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Introducing the work of Brierley and its people in photographs (Baipip)

Brierley is a small village near Barnsley in South Yorkshire England

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Ex Brierley residents let us know where they are now and how they are keeping. So come on all you ex pats, don't just visit the site, write and let us know where you are now and how life's treating you.


Gail and Avril Picken



Where R U now? index page  


Gail and Avril lived on Hilltop with their sister Meryl. The website received these emails in 2002.

My name is Avril Perry (nee Picken) and I lived at 15 Hilltop with my two sisters Meryl and Gail.  You already have e-mail from Gail as I introduced her to the site. I am married and live with my husband Ray and younger son Martin in Kettlethorpe, Wakefield.  My elder son Stephen lives next door with his fiancée. I visited Brierley Church for the Strawberry Tea last year and also the exhibition in the Chapel, which I found fascinating.  I even saw a picture of myself at Burntwood. Now and then we pop along to the Three Horse Shoes for a drink and a look round the village.  I would come and live in Hilltop again given half a chance so if anybody is interested in exchanging council houses let me know.

Avril Perry (nee Picken)


I am so glad that you enjoyed the exhibition at the chapel Avril. It was visited by nearly 300 residents and ex pats from all over Great Britain. You will have to make yourself known to me when we have one later this year. What about a pic of you and your family.


Update March 2009: Sadly Avril passed away in July 2007


My name is Gail Cooper, (nee Picken).  I lived at 15 Hilltop. I have two sisters Avril and Meryl. I now live in Canada and have done for twenty years. My sisters are still in England. I have a daughter and a son, and granddaughter and grandson, all here with me. I came back to Yorkshire last July and have been back about four or five times. It's a great website!

Gail Cooper (nee Picken)


Thank you for your email Gail. It is always encouraging to hear from ex pats of Brierley. It makes all my hard work on the site worthwhile. Perhaps you would like to send us a pic of your time in Brierley and a recent one of you and your family.


Where R U now? index page