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Brierley is a small village near Barnsley in South Yorkshire England

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From Brierley and the surrounding area

18 April 2001

Local news stories index page

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Amco Gates

Parents of children on the Hodroyd Cottages (Pit Row) are concerned that despite previous dangers, a double gate, which lies at the end of the street, is fully open and the old pit site is once again accessible. Recently a youth from the Hillside estate was burned after cutting through live wires on the site.  


Brierley Remembered

Baipip's new book Brierley Remembered No.1. Is available to order by E-mailing Gary. and leaving your address. Sorry U K only please. The book includes Photographs, stories, memories and other interesting stories about Brierley and its people from 1901 - 2001 and will be a limited edition of 100. The book will be a mini series of possibly two and no more than three books that Baipip aims to write. Price £3.50. The book is A5 and 36 pages and very much similar to the one that was written last year for the 2000 exhibition. Please note that some of the contents are already available on this web site. The book will be on a first come first served basis.


Hillside Tara

The winning number in the Easter raffle was 613. The winner was Betty Ogley who won a food hamper. Hazel Devonport won a tea service with number 205 and third prize of an Easter egg went to Derek Barker with winning number 111.


Coffee Morning

Margaret Watson invites you to I Grange Close on Thursday at 10am till 12 noon, for a coffee morning. The proceeds towards Christian Aid.


St Paul's

Father John Baskerville conducted the Eucharist on Easter Day. The service this Sunday will be at 9am. A group of church members enjoyed a day at Lincoln recently where they took in a visit to the Cathedral.



In the Sam Smiths Tuesday night pool league the social club lost 4-3 at home to the Alexandra club from Royston. Kenny Clarke and John Clarke winning their single matches while Albert Taylor and Stan Williams won the pairs.


Social Club

At the Friday night social evening, Kevin Elvidge won the quiz and Clare Bowen won the conundrum. Jason Ives won a gallon of beer. Paul Goose won the Sunday night tote for £80 with numbers 15 and 24. Next Sunday's artiste will be Graham Gee  



The members of the steering group of the Brierley Village Community Partnership will hold their final meeting in Brierley Hall on Wednesday night. The group will make arrangements for a public meeting for which a time and date will be published.



There will be healing in the sanctuary on Friday night at 6pm till 6.45 followed by an open circle at 7pm. Joyce Divine will lead the Sunday service at 7pm. On Saturday 2 May at 7.30pm there will be Clairvoyance evening with Janet Rushton from Normanton. Tickets are £1.50.



At the Sunday night quiz night held in the Three Horse Shoes, Laura Hockley won the £10 prize money but donated it back so next weeks prize will be £20.

Methodist Church

Mr P Ibbotson will take the Sunday morning service at 10.15am; the organist will be Mrs Hambleton. Mr R Lofthouse will take the evening service at 6pm. Mr and Mrs Joe Brazier will present this weeks flowers.


Rat City

Angry residents on Hillside Brierley are up in arms over the estate they have now dubbed Rat city. The problems have persisted for over 18 months, and it doesn't seem like the problem is going away despite constant efforts by the environmental health department of BMBC. The council workmen have been leaving rat poison in all areas of the estate, but one angry resident Mr David Parkin, is concerned about the wildlife in the area, which will be shortly coming out of hibernation. His next-door elderly neighbours Mr and Mrs Porter have hedgehogs as regular visitors to their garden and they too are worried that the animals will be poisoned. Other residents are concerned for the health of themselves their children and their pets. Hazel Davenport chairman of the Hillside Tara stated that she had received a number of complaints from the residents and that they had been passed on to the council through Gill Staniforth, but states that the council are fighting a losing battle when the residents wonít help themselves. The problem she says, seems to be centred round the Hillside Crescent area where there is spare land in between the houses which most of the residentís back gardens lead onto. She claims that a number of residents are using this area as a dumping ground for all kinds of kitchen waste. She stressed that while this is happening the vermin will not go away and certain residents are making it easier for them to breed. The nearby disused garage site is another place where items of all descriptions are dumped on a daily basis. One resident who does not wish to be named claims that the rats have been in her house and chewed through her settee and also that her dog had caught and killed one in her kitchen. Her next door neighbour who again wishes not to be named says that she was peeling potatoes at her sink when she dropped a peeling on the floor. When she went to pick it up she was shocked to see a rat that appeared from nowhere take of with it and jump behind her kitchen cupboards. Residents talk freely of watching TV and seeing baby rats running across their living room floors.  


Grange House

Local shops donated extra prizes for the residents and friends' social evening on Friday night. The winners were Mrs Cartwright, Mrs Hardwick and Tony Evans. Norah Harrison won the Thursday night raffle and Mrs Pugh won on Monday. The organisers send their thanks to the local shops.  



A few tickets still remain for the Social evening to be held at Coppins residential home today (Friday). Artiste Adam Stark will entertain and refreshments will be provided. Everyone is invited and the event starts at 5.30pm. Tickets are £1 or pay on the door. Details can be obtained from Pat Homer on 01226 712409. There will also be a clothes party where any profits will go towards the residents outing fund


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