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Introducing the work of Brierley and its people in photographs (Baipip)

Brierley is a small village near Barnsley in South Yorkshire England

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 Success stories

Gail Cooper (nee Picken) & Jean Tomlinson (nee Draper)

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People search success stories index page

June 2002  

Hi Gary,

I just saw the e-mail from John Draper on the site. I remember him and his sister Jean who was around my age. I would like to be in touch with Jean. It's always fun to get in touch with people you haven't seen in years! I have got in touch with people I went to school with on the Hemsworth Grammar School website too! I would appreciate you passing on my e-mail address to anybody that knows me and wants it. mumsy07@sympatico.ca

I enjoy the site; it's very well done and interesting. Keep it up.

Gail Cooper (nee Picken).


Hi Gail, I have passed on your email to John. The website is always overjoyed when we are able to put people back in touch. Please let us know how you go on with Jean or John. What about a couple of pics of you all when you lived in Brierley and how you are now? Thank you for your kind comments on the site.


June 2002

Hello Gary

I've just seen the e-mails from Gail and Avril (Picken). They won't remember me, but they would be around my sister Jean's age. Jean doesn't have e-mail at home but if they wanted to get in touch with her, you could give them my e-mail address next time you're in touch with them. I'm sure my sister would be really pleased to hear from them.

Thanks John Draper


June 2002

Hello Gary

Iím staying with my brother John Draper this weekend and have just seen the e-mail from Gail Picken (now Cooper). What a blast from the past!!  I'll be in touch with Gail by e-mail when I get back home.  This is my first time on your site and its super.

Jean Tomlinson (Nee Draper)


Thank you for your kind comments on the website Jean. I hope you enjoy your stay with John who is one of the more regular visitors to my site. I hope you and Gail enjoy catching up with the past. I can only say that It makes my work on the website all the more worthwhile when it manages to put people like yourself and Gail back in touch with each other. I am sure there are plenty of ex pats out there who read the site but are a little bit timid on emailing us and letting us know how they are keeping.


People search index page


People search success stories index page