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Brierley is a small village near Barnsley in South Yorkshire England

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From Brierley and the surrounding area


 7 May 2010


Local news stories index page


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Willowgarth reunion '94 planned

     Karen Parton now living in Huddersfield but who attended Willowgarth High school in the early 1990s is planning a reunion for all staff and pupils and their friends who attended the school during this period. She would especially like to trace Michael Walsh (Walt )and Nicola Middleton who used to live in Cudworth. The reunion will take place in the Dards in Cudworth at 7.30pm  next Saturday 15 May. A disco playing the late eighties and nineties records will provide the entertainment. If you know the whereabouts of any of the above or if you can help tracing any of the staff please email Karen at > karenprtn@yahoo.co.uk <


or you can find Karen on facebook CUT AND PASTE THIS INTO YOUR ADDRESS BAR


Spiritualist Church

There will be Healing by trained volunteers tonight from 6pm till 6.45 followed at 7 with a clairvoyance evening with Mary McCabe from Doncaster. A demonstration of mediumship by Tim Doyle will take place on Sunday at 6pm. There will be a demonstration of mediumship special on Tuesday 11 May at 7.30 and will be taken by Anne Anderson from Redford. Tickets are available from the church or pay on the door.


Bollinbroke House

Father Peter Needham will visit the home on Wednesday. Sister Maria visits the home every week and gives Holy Communion.


Slimming World

There is a meeting every Monday at 5.45pm in the Methodist Church Hall. Last week the members lost a total of 45.5 pounds. For further details telephone Michelle on 07887 906493.


Brierley Cubs FC

The cubs are looking for new experienced players for the under 13s and under 11s for next season to play in the Charles Rice Sunday league. The under 13s manager is Brian Haywood and can be contacted on 07799 410881. The under 11s manager is Steve Ward and can be contacted on 01226 714550


Brierley club

There is a quiz night every Monday starting at 9pm. This weeks winner was Chris Sykes and the Bevin Boys.


Pop In

The next meeting of the Pop in club that is held at the Methodist church Hall will be on Thursday from 9.15am till 11am. Everyone is invited to pop in for tea, coffee, biscuits and a chat. Proceeds will be towards Church funds.


Local news stories index page

Three Horse Shoes

There is a quiz night at the Three Horse Shoes on a Thursday at 9.30pm and on Sunday at 8pm there is a music, conundrum and general knowledge quiz. On Sunday The Deadheads won the quiz. The head to head was not won and will be for £45 next week. Jo and Andy won the conundrum. Jamie and Sharon won the quiz on Thursday and the nearest too question was won by G Fab. Jamie and Sharon also won the bottle of wine.


Methodist Church

The Sunday morning Holy Communion service at 10.15am will be a led by the Reverend P Sharpe. The Jam club will take place at 10.30.  The welcoming steward will be Pearl and the flowers will be provided by Fred and Janet Hughes. After the morning service there will be bring and share meal that will be followed by the church council meeting at 12.45 and the General church meeting at 1pm. On Wednesday 26 May there will be a return visit of Martyn Johnson talking about his book Black Diamonds followed by a pie and pea supper. There is a karate club on Wednesday and Thursday at 7pm. A Bible study will take place in the medical centre on Church Drive on Thursday at 7pm. The Brierley School March group will meet on Tuesday at 5pm till 7.


Women’s Fellowship

The next women’s fellowship meeting will take place on Monday at 2pm and will include the annual general meeting.


Grange House

At Monday night’s social evening Rita Sayers won the raffle while Rita Ford won on Thursday. Audrey Marsh claimed Friday’s prize.


Line Dancing

Line dancing will take place in the Methodist Church hall on Friday at 7pm till 9.