that at one time she worked for the coop.

Laura regularly participated in dances and parties, swimming, water polo and watching Barnsley FC.

She gave some sort of lessons to a Miss Mellor 22 Gawber Road Barnsley who passed whatever it was on 13 September 1948

She had a brother called Frank and also mentions Brian who may have been another brother who was also in the forces and maybe another younger brother called Bob, Uncle Allan, uncle Charles and Aunty Hilda, uncle Wally and aunty Martha, Aunty Mary, friends called Marie, Kath Brown, Margaret, Mr Parkin, Bernard.

Other names in the addresses part of the diary:

Dunk Newton Street, Mrs Marriot Shambles Street, Mrs Houghton, Mr Denton, Miss Harris 38 Locke Avenue Barnsley, Miss Tomlinson 89 Rotherham Road Smithies and Mrs L Woffinden 34 North View Terrace Kendray

Her address is given as 13 Newton Street, off Summer Lane, Barnsley.

Her mothers maiden name was Proffitt and her birthday was on 13 October

Laura's income tax number was 40 2769 B1

She started a new job on Monday 5 April 1948.

She mentions Mrs Exley's 66th birthday on Sunday 25 April 1948,  Bobs birthday on Friday 14 May 1948 and Brian's on Friday 11 June 1948

She passed her driving test on Friday 28 May 1948 at 2.45pm. Her car registration number was ANR 192

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