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Introducing the work of Brierley and its people in photographs (Baipip)

Brierley is a small village near Barnsley in South Yorkshire England

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17 August 2006






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Email your news and I'll write the story and take the photograph if required. Also you're welcome to place details of any celebration, congratulations etc for appearance on the news page

Memories of a former Brierley man Alan Nixon during his time in captivity as a Japanese POW are written

A nine hour, 17-mile march was the start of Alan Nixon's time in a brutal Japanese POW camp during World War Two. Alan who died in June last year aged 85, kept a secret diary of his time spent there. February 15, 1942 - was the day Singapore surrendered and started his three years in captivity. Before the war, Alan lived in Hemsworth and returned there after it ended. In 1955 the family emigrated to Rhodesia in Southern Africa before returning to live in Cooperative Cottages Brierley in 1964. Alan then worked as a bricklayer until his retirement. In 2001 after the death of his wife Veronica, he moved to Archbishop Holgate Hospital at South Hiendley where the first idea for the book was born. It was daughter Barbara (now Smith) and son John who decided to write the book and Alan became interested as he had written a lot down himself. The book is titled 'Mothers Apple Pie' because  the first words he was greeted with from his father on his return from the Far East were 'come in for some of your mothers apple pie'. 

For  a synopsis and details on how to purchase the book visit Your Contribution

Exhibition: There will be an exhibition by Brierley and its people in photographs of over 1500 old and new photographs of Brierley in the Methodist Church Hall on Tuesday 12 September from 10am till 9pm The first two hours will be for the elderly and disabled only after which at 12 noon the doors will be open to everyone and admission is free. In the evening, Richard Watson co author of Brereley a history of Brierley will be in attendance to assist in your local history questions. There will also be a display of photographs of Sidlows in the Wood by Lyn White .

Surgery: There will be a councillor’s surgery at Brierley Primary school on Friday at 5pm when councillors Vodden, Whittaker and Higginbottom will be in attendance.

Brierley Cubs FC: The under 10s tournament at Rawmarsh which was scheduled for Saturday has been cancelled. Instead the lads will play in a tournament at Crofton on Sunday; Players are asked to meet at the Welfare Park and will leave at 9.15am .The under 9s train on Thursday from 6 while 7.New players are welcome. Telephone Brian Haywood on 01226 715976

Donation: The management committee of Hillside Tara have kindly offered a donation of £80 to help with the forthcoming Brierley and its people in photographs exhibition which is to be held in the Methodist Church Hall on Tuesday September 12.

Spiritualist Church: There will be healing in the Sanctuary on Friday from 6pm to 6.45pm followed by an open circle. Jill Newton from Crofton will take the Sunday evening service at 6 till 7.15. Refreshments will be served afterwards,

Line Dancing: There will be Line Dancing in the Methodist Church Hall on Friday and Monday from 7pm till 9. Everyone is welcome. 

Social club: A quiz night is held in the Social club every Monday night at 8.30. The winner last week was Volvo Phil.

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St Paul's Church: The Sunday Mass will be at 9.30am . Daily Mass will be taken on Monday at 10am and Friday at 3pm . The services will be conducted by Fr. Peter Needham. Marriage or Baptism enquires to be made to Fr. Peter at St Luke’s Church Grimethorpe on Friday between 6.30 and 7.15pm .

Methodist Church: Members of the Women’s Fellowship will lead the service on Sunday morning at 10.15 while in the evening the Rev Terrence Keen will lead the Sacrament service which will start at 6. Welcoming steward this week are Ida Scott and Pearl McQueen. Miss Jean Rowley will provide the flowers. Except for line dancing, all events at the Church have been cancelled for August.

Children’s Centre: Funding as become available from September for free sessions for two year olds at the Milefield Children’s centre which caters for children from nought to five. The centre welcomes children from the Brierley, Grimethorpe and Shafton areas. For further details contact Helen Cook on 01226 715127.

Ann Bray: On Monday at 11.30am, there will be a thanksgiving and burial of ashes service at St Paul ’s church for the late Mrs Ann Bray who was fondly known as Nan , formally of Regina Crescent but who spent the last four years living in Somerset . The service will be conducted by Fr. Peter Needham.

Trip: There will be a Parish trip to Stoke on Trent on Monday leaving St Luke’s at Grimethorpe at 11am . There is one spare seat available. Contact Fr. Peter Needham on 01226 717561.

Grange House: At the Grange House social evening on Thursday Joyce Howell won the raffle while Margaret Burton won the prize on Friday. Rita Ford won on Monday

Quiz: There will be a general knowledge quiz at the Three Horse Shoes on Thursday at 9.30pm and a music quiz on Sunday starting at 8pm . The winner of last Thursday’s quiz was Les Parry who got all the questions right except one. The Smiffy’s guessed the nearest too question correctly and Chris and Neil won a bottle of wine.