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Brierley is a small village near Barnsley in South Yorkshire England

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From Brierley and the surrounding area

16 March 2002

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Doreen Britton


Tracy Hodkinson


Friends of Kenya

Brierley residentís Doreen Britton who is registered blind from Church Street, and her daughter Tracy Hodkinson of Common Road have raised a further £300 for the Kariba school in Kenya recently. Over the last six years they have raised in excess of £6,000, which has provided the school with two new classrooms with equipment and a roof for another classroom. Their recent money raising efforts have provided the school with a further 15 desks and 20 stools. If anyone would like to sponsor a desk and two stools for £20 please telephone Doreen on 01226 711168. The sponsors name will be engraved onto the desk. 

How well do you know Brierley?

Answers from last week:

1. In what year was the Robin Hood built then known as Brierley Gap. A. 1893 B. 1903 or c. 1913? Answer 1903

2. What was its full name when it became a gambling casino in 1964? Answer 'The Five Acres Country Club'

3. How much was the Institute sold for when the British Legion bought it from the church in the 1960s A. £500 B. £5,000 C. £5,500 or D. £550? Answer £5,000

4. In what year was the Co-op on Church Street built. A. 1912 B. 1922 C. 1902 or D. 1910? Answer 1912

5. What do the initials BAIPIP stand for? Answer Brierley and its People in Photographs


St. Paul's Church

At a special Mothering Service last Sunday all the mums received a gift of daffodils from the church. The Rev John Baskerville will take this Sunday's Eucharist service at 9am. Hilary Cooke will be the reader. The Church committee will meet next week to discuss forthcoming events



A concert in aid of the Brierley Methodist Church new building fund will be hosted by Cudworth Methodist Church on Wednesday April 6 at 7.30pm. The New Mill Male Voice Choir will provide the entertainment and the tickets priced at £5 can be obtained by telephoning Mr Edwin Hambleton on 01226 713654.



Staff from the Coppins residential nursing home welcome all visitors to the residents Easter Fayre which will be held this Sunday at 3pm. Entrance is free and stalls will include tombola, cakes and bingo. All proceeds will be towards the residents outing fund.



At a meeting of the Brierley Village (Community) Partnership in Brierley hall on Tuesday it was decided to take the first step into looking for a suitable site for a community centre by attending a meeting with the Town council


Table Top Sale

There will be a tabletop sale at the Methodist Church on Saturday April 18 between 10am and 1pm. If anyone is interested in booking a table telephone Margaret Watson on 01226 712094.

New lead guitarist for Frontsl/de

The young Brierley punk rock bands Frontsl/de have been joined by a new lead guitarist. 15 years-old Dean Fletcher is the son of the famous local born actor Freddy. Dean from Brierley Road Grimethorpe has been playing the guitar for seven years and was chosen after the band spent 3 weeks auditioning young hopefuls. Dean will now join 15 years-old Michael Ennis (vocals) and 17 years-old Graham Hotchins (Bass) in time for them to cut their CD 'Still Waiting' at the Beaumont Street studios in Huddersfield, he will play lead guitar. The band won the chance to cut the CD in a competition run by the Corridor Arts 'Ready to Burn Project' for young bands in Barnsley between the ages of eleven and eighteen. The prize also includes a professional photo shoot. Already a number of local DJs have shown interest in playing the CD when it becomes available.


Methodist Church

Mr W Ashton will take the Sunday morning service at 10.15am while the Rev Gill Newton will take the evening service at 6pm. Mrs Janet Baxendale will lead the Girls Brigade on Monday at 7.15pm, and on Tuesday there will be a ladies recreation evening at 7.30pm. Mr Edwin Hambleton and Mr David Parkinson will lead the Boys Brigade Seniors on Thursday at 6-45pm.


Women's Fellowship

Mrs C Bryant was the guest speaker at this week's Woman's Fellowship meeting which will be held in the Methodist Church on Wednesday at 2pm. Mrs Margaret Watson was pianist. A ladies recreation evening is held on Tuesday night at 6pm.


Scarborough weekend

Members from Brierley Methodist Church attended a weekend church fellowship at Cloughton near Scarborough last weekend.


Clairvoyance special

A Clairvoyant special evening with Joyce Divine will be held at the Spiritualist Church on Wed March 17 at 7pm. Tickets priced at £1.50 are available from the church


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