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From Brierley and the surrounding area

4 May 2001

Local news stories index page

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St Paul's

Father John Baskerville will take the Sunday morning service at 9 am. At the Annual General Meeting held recently, Hilary Cook and Beverly Kenworthy were appointed churchwardens. Lay preacher Tracy Ibbotson took last Sunday's morning prayer


Social Club

At the Friday night social evening, Les Burkes won the quiz, Jason Ives, Gerald Woodward and Peter Rafferty won a gallon of beer each. Albert Taylor, J Vickers, Dave Smith and Dave Clarke won meat packs. Gary Hotchins won the Sunday night tote for 80 with numbers 12 and 27. Next Sunday's artiste will be Ken Silvers


Methodist Church

Well known local writer and preacher, Elizabeth Deighton will take the Sunday morning service at 10.15am. The Rev Gill Newton will lead the evening service at 6pm. The organist will be Mrs Hambleton. Mrs Garbutt will present this weeks flowers. There will be a ladies recreation evening on Tuesday at 7.30pm


Healthy School

At a meeting held in the Primary school recently, the Healthy Action group decided to take PHS and safety as their first two subjects


Brierley Labour Party

At the Brierley Labour Party meeting, which was held in Brierley Social club recently, Sylvia Nixon reported on the progress of the Brierley Village Community Partnership in formulating a constitution, and the proposed Public meeting planned for 18 May when a management committee would be elected. A report that the Grimethorpe Partnership had made representation to take over Brierley School was deplored. "It is ironic that the Grimethorpe Partnership have now made an application when all the time they never did anything in Brierley. We now have a Brierley Partnership who are perfectly constituted and capable of looking after the interest of the Brierley Community " said Sylvia. "I am totally opposed to becoming a sub group of the Grimethorpe Partnership, which is what it seem some of the steering group are working towards. The Brierley community voted unanimously to have a totally independent Partnership and that is the only acceptable option" Sylvia remarked.

Other items discussed were,

The meeting to alert residents about a firm of Liverpool solicitors canvassing tenants to take legal action on the issue of house repairs and the need for tenants to be aware they may be subject to legal charges.

Resolved that the campaign to abolish the Town Council should be rejected as a complete waste of Public Money.

That the Town Council take urgent action to improve the footpath and playground equipment in Brierley Park.

That full support to develop the old school building be committed and that the Barnsley Community Build scheme makes every effort to recruit young people from Brierley, Grimethorpe and Shafton


Barnsley East and Mexborough MP Jeff Ennis paid tribute to the members of the Brierley Labour party for their support at the recent Constituency's annual social evening, which was held at the Unity Working Men's club in Goldthorpe recently. 23 Members travelled to the event, which raised 800 for campaign funds


Allotment and Garden Society

There will be a meeting of the Brierley Garden and allotment Society in the Three Horse Shoes on Sunday morning at 11.30am. New members will be made welcome. For details contact Pat Nichols on 01226 710888



The ladies will give readings at the meeting of the ladies fellowship meeting at the Methodist Church this Wednesday at 2pm. Mrs Margaret Watson will be pianist


Boys Brigade

The boys Brigade seniors meet on Thursday's at 6.45pm and are led by Mr Edwin Hambleton and Mr David Parkinson


Weight Watchers

At the weekly meeting held in the Methodist Church on Monday night, the members lost a total of 33 pounds



At the Sunday night quiz night held in the Three Horse Shoes, Mick Pointer won the 10 prize money


Theatre Trip

Members of St Paul's Church enjoyed a visit to the Lamproom theatre recently to see ' Love on the dole'


Grange House

Mrs Gash won the raffle at the social evening held in Grange House on Monday. Rita Sayer won on Thursday and Vira Foster claimed Friday's prize


Christian Aid

At a recent coffee morning held at the home of Richard and Margaret Watson, 120 was raised for Christian Aid. Raffle winners were Jean Rowley, Norma Ryalls, Dorothy Firth, Linda Milburn and Christine Dransfield



There will be healing in the sanctuary on Friday night at 6pm till 6.45 followed by a service taken by Stephen Asquith from Normanton at 7pm. Alan and Hazel Taylor from Doncaster will lead the Sunday service at 7pm


Women's Fellowship Rally

Mrs P Vardy was guest speaker at the Women's Fellowship rally held in the Methodist Church on Monday. Mrs J Hotchkiss was soloist and Mrs Hambleton was organist



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