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From Brierley and the surrounding area


 An exciting new campaign is being launched in Brierley by Slimming World

19 February 2010




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Dear Gary,


I’m writing to invite you to join about an exciting new campaign being launched by Slimming World in Brierley later this month.


We’re encouraging the people of Brierley to join our ‘Let’s Beat It Together’ community weight loss campaign. You’ll already be aware that obesity is one of the greatest issues facing the UK today, and our area is no exception: in Yorkshire and the Humber , obesity rates are currently around 23%. This is bad news for our whole community. First and foremost, it means personal unhappiness, low self esteem and increased risk of weight-related illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer for all of those people struggling to manage their weight. It affects families, schools, and of course it puts pressure on our local GPs, hospitals and on employers in terms of lost working days.


Obesity is a community problem – and with weekly groups in the heart of our community, Slimming World is perfectly placed to help. During week commencing 22nd February we’re launching our national ‘Let’s Beat It Together’ campaign, inviting the people of Brierley to get together with people in communities all over the UK to help turn the rising tide of obesity, and we’d love you to support us.


You can get involved in several ways:


• We’d be thrilled if you would help us promote our campaign on your website, and continue to feedback weekly updates on the progress our members are making.


• Join us at our campaign launch party in the Methodist Church on Monday 22 February at 6.30pm – we’re having a special event to launch the campaign. There’ll be plenty of healthy and delicious food on offer to show people that healthy eating can be deliciously satisfying and that with the right support losing weight can be easy and enjoyable, and we’ll be talking about all the health benefit  that losing weight can bring to Brierley.


We very much hope you’ll join us in this vitally important campaign to make Brierley a healthier, happier place!


Yours sincerely



Michelle Makepeace


Your local Slimming World Consultant

Tel 07887 906493