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Introducing the work of Brierley and its people in photographs (Baipip)

Brierley is a small village near Barnsley in South Yorkshire England

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From Brierley and the surrounding area


 Exhibition 2006 a great success

September 2006


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Freda Wilkinson, Tommy Winter and Herbert Vamplew

Julie Bell and Melanie Morrell


       The 2006 Baipip exhibition which was held in the Methodist Church Hall last Thursday the 14th September was a great success with well over 300 people visiting the exhibition from all over the country. It was nice to see five of Brierley's longest serving residents Freda Wilkinson, Herbert Vamplew, Nigel Crossland, Tommy Winter and Alec Dyson all attending. It was also a pleasure to meet David Nichol and Jillian Gamewell (nee Wilkinson) who write to the web site on a regular basis. The volunteers Graham Hotchins, Kaeran Vaines, Linda Gibson, Julie Sanderson, Alison Keating, Hazel Devonport and Betty Ogley all played a big part in collecting 80 more names and dates to the photographs. Four more visitors it was pleasing to see were brothers Gordon, John and Ron Steele and Annie Turner. Gordon, John and Annie all write their memories of living in Brierley for this web site. Richard Watson was on hand to answer history questions about Brierley and Lynn White from Cudworth displayed her work on Sidlows in the wood. Barbara Smith (nee Nixon) visited with copies of her father Alan's book "Mothers Apple Pie". David Horsefall a local disabled artist raised over 100 for the Stroke Society while a painting he donated to Baipip raises 112.50 in the raffle. A further 36.60 was raised by way of donations. The money raised will be used for further collecting, copying and archiving more photographs. Lynette Horne from Haldane Close won the painting with raffle number yellow 266. The other winning numbers were; Green 148, Blue 59, Yellow 43, Blue 68, Green 136, Green 16, Green 171, Yellow 152 and Green 269.  All the prizes except for Green 171 and Green 136 have been claimed. The other winners were; Ron Steele, Doctor Selim, Nellie Cartwright, Chris Sykes, Sharon Lappage, Alex Vodden and Toni Day. Thanks to the Hillside Tara Management Committee, Dave Horsefall, Direct Office Supplies Stairfoot and a local business man who wants to remain anonymous. 


Elsie Brazier

Left to right: Three of Brierley's longest serving residents Nigel Crossland, Tommy Winter and Herbert Vamplew

Sue Hardwick (Folly Hall farm) and Betty Richardson (nee Evans) see also People search 1

Local news stories index page