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From Brierley

 23 December 2008








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Email your news and I'll write the story and take the photograph if required. Also you're welcome to place details of any celebration, congratulations etc for appearance on the news page


Pool Champion

    Graham Hotchins beat Kenneff Clarke 3-1 to win the Grahamís taxi Christmas pool handicap knockout shield in Brierley Village club. Jeff Ennis MP presented the trophies and prize money and commented on how well all the players had played. He also thanked the proprietor of Grahamís taxi for providing the trophies and prize money and also John and Sheila Beasley for organising the event and providing refreshments. The losing semi-finalists were Adrian Kenneth Sheard and Keith Brown. The shield will be played for annually.  


(Photograph enclosed shows left to right: Keith Brown, Graham Hotchins being presented with his trophies by Jeff Ennis MP, Kenneff Clarke and Adrian Kenneth Sheard.



Three Horse Shoes

There is a quiz night at the Three Horse Shoes on a Thursday at 9.30pm and on Sunday at 8pm there is a music, conundrum and general knowledge quiz. On Sunday Shy Talk won the quiz and Les Parry came second. God Squad won the conundrum. The head to head was won and will be for £45 next week. The Dead Heads won the quiz on Thursday while Alex Vodden won the nearest too question. No Name won a bottle of wine. The Thursday quiz will now take a break until 15 January 2009. The quiz on Sunday will include spot prizes and also a fancy dress.


Methodist Church

The Sunday service at 10am will be taken by the Rev S Corney. The welcoming steward will be Jean. There will be no evening service.


Bollinbroke House

On Christmas Eve, friends and relatives of the residents are invited to a buffet starting at 5pm. On Saturday staff, residents, family and friends will be entertained by musician Kevin Kitchen. A raffle will also be held on this day for the residents outing fund.


Boys Brigade

The boys have now broken up for Christmas and will return on Wednesday 7 January when both the Junior Boys and Company Section meetings will take place in the Methodist Church Hall. The 7 to 11 year olds meeting will take place from 6.30pm till 8pm and the older boys will meet from 7pm till 9. Edwin and Elizabeth Hambleton lead the boys.


Pop In

There will be no more Pop in mornings until the New Year.

Brierley Cubs FC

The next match in the Sunday Millennium league for the under 11s will be at home to Wincobanck on 4 January. Kick of time to be arranged. The players enjoyed a disco at their Christmas party which was held at the Miners welfare club at the weekend.


Spiritualist Church

The church is now closed for the Christmas holidays and will reopen on Sunday 4 January 2009 at 5.30pm.


Christmas Party

Young adults with special needs from Brierley, Grimethorpe and Shafton received presents from Father Christmas at a recent party organised by Terry Haynes and members of the Grimethorpe Ambulance Association.


Town council Best lights

Judging for the best Christmas decorated house on the outside took place at the weekend by members of the Town council. Winners will be announced shortly and there will be prizes to third place for this competition. Father Christmas also visited the streets of Brierley and Grimethorpe handing out gifts to the children and elderly residents.


Grange House

The winner of the raffle at the social evening on Thursday was Audrey Marsh. Members of the social club enjoyed their Christmas party on Friday.  The next social evening will be on Monday 29 December.


Village club

There is a quiz night every Monday starting at 9pm. The winner last week was Volvo Phil. Members enjoyed their Christmas party on Saturday and received five free pints from the social fund.

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