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Brierley is a small village near Barnsley in South Yorkshire England

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From Brierley and the surrounding area

6 June 2001

Local news stories index page

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Social Club

Keith Brown won the Friday night quiz. Paul Round won the conundrum while Kenny Clarke won a gallon of beer. Chris Sykes won the Sunday night tote for £80 with numbers 5 and 14. Mary Clarke won the Sunday afternoon quiz. On Thursday night Paul Round and David Clarke won a gallon of beer each


Pop In Club

Thursday 14 June will see the start of a pop in club at the Methodist Church. From 9.15am till 11.15am residents will be able to call in for a chat over a cup of tea/coffee and biscuits. The club will open every second Thursday


Hillside Tara will fight on

The officials from the Hillside Tara feel they are fighting a losing battle after vandalism to the Tara offices on Hillside Crescent over the weekend. A double glazed window was smashed and a brick wall around the garden was vandalised. Constant litter is also a problem as local residents allow their children to use the garden as a play area. Iron gates that have recently been erected have been removed and placed inside the building for safety as children on the estate removed them to gain access to the area and left them lying around. Pat Goddard the treasurer stated that the officials were absolutely disgusted at the one or two mindless people on the estate who are causing the problems and she calls for the residents to name names if they see anyone damaging the property. She added, “ The members of the committee have worked hard since the Tara opened three years ago and we will fight on for the sake of the residents. We will not give in to these mindless yobs who are hell bent on closing down the Tara” she went on “But we need the full support from all the residents, we are here to work with them, but they must work with us as well”. The committee hope to form a neighbourhood watch and have called a meeting for 7pm on Friday in the Tara offices when Glen Glade the community PC will be in attendance


Grange House

The winner of the Monday night raffle at the social evening was Tony Evans. Jean Ennis won on Thursday while Jenny Weldon won Friday's prize



There will be healing in the sanctuary on Friday at 6pm till 6.45 followed by an open circle at 7pm. On Sunday Janet Stroud from Normanton will take the service at 6pm. Only a few tickets remain for the clairvoyance special on the 20 June when international medium Jean Nowell will take the service. Contact Barbara Thompson on 01226 234894


Historic Photographic Society

The Brierley Historic Photographic Society are running a raffle to help towards start up costs. The society will shortly merge with Baipip and any donations or fund raising will help amongst other things to keep this web site open. Please help if you can

Women's Fellowship

The speaker at the meeting of the Women's Fellowship today (Wednesday) at 2pm will be Mrs B Craven. The meeting will be in the Methodist Church. Margaret Watson will be pianist



The winner of the Sunday night quiz for £10 at the Three Horse Shoes was William Ennis


Clothes Party

A clothes party will be held in Grange House on Thursday 14 June at 10am. Everyone welcome



The new committee of the Brierley Village Community Partnership will meet in Brierley Hall on Wednesday at 7pm



Brierley Social club will host the annual presentation of Shafton FC under 14s on Saturday night at 8pm. Entertainment and refreshments will be provided and everyone is welcome


St Paul's

Father John Baskerville will conduct the Eucharist service this Sunday morning at 9am. Judith Bradford will read the lesson. Tickets are now on sale from any church member for the Strawberry tea, which will be held on 15 July at 2pm till 4pm. There will also be a selection of old Brierley photographs on display from the Baipip archives. Tickets are £1.50 and will include strawberries and cream



Mrs J Hepworth will take the Sunday morning service at 10.15am while Mrs Hambleton will be organist. The Rev Gill Newton will take the evening service at 6pm. Miss M Hardwick will provide this weeks flowers. There will be a ladies recreation evening on Tuesday at 7.30pm. The Boys and Girls Brigade meetings are back to normal next week


Baipip success

Brierley and its people in photographs was successful in adding a further 180 names to the photographs in the archives by visitors to the post office recently. A further 15 new photographs was also loaned to the archives for reproduction. It is hoped to repeat the project again in the near future. Baipip will be merging with the Historic Photographic Society shortly


Weight Watchers

At the weekly meeting of the weight watchers that are held in the Methodist Church the members lost a total of 22 pounds


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