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From Brierley and the surrounding area

 31 August 2002

Local news stories index page

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Danny Oats’ day a finger licking success

It was a finger-licking good day on Sunday when virtually every resident in Brierley turned out to greet the famous Danny Oats’ ice cream cart. The cart was last seen in the 1970s rotting away in the barns at the back of the house until the society’s secretary Gary Hotchins traced it to a farm in Doncaster. Farmer Dave Pritchard bought the cart in the 1980s after it had been restored and he made the 40 mile round trip to bring it home to show the people of Brierley. The residents were treated to an ice cream from the cart for 1p. Also on show was one of the original ‘Penny lick’ glasses that the hawkers used to sell their ice cream on. It was provided by Mrs Gay Woodward from the Grange Road estate whose late husband David was the last in the family to manufacture the ice cream in the 1990s on Fidling Farm. The committee from the Hillside Tara and the kids from the estate dressed up in period costume ranging from the 1920s to the 1950s to collect for Cancer Research along the way. A total of £233.06 was raised.

A special thank you to former Brierley shopkeeper Ann Palmer from Dazzlem’ who provided the costumes.


Photograph left shows Dave Pritchard and the Historic Photographic secretary Gary Hotchins already to set off on Sunday while on the right David Hardwick with his grandchildren enjoying their 1p ice creams.



Web site goes from strength to strength

Record number of visitors again last week

The website received 739 visitors last week who looked at 1,468 pages. The top page was email 2002 and the most visited photograph this week was Class of 56-57. Visits included people from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Cayman Islands, Pennsylvania, Spain, Central African Republic, Sudan, Denmark, Germany, South Carolina, Florida, Italy, California, Virginia, Australia, Canada, Massachusetts, Colorado, New Jersey, Texas, Croatia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines and Chile.


Regular events and meetings:

Brierley Historic Photographic Society

Meets on Monday and Wednesday 10am till 12 and Thursday night 7pm till 9pm when Jean Mann will be available to answer any Genealogy questions.


Garden and Allotment Society

Meet the first Wednesday in every month in the Three Horse Shoes at 9pm.


Brierley Labour Party

Meet the last Sunday in every month in Brierley Social club at 10am.


Brierley Village (Community) Partnership

Meet every second Tuesday in the month in their offices at Brierley Hall at 7pm.


Quiz Night

Every Thursday in the three Horse Shoes starting at 9pm.


Brierley Village club

Artistes Friday and Sunday. Bingo with cash prizes Tuesday and Thursday.


Hillside Tara

Coffee morning every Tuesday with bingo and raffle. 10.30am.


Boys Brigade

The boys Brigade Juniors will meet on Wednesday while the senior boys will meet on Thursday at 6.45pm.


Girls Brigade

Meet in the Methodist Church Hall on Monday at 7.15pm.


Kitchen Ware Party

The Methodist Church will hold a Kitchen Ware Party at Bridge House, Kirkby Road Hemsworth on Friday September 6 at 7.30pm.



The witches of Brierley won the Thursday night general knowledge quiz, which is held at the Three Horse Shoes every Thursday night at 9pm. Rita O won the nearest to question.


Hillside TARA

A coffee morning will be held at the Tara offices on Hillside on Tuesday morning from 10 while 12. Bingo and raffle will also be played. The management committee joined in with youngsters from the estate on Sunday to dress up in period costume to join the Historic society in their walk through the village with the Danny Oats’ ice cream cart. Volunteers from the Tara also donned brushes and shovels prior to the event to clean up the street.


Social Club.

Winners of the tote on Sunday night were Stan Williams and Albert Taylor who won £100. The winners of the raffle for a mixed grill on Friday were Mick and Janet. The artiste tonight Friday, will be Chris Carr while Jenny Dee provides the entertainment on Sunday. Tuesday and Thursday will be bingo. Monday is games night.


Local news stories index page

Action Team for jobs first success in Brierley

After being unemployed for nine weeks, Paul Booth from Hillside found help in getting back to work from the Action Team for jobs. He said “I found them very helpful in finding work, providing me with boots and helping with training. Conc. Alex Vodden added “ Paul Booth’s job is a positive development from the team’s location in Brierley Hall, and an indication of the Brierley Historic Photographic Society’s commitment to the wider initiatives of Brierley and Grimethorpe. “I encourage local people to use the opportunities now available.”


Conc. Alex Vodden looks on as Fezana Barrell from the Action Team for jobs provides Paul Booth with his work boots


The Action Team for Jobs will be available on Wednesday morning in the History Society rooms at the rear of Brierley Hall from10 till 12.00pm. The team are available to assist with job searches, offering advice on training and there are also various grants available for help in getting back into work.


Summer club

There will be a ladies summer club in the Methodist church hall on Tuesday at 7pm.



On Sunday there will be a service of hymns, prayers and clairvoyance and will be taken Dave Rawlings from Doncaster. Next Friday will also be service of hymns, prayers and clairvoyance and will be taken by Kath Knaggs from Harrogate. Next Sunday Colin Nicholson from Renishaw will take the service. To ease traffic congestion on Church Street visitors are asked to use the Brierley Hall car park.



The bonus ball winner on Wednesday was Steven King. Residents had a surprise on Sunday when Danny Oats’ original ice cream cart visited selling ice cream for 1p.


Grange House

Nellie Bowering won Monday nights raffle at the Grange House social evening. Audrey Marsh won on Thursday while Nellie Cartwright claimed Friday’s prize. Residents and friends went on a mystery trip on Wednesday and were treated to a fish and chip supper.


Methodist Church

Mr Richard Baxendale will take the Sunday morning family service at 10.15am and the evening service at 6pm will be taken by Mr B Owen.


St Paul’s Church

Father John Baskerville will take the Eucharist service this Sunday at 9am. Hilary Cook will read the lesson