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Brierley is a small village near Barnsley in South Yorkshire England

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From Brierley and the surrounding area

9 March 2002

Local news stories index page

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5,000 reward to catch killers

Vera Cooper's family have clubbed together to raise a 5,000 reward to catch her killers. Great great grandmother Vera was killed in her home on the Greenbank Walk Michaels estate of Grimethorpe on Thursday January 24. Granddaughter Zoe Price said, "Somebody knows something and would they like this happening to their grandmother? We would like to take this opportunity to make an appeal for information about our nannan's murder. Superintendent David Wilson said " They have taken this step after consultation with the police. They are offering the reward for the arrest and prosecution leading to conviction of the persons responsible for Vera Cooper's death. It is unusual because the money has come from members of the family themselves and not business people in the community" Any information can be passed on to the police incident room on 01226 736546 or by telephoning Crimestoppers on (0800) 555111.


Richard and Janet Baxendale will hold an Alpha meeting at their Hall Farm home on Tuesday March 12 at 7.15pm. The meeting will be followed by a meal and discussion. Anyone interested can telephone them on 01226 711226.


Spiritualist Church

There will be healing in the sanctuary on Friday at 6pm till 6.45 followed by an open circle from 7pm till 8. On Sunday at 6pm the guest speaker will be Jean Noel from South Kirby.


Easter Bonnet

There will be an Easter bonnet disco for young people in the Primary school on Thursday March 14. The event has been organised by the Brierley Special Events Group under the leadership of Doreen Henstock.


Table Top Sale

There will be a tabletop sale at the Methodist Church on Saturday April 18 between 10am and 1pm. If anyone is interested in booking a table telephone Margaret Watson on 01226 712094.



The young Brierley punk rock band are seeking a lead guitarist to join them in time for them to cut their CD 'Still Waiting' at the Beaumont Street studios in Huddersfield. The band won the competition ran by the Corridor Arts 'Ready to Burn Project' for young bands in Barnsley between the ages of eleven and eighteen. The prize also includes a professional photo shoot. Anyone interested and living locally please email Gary Auditions are being held over the next couple of weeks.


Scarborough weekend

Members from Brierley Methodist Church will attend a weekend church fellowship at Cloughton near Scarborough this weekend.


Web site success

This website as now been on line since February 18 2002. In the two and a half weeks it as enjoyed great success. In this time the site has been visited 480 times with 2,488 pages being viewed. The most popular page is email 2002, which has been visited 86 times. The most popular photograph is of Church Street (New Row) with 36 visits. This site now contains over 100 pages SEE Statistics.


Women's Fellowship

Mrs C Bryant will be guest speaker at this week's Woman's Fellowship meeting which will be held in the Methodist Church on Tuesday at 2pm. Mrs Margaret Watson will be pianist.

Local news stories index page

Danielle is Praised

Ten years-old Danielle Forest received congratulations from Coun Alex Vodden this week. Danielle wrote to the Town council complaining of the speeding traffic in Norwood Drive where she lives. Coun Vodden said the Town council would look into grants available for road safety measures adding, " Maybe there's nothing we can do, but we can try to respond. She is to be congratulated on what she has done." Her letter has been passed onto the highways department of Barnsley council and the police.


Did you know?

The Methodist church was, up to 1934 a workingmen's club. On May 7 1919, Mr William Sharpe who was the headmaster of the school from 1903 to 1931 bought the plot of land on which the church now stands for 250 and sold it to the club trustees the following day for 490.


Latest club news

The concert room in the social club is expected to be closed down for six weeks from Sunday March 10 and from Monday March 25 the whole club will shut down for a further 4 weeks while major refurbishment takes place.


Working Group

A working group, which will discuss community hall facilities in Brierley and Grimethorpe, is to be set up by the Town Council. Coun Chris Sykes said "We made a commitment to provide community facilities for Brierley and Grimethorpe. We need to start the ball rolling now." Brierley Village (Community) Partnership has already written to the Town council expressing their interests in a joint venture. The Brierley Partnership has been trying to find suitable land and hope they can work with the Town council in providing a much-needed community hall facility for the village of Brierley.


Methodist Church

The pop in club that is held at the Methodist Church will meet this Thursday at 9am till 11 and then every second week. On Sunday Mr R Baxendale will take the morning service at 10am, Mrs Edwin Hambleton will be organist. Mr M Cawte will take the 6pm service and the organist will be Mrs Margaret Watson.


How well do you know Brierley?

Quick quiz. Email your answers to Gary Answers next week


1. In what year was the Robin Hood built then known as Brierley Gap. A. 1893 B. 1903 or c. 1913?

2. What was its full name when it became a gambling casino in 1964?

3. How much was the Institute sold for when the British Legion bought it from the church in the 1960s A. 500 B. 5,000 C. 5,500 or D. 550?

4. In what year was the Co-op on Church Street built. A. 1912 B. 1922 C. 1902 or D. 1910?

5. What do the initials BAIPIP stand for?


Forthcoming meetings;

Hillside Tara; Monday March 11 2002 at 1pm.

Special Events; Monday March 11 at 6pm.

Working Group; Wednesday March 13 at 7pm in Brierley Hall.

Regular meetings

Garden and Allotment Society; Meet the first Wednesday in every month in the Three Horse Shoes at 9pm.

Brierley Labour Party; Meet the last Sunday in every month in Brierley Social club at 10am.

Brierley Village (Community) Partnership; Meet every second Tuesday in the month in their offices at Brierley Hall