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Brierley is a small village near Barnsley in South Yorkshire England

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Ex Brierley residents let us know where they are now and how they are keeping. So come on all you ex pats, don't just visit the site, write and let us know where you are now and how life's treating you.


Terry Griffiths and Ursula Hughes

December 2009


Where R U now? index page  


 I lived at 52 Regina Crescent and attended Hemsworth Grammar School.  A keen member of Brierley church.  I joined the RAF in 1960 but managed to return home most weekends until  I was posted to Aden during “the troubles”.  From there I was sent to Lyneham in Wiltshire and my visits to Brierley became less frequent.  It was during one of these visits that I renewed my acquaintance with the Hughes family of Shafton and in particular with Ursula.  To cut a long story short, we were married in 1965 and moved to Wiltshire.  After leaving the RAF I became a Technical Author specialising in avionics and soon after that Ursula joined me as Technical Editor.  We formed our own company “Leathcrest Ltd” and worked together in Aviation and Power Generation for twenty years in several different countries.   Oh, I forgot to mention, we also raised two lovely daughters (surprising how we found the time!)  We are now retired and living in Normandy and only manage brief trips to England.  We were in Hemsworth a few weeks ago and were amazed at how much has changed.  We even managed to get lost in Barnsley!  A quick visit to Brierley included a visit to the church and relief that not only is it still there (!) but it looks in splendid condition.  Lunch at the Three Horse Shoes was good but it wasn’t the same without “Losh” and Oakwell Ales!


A recent photograph of Terry and Ursula in their home in Normandy, France.




A Garden Fete in Brierley. Terry is in the blazer with Frank Morley from Shafton next to him. Can you name the other two chaps, Terry seems to think that one of them may be Neil White.


Ursula in 1965

Terry outside his home in Regina Crescent circa 1960.


Terry's mother circa 1950s who was a keen member of the Brierley Mothers Union.

   I have some good memories of Brierley, in particular I remember going back to the Pickens's house in Hilltop after church on a Sunday.  Mr and Mrs Picken made me welcome and I enjoyed the company of the girls.  Sometimes Mr Cartwright, the curate, would call in and I shall always remember him as a genuinely kind and compassionate person

Where R U now? index page