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From Brierley and the surrounding area

21 February 2001

Local news stories index page

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Methodist Church

Mr J Foster and Mr R Baxendale will take the Sunday morning service at 10.15am, while the Rev. D Smith will take the evening service at 6pm. Mrs Ivy Grindrod will present this week's flowers.



There will be healing in the sanctuary on Friday night at 6pm till 6.45, and at 7pm an open circle will be held till 8pm. A guest speaker will take the Sunday service at 6pm.


Social Club

The quiz winner at Friday night's social evening was Chris Sykes. Paul Rounds won a mixed grill while Davina Clarke won four free pints. Other Prize-winners were Jimmy Conroy and Paul Myers. The Sunday night tote for 80 was not won. Next Sunday's tote will be a rollover for 160. The artiste will be Kerry Adams.



Mrs E Ellis will be guest speaker at the Women's fellowship meeting at 2pm today (Wednesday). Margaret Watson will be pianist.


Weigh In

At the Monday night weigh in at the Methodist church, the members achieved a total weight loss of 35lbs.


Pupils "saddened" by state of 'old school'

The children from Miss Charlotte Allen's class at Brierley Primary school, have written to Mrs May Beaumont Schofield, acting chairman of the Brierley Village Community Partnership, to ask if there is anything that can be done about the state of the old school on Church Street. The pupils have visited the school on a number of occasions this term to assist with their schoolwork which included the history of education, and also the changes in the environment in the village. They wrote how saddened they were by the state of the building and, included in their letter, the concerns they felt regarding the dangers that the building holds. The word they chose to describe the state of the old school was "horrendous ", and the letter went on to say they were disappointed with the graffiti, broken glass and the fact that the building looked as if it was about to fall down. Mrs Beaumont Schofield very kindly agreed to call in to the school along with a member from the newly formed Brierley Historic Photographic Society, to speak to the children and, after spending time with them detailing the hopes that the partnership and the historic society have for the old school site, she accepted, on behalf of the Partnership, the letter and pictures that the children had drawn. She promised that the pupils concerns would be documented before being forwarded onto David Barraclough from the Church Diocese in Wakefield whose management committee are the trustees of the old building.

Grange House

At a bring and buy sale and coffee morning held in Grange House recently, 93.80 was raised towards the residents outing fund. Lucky Prize-winners were Mrs Vodden, Mrs Pugh, Mrs Sheridan, Mrs Bowering, Chrissie Sheridan, Sid Lawton, Louise Milburn, Mr O'Connor and Mrs Dinsdale. Raffle prize number 322 is still unclaimed. At Monday nights social event, Violet Gash won the raffle prize, Louise Milburn won on Thursday, while Dorothy Armitage won on Friday night.



In the Barnsley Tuesday night ladies league the Three Horse Shoes played at the Carlton & Smithies club and won five nil. The team was Lisa Ifam, Angela Loring, Lisa Dickinson, Jane Kirk and Joan Skeet.


All Aboard

Mick Carbutt's hobby has been a little different to the usual darts and fishing normally followed by most fellows these days. For Mick's hobby started after a friend visited Belgium and saw an old Volkswagen 21 window de-lux micro bus rusting away in a garage. The friend informed Mick, a self employed sandblaster of Holdroyd House, Church Street Brierley, about the van, and he had no hesitation in flying out to purchase the old heap for 800, 100 less than the original price of the vehicle when it was new in 1967. The bus was brought by trailer to Hull and on to its new home in Brierley where Mick has spent two to three nights a week for the last seven years lovingly restoring the vehicle back to its former glory. He has travelled the length and breadth of the Country in his search for spare parts, and as the spare engine parts began to arrive, the refurbished bus began to take shape. The finishing touch came early this year with a 1,000 respray. Mick's hard work and dedication has paid of as the bus is now valued at 10,000 although he says it won't be for sale. His family, who include wife Anna and children Holly and Luke have already enjoyed trips to the coast in the bus and intend planning more for this year. Mick also has a full bus when he and son Luke travel home and away to watch the reds play and, he says, the sightseeing vehicle gathers more stares from passing motorists than a Rolls Royce. The microbus was originally built for sightseeing and has nine seats including the drivers and twenty-one windows fitted. It also includes a pull back sunroof, which Mick seems to think would have been used for safari trips.


Audition Night

Kay Lewis will host an audition night at the social club next Wednesday night. Three new acts will appear


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