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Introducing the work of Brierley and its people in photographs (Baipip)

Brierley is a small village near Barnsley in South Yorkshire England

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By David Nicoll


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A mix of facts photos and memories from David Nicoll


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Left to right: James Kerr (Davidís granddad), Ada Kerr (Davidís grandmother and wife to James) and  Sadie Kerr (daughter to James and Ada) circa 1930s  back of 24 Hodroyd Cottages



John Kerr BEM Ė St Johnís Terrace Dipton County Durham (brother to James Kerr snr (Davidís granddad)


Olive Kerr and sister Mabel Kerr Davidís mother (Maiden names) circa 1930s  back of 24 Hodroyd Cottages



James Kerr (Davidís granddad) and  Ada Kerr (nee Pattison) from Dipton area. (Davidís     grandmother and wife to James) 


Jack Kerr Ė James Kerr (father to Jack and Jim) Ė Jim Kerr circa 1930s  back of 24 Hodroyd Cottages


1989 - James Kerr jnr's visit to England from Australia to celebrate his Mum Dorothy Needham and his step dad Jack Needham's Golden Wedding (Regina Crescent). James left for Australia in 1963 aged 27. Before leaving he worked for Joe Kenyon and Dickie Vodden as a butcher.


Back row left to right: Jim Radford, Keith Hoyland husband of June Needham and father of Beverly , Mabel Nicoll (nee Kerr), Beverly Hoyland, June Needham, Margaret Needham and Julie Nicoll (nee Davis). At the back l to r: David Nicoll, Paul Stuart (husband to Margaret Stuart), Sheila Radford. Front l to r: Olive Radford, Jack Needham, James Kerr jnr with his mum Dorothy (Needham). James jnrís dad was tragically killed at Brierley Colliery.

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