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From Brierley and the surrounding area

11 July 2001

Local news stories index page

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The winner of the Sunday night quiz in the Three Horse Shoes was Mick Pointer who claimed a 10 prize



Mr F Race will take the Sunday morning service at 10.15am while Mrs Hambleton will be organist. The Rev W Walbank will take the evening service at 6pm.. Miss P MacLean will provide this weeks flowers. There will be a ladies recreation evening on Tuesday at 7.30pm


Women's Fellowship

The speaker at the meeting of the Women's Fellowship today (Wednesday) will be Mr D Haynes. Margaret Watson will be pianist


St Paul's

Father John Baskerville will conduct the Eucharist service this Sunday morning at 9am. Beverly Kenworthy will read the lesson. South Hiendley Brass Band will entertain at the Strawberry tea, which will be held on Sunday at 2pm till 4pm. There will also be a selection of old Brierley photographs on display from the Brierley Historic Photographic Society. Tickets are 1.50 and will include strawberries and cream



The mothers and toddlers from the Brierley Playmates will hold a fun day this morning at 11am in the welfare park. It will include a bouncy castle and various stalls. Everyone welcome


Weight Watchers

At the weekly meeting of the weight watchers that is held in the Methodist church on Mondays the members lost a total of 28.5 pounds


Hillside Tara

At a meeting held in the Tara offices the committee decided to form a working party to discuss fundraising and the forthcoming Doncaster Dome and Mystery trips. It was decided to write to non-members on the estate to give them while 30 July to pay the 1 membership before the events are organised

Grange House

Norah Harrison won both the Monday and Thursday night raffle prizes at the Grange House Social evenings. Vira Foster won on Friday


Social Club

Keith Brown won both the Friday night quiz and the conundrum. Paul Creasey won a gallon of beer. On Saturday Marie Woolands won the raffle. The Sunday afternoon quiz was won by Kevin Elvidge while Turdy won a gallon of beer. The Sunday night tote winner for 80 was Margaret Williams with numbers 12 and 29 while Mary Niven won the mixed grill 


Barn Dance

The members of the Brierley Methodist Church are to hold a Barn Dance and Barbecue at Burntwood Hall farm on Friday 20 July from 7pm till 10.30pm. Admission will be 5 and 3 for under 12s. There will be ample car parking and everyone will be made welcome. For tickets telephone Elizabeth Hambleton on 01226 713654



There will be healing in the sanctuary on Friday at 6pm till 6.45 followed by an open circle at 7pm. On Sunday the guest speaker will be Veronica Shears from Leeds who will take the service at 6pm



Nine members of the Brierley Historic Photographic Society enrolled on a course of genealogy, which is tracing ones descendants. The course takes place this coming Thursday at the Hillside Tara offices from 7pm till 9pm. The course is informal and the members can pop in and out in their own time. The course is led by Jean Mann from Grimethorpe. The course is taken at your own pace by popping in at the Tara offices or by e-mail


Neighbourhood Watch

There will be a meeting of the Hillside Neighbourhood Watch on Tuesday 24 July at 7pm in the Tara offices


Local news stories index page