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Brierley is a small village near Barnsley in South Yorkshire England

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From Brierley and the surrounding area

8 October 2002

Local news stories index page

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Harvest Festival

The annual Brierley Harvest Festival, which have been organised by Chris Sykes for the past six years, broke all records when a total of £1,530 was raised for the Barnsley Multiple Sclerosis Society. The football shirt, which was donated, by Mick McCarthy the Northern Ireland Manager and former Barnsley FC player was purchased by the local MP Jeff Ennis who bided £225. An old Brierley photograph donated by the Historic Photographic Society raised £60. The events started on the morning at the Options Health and Fitness centre at Grimethorpe when athletes competed in a sponsored Triathlon that raised £530.The Harvest Festival itself was held in the social club and at closing time £980 had been raised when club regular Pete Conway from Hillside Grove offered to have his ponytail cut of

to the highest bidder. Mick Gough of Church Street kindly offered to make the amount up to £1,000 for the honour. Mick Crawford the club manager spoke very highly of Chris’s efforts and called him an unsung hero of Brierley.

Photograph top right shows Councillor Alex Vodden starting of the Triathlon with Ben Ward an instructor at Options , Pete Atherton the timekeeper and on the treadmill is Dave Ingram.

Top left: Brierley club manager Mick Crawford with Jeff Ennis Chris Sykes Lee Marsh and Councillor Alex Vodden with the Northern Ireland shirt that raised £225.

Left: Mick Gough snips of Pete Conway’s ponytail.


Primary School

Class BD will visit Wakefield Cathedral on Thursday. Class JD visited Brierley Hall yesterday when the secretary of the Brierley Historic Photographic Society Gary Hotchins showed them round and talked about the Halls history. The pupils also enjoyed calling in at the Society’s room and looking at old photographs. Gary has also put together a competition for the pupils entitled ‘I know my village’ where pupils will be given old and new photographs of Brierley and asked to identify the locations.  Pupils will also be asked to provide information about the photographs and the top boy and girl will each receive a £10 W H Smith’s voucher. Every pupil who takes part will receive a signed certificate. Councillor Alex Vodden will sponsor the prizes.

Historic Society members Joan Gomersall and Councillor Alex Vodden showing the school pupils around Brierley Hall.




Residents and friends from the Coppins nursing home were treated to an afternoon of memorabilia on Wednesday when Tanya Leonard a care worker at the home, brought in a box of everyday items from the 1930s onwards. The residents had a very enjoyable afternoon re living old memories. A raffle on the day raised £70.70 for the residents Christmas treat and the lucky winners were, Jenny Ward, Eva Barraclough, Peter Roberts, Margaret Butterworth, Mandy Roberts, Ann Maw and Pat Ashton. The staff would like to thank everyone for their support.

Photograph shows 88 years-old Dorothy Hart a resident at the home explaining a number of items to Tanya Leonard



Ladies Recreation

There will be a ladies recreation evening in the Methodist Church Hall on Tuesday at 7.30pm.


Action Team for jobs

The team are available every Wednesday morning from 10am till 12 in the office of the History Society at the rear of Brierley Hall. Assistance will be given in job search and training.


Methodist Church

There will be a family and parade service on Sunday morning led by Mr Edwin Hambleton. The Mr C Hepworth will take the evening service at 6pm. The cleaning steward’s this week are Mrs E Hambleton and Mrs E Brazier while Mrs E Draper will provide the flowers. There will be a mission team meeting in the vestry on Tuesday at 7.30pm. Next Friday there will be a meeting of the church council in the vestry at 7.30pm.


Special Dinner

There will be a special dinner priced £8 in the Methodist Church Hall on Saturday October 12 at 6.30pm. All proceeds to the new building fund.


St Paul’s

Father John Baskerville will lead the Eucharist service on Sunday morning at 9am. Beverly Kenworthy will read the lesson


Girls Brigade

Janet Baxendale will lead the Girls Brigade in the Methodist Church Hall on Monday at 7.15pm.



At the Three Horse Shoes quiz, which is held every Thursday night at 9pm, Geoff and Judith Hill won the general knowledge section while the Three Musky Queers won the kitty.


Dickensian Trip

Due to the lack of interest Linda Milburn the warden from Grange House has had to cancel the Dickensian trip to Bakewell that would have taken place on Saturday 7 December


Local news stories index page

Rock & Roll

There will be a ‘Rock and Roll night in Brierley Village club on Wednesday when the ‘Moonshiners’ will provide the Entertainment.


Grange House

Clarence Burton won Monday nights raffle at the Grange House social evening. Rita Ford won on Thursday while Nellie Bowering claimed Friday’s prize.


Boys Brigade   

The Boys Brigade Juniors, Led by Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Hambleton will meet on a Wednesday at 6.30pm while the Boys Brigade Seniors will meet on Thursday at 6.45pm and will be led by Mr. Edwin Hambleton & Mr. David Parkinson.



The Barnsley Cooperative Band provided the entertainment at the Methodist Church Hall on Friday. The proceeds were towards the new building fund.


Hillside TARA

Betty Ogley and Councillor Audrey Marsh were the winners of last weeks raffle at the coffee morning that is held in the Tara offices every Tuesday morning at 10am.


Women’s Fellowship

Mr R Lofthouse was guest speaker at the weekly meeting of the Brierley Women’s Fellowship on Wednesday. Margaret Watson was pianist. The ladies meet every week in the Methodist Church Hall at 2pm


Social Club.

The winning numbers in the Sunday night tote for £100 were 24 and 25. The winner was Dez. Tonight Friday the artist will be Mat Jones while James Martyn will provide the entertainment on Sunday. Bonus ball winner on Wednesday was Rose Parry while Mark and Leigh won on Saturday. Tracy Molics won the raffle and claimed a box of chocolates and biscuits while John Ruane won the quiz on Monday. Next Monday is games night and bingo will be played Tuesday and Thursday.