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Brierley is a small village near Barnsley in South Yorkshire England

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From Brierley and the surrounding area

 7 September 2002

Local news stories index page

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FRUNTSL/DE on the move again

 Fruntsl/de the Teenage Brierley band formerly known as Frontsl/de are on the move again after a six-month set back when their former lead guitarist left them in March this year. The bands’ vocalist Michael Ennis (15) along with writer and bass guitarist Graham Hotchins (17) were devastated and thought that is was the end of Fruntsl/de. But with the help of their manager, Graham’s dad Gary, they auditioned for a new lead guitarist and the place was won by 15 years old Dean Fletcher from Barnsley Road in Grimethorpe. The lads worked hard rewriting songs and their efforts came to fruition last weekend when they visited the Beaumont Street studios in Huddersfield to record their first CD under the influence of Pat Grogan, a professional record producer who has a couple of no. 1 hits under his belt. The band won the chance to record their CD and a professional photo shoot through the Corridor Art ‘Ready to Burn project’.

 The band are now busy writing and rehearsing ready for their up and coming gigs at Christmas. Details later.


Regular events and meetings:

Brierley Historic Photographic Society

Meets on Monday and Wednesday 10am till 12 and Thursday night 7pm till 9pm when Jean Mann will be available to answer any Genealogy questions.


Garden and Allotment Society

Meet the first Wednesday in every month in the Three Horse Shoes at 9pm.


Brierley Labour Party

Meet the last Sunday in every month in Brierley Social club at 10am.


Brierley Village (Community) Partnership

Meet every second Tuesday in the month in their offices at Brierley Hall at 7pm.


Quiz Night

Every Thursday in the three Horse Shoes starting at 9pm.


Brierley Village club

Artistes Friday and Sunday. Bingo with cash prizes Tuesday and Thursday.


Hillside Tara

Coffee morning every Tuesday with bingo and raffle. 10.30am.


Boys Brigade

The boys Brigade Juniors will meet on Wednesday while the senior boys will meet on Thursday at 6.45pm.


Girls Brigade

Meet in the Methodist Church Hall on Monday at 7.15pm.


Methodist Church

The Rev P Keen will take the Sunday morning family service at 10.15am and the evening service at 6pm will be taken by the Rev G McIntosh



The Management Committee of the Brierley Village (Community) Partnership will meet in Brierley Hall on Tuesday at 7.30pm. The Dean Hancock memorial garden is to be tidied up ready for the replacement of the new bench that is to be put there shortly. Councillor Alex Vodden has been nominated, as the Ward councillor’s representative to attend the Partnership’s meetings.


Women’s Fellowship

There was a guest speaker at the weekly meeting of the Brierley Women’s Fellowship on Wednesday. Margaret Watson was pianist. The ladies meet every week in the Methodist Church Hall at 2pm.


Hillside TARA

A coffee morning will be held at the Tara offices on Hillside on Tuesday morning from 10 while 12. Bingo and raffle will also be played. Hazel Devonport was the winner of last weeks raffle. On Thursday the committee will take the elderly residents on a mystery trip calling in a fish and chip restaurant on the way home for their supper.



At the Three Horse Shoes quiz, which is held every Thursday night at 9pm,Gill Rookledge won the general knowledge section while the Barnsley Belles won the Kitty. Julie Harper won the picture question.


Grange House

Rita Ford won Monday nights raffle at the Grange House social evening. Betty Byers won on Thursday while Mrs Swift claimed Friday’s prize.



Tonight Friday there will be a service of hymns, prayers and clairvoyance that will be taken by Kath Knaggs from Harrogate and on Sunday Colin Nicholson from Renishaw will take the service at 7pm. To ease traffic congestion on Church Street visitors are asked to use the Brierley Hall car park


Local news stories index page

Web site – Azerbaijan

A visitor to the website this week came from Azerbaijan, anybody any idea where it is? There were 567 hits last week with 1,619 pages read. Local news came tops with 37 visits while Where are you now?, Email 2002 and Fruntslide came close. Class of 56-57 was the most visited photograph and Google was the top referring search engine with 51. Other countries who visited the site included Ecuador, Great Britain, Australia, United States including District of Columbia, Virginia, California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Georgia, New York, Minnesota, Louisiana, Illinois, Idaho and Michigan. Other countries were Canada, Singapore, Netherlands, Nigeria, South Africa, Poland Uruguay, South Korea, China, Kenya, India, Germany and Italy.


Social Club

The Sunday night tote for £100 is still unclaimed. The winning numbers are 29 and 24. The winners of the raffle this week were Graham Beckett and Chris Sykes who both won a mixed grill while Doreen Henstock won a meat voucher. The bonus ball winner on Saturday was Dave Parkin while Steve Bowen won on Wednesday. Tonight Friday the artist will be Ebony Jordan while G T Jones will provide the entertainment on Sunday. Monday is games night and bingo will be played Tuesday and Thursday.



There will be a concert by the Phoenix singers at St Peters church Felkirk on Thursday 12 September. The Grand Jubilee draw will follow and the first prize is a large dolls house.



Training will commence in Brierley Welfare Park for the Cubs and Tigers on Sunday September 22 at 10.15am. Dave Henstock will coach them. The club will hold their first annual presentation and social evening in Brierley Social club on Saturday September 21 from 6 till 9.15pm. There will be a running buffet and disco and everyone is welcome to attend.


Sports Development Officer

Nick Gillott has been appointed the Sports Development Officer for Brierley, Grimethorpe and Shafton areas.


Boys Brigade 

The Boys Brigade Juniors, Led by Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Hambleton will return to normal meetings on a Wednesday after the holidays. The Boys Brigade Seniors will meet on Thursday at 6.45pm and will be led by Mr. Edwin Hambleton & Mr. David Parkinson.


Speakeasy Group

Tracy Baldy invited the young people from the village to attend a meeting in the Partnership’s offices in Brierley Hall on Thursday.


St Paul’s Church

Father John Baskerville will take the Eucharist service this Sunday at 9am. Beverly Kenworthy will read the lesson.


Girls Brigade

The Girls Brigade will resume their meetings in the Methodist Church Hall on Monday at 7.15pm. Janet Baxendale will lead them.


Summer club   

There will be a ladies summer club at the Methodist Church Hall on Tuesday at 7pm



Recent bonus ball winners were Hazel Kemp on Wednesday and Renee Halliday on Saturday.