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Brierley is a small village near Barnsley in South Yorkshire England

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16 May 2007









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Quarry tragedy

Villagers grieve for Amber

The residents of Brierley and Grimethorpe are in shock after the recent death of a 13-year-old Brierley girl after  a tragic accident that happened in the quarry at the rear of the Carlton brickworks at Grimethorpe on April 25.

     Amber Worth was playing with five other children when she was trapped by a falling boulder. Children from the nearby Willowgarth High school visited the site in their droves to leave flowers for Amber who was a very popular and friendly girl. A local resident said that in the evenings and at weekends the quarry was a beehive of activity with youngsters and that it has been for many years. Local MP Jeff Ennis has confirmed a charge of corporate manslaughter is being considered by health and safety officials investigating the death. He also stated that residents in Brierley and Grimethorpe had been expressing concern at the lack of fencing and warning signs around the quarry. Ambers funeral took place last Friday at St Luke's church Grimethorpe and was led by Father Peter Needham.

This websites prayers and thoughts are with Amber and her family.

Womenís Fellowship

The Womenís Fellowship meeting takes place every Monday in the Methodist Church Hall at 2pm. Last week the ladies listened to readings.


St Paulís

There will be a mass this on Friday at 10am and a mass with hymns will take place on Sunday at 9.30am. There will be a further mass on Monday at 10am. On Sunday 27 May there will be a Pentecost Walk of Witness from St Luke's Grimethorpe to St Paul's Brierley at 2.00pm followed by refreshments and 'Songs of Praise' at St Paul's. The Parish office for Baptism & Weddings are on Friday Evening at St Luke's Vicarage, Grimethorpe between 6.30pm and 7.15pm


Grange House

At the social evening last Thursday, Rita Sayers won the raffle while Nellie Bowering won on Monday. The lucky winner on Friday was Sue Noble


Social club

Darts, dominoes, pool and a free flyer will take place at the next games night, which will be on Monday June 4 starting at 9pm.

Friends of St Paulís

On the 23 June after the 10am mass, there will be a coffee morning followed by strawberries, scones and cream. In the afternoon, there will be a garden party when a band will entertain the visitors. There will also be stalls and bingo. Baipip will exhibit a selection of old Brierley photographs from the archives. All this will be followed by a barbeque in the evening. All proceeds will be towards the church steeple repair fund.


Ladies Recreation

There will be a Ladies recreation evening in the Methodist Church hall on Tuesday at 7.30pm.

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Three Horse Shoes

There is a quiz night at the Three Horse Shoes on a Thursday at 9.30pm and on Sunday at 8pm there is a music, conundrum and general knowledge quiz. On Thursday Les Parry won the quiz with 19 out of 20 correct while Eric Wright guessed the nearest too question. Richard Harrison won a bottle of wine. On Sunday Les Parry and Mick Pointon won the quiz while Steve Dootson won the conundrum. The Head to head was not won and will be for £50 next week.

Line Dancing

Line dancing will take place every Monday and Friday in the Methodist Church Hall at 7pm. Entry is £2.50.


Boys Brigade

Both the Junior Boys and Company Section meetings take place on Wednesday night in the Methodist Church Hall. The 7 to 11 year olds meeting will take place from 6.30pm till 8pm and the older boys will meet from 7pm till 9. Edwin and Elizabeth Hambleton lead the boys.


Pop In

The next Pop in morning will take place on Thursday June 14 from 9.15 till 11.15. Everyone is invited to pop in for tea, coffee and biscuits and a chat.


Spiritualist Church

There will be healing in the sanctuary on Friday  from 6 till 6.45pm followed at 7pm till 8 with an open circle. There will be a clairvoyance service on Sunday at 6 till 7 taken by Julie Knight from Sheffield. Refreshments will be served afterwards.


Methodist Church

The Reverend T Keen will lead the service on Sunday morning at 10.15am and in the evening there will be the Reverend D Hinchliffe. The welcoming steward for the morning service will be Edwin and in the evening it will be Richard. Ida will provide this weeks flowers.