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Brierley is a small village near Barnsley in South Yorkshire England

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24 January 2007









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Are we having a community centre at long last?

Councillor Alex Vodden is urging developers to provide funding for a new community centre after Brierley Hall has been sold off for what he believes will be a residential development. The caretakers cottage, offices, council chambers and the council depot will all be demolished. The old bowling green at the back of the works depot is green belt and cannot be used for housing so should provide an excellent location. Councillor Vodden has asked planners and the estates department to look at providing a facility for the residents of Brierley. They have agreed to look at the possibilities. He is also hoping for full backing from the Town council who approved a resolution years ago to support the provisions of a community facility.


Ladies Recreation

A ladies recreation evening takes place in the Methodist Church Hall on a Tuesday night at 7.30.


Methodist Church

The Sunday morning service at 10.15am will be Songs of Praise. There will be no evening service this week. The welcoming steward for the morning service will be Joan. Mr and Mrs Burton will provide this weeks flowers.


THS Quiz

The winner of the Thursday night quiz with 17 out of 20 correct was Terry Winter. Mick Pointon guessed the nearest too question and GFAB won a bottle of wine. The quiz takes place every week at 9.30pm. There is also a music quiz on Sunday starting at 8pm.


Spiritualist Church

There will be a healing in the sanctuary on Friday from 6 till 6.45pm followed at 7pm till 8 with an Open circle. Eddie Peace from Bradford will take the Sunday evening service at 6pm till 7.15pm. Refreshments will be served afterwards.


Labour Party

The next meeting of the Brierley Ward Labour party will take place in the social club on Sunday at 10.30am. Last months century club draw was unclaimed so there will be two prize draws this month.


Grange House

At the social evening last Thursday Rita Sayers won the raffle while Ann Whitehead claimed Fridayís prize. Jock Hinks won on Monday.

Bowling green work is too far behind

Barnsley Council's neighbourhood Pride team are so far behind with the work on the bowling green, that Parish councillors fear it may not be ready in time for the new season that starts in April. Councillor Alex Vodden has stated that if they can't complete the contract it will be taken somewhere else and Neighbourhood Pride will be charged for work they haven't done. An SRB grant is funding the work and a bowling club has been formed with Brierley resident John Ruane as chairman. A council spokesman as said that work is under way and should be finished in time for the new season.


Town Council

Brierley Town Council will meet next Wednesday at 7pm in Brierley Hall


St Paulís Church 

There will be a 3pm mass on Friday. The Sunday Mass with hymns will be at 9.30am. There will also be a mass on Monday at 10am. Father Peter Needham will conduct the services. Marriage or Baptism enquires to be made to Father Peter Needham at St Lukeís Church Grimethorpe on Friday between 6.30 and 7.15pm. On Wednesday February 14 at 7.00pm, there will be nine Confirmations taken by Bishop Tony the Bishop of Pontefract.


Boys Brigade

Both the Junior Boys and Company Section meetings will take place on Wednesday night in the Methodist Church Hall. The 7 to 11 year olds meeting will take place from 6.30pm till 8pm and the older boys will meet from 7pm till 9. Edwin and Elizabeth Hambleton lead the boys.


Womenís Fellowship

At last weeks Womenís Fellowship meeting the speaker was Mr Des Haynes. They meet every Monday in the Methodist Church Hall at 2pm.


Pop In

The next Pop in club at the Methodist Church Hall will be held tomorrow Thursday from 9.15 till 11.15. Everyone is invited to pop in for tea, coffee and biscuits and a chat. Proceeds are towards church funds.


Line Dancing

Line dancing will take place on Friday and  Monday in the Methodist Church Hall at 7pm.


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